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Rainbow DragonVale Cheats and Breeding Success Guide

| November 27, 2011 | 670 Comments

Even experience players often have problems in getting a Rainbow Dragon in Dragonvale. Perhaps for this reason that rainbow dragons are considered special and precious in the game.
Rainbow Dragon is often raised in the last level and its components remain unknown. However, it is a rare type of dragon that often takes time to grow and many people have often tried to obtain without much success. If you were to buy a rainbow dragon, which will cost an impressive 2500 gems!
However, if you decide to breed your own, which takes 48 hours to hatch, and that is two days in a row! However, if lucky enough to get a rainbow dragon, which sell for an enormous amount of Dragoncash.
While you wait the 48 hours, you will never be sure that this will be a rainbow dragon.

Here are some facts about the dragon of the rainbow:














Rainbow Dragon are random
When breeding, you are never sure whether you will get a rainbow dragon or not. As a result, you have to be prepared to accept results either way. Since you can never be sure that you are getting a rainbow dragon when breeding, some people often advice that you try breeding for dragons that take less time to hatch.

Breeding eggs taking few hours to breed
How would you feel if after waiting 48 hours for your rainbow dragon you get the original breed of the egg you bred? Due to this, it is best to continuously  breeding dragons that will take short periods of time to breed. For instance it will be wise to continuously breed firefly dragon which take only three hours to breed. If you did not know that, Firefly dragons is from crossbreeding of Lighting dragons with Flame dragon.

They Need Patience
It may seem like something not worth mentioning but to tell you the truth, if you are ever going to end up with a rainbow dragon in Dragonvale , you will need to have a lot of patience and endurance. Sometimes, even experience player in this game believe that this dragon was created so as to test how patient you can be and how much you can hold on before throwing in the towel.

Rainbow Dragon Success Chart

Player level Dragon 1 Level Dragon 2 Level Attempts Repeat success All Other Dragons Notes/Extra details
19 Blue Fire 10 Crystal 10 At least 10 N/A No
20 Quake 10 Ice 10 3 N/A Except Sun, Moon, Blue fire & Sandstorm
20 Blue Fire 10 Crystal 10 1 Yes. All but Sun.
20 Ice 10 Blazing 10 1 N/A Yes
20 Blue Fire 10 Crystal 10 50 Yes Yes
17 Lava 4 Seaweed 4 20 Yes Yes
16 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 50 No Yes
15 Mountain 4 Poison 5 1 N/A No
14 Storm 8 Lava 9 5 No N/A
17 Scorch 10 Swamp 10 1 No Yes
17 Seaweed 10 Lava 10 1 N/A Yes
17 Fire 10 Storm 10 20 No No
18 Fire 10 Water 10 1+ No No
16 Blazing 10 Crystal 10 1 No Yes
16 Firefly 10 Swamp 10 4 N/A No
17 Blazing 10 Seaweed 9 3 Yes No
18 Flower 10 Storm 10 1 No No
18 Storm 10 Flower 10 2 N/A Yes
16 Firefly 10 Crystal 10 3 No Yes
16 Willow 10 Storm 10 1 N/A No
13 Poison 9 Storm 7 3 N/A No
17 Seaweed 10 Blazing 10 1 N/A Yes
15 Seaweed 10 Lava 10 5 No No
20 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 5 Yes Yes
17 Firefly 10 Seaweed 10 1 No No
17 Quake 7 Flower 7 1 N/A No
20 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 1 No Yes
20 Crystal 10 Blazing 10 8 N/A Yes
18 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 1 N/A No
18 Willow 10 Crystal 10 1 No Yes
18 Quake 10 Fog 10 5 N/A Yes
18 Willow 10 Crystal 10 1 N/A No
17 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 1 N/A No
18 Seaweed 10 Firefly 7 10+ No Yes
17 Flower 10 Mountain 10 1 Yes No
17 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 9 No Yes
16 Blazing 9 Crystal 7 2 Yes Yes
16 Mountain 9 Firefly 9 1 Yes No
14 Mountain 7 Flower 7 1 Yes No
19 Flower 10 Crystal 10 2 No Yes
17 Firefly 7 Seaweed 7 3 No No
19 Firefly 10 Snow 10 1 N/A Yes
16 Lighting 7 Earth 7 2 1x N/A
19 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 25+ 1st No
20 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 ~15 No Yes
20 Blazing 10 Swamp 10 ~20 Yes Yes
20 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 6 No Yes
19 Scorch 10 Ice 10 1 N/A No
20 Blue Fire 10 Crystal 10 5/6 N/A No
13 Mountain 7 Poison 4/5 1 No No
17 Sonic 7 Poison 9 3 Yes No
16 Lava 10 Swamp 10 3 No No
20 Blue Fire 10 Crystal 10 5 No No
15 Seaweed 10 Firefly 10 0? No No
17 Firefly 10 Seaweed 10 7 No No

