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| November 24, 2011 | 9 Comments

“Don’t let the sullen look fool you, the willow dragon is probably just mooning over the beauty of its environment. Those who spend any amount of time with it invariably feel an increased sense of calm.”

Cost 1000 Gems
Earning Rate At Level 1 Willow Dragon will generate – 7 Gold / Min

Level 2 – 12 Gold / Min

Level 3 – 16 Gold / Min

Level 4 – 21 Gold / Min

Level 5 – 25 Gold / Min

Level 6 – 30 Gold / Min

At Level 7 Willow Dragon will generate – 34 Gold / Min

Level 8 – 39 Gold / Min

Level 9 – 43 Gold / Min

At Level 10 Willow Dragon will generate – 48 Gold / Min

Habitat Willow Dragon’s Main Habitat are Air and Plant
Evolving Level Willow Dragon evolve at Level 4, Level 7
Info Breeding Combination: Willow dragon can be bred by mating an Air Dragon and a Plant Dragon in the Breeding Cave. Its habitat to help it grow can be either Air or Plant.

Incubation Time: 8 Hours

Hatching XP: 2,000

Selling Price: 1,000,000 Gold

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  1. stella bower says:

    i love willow dragons!!!!

  2. stella bower says:

    i love willow dragons too!!!

  3. stella bower says:

    they look so cute!!! i just want to snuggle one up in my sleep!!! just so you know, so one of your dragons dont go missing!!! there is this dragon burgler going around and so lock your dragons up tight in there cage’s!!! just so you know!!!

  4. nomnomtom says:

    They are SOSOSOSOSO awesome

  5. Anonymous says:

    Look out! The Dragon Stealer just stole your sun, moon, rainbow WMD all your holiday dragons!

  6. cgf123 says:

    Trainer’s Gems = 1000
    Trainer’s Gems = 999

  7. Eric says:

    i bred this dragon with sonic and got a rainbow dragon try that!!!

  8. Meri Ilievska Kimova says:

    Wat does da egg look like?

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