Sakura Dragon Breeding Guide

| April 20, 2012 | 403 Comments

“Sakura dragons, also sometimes called Cherry Blossom dragons, appear in the springtime when they bask in the beauty of spring’s new growth. Villages where Sakura dragons visit will hold celebrations and picnics beneath these docile dragons’ flowered wings in honor of the season.”

Available At: Level 7
Habitat Plant, Earth, Fire
Hatching Time 10 hours
Positive Plant, ,Fire, Earth
Negative Metal, Cold, Air
Cost to Buy:
300 Gems
Selling Price 500,000 Gold
Reward 30,000 Xp

Earning Rates: Coin per minute:

Level 1:7Gold/Min | Level 10: 48Gold/Min

Breeding Combination for Sakura Dragonvale:
Sakura Dragon is a limited special holiday Dragon that can be bred by using a combination of dragons which include fire, plant, and earth Dragon.

Breeding Example for Sakura Dragon:
Tree Dragon + Flower Dragon = Sakura Dragon
Plant Dragon + Lava Dragon = Sakura Dragon

Tree Dragon + Flower Dragon will produce a Sakura Dragon so, Just keep trying!

Leave A Comment, If you have tips or other method of Breeding Sakura Dragon!

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Comments (403)

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  1. Fredx7093 says:

    Best combination got Sakura dragon first try is lava and plant dragons level 10

  2. Anonymous says:

    Anyone got the best combo

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tree on left and flower on right-got it first try and most of sakura dragon comments are on the dodo page for some reason

    • Sky says:

      The position of the dragons where you breeding changes nothing :D
      I though it changes the egg, but when i read the breeding guide, I got confused!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tree on left flower on right got me a tree dragon ;(

  5. Michelle says:

    I tried tree and flower and got me lava >:( it was 10 hours too… I thought I for sure had it… Grrr

  6. misaki says:

    What is the breeding time?

  7. Dietrich Toews says:

    I've blown all my gems speeding these 12-14 hour breed times up today with plant/lava, lava/plant, and still no luck either way… Same when I tried gettin bloom, no luck with either of these thus far :(

  8. Moonjade says:

    Thanks Fred i got it first go with the Lava and Plant too.

  9. pinkmilk111 says:

    best combo is: moss(left)fire(right)

  10. Did flower and tree- in that order- and I have two now!

  11. I have tried both ways that are said and neither work! What am I doin wong?
    Do the dragons have to be certain level?

  12. Shawn Chapell says:

    Flower and Tree worked 2 out of 9 times. Got 4 Flowers that only took 1 gem to incubate. The other 3 were lava that took 12 gems.

  13. Helen says:

    Got the sakura first time with tree on the left and flower on the right both level 11.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Add me: shintoz

  15. Anonymous says:

    Add meeeeiieee for gems please

  16. Olivia says:

    Add me!
    Got sukura second try with fire left and clover right!
    DO IT!

  17. Mackenzie says:

    Omg hi Olivia!

    I’m trying tree and fire in cave and moss and flower on epic breeding island. Haven’t got it yet though:(

  18. Mackenzie says:

    Add me mackcayco

  19. mon4archy says:

    Love this dragon! (I bought it)

    I have 4 apple devices 2 ipods/iphone/ipad (with dragonvale) and I have only two friends who play. I don’t want to give the extra gems to myself since I mainly play on my iPod. So I will give a opportunity to somebody to earn 4 gems a day! All you have to do is get the app “App trailers” (free app).

    open it, then on the main page, the second option down is called “Enter Bonus Code” and says like “Insert name of person who refered you, click that and put monarchy in the box and hit enter.
    I will get an email to prove you did it. after you do the thing above, put my gamecenter id in “M0n4rchy” and the next day you will be getting 4 gems a day. Easy 5 minute thing for 28 gems a week!!!
    thank you!!

  20. Dvale says:

    I already got one. : D

  21. Teina says:

    thanks fred got it on my second try flower level 10 left lava level 10 right…

  22. Rafael Soro says:

    tree and flower dragon did it.

  23. Dextet901 says:

    Flower lvl 10 left & Tree lvl 10 right on epic breeding island (2nd try for this combo) worked! Good luck!!!

  24. I can't breed the dragon any tips on how to

  25. Tozzy says:

    I got It first time with tree left and flower right

  26. ThePanHandler says:

    Gem for gem add ThePanHandler. Tree left ,
    Flower right. 16hrs

  27. Raperanally says:

    Add me^^^^ i need gems for my tree!

  28. Tree and fire is good i Tried two times and it worked

  29. Anonymous says:

    not working for me and tried 5 times now any help?

