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“Native to mountain regions, the storm dragon loves to come out during snowy thunderstorms at high altitudes. It is a common dragon but few people know they’ve seen one because storm dragons look like lightning shooting across the sky and their roar sounds like rolling thunder.”

Cost Storm Dragon cost 100 Gems
Earning Rate Storm Dragon  Level 1 – 9 Dragoncash / Min

Level 2 – 14 Dragoncash / Min

Level 3 – 20 Dragoncash / Min

Storm Dragon  Level 4 – 25 Dragoncash / Min

Level 5 – 31 Dragoncash / Min

Level 6 – 37 Dragoncash / Min

Storm Dragon  Level 7 – 42 Dragoncash / Min

level 8 – 48 Dragoncash / Min

Level 9 – 53 Dragoncash / Min

Storm Dragon  Level 10 – 59 Dragoncash / Min

Habitat Lightning, Cold
Evolving Level Level 4, Level 7
Info Breeding Combination: Storm Dragon can be bred by mating a Lightning Dragon with a Cold Dragon at the Breeding Cave. Its habitat can be either Lightning or Cold.

Tips: Storm Dragon is very useful for mating a Blue Fire Dragon. When breeding a Fire Dragon the resulting Egg will either incubate for 3 hours (Scorch or Firefly), 5 hours (Storm), or 12 hours (Blue Fire).

Incubation Time: 5 Hours

Hatching XP: 4,500

Selling Price: 100,000 Dragoncash

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  1. Natalie says:

    Plz commet me plz

  2. Natalie says:

    And it’s 12:12 right now for me

  3. Strike26691 says:

    My favorite dragon :) so cute! Just got my blue fire with storm + fire!

  4. Raperanally says:

    Add me raperanally

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is anyone else having crashing problems? I am for the last few days:( I am almost at level 29 and it’s driving me nuts. If anyone has some helpful tips to fix this problem …please post some advice :)

  6. Spike0327 says:

    Do you have the latest update

  7. lugia3453342 says:

    rainbow is got by crstal and storm

  8. Lighting Dragon ;D says:

    coolz but i’m having trouble geting a storm, rainbow, moon, any dragon i need. i can’t get oh and i have to add a Amethyst dragon too. any tips?

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