According to some Pros, you will perform this breeding in level ten of the game when you crossbreed firefly and seaweed dragons. However, they all agree that patience is an important virtue. They say that you can buy a rainbow habitat first before breeding to increase your chances of getting a rainbow dragon but success is certain.
Do you agree that the above is the sure way to get a dragonvale rainbow dragon? We will appreciate if you share your ideas and thoughts.

  • You can try to use blazing and crystal or breed a Seaweed with a Firefly. Both must be Level 10.
  • Try breeding a firefly dragon or a lava dragon with a seaweed dragon. They both have to be at lvl 10 .
  • You can also breed a snow dragon and a moss dragon to get a rainbow one, but it takes a day in the breeding cave and a day incubation of the egg.

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  1. Got a rainbow finally with lev 10 Storm and lev 10 Poison, 3 months of trying with all sorts of combinations, primarily Seaweed+Firefly.

  2. Guilherme says:

    i got by fire + storm after trying ten times

  3. Huz says:

    How to get blue fire dragon plzzz help me ?????

  4. Jia Qi Yang says:

    my friend just wants a sun or moon dragon but never success instead he got 4 rainbow dragons XD

  5. joke1990 says:

    hallo habe bluefire gez

  6. I’m now not sure where you are getting your info, however great topic. I must spend a while studying much more or understanding more. Thank you for great info I used to be looking for this information for my mission.

  7. Omgloljkitty says:

    How dO you breed the air draong

  8. Twisted36 says:

    Add me if you want free RUBYS!!!! I am trying to get the sun dragon

  9. Twisted36 says:

    And my name is Twisted36

  10. Mustangs 5 says:

    Some body ad me I really need gems btw Name is Mustangs 5

  11. I keep on getting sun dragons but I want rainbow

  12. Patricia Montiel says:

    Just got a rainbow dragon. Bought the habitat first. Then bred a lv 10 snow with a lv 10 moss

  13. someone please tell me how to get a darn rainbow lol i have been trying for months

  14. Arborvaden says:

    I’ve gotten TWO Rainbow Dragons in the last few days trying to get the Panlong Dragon using the Blazing dragon in 1st slot and Mud dragon in 2nd slot in the regular Breeding Cave. My park is level 22 with all goals except Rainbow Dragon before I got the 1st Rainbow Dragon. Be sure to have the Rainbow Habitat in place first. Hope this helps anyone struggling to get Rainbow.

  15. Dragon pro says:

    Seriously?!?! It took you people months to do this?!? It took me 3 tries with a lvl 10 mud and a lvl 9 blazing. And now my panlong dragon is hopefully breeding

  16. Patrick says:

    I got a rainbow dragon first try with a storm dragon and a flower dragon and also I got a sun dragon the same way. Add me I will send you gems every day because I have the new gem tree. trick1230 (game center nickname)

  17. Dragon1992 says:

    I just got today two rainbows in a row with mud and blazing while trying to get da panlong one and I got bloody 4 sun dragons in a row last week with blue fire and scorch still need moon can’t get one lol

  18. Extreme dragoner says:

    How do u get a water dragon?

  19. Deviousone1 says:

    Add me!

  20. Ashleypikachu says:

    Can you get a rainbow moon or sun dragon with mud and blazing cause I was trying to get the panlong dragon and I looked and it said one day and 24 hours is it the panlong dragon or not?Please help me!!!

  21. Melissa says:

    Can someone help me with the rainbow n air deagon add me =)Bam<3(=

  22. Lehcar8 says:

    Add me lehcar8
    I got it from tree and blazing XD

  23. Hughesy69 says:

    Am new da this and cud do way help, add me if u wud plz

  24. AJMacrae says:

    Bred a Bluefire and Crystal at 10:30am and got Rainbow. Word.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Got second rainbow w scorch (left) reindeer (right) both lvl 10. Second try in regular breeding cave.

  26. The guy who never existed says:

    I bred using flower and storm together. At first I thought it was going to be a rainbow but it turned out to be another sun :(.