  30. Mackenzie says:

    Flowers and tree make sense because there are flowers on the tree on the dragon!!! Lol

  31. Anonymous says:

    Add me- eja94

  32. Tammy Micheals says:

    Didn't do it for me :-/ will try again or try plant amd lava

  33. oniddog says:

    Plant + Lava = Sakura

    Add me for gem trading


  34. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t work for me either. I’m trying tree left and flower right to see if it will work. I think this is my fourth try at it.

  35. gian2ooo says:

    Love how this game’s designed and how its evolved. .. And i don’t mind getting hooked.
    What’s up with the nice parksthough?? Anyone got one worth seeing?

    Add me , i appreciate nice parks..
    I would happily give gems for the effort

    Anyways bloom and clover where hard ones to get.. Hopefully Sakura wont be as tough..
    I just got a dodo without knowing it.. I better not jinx it cause it hasn’t finished yet.. But i believe its the only 16 hr time..
    Correct me if im wrong..

    Gc id : so-gooood
    [email protected]

  36. Hyper2008 says:

    Hey love…are you having a nice week off. Crappy weather but hope you’re enjoying your break. I’ll get mui for 1.30 tomorrow. Is she still sleeping over – she was very excited when I told her. x 

  37. scoob122 says:

    You know that it could be a lava dragon but you know that it could be a sakura dragon to but you never know I think I got it .

  38. Anonymous says:

    Wat I’m about to tell u is real and I couldn’t care less if u don’t believe me. But wat I’m gonna tell u is TRUE

    I have unlimited gems and for 1 hour I have been breeding

    And using gems to hurry ALL of them up. For one hour that’s ALL I have been doing and if u do the math:

    1 tries = 15 seconds
    4 tries = 1 minute
    240 tries = 1 hour

    There’s the proof, I have tried 240 times and NOOOOOOO Sakura Dragon?!?!

    Wat the heck!!!!!
    Plz tell me wat to do cause I want to breed all my dragons the fairish way and not buy them.
    Thank you!

    • T says:

      Tree:fire… Workd 1st time I did that combo…
      With the other combos I tried ( I DONT have unlimited gems… How do you get that btw??!!) I got flowers 3x and 1 poison…

  39. Nobody you know says:

    Two times, no luck:(.But third times the charm.

  40. Anonymous says:

    i got it

  41. just finished breading one with tree dragon and flower dragon in that order.
    dragons were level 13 tree and 9 flower.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Whats the breeding time?

  43. Tried every combo so far plus I have the epic breeding island and no success……frustrated, to put it politley

  44. Noah Aubin says:

    Tree and plain fire might work too. Doing that way would prevent getting the nefarious tree dragon.

    • T says:

      Only combo that worked for me… I kept getting more flower dragons Til I did Tree:Fire.. (both level 8 dragons)
      1st time I tried that combo, I got one… But I have epic breeding island… Don’t knew if that counts for Anything, other than trial and error taking less time…

  45. Olivia says:

    Need. Sukura. Dragon!

  46. Anonymous says:

    PleAse add me, poopsta, thanks all

  47. Ellie Hughes says:

    It didn't work for me!

  48. Jy says:

    I got my Sakura from breeding tree and flower… After 2-3 times. Trying for a second one now!!! My tree is level 7 and flower is level 6 if I’m not wrong! Hope this helps. JUST KEEP TRYING! You will get it ^^

  49. Peter Cheung says:

    I keep getting lava using tree and flower in both orders and both are above lv 10. What am I doing wrong? Please tell me how to breed the Sakura dragon!

  50. DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

    If you give me gems everyday i will give you loads of gems back!

    Gamecenter: DJ-Megatron123

  51. Ellie Hughes says:

    I tried

  52. Anonymous says:

    Two days trying and none !!!
    First try today and got to wait 14 hours for another tree it’s a shame it’s the same time as lava it gets hopes up and then finds a lava egg should have had a time of it’s own !!!!! Please
    Might give up on this one will not use any more gems

  53. X05Xander says:

    this one is proving to be very hard to get! Add me for gem swapping. X05Xander and add Pabst888 too

  54. Hey says:

    we can also put poison and earth!!!!!!!

  55. $kews$ says:

    Been trying for few days aswell, with tree + flower and plant + lava. Notthing worked, so i tryed flower + tree in that order and got it on flest try, tryed again and Got 10 hours again. Hope it works for you

  56. pinkmilk111 says:

    :-) plz help me get the sakura dragon my friend has got it ive tried tree and flower but i keep getting lava !!!

