Version DragonVale 1.4.0 Update

| January 5, 2012 | 25 Comments

If you like dragons, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the popular dragon breeding game DragonVale just got a big new update. Here’s what’s new in update 1.4.0.

“Ring in the New Year with numerous new game updates courtesy of your friendly neighborhood DragonVale wizards…

Expand your dragon park empire with three new islands! Remember back in 2010 when you didn’t own even ONE dragon park island? Now in 2012, you can get up to seven. There’s no telling what the future may hold.

Level up in 2012! Our most advanced players reached level 25 in 2011, which was previously the highest level. There are five new player levels now, so you can work your way up to 30.

With the shinny new Gold Shrines, you can increase your dragons’ level from 10 to 20. That’s a 100% increase in dragon level awesomeness for 2012.

The dragon living quarters were getting a little cramped towards the end of 2011. In 2012, you can add ten more habitats to your park for a maximum of 28.

Your dragons’ New Years resolutions don’t include weight loss. Feed them more dragon snacks with the help of three more farms. You can now have up to eleven farms total.

Get yourself one of the new Gem Trees for 2012, which let you gift not just 3, but 6 gems to friends each and every day.

Shortlist of update:
Leveling over 25 (to Level 30)
Three additional islands (maximum of 7)
Gold Element Shrines (further leveling of dragons to Level 20)
10 additional Habitats (maximum of 28)
3 additional Treat Farms (maximum of 11)
Dragonsai Gem Tree (Allows sending an additional 3 gifts for a maximum of 6 per day)
Visitors fade away when zooming out
New Goals and pictures for Goals

HAPPY 2012 DragonVale!

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Comments (25)

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  1. Wendy Isaacks Jeans says:

    Where can I go to download the latest update?

  2. Kerkie21 says:

    ITunes store

  3. Kerkie21 says:

    Sorry, ment apps store

  4. Kerkie21 says:

    Anyone know if u can update while breeding and or hatching? I’m dying to update but am currently breeding either a sun, moon or rainbow (I think a sun) and will then have to wait another 2 days for it to hatch. Cheers

  5. Cc says:

    My son purchased a gem tree, how does he get friends in order to give gems? And then how does he get gems back?

  6. Coolman1081 says:

    Have him add me too. I’m coolman1081.

  7. Jose Martinez says:

    How do I down load cydia

  8. Marek Tobias says:

    good, bat no dawnload!!

  9. Rupak Karki says:

    good games

  10. Orbinated says:

    Hey, add me you guys. I’m Orbinated :)

  11. Ross Georgallides says:

    Hi guys, if you wish to have a gem for gem friend then add me 'MannBetterKnow' I'm a daily user and send gems back to anyone. Peace xx

  12. max says:

    Add me guys. I am level 30 with everything completed except shrines. My name is elementron. add me 4 gems

  13. Einee1 says:

    4/9/12. Why am I getting error reports every time I try to buy my 6th island? Any thing I do is an internal error. Can not play any more. Can you fix this?

  14. Efraim says:

    Add me fishy8/8

  15. Fousty101 says:

    Help me upload cydia

  16. Anonymous says:

    add me to dragonvalle Game Center ====> *Lov3*
    please! thank you

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