Thunder Dragon

| February 21, 2013 | 11 Comments

Thunder Dragon Breeding

Available Level 14
Buy 600 Gem
Sell 600,000 Coins
EXP 25,000 XP
Breeding Times 8.5 Hours
6 Hours 48 Min
Incubation Time 8.5 Hours
Habitats Lightning, Air

Thunder Dragonvale Baby

Originating in the Verulean Highlands, Thunder dragons have been known to exist for quite some time but were much too loud to display in parks. Fortunately, the witch Tranquila spent considerable time creating a spell to dampen the sound of her husband’s thunderous snoring. She modified the spell a bit and it works well enough on Thunder dragons to allow them to share habitats with other dragons and not deafen park visitors. Though some ear plugs may still be in order.

Thunder Dragon Breeding

Thunder Dragon can be bred by using:

Lightning Dragon + Air Dragon

Thunder Dragonvale Egg

Leave a comment below, if you have a working combination for Thunder Dragon!

Category: Air Dragon, Lightning Dragon

Comments (11)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi I think I am the first one First try lighting and air

  2. Anonymous says:

    Rain and lightening got it the first try

  3. Cole Quinton says:

    I'm awesome first try lightning and air.

  4. Mc awesome says:

    got it first try lightning and air

  5. Julzz des says:

    If you want to xchange DAlLY gems add me.

  6. Jacelyn says:

    Pls add me as friends at face book as I’m playing the game at android phone
    I’m desperate to get gems to have breeding island. Short of 40

  7. manbearpig38 says:

    Totally got breed this one by mistake trying to get the amethyst dragon with hail (left) + sonic (right) both level 10

  8. Aukira Kenji says:

    Add me if you would like to exchange gems daily!

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