    ADD ME pinkmilk111 GEM3GEM LOL

  57. Clarissa Evans says:

    have managed to breed 3 trees so far, no luck on sakura :-( however the dodo dragon seems easier. add me for gems clarissaevans6.

  58. Pat says:

    I haven’t gotten the Sakura dragon yet but if look at its types there are many combos that work but some are better then others. From looking at this and many other websites that give me info, Flower+Tree in this order is the best combo

  59. Jp says:

    Tried a few times and various results… Then flower and try in that order worked first time and sakura on way !

  60. Jp says:

    flower and tree that worked

  61. Maddy Dawson says:

    Finally got it! 3rd try flower and tree :D stoked

  62. Anonymous says:

    I got it on my first try with a Tree and Flower on the epic island, and I’m lvl 16.

  63. Eric says:

    i bred tree and flower and got 10 hours in the cave, i hope it isnt a lava dragon…

    • Eric says:

      it was worth using 5 of my gems to see if i got a sakura dragon or not, it was a sakura dragon!!! i waited 5 hours and then i used some gems. they were both level ten, flower and tree, on first try I GOT IT!!!

  64. Stefen Joel Cruthirds says:

    I'm not having any luck I bred them bother as juveniles and I'm level 10 do they have to be fully grown? Add me if y'all want

  65. Stefen Joel Cruthirds says:

    I'm not having any luck I bred them bother as juveniles and I'm level 10 do they have to be fully grown? Add me if y'all want

  66. Flower and tree did it for me. Had about 5 unsuccessful attempts with it first but only took an hour to breed rather than the 10-14 hours doing it the other way around. I totally recommend flower first then tree. So much quicker.

  67. Logan :') says:

    Is there a certain level? V
    | |

  68. Brockster says:

    Finally I got a frikin sakura dragon!! 13TH TRY!!!!!!!!!!! P.S.i have a ton of gems

  69. knight says:

    it has to be level seven both of them . add me ternimatekilleer342

  70. Patto says:

    Add me “Pattoku” if u want to get gem everyday

  71. Glenn Evans says:

    Tried several times, still nothing.

  72. g says:

    Got it first try weeeeeeeeeeeee

  73. RyanJinouga says:

    Got it by breeding tree and flower @ EBI , both level 10 .gem 4gem . Interested ? Add me RyanJinouga

  74. Robin Maiuro says:

    keep getting poison or flower. wasting gems trying to get this one.
    now i`ve got a 14 inc. time

  75. Its so hard to get! Add me guys! I send gems everyday! :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Flower + Tree = Sakura
      … after 5 attempts. (got 4 Flower)
      Regular breeding cave.

    • Eric says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  76. Ameer Amsaji says:

    I tried breeding tree and fire many times nothing both lvl 10, aft that I tried the same dragon but lvl 11 nothing, then I change it to flower and tree nothing!!!! Damn my 260 gems are gone!!

    • boardy98. -add on game centre says:

      I was readingm through this in my iPad whilst also on dragonvale. And I was trying so hard to get it ! But I didn’t onece try too. Then I saw someone write. FLOWER ——TREE
      So I tried it I tout what’s the worst that could happen and I got a poison so I speed it up and I got Sakura dragon second go HOPE I HELPED

  77. Jared says:

    I want to be friends with someone that has got at least two Sakura because they r so hard to get

  78. Anonymous says:

    I’ve tried everything every single combo but nothing all I got were tree dragons Aomeone help

  79. Anonymous says:

    i want it so bad

  80. Jenn says:

    Add me on game center! jennarey. I’ll send gems daily

  81. Anonymous says:

    Please add me

  82. Thea says:

    I heard that they promise two weeks to breed this crazily rare dragon. Well for me it was so rare I tried every thing suggests on the Internet for at least two times and for two weeks , damn, what such a short time.

  83. Nick says:

    I have bread the Sakura dragon, and raised it to level 10. I have one question my Sakura dragons do not have the green orb on
    Top of their head

  84. Anonymous says:

    How do you get the Sakura dragon

  85. Nick says:

    Matting flower and tree in this order. Every time is a win

  86. Anonymous says:

    Flower tree works

  87. Blueeyes082 says:

    Add me I need some friends

  88. Anonymous says:

    add me ninja+guy

  89. I just googled how to get the sakura dragon just now, and after reading this i put the tree and flower dragons in my epic breeding island. 10 hours = sakura dragon :)

  90. Yes got my first gooooood

  91. Flame says:

    Finally Got it, spending more than 50 gems on the procces… Flower + Tree.