  27. Nick says:

    Add me i am farvesucks on gamme center and thé more friends u hav the more gems u get as gifts

  28. Confused says:

    Hey guys i have a lvl10 flower(left) lvl10 storm(right) and my overall lvl of acc is 14 iput them and breed time is 4hrs is that right i sort of cant wait for egg to come>.<

  29. Josh says:

    My friend, pwnster123 got two rainbows in a row with 1. Blazing 2. Mud

  30. Add me on gamecenter Icranenigga, I have the gem tree!

    • Carrie Bridges says:

      How do you add a friend? My 6 year old son plays but has no friends…his player name is 678ant

    • Anonymous says:

      I just added u

    • Carrie go to the game center. Hit add friends and then type in the friends screen name. It will then bring the option to send a request. Then you hit send and your all done (: .. I'm a daily player and I alternate sending gems so that its fair for all my friends. You can add me if you want. Screen name is KittyJolean

  31. Josh Yeager says:

    Someone add me I have a gem tree

  32. I got moon . sun and rainbow same day.
    But weird because my rainbow egg is stripes not dots O_O

  33. Oh and I bred Lava and fog = rainbow but the egg is stripes not dots

  34. Anonymous says:

    I got rainbow dragon instead of panlong :( I bred Lv10 Lava and Lv8 Fog but the egg was stripes not dots

  35. Anonymous says:

    Add me yamz214

  36. Kayluh says:

    Thanks guys for adding me! I’ve been over loaded with request:) so it may take me awhile tO add you. I prObably won’t accept anymore I’ve got too many friends now!

  37. Ken says:

    Got a Rainbow dragon ny breeding Seaweed and Firefly dragon ^^

  38. Anymous says:

    Add me please need gems jojo7878999

  39. Evie says:

    Add me my name is EviesMouse. I am getting the gem tree today

  40. Robyn says:

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  41. Josh says:

    I just got a rainbow dragon by breeding a quake level 10 and an ice level 10 in the breeding island add me I’ll give you gems, Kazuya_hiehchi

  42. Stefan Pieper says:

    I was trying to get the panlong dragon, but the second time i tried to breed it, i got a rainbow dragon :D
    No patience nessesary at all!

  43. Anonymous says:

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  44. Anonymous says:

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  45. Partyanimal2012 says:

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  46. Alex Remizov says:

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  47. Kate Hoyle says:

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  48. IJH6775 says:

    I keep breeding crystal & blue fire and all I’m getting is darn sun dragons!! This blows lmao

  49. Gabriel Ulloa says:

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    plz if you give me gems ill give bak (:

  50. IJH6775 says:

    I think I might finally b getting a rainbow dragon with a lvl 15 flower & lvl 15 storm. Was trying to make another love dragon but poped up 48 hrs instead, but it will do for me.

  51. Rainbow dragon says:

    Im going to breed seaweed and firefly I hope it works :3

  52. Rainbow dragon says:

    Add me I’m =>klay<=

  53. Anonymous says:

    hey to get a rainbow its best to get the epic breeding island first so the chances are you get a rainbow easier.

  54. pretty girl says:

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  55. Anonymous says:

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  61. Anonymous says:

    I think i have a sun dragon breeding at the moment its 48hours breeding time with 3 types involved (cold+firefly) in the daytime if that has any judgement on sun or moon, either way got myself a rare one, but struggling with frostfire

    Add me on Gamecentre, i share gems out evenly



  62. F1g4t says:

    Add me- F1G4T
    I have 13 rainbow dragons 3 sun dragons and 3 moon dragons.

    If you want 100%chance to get rainbow, breed rainbow with another rainbow ;)

  63. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys can u Plz add me…I’m a Lvl 19 and my name is Rainbow Love96

  64. Eliza says:

    Was trying tO get a blue fire dragon using level 10 scorch and cold but got rainbow instead :O i wasnt even trying to get it!!!

  65. Chalows says:

    Lol all the sad stories. I feel bad of getting it on my first try in getting a love dragon. I didn’t expect a rainbow dragon but I use a fire fly and a flower both lv10 and my lv is 16.
    Got it so unexpectedly, I was trying to get love dragon. Guess I was extremely lucky. Hope this help.

  66. S3XX says:

    Add me please for Dragonvale.
    All capitals.

  67. Stanly Pengson says:

    add me stanlypengson.

