Stone Path

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“A path for your visitors to walk on! Great for making sure they see all your park has to offer. If you build it, they will walk.”

Putting a lot of stone paths decorations around your park will increases the amount of visitors that will come through which will increase your dragoncash. Stone Path also add a nice stylish look when syncronized with other decorations in your Island. Your visitors coming through will also walk on it like an amusement park direction instead of walking wherever they like.

The Stone Path decorations can be bought at level 1 which will costs 50 per 1×1 square block. Deleting a block of 1×1 will return back 25dragoncash. Unlike most decorations, stone paths can be destroyed by placing any other items on top of them. If you place an items on top of a stone paths, you will receive back 25 for each path cleared, just as though you had sold it yourself.


The Amount of Visitors, If you only Place Stone Paths on your Island!
Stone Paths Visitors
0-2 0
3-8 1
9-14 2
15-19 3
20-24 4
25-30 5
31-36 6
37-41 7
42-46 8
47-50 9

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