  92. Ameer Amsaji says:

    Add me John Rambo1985
    Free gems

  93. Ameer Amsaji says:

    Yes it works, tree lvl13 n flower lvl 9 1st attempt, Sakura dragon

  94. Tree9+ flower9 4 timers and i got it.

  95. Anonymous says:

    4times in what

  96. izzy cannibal says:

    got the sakura dragon at the first try :P with flower and tree dragon, lvl 10… yeey :D

  97. Flame says:

    =[!Deni!]= that’s my gcn.

  98. Flame says:

    I’m on level 27, looking for a new inspiration to rearrange my island, please add me if you have beautiful islands.

  99. Kai Leong says:

    … I can't seem to get one. I've tried flower and tree, clover&tree, poison and earth. Nothing only moss and flower. any other combinations that worked for any of you guys?

    • Anonymous says:

      I have cleaned out my non recriprical gem gifting friends. N I have a gem tree if anyone interested in gem for gem bes757uff7887.

      • JK2XYS73 says:

        Hey Anonymous,

        I’ll swap gems with you. I need to clean out my non-gifting friends as well. I actually friended a few people only to find out they didn’t even own the Dragonsai Gifting Tree! My user id is JK2XYS73. I’ve been playing Dragonvale since last November, and I’m currently maxed out at lv 30. Just bought my 6th island, so now I’m building up cash to get all my dragons to lv 15. My son plays too. He’s at lv 29. We swap gems every day. His id is Ice Blaster Ace, in case you want to friend him as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tree level10 + Flower level10, it work. I tried 5 times. My level17

  100. Pah Toddler says:

    I need sakura i only need sakura clover rainbow and sun to finish so far

  101. Pickle says:

    Flower and lava is another combo

  102. Try flower dragon on the left
    Then willow dragon on the right

  103. Pickle says:

    Plant and lava I ment sorry

  104. Me says:

    Gem 4 gem anyone? I have a pretty cool park, just need the epic breeding island :( i only have one friend :/ i need this dragon! Gamecenter is LewiEmerBran

  105. Anonymous says:

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  106. Anonymous says:

    Tree+Flower works…. But need to try many many times… :(

  107. Anonymous says:

    Add for gems – theoneballedwonder

    • JK2XYS73 says:

      Don’t ask unless you can give as well! Get a Dragonsai Giving Tree in the Market by clicking on Buildings. Of course, the tree cost 100 gems!

  108. Kayla says:

    How do you make it

  109. Anonymous says:

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  110. Anonymous says:

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  111. Sakura yamamoto says:


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  113. Hallye Dionne says:

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    • JK2XYS73 says:

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  114. Anonymous says:

    I have got two Sakura and two dodo dragon, Sakura left flower and right tree, dodo left earth and right frog. Hope this is help for all of you.

  115. Emma Massie says:

    Got it first time with plant and lava

  116. JK2XYS73 says:

    JK2XYS73 and Ice Blaster Ace want to swap dragonvale gems with you!

  117. Olivia says:

    I’ve got 5 sun dragons without breedin 2 together I also just got a dodo by left earth right chrome

  118. JK2XYS73 says:

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  119. I tried tree and flower both ways. Always get tree. Add me for gem trading. Angle Fetus. I got three moon, one Panlong and a Bloom. Add me for tips. ;)

  120. mackenzie says:

    I got three from doing tree and flower. Add me mackcayco

  121. Bubba says:

    Looking for someone to swap gems from gem tree. BUBBAMAN7

  122. TurtleRun says:

    I got my Sakura by breeding tree and flower.. Lvl doesnt matter. Now trying for dodo dragon..

  123. Olivia says:

    Just got my Sakura dragon! Her name is May and she’s a level 1!
    I used: Tree+Flower
    Add me! gr8-6754!

  124. Shelby Bosak says:

    I cannot seem to dodo or Sakura dragon… What are some others? Maybe I'm doNg it wrong..0.0 oh well add me on game center @=>SHELLYELLY<=

  125. dragon24742 says:

    i bred a bloom dragon with a sakura dragon and got a rainbow dragon on my first try!!!!

  126. Andyjjanga says:

    Tree+Flower really works… I’ve got two.

  127. Adrienne Janfield says:

    Add me. Babydtheone

  128. Adrienne Janfield says:

    Then add me girl

  129. Rosenda Kyvik says:

    It dosn't work. Get lava 7 times. Zero sakura

  130. Cindy says:

    Add me please~ i really need gems!! thank you!! — ckj820

  131. Kiki says:

    Flower+tree. 10 attempts. I’ve got my Sakura without ebi! ;) good luck for everybody!

  132. Person says:

    can’t get it.I’ve tried I don’t know how many times with about three different combinations.Anyone got any ideas???