  68. Toni says:

    I just successfully bred two moon dragons on two iPods within a minute of each other wit a love dragon on left and cold dragon on right in breeding cave have been after moon dragon for 3 months then two in 1 minute try it you never know

  69. Toni says:

    I just successfully bred two moon dragons on two iPods within a minute of each other wit a love dragon on left and cold dragon on right in breeding cave

  70. Jaye says:

    teamdamon95 add me… send gems, I need them :(

  71. Jcmiv says:

    Add me JCMIV. I give gems every day

  72. Sakura says:

    I have one of every dragon now….but my rainbow egg has stripes, not spots. I’m guessing this is a new thing? All I need is the Halloween Bone Dragon….

  73. Quin Neilson says:

    Send me gems my gamecenter name is john 185

  74. Anonymous says:

    add me dark angel 652

    i send gems everyday

  75. Ok I just got a 1hr breeding time what the heck is that going to be? I used scorch and seaweed

  76. Pernille Klarpås says:

    Im in level 17 and i took a mud and a blazing,both in level 8 to Get a panlog. But instead it stands that it takes 48 hours to breed, can it be a rainbow???

  77. Sheri Searl says:

    Hey everyone :D add me please

  78. Luke Walton says:

    Fog + lava = rainbow or sun

  79. Whoa!!! I got a moon weeks ago and have been trying for sun and rainbow… Finally got both today!!!! Rainbow was crystal and blue fire on that epic island and the sun with cold and firefly!!! Sooooo excited!

  80. Add me on game center !TSMK!

  81. Hey facebookers I need dragonvale friends game center ID -[Lyn£]*

  82. Stanly Pengson says:

    add me 26ESTONG.

  83. I have a gem tree! <jallisam>

  84. Jarred Diehm says:

    Just went Crystal (8) Left and Blazing Right (10) and got a rainbow first go! :D:D

  85. Bryan Olson says:

    My egg isn't polka dots it's rainbow stripped did they change it?

  86. Slade O'rorke St John says:

    Add me mcsladey gT jail broken iPod u send me 1 get 10 send 10 get 100 etc

  87. Aichlinn Huang-Ryan says:

    First time try for a rainbow dragon and I got it with a level 7 firefly and a level 8 mountain :) (apparently the new rainbow egg is striped now though?)

  88. Michelle Lai says:

    add yan88824 in game centre pls… :(

  89. Tom Arthur says:

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  96. Anonymous says:

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  97. James Woodhouse says:

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  98. Dragonvale says:

    I need 3 dragons to complete my collection. Bone, moon, and rainbow. I have all other dragons including reindeer, sun, bluefire, and sandstorm. If you don’t believe me, check out my island.Mri(0112) no spaces m is capital.

  99. Lucas Manweiler says:

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  102. Theelementgreen says:

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  103. Black Cat 1881 says:

    I bred at lv 20 a lv 10 fog and a lv 10 lava and got a striped rainbow dragon egg! Lava on right and fog on left. In 48 hours i will have my rainbow dragon hatchling

  104. Anonymous says:

    add me longnius all normal letters, will gift back

  105. hi says:

    i want rainbow dragon

  106. mystery says:

    i want a rainbow dragon

  107. Anonymous says:

    I think I might have a rainbow. I have been attempting for the past week to breed one using the breeding guide. I was attempting the flower/storm combo. I was breeding level 10 flower named Helen with a level 10 storm named Stormy. I decided to raise another storm up to 10 today named Berg. I then breed Helen/Berg and got the 2 day breeding time. I know the order of the dragons matter, but do the names also matter? Just a thought for those of you who are frustrated. Breed in regular breeding cave at aprox. 9pm central standard time.

  108. Bred cold with firefly hoping to get a bluefire but instead i have to wait 48 hours. Hope is a rainbow.

  109. Terrell Poe says:

    Add me t-fizzy will gift back

  110. Dylan Luca says:

    hi add me +killerboy+.
    iam lvl 20 and use blazing(lv10) and swamp(lv10)in breeding cave and I got rainbow.

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  112. Timmy Dugan says:

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  114. Sprocket07 says:

    i was trying to breed a Panlong dragon, but instead I got a Rainbow dragon!!!

  115. Anonymous says:

    rainbow egg does NOT have dots any more, it has stripes instead it was an update.