  133. Elizabeth says:

    Would love to be added cute game good stuff there for friends.

  134. Gem for gem ? I just got a gem tree..
    Game centre: sinolighter

  135. Eric says:

    :( hope use never get that dragon,, I got my two,, sick of all you, never like my ideas…

  136. Sarah Hunt says:

    Got it first try with flower and tree in that order…

  137. Add me, trishohh. I need gems!

  138. sahar says:

    i got mine!! Add me SapphireEmblem

  139. jimmy says:

    I want a sukara dragon so bad and need gems:( lol.add me storms rule

  140. Raperanally says:

    Add me ^^^ i need gems for tree! Btw first try with tree and plant didnt work..:/

  141. Samateus87 says:

    3rd try with Tree(left) and Flower(right)! They SHOULD be level 10 for best results!

  142. Duc C. Edo says:

    After 4 tries, I got a sukara!!! Tree(left)+Flower(right)! Have anyone knew how to breed Moon Dragon!!! I ve tried to get it but Everytime, I got a sun dragon! Now I have 4 sun dragon! :(

  143. Anonymous says:

    Add jellyfishgirl :) I gem everyone back who gems me

  144. Tblep says:

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    I play everyday!

  145. scoob122 says:

    I think I got sukara using a ( clover + flower =sukara ) add me : scoob122.

  146. John says:

    Add me for a daily gem jcr41 and my son
    Sqatchr we play a lot

    • Anonymous says:

      I visited and left a gem. How did you breed your Sakuras?

    • Jen says:

      Add me to trade gems in game center. pmjl007 (that is a double zero, not ohs).

      • Jen says:

        Thanks for friending me, guys! I don’t have enough gems for all the people who want to trade, though. I am going to try to stick with the first people who responded and see if we can be regular trading partners. If you sent me a gem, I will get one back to you when my tree replenishes itself. Thanks!

  147. kkrdavis says:

    want to be friends..? need loyal. 15 flakes.

  148. Rebma says:

    Finally! After 20+ times trying tree & flower. I tried tree first & last. Levels 10 & some under level 10. Finally got 2 at the same time, cave & island. Just keep trying!

  149. Pah Toddler says:

    Yeaaaaah i got on my first try with tree and flower dragon lvl10 tree abd lvl 6 flower

  150. Caunertron says:

    Hey. In the picture of the adult Sakura dragon you can see a Clover dragon whose name is Oakheart. That’s the name I have for one of my plant dragons o.0

  151. Caunertron says:

    Hey, In the picture of the adult Sakura dragon you can see a Clover dragon whose name is Oakheart. That’s the name I have for one of my plant dragons o.0 weird

  152. Anonymous says:

    Keep trying tree + flower and flower +tree. At least 10 times each. What should I do :/

  153. I did the plant and lava and got a tree dragon not a Sakura.

  154. Leeroy says:

    Add LEEROYTOUGH in gamecenter

    GEM 4 GEM

  155. anonymous says:

    IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  156. Squantoe Houston says:

    Got tree lv 10 flower lv 10, add me:D. -.-squantoe-.-

  157. TurtleRun says:

    Tree and flower is the best combination ;)

  158. Adi Aganovic says:

    Add me on DragonVale: adelica123.

    We trade Gems.

  159. Anonymous says:

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  160. Mackenzie says:

    Hi guys!

    I already have 4 sakura dragons
    By doing tree and flower!

    Add me mackcayco

  161. Anonymous says:

    Add for gems-fitbiker454

  162. Brandy says:

    I have tried every combo that comes close trying to get the sukara and I have had no luck I have tried all the combos at several level dragons and still no luck:( and this is the same for my rainbow.. Any off the wall suggestions cause the ones on here don’t work for me…

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont know about the sakura, but i got both rainbow and sun from lvl 10 crystal and lvl 10 blue fire. I was trying to get the moon dragon, not the sun and rainbow! You may get a firefly, scorch or quake at first, but keep trying! Good luck!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      for rainbow the best combo is seaweed and firefly …. because if u don’t get the rainbow the incubation time is not as long as other combos and you can try again faster ….. that’s how I got mine seaweed and firefly… and a lot of people say it helps if you buy the habitat but I just think its random and luck ….. hope this helps :)

  163. Anonymous says:

    Add for Gems-theoneballedwonder

  164. Looking for friends to trade gems. Please add me, supermushu, I'll trade daily!

  165. I have tried tree 10 and flower 10 four times thus far. My results have been three rainbow dragons and a tree dragon.

  166. Ulises says:

    Narvaez123 add me 4 gem exchange

  167. Hallye Dionne says:

    Also plz add BubbyGG on Dragonvale

  168. Janine Rudin says:

    Add me on Game Centre…. janinerudinnn :)

  169. AdairaFloyd says:

    Flower + Tree both level 10 done at night in epic breeding island got it for me. I tried for days.

  170. I think this is a hoax because I have been trying 25+ times and no luck, this is just a scam to get people to buy gems.

  171. Got it with tree and flower

  172. JJ says:

    Add me!
    I give gems everyday to those who send me a gem.
    ID – JJ

  173. Junx says:

    I agree that this is a scam to frustrate people into buying gems. It is nearly impossible to breed. I have tried over 30 times and if I get one more tree, flower, lava or moss dragon I am going to delete this app once and for all. The shark has officially been jumped.

  174. Mackenzie says:

    I already have 4 sakura dragons and 3 dodo come see them in my park by adding mackcayco.

    I got 3 of my Sakura dragons by doing tree and flower just to let you know ;)

  175. Mackenzie says:

    Here are the best combinations:

    Storm & flower= rainbow
    Storm & fire= sun
    Storm & sonic= moon
    Storm & grass= bloom
    Earth & fog= dodo
    Tree & flower= sakura

  176. Nimco says:

    hey guys if you add me to your friends I will give you gems EVERYDAY!!that is if you give legend XD add me @ mia4wolves on game center

  177. Junx says:

    What levels tree / flower ? I’ve tried a gazillion different combinations from level 7 to level 13. I almost always get 10 hours, then it turns out to be yet another lava dragon. I’ve wasted about 80 gems on hurry up. Now I’m out of gems and not about to buy any more.

  178. Xiong says:

    Add me for gems daily! WeiXiong91

  179. Chantarexiia21 says:

    I’ve tried the tree and flower bunches of times… I’ve yet to get it. Is there a certain time to do the breeding or what?? Because this isn’t working.

  180. Ch says:

    I got dragonsai add me Gamecenter Choong_hbo

  181. Flower and tree 10 hours would it be a Sakura ?

  182. How do you invite . I'd love to get and give on a regular basis. My game center name his SassiBitz.

  183. Maddi says:

    Got it wid tree on left n flower on right but on the fourth try

  184. matty says:

    try breeding bloom + lava
    got it after 6 tries

  185. Anonymous says:

    add me *nessa reed*

  186. anon says:

    I’ve tried every combo I can think of and not luck what so ever. I’ve never had so much difficulty with breeding a dragon before.

  187. Add me ! Jacquelineforslund ! :) A swedish girl who gives gems every single day !

  188. oniddog says:

    Got 1 !!
    Definatly not a scam
    Level 10 baby Tree & level 4 flower

  189. Stanley Ho says:

    Tried flower and tree for 5 times. First 4 tries both was level 8 and I didn't get it. Fed to level 10 on 5th tries and got it:) finally!!

  190. Anonymous says:

    Try tree10+flower5,i got two with this combo!

  191. Anonymous says:

    add me: yoga,jones chiu,milk301075

  192. Ed Invested says:

    After flower Tree breeding in both cave and island since the news I final got one. Stupid cherry blossom trees that cover my neighborhood and path to work kept taunting me.

  193. Allwyn says:

    I can totally get the frustration. Taken me a week final got there with tree and flower (can’t recall which way round, sorry) yup you just have to keep trying. Now trying for others..,,.

  194. Steve Gagnon says:

    I have the "Epic Breeding Island" and I swear I get more rares out of the regular breeding cave. I've been trying every earth plant and fire combination there is and I can't seem to get the Sakura. It's driving me crazy!! Any ideas?

    • Anonymous says:

      tree and flower dragons seem to be working for most people… I tried and got a 10 hr. breeding time, hoping its Sakura

  195. Lonely says:

    4 times I used gems for 10hrs breed, I got Lava. Than I didn’t used gems for the 5th 10 hrs. Finally I got a Sakura after 5 days of breeding.

  196. John says:

    This is ridiculousness right here. I have been breeding since the dragon came out with both island and cave and haven’t seen a single one, though at least 20 sessions of breeding -_-

    • mom says:

      I agree…I started playing this game with my son – as something fun we had in common… it’s so difficult to get dragons now that he’s lost interest (between school work and extra-curriculars…) and it isn’t so much fun anymore! :(

  197. kobe says:

    it is so hard does it only breed may 1

  198. Pat Dorsey says:

    Flower and tree worked for me on the 5th try. Both level 9. Used the island.