  116. I mean, why would you get arrested, that is.

  117. Ken says:

    i’ve got three rainbow dragon and one egg in the hatching thing… can’t i get a moon or sun dragon soon xD

    [Wayne Rooney]

    • Anonymous says:

      Crystal level 10 & blue fire level 10 in the breeding cave I have 2 moon 2 sun & rainbow but the rainbow I don’t know how I got but I got lucky with that I know I used a quake dragon though

  118. Can someone please add me? I need gems really badly, and I'm kind of new to this game

  119. Meagan Kush says:

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  132. bmx guy says:

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  145. fisherboy656 says:

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    I already have a rainbow dragon, but I was trying for the second one for about a week for the “double rainbow” achievement. I was getting irritated. Then the came out with the leap year dragon, and I was still discouraged. But then I had a light bulb, and asked myself what if I breed the leap year dragon and rainbow dragon together? So I tried it. And now I have a rainbow dragon on the way. Just thought I’d share that for people that wanted to get more than one, or people that are aspiring for more than one later. :)

  153. Caeden Kerr says:

    Add me on game cent my name is TeleportingAbra

  154. Aro67 says:

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  160. I have what looks like a rainbow egg but it is stripes not dots.
    I used first level 10 Firefly
    Second was level 10 Seaweed only had to breed the twice to get it.

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  179. Anonymous says:

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  182. Alicia Liberty Brown says:

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  183. Lords Aholic says:

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    If you send a gem, I’ll send you one too. :)

  187. KC says:

    Got a rainbow with Snow(lvl 10) and Scortch (lev 10) at the EBI. On the first try with that pairing. Tried again, and it’s a 2hr wait….so second try was a bust lol.

  188. shaqueal says:

    does any one have the cheats?

  189. Michael Womack says:

    how do you add people?

  190. Anonymous says:

    @Michael, you have to go to the gamecenter app on your device, under the friends tab, hit the “+” button and type in some of the names here and hit “send” — once the person accepts, then you’ll be friends! Try it! Add me: divastiva

  191. Rizzie808 says:

    Wats Up everybody

  192. Flame says:

    I try ice+blazing first try and I have to wait for 48 hours.. What is it? I don’t have any gems left.

    Ice lvl 10 on the left + blazing lvl ten on the right.

  193. Add me my name is ROBUUH7 !!!!!!!!

  194. Add me on dragonvale Bluebird313

  195. Alyssa says:

    Add me pls


  196. Flame says:

    I boosted up using gems, And I got rainbow egss. I tried ice+storm, still no luck with moon or sun. Any sugestion?

  197. L says:

    Oh my gosh, I bred crystal left level ten. And blazing right level ten. I am a level 17. I now have to wait 2 days! I want my rainbow nowwwww!

  198. Add me at gamecenter jeyahr

  199. Janet Annal says:

    Finally got rainbow. Lucky day for me mud and blazing got me panning. Bred pan long with love and hey presto rainbow……both within mins of each other :)

  200. Nuranissa says:

    Me and my brother breed crystal dragon and blue fire and me and my brother got 1:23:58:15 could it be a rainbow dragon.

  201. Dexxxxxxxxx says:

    Add me Dexxxxxxxxx (9 x’s)

  202. Giffy says:

    Add me! Sm0rez

  203. jowy says:

    i had 2x 48hours of breeding from storm and firefly… 1st appear was a sun egg which make me quite disappointed though it was not what I want.. now the 2nd 48hours breeding still come from the same pair… I had storm and fire in epic and they give me another 48hours.. how these 2 ongoing 48hours breeding will get me 1 rainbow.. pray

  204. Giffy says:

    Add me on GameCenter! Sm0rez! Except to receive a gift… Daily!

  205. David says:

    I got the rainbow dragon flower on the left storm on the right.i also know how to get gems and a mystery dragon by breding two level 10 rainbow dragons.add me RozQ85

  206. Arian Amini says:

    Some one please tell me the easiest way to get rainbow dragon when you are level 20 and also what time what level the dragons need to be and which dragon on right and which on left

  207. Mark E. Winterbottom says:

    I'm at Lvl 22, and I have tried 90% of the breeding suggestions to get a Rainbow. Am I at too high of a level to keep attempting?

  208. Anonymous says:

    I got 48hr time by breeding lvl10 panlong(left) with a lvl 10 fire(right) anyone know by any chance?

  209. Anonymous says:

    I got 48hr time by breeding lvl10 panlong(left) with a lvl 10 fire(right) anyone know by any chance? I am lvl 20

  210. Dvlover says:

    Help! I have a Sun dragon, a Moon dragon, and a Leap Year dragon
    but no Rainbow dragon! I am level 19, am I to high of a level? Also
    add me, I am RiverDiver#1

  211. jowy says:

    oh man.. i have 3 sun eggs incubating now.. all of them are 48hours..

  212. xChimericalx says:

    I have a gem tree, add me: xChimericalx

  213. Danyka says:

    If I am a level 24 am I too high of a level to get a rainbow dragon?