    Can people add me, I have 6 gems daily to give out, and would like to receive some. Game center Id is kewladekidd.

  199. Anonymous says:

    panlong & tree worked for me 1’st try

  200. rave says:

    panlong & tree

  201. Dragonvale123 says:

    this is the easiest dragon ever panlong&tree

  202. coolboy97 says:

    omg you guys don’t have it it’s panlong and tree

  203. mr^epic^man says:

    wtf it is panlong (left) Tree (Right)

  204. Finally just got this egg using a 12 flower with a lvl 14 tree! Probably took 6 tries with the island, was getting worried.

  205. Anonymous says:

    I tried almost every combo…no use…now I tried tree lvl10 on left and fire lvl 10 on me 14 hr Inc.time… Wht it could be ?? Pls help.

  206. Anonymous says:

    I tried almost every combo…no use…now I tried tree lvl10 on left and fire lvl 10 on me 14 hr Inc.time… Wht it could be ?? Pls help.

  207. Anonymous says:

    Add me-eja94

  208. Anonymous says:

    I got sakura by fire and moss both level 10

  209. Leonardo Pereira says:

    Everybody add me for gems

  210. AnD King Krash says:

    I’ve tried tree/flower and I can’t get anything but lava’s. And it’s a 10 hr breed time too. Very frustrating!!!

  211. Or says:

    I just got it!!!!!!! I wanted to try tree\flower, but the flower was breeding in the EBI, so I did poison with tree and I got it!
    (And – I got it in the breeding cave – not on the EBI – just waste of money)

  212. Ireland says:

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  213. Tiancheng Qin says:

    Anyone interested in making a gem circle? If you are leave a message =D

  214. Shannon Smith says:

    12 tree & 10 fire worked for me

  215. abiggail says:

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  216. abiggail says:

    come on add me “abbbbbbbbbbie”!!

  217. abiggail says:

    Panlong and tree

  218. abiggail says:

    i dont really even know if its pan long a tree i just copyed off someones comment

  219. Nimco says:

    Add me mia4wolves

  220. abiggail says:

    add me as abbbbbbbbbbie

  221. Angel Gomez says:

    Lol i first made tree and flower and got poison.On the second time i got it X3 im happy:D

  222. Took me several days breeding the Tree dragon and the flower dragon but I got the egg today!! Yay!

  223. Hey says:

    Lava – flower without epic breeding island

  224. Anonymous says:

    If anyone wants to exchange daily gems my name is iownapiece

  225. Jdm Kiid says:

    I did tree first n then flower n I made sure I keepers usin the same dragons like the same named dragons. N add me plz I will give gemz to ppl that give me gemz. Name= losoloeg6

  226. Luna says:

    Try clover and fire

    • Kristinel says:

      I tried clover and fire. Incubation time 12 hours.
      Also tried pan long and tree. Incubation time 9 hrs.
      I know I am not getting Sakura. Any guesses?

  227. Catwashere says:

    Pikachu 786:

    THANK YOU! With your combinación finally I have Sakura dragon. Do you know a good combination to get Dodo dragon?
    Thanks again!

  228. Charles Snowberger says:

    I did Plant on left and lava on right, got a 10 hour (Breeding cave), then Tree on left and Flower on right (Breeding island) and got a 10 hour too. I'd try that if you can.

  229. Anonymous says:

    Theoneballedwonder – add for gems

  230. Ulises says:

    Some gems

  231. Glenn Evans says:

    Finally got one had to use lvl 11 dragond. Add me to Gamecenter gmoney.evans

  232. Anonymous says:

    Video game nerds haha!!!

  233. Antonio says:

    1 attemp :DDDDDD

  234. Shiyorii says:

    Shiyorii – add for gems ;D

  235. Anonymous says:

    Add me eja94

  236. David says:

    Is it 12 Hours?

  237. anonymous says:

    how do you add friends

  238. Meme Colla says:

    Tree level 10, Flower 10, took me a few times but I finally got it! I also used the regular breeding cave.

  239. Nef says:

    I finally got it, with fire lvl 11 x moss lvl 11. 3rd try.  Flower and tree did not work for me 

  240. Got one finally xD Please add TigressLulu guys, I have a Dragonsai tree and gift gems religiously x

  241. IzmaYagami says:

    I always try flower + tree but not worked for me, I always get tree, poison, lava, moss :(

    how to get sakura dragon :(

  242. IzmaYagami says:

    I’m sorry for my bad english, I’m from asia :)

    • 4we50me says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  243. Flower on right side and Tree on left side and get one.

  244. Robert says:

    hi every1, i need some gems and ill give u guys some gems too, plz add me.

    i have 2 acc so add.


  245. Pokemonmew1234 says:

    I have tried like 100000000 time and have gotten no Sakura dragons

  246. Jacob says:

    I got Sakura after breeding tree and flower a couple times. (in that order)

  247. IzmaYagami says:

    I’ve tried tree + flower, tree + flower, Panlong + tree but I do not get sakura dragon, is there any indication of time to get sakura?

  248. Chris says:

    Add me for gem for gem


  249. Rottinggod says:

    Got my first Sakura, tried to get another one about 40 times, did plant and flower that order,, any ideas cause I’m sick of trying :)

  250. Mackenzie says:

    Everybody! Try tree + flower! Best combination! Works! Got 4 Sakura dragons from that combination! PLZ do!

  251. Rakkit says:

    Did level 8 Tree on left and level 8 Flower on the right. It’s my first try for this and I’ve got the 10 hour breeding time. Hope this is it.

  252. Anonymous says:

    Add me – Lerrooo

  253. Robbinsnest5 says:

    For Anonymous who asked how to add friends:

    You enter the user name in the Game Center app on your iPod/iPhone/iPad. They will then appear as your friend in Dragonvale, though they may not show up right away. Good luck!

  254. scoob122 says:

    I can nevery get one I’ve tryed I billion times I can’t get one can you guys help me and I have tryed all of the combinations .

  255. Kamgat says:

    Plz add me, I will send you gems everyday^^
    id: kamgat

  256. Bob says:

    THIS IS STUPID I can’t get the sakura dragon Tree + Flower doesn’t work! tried it like 10 times

  257. H.Billy says:

    Please add me. I’m level 29 and have almost every dragon from last year.


  258. Bubbaman7 says:

    I am looking for 4 more friends to trade gem for gem daily. Game center– Bubbaman7

  259. mon4archy says:

    Love this dragon!

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  260. Anonymous says:

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  261. Glbpab1225 says:

    Add me Glbpab1225 I send gems 4 gems! I need the dragonsai gem tree, have EBI!

  262. scoob122 says:

    I have finly gotten a sakura dragon and it is very cool.

  263. Anonymous says:

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  264. Can someone shed me some gems? :)

  265. Vodka1991 says:

    Add me in GameCentre. Gem for a gem. Hourly player. Gem exchange. No lie. :D

  266. Vodka1991 says:

    GameCentre ID: vodka1991

  267. Dippy Dodo says:

    You can’t have a lvl. 12 0r lvl. 14 dragon dude.

  268. Soomba says:

    i tried breedin that dragon in both my caves non stop and didn’t get it I was sooooo sad

  269. Anonymous says:

    add me :jones chiu have gem tree!

  270. Mackenzie says:

    I have 4 sukura, 3 dodo, 2 clover, 1 love, 2 leapyear, 2 butturfly, and 2 plasma.

    ~ add me mackcayco ~

  271. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    U guys are going to think I’m crazy but I got a Sakura dragon using plant lvl 10 and lava lvl 10 of coarse this was when the dragon was still out of buying or breeding

  272. Anonymous says:

    How do you add people as friends

  273. I 'm having a hard time getting the DODO dragon I tried so many times I am just about ready to give-up……It should not take so long! I max out on the levels and now I don't feel playing as much, since I can not get anymore habitats, is not use breeding since they can not be displayed. I would like to add friends to get tips on breeding the new dragon and others….

  274. Anonymous says:

    add me FUMBLES.

  275. Meli says:

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  279. Anyone bread one lately?

  280. Dragon Dash says:

    I just randomly ought a fire dragon and it’s name wus Karaka, lol

  281. Dragon Dash says:


  282. Anonymous says:

    When is the time and moths that I can breed the Sakura dragon?

  283. Lilandra_Red says:

    :( i want a sakura dragon :(

  284. Andreita says:

    Nov08danicanne I LOVE ALDO! I bought my cuerrnt favorite purse at ALDO on the Miracle Mile in Chicago this summer. Awesome. And I actually love suede. I’ll check em out. Gracias!

  285. Bea Chui says:

    I wonder why it's still here when it's expired?

  286. I breed tree and fire. 8 hr breeding time…. any idea what I'll get????

  287. I did level 7 tree and level 7 flower! I received it first try!

  288. David Bailey says:

    After 20 or 30 lava, poison, moss, tree & flower fails I finally got one :.)

  289. Anonymous says:

    Try level 11 tree and flower that have been in the fountain of youth. 11 level dragons and up will give you a better chance in breeding the sakura

  290. Anonymous says:

    Nope, sounds like you are though. Learn how to type.

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