  214. ashley jones says:

    lol i hate waiting for a rainbow add me ash12894589

  215. Giffy says:

    So I said to myself, what a noon am I if I’m level 15 with no bluefire… So I tried brewdig one and, VOILA, 48 hours until incubation time! I hate how when ur not trying to get it, you get it.

  216. jowy says:

    finally got a 48hours breeding through bluefire and crystal.
    Pray hard it will be a rainbow dragon as my previous 3x 48hours breeding come out to be sun egg..

  217. banjo516 says:

    i breeded a lvl 7 mud and a lvl 4 blazing in the breeding island anyone know what it will be 48hr waitig period

  218. the best says:

    i got the leap year graon but no rainbow,sun,moon i want to get them but i cannot

    name on gamecenter HARD STUNNA

  219. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily trade
    thanks alot

  220. Anonymous says:

    i got 2 rainbow dragons : blazing and storm ok please try my suggestion

  221. Eric Alzaidi says:

    Hey josh add me as a friend you look experienced obviously at dragonvale

  222. nichole says:

    Add me snicky2010

  223. Noob says:

    Im a level 18, add me,Noobnoob12321

  224. Andrea Chin says:

    How do you invite friends? Dont you need their emails or something? I don't have friends….. *forever alone*

  225. Tanktor says:

    I Have two paulong dragons three moon and sun dragons two clover dragons and one rainbow dragoon:)) I know the secret combinations of this dragons :P my name in the game centre is: Tanktor

  226. Someone... says:

    How long does it take in breeding? 48 hours? (not incubation)

  227. Someone... says:

    How long does it take in the breeding center? 48. Hours? Or just random times

  228. Someone... says:

    Add me JenniferCindy

  229. PhenomIV says:

    Add me : PhenomIV

  230. Matt says:

    Have all dragons except rainbow!!!!! FRUSTURATED!!!!

  231. I use blue fire and clover

  232. Anonymous says:

    i got rainbow on first try!blazing+mud=rainbow add me and see ninja+guy

  233. Anonymous says:

    Don’t have any friends on DragonVale. Plz add me. I play this game hourly! DKennedy09

  234. 20JD says:

    Teying to get clover keep gettin tree and moss I’m gettin pist

  235. 20JD says:

    Trying trying to get the clover

  236. Jamie Osborn says:

    Please add me, I have a gem tree name is Duo Monkey

  237. Tanktor says:

    Hi I”m Tanktor and i have many rare dragon (moon, sun, clover, rainbow, paulong) i know de secret of old dragons if you have Facebock my name in this is: Arturo Corrales

  238. cmr says:

    I am so blessed got it on first try using blufire and crystal

  239. Anonymous says:

    Add me [-WILBUR-]

  240. Anonymous says:

    Someone add me I have a gem tree.

  241. Joe Croft says:

    Add me I can't figure out how to get friends on this game.

  242. Val says:

    Add me for dragon vale “Mizzleon” New to it

  243. Val says:

    Mizzleon add me

  244. Eric says:

    4we50me add me

  245. Anonymous Person says:

    This sucks I have lightning and earth lvl seven each but I am level fifteen and the chart says I need to be level sixteen

  246. wow that lie! I just test firefly with seaweed then I get firefly 0.o.

  247. Ireland says:

    Done by accident Blazing left Crystal Right add me The_Badman192

  248. Ireland says:

    Add me The_Badman192

  249. cutiepipe99 says:

    hi i know how to get rainbow quake+blazing lvl 10 on third or fourth go cant remember

  250. Laura Fairbanks says:

    I got two rainbow dragons from breeding level 10 love with a level 10 sandstorm!

  251. Anonymous says:

    I got moon from breeding flower and storm o_O

  252. Anonymous says:

    How do U breed a bluefire?

  253. Anna Zuo says:

    What if my level is over 20?!

  254. Add me. Chiaramonte2011

  255. Ann Bardo Phillips says:

    Finally, after months of trying… I got my Rainbow today. Level 12 Swamp/Level 12 Lava.

  256. The Tuggernaut says:

    add me for legit gem swap: The Tuggernaut

  257. Alexus gonzalez says:

    So happy got the rainbow dragon egg today 5 min ago add me i Have a gem tree kiloed

  258. Mackenzie says:

    Hi guys!

    I recomend breeding flower and storm for this dragon because if you don’t get it the tine will be 30 min. So you can speed it up for a lOw price and I got a rainbow dragon by doing this combination and I did this combination in the first place because I trust my storm dragon a lot because I did sonic & storm and I got a moon first try and I did fire and storm and I got sun first try. Sadly I dident get the dragon first try but I still got it.

    P.s. add me mackcayco

    • Anonymous says:

      @Mackenzie, I am going to give your flower/storm combo a try. Haven’t had any luck with other combinations mentioned on here, and I am nearly ready to give up on the Rainbow! I can get Suns, but no Moon, Rainbow, or Sandstorm.

    • Nef says:

      Mackenzie, I gave ur suggestion a try (flower and storm) and finally got a sun after 3 month of trying woot Gone keep trying for a rainbow still

    • Dylan says:

      Same did I

  259. Bex says:

    Bred Lichen 10 and Panlong 10 and now have a 48hr breed time. It took @4x to get the 48. I do not know which rare dragon this will be. My husband got a Rainbow with level 10 Flower and level 8 Mountain. His level was 14 and did not have the rainbow habitat and had not finished all the goals.

  260. Breed love and metal! It works!

  261. Yoshi says:

    I got a rainbow by breeding love and metal dragons

  262. I got it with seaweed + lava

  263. Sarr says:

    I FINALLY got my rainbow dragon today after weeks of trying!! Flower + Storm!!

  264. Mason Taylor says:

    That's weird…. I was breeding Mud (10) and Blazing (10) for the panlong and I got the Rainbow. Not complaining though :D

  265. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily
    thanks alot :)

  266. Add n1nja sl4yer if you have jailbreak to give me unlimited gems.

  267. John Stormans says:

    Gem for gem
    Add me: biggchunky69

  268. Jaimie says:

    Finally got one with blazing and mud. Was trying to get a panlong but a rainbow’s great too :) add me! I gem daily! JR Gurl

  269. Sue says:

    I crossed a level 10 Iceberg on left with a level 10 Magnetic on the right and got a 48hr incubation time. I am currently at level 21. I’ve tried so many other combinations to get a rainbow.. Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  270. I got moon with lvl8 cold and lvl7scorch.

  271. Honey Bunnie says:

    I give up:( On level 24 still no ; Rainbow,Moon,Panalong,Sandstorm.The only rare dragon I have is the Sun :( I think I have tried everything…..

  272. YOHASAKURA25 says:

    Best answer ..

    Breeding + Patience = Sun , Moon , Sandstorm , Ranbow.

    So far with that method i got 2 Rainbow dragon, 1 Sun, 1 Moon .. (not jailbroken,, just keep on trying)

    Add me on game center. YOHASAKURA25

    Ps: if you really want those dagons, NEVER GIVE UP.. :)

  273. YOHASAKURA25 says:

    My game center name is YOHASAKURA25 or just also try Yohasakura25 :)

  274. Wildstar says:

    Omg I got a rainbow dragon completely by accident! I was trying to get. Panlong dragon! I bred a mud dragon level 10 on the left and a blazing dragon level 10 on the right

  275. Anonymous says:

    i had one panalong dragon so i did breed a panalong 10 with a fog 10 and omg it got me a rainbow dragon

  276. Anonymous says:

    I had 1 panalong dragon and 1 fog dragon so i did breed a level 10 panalong dragon with a level 10 fog dragon omg it got me a rainbow dragon

  277. Anonymous says:

    i have 5 panalong dragons 8 leap year dragons 5 rainbow dragons 2 blue fire 1 frostfire 4 sun 1 moon and 1 sand storm dragon and if you dont beleive me add me on ABDULAZIZ_QTR and visit my village and you will see all the dragons that i told you.

  278. How do u add a name without facebook

    • me says:

      you dont need facebook, just change it when typing in the message. and if you mean how to change dragonvale name it goes by gamecenter name not facebook name.

  279. Nef says:

    Finnaly got my 1st rainbow dragon after months of trying .. Flower lvl13 and storm lvl13

  280. juanburgandy says:

    Is it possible to get a Rainbow dragon from Plant and Storm?
    Because i just got a 48 hour incubation and Rainbow seems like the only possible answer.

  281. YOHASAKURA25 says:

    I got my 2 rainbow dragon in that combination too … Maybe a couple of weeks ago .. :)

  282. Dvale says:

    Try breeding plant dragon left and storm right i got 1 i sold the two

  283. Anonymous says:

    the esiest way to get a moon is a sonic lvl 10 with a storm lvl 10

  284. Anonymous says:

    the most esiest way to get a sun is a fire lvl 10 with a storm lvl 10 to get a sun

  285. abdulaziz says:

    the most esiest way to get a sun is a fire lvl 10 with a storm lvl 10

  286. abdulaziz says:

    i got a rainbow by breeding blue fire with a crystal all lvl 1o

  287. abdulaziz says:

    who saw my village

  288. NightSkyeBDawn says:

    I have been trying for over six months with no luck with a Rainbow. I had given up on the specials and had resigned myself to having a specials free park, but I finally got a Sun about a month ago and a few days ago I got a Moon, so maybe the winds are starting to change. My friends call me snake bit because all my life my luck has been rotten. They call me snake bit because my luck is so bad that I can’t kill anything and nothing will die, and this game proves it. I see people with level 7 parks with 3 or 4 Rainbows and I am level 29 and I have not one Rainbow, unless you want to count the Leap Year dragon which I got on the stroke of midnight on the second day of January. Just by the hair of my chinny chin chin. I have all the other dragons, including the Metals and I think I have an Easter bunny dragon egg waiting to hatch, but that Rainbow continues to elude me. I had trouble getting the Love dragon and the Leap Year also. I just barely got by with those two, but it didn’t take too long to get the Easter dragon with my oldest Plant dragon and oldest Storm dragon. It was neat getting a special with my oldest dragons for a change, especially with Pia the plant dragon that was one of the original dragons at the start of the game. I am still hoping for the Rainbow, but that pot of gold may just continue to sit there to remind me that wishing doesn’t always make it so. Good luck to the rest of you. Drop by my park any time and help yourself to a heaping of love and happiness. I try to keep the place full to overflowing so help yourself.


  289. Scoob122 says:

    I’ve tryed every combination about 25 times so can anyone please give me a good combos.

  290. Dorothy Laskowski says:

    Add me musicalducky

  291. Shami says:

    I have bred a storm and blur fire to get a rainbow as wel

  292. abdulaziz says:

    i have bred a bluefire with a crystal all lvl 10 and it got me a sun dragon

  293. Dreigo says:

    Add me as a friend to exchange gems plz !!!!!! dreigoz is my nick in the game center

  294. Lucas Gillis says:

    Have a combination to the park lvl 21?

  295. Samantha says:

    I added a lot of you who asked for adds, my game center name is SAMURAI HIME, feel free to add me as well

  296. Shellbelle71 says:

    I am breeding a cactus and licheon. I have my first 48hour wait time? What dragon will I get?

    Game center name Shellbelle71. I need gems. Thank you

  297. Bogard57 says:

    Add me:)

  298. Cyd says:

    i got the rainbow dragon by breeding plant and storm,i wanted the bloom,but it was 48 hours.YAY i got the rainbow.3 hours more its done

  299. Well if u look on the comments on trying to get a bloom dragon people are getting rainbow dragons by breeding a lightning on the left and a cold on the right dam I should make another website but this time about dragonvale

  300. Foong Congto says:

    Can i get rainbow on lv 21

  301. Shellbelle71 says:

    I have a 48 hour wait time with cactus and lichen? I think I got rainbow? We will see

  302. Leeroy says:

    add me in gamecenter i have gem tree :) LEEROYTOUGH

  303. abdulaziz says:

    i finaly got a moon dragon by breeding a sonic and a storm all level 10

  304. abdulaziz says:

    the most esiest rare dragon i got is the sun by breeding a fire and a storm all lvl 10

  305. abdulaziz says:

    i got a panalong dragon by breeding a mud and a blazing

    • Shellbelle71 says:

      I bread blazing and mud and have 36 hour wait. I hope for panalong the weird thing is last Friday I got a Sun and this Friday I’m getting panalong.

  306. abdulaziz says:

    did you know that a panalong dragon can get you a rainbow a sun and a moon

  307. abdulaziz says:

    panalong and a fog could get you another panalong or a rainbow dragon

  308. Cecilie Bak says:

    Add me! I have a gem tree, and all the dragons:-)) cillebak

  309. Dylan says:

    I have all dragons accept for rainbow, bloom, moon and bluefire. Add me on game center and we can swap gems. My names “ikillall15″

  310. ivan says:

    i breed poison on the left and storm on the right they must be level 10

  311. ivan says:

    i got a moon dragon by selecting poison and storm

  312. ivan says:

    and i got 20 rainbow dragons!

  313. ivan says:

    but i want a leap year dragon:(

  314. ivan says:

    add me on game center my name is Malagunding

  315. Rick says:

    Does anyone know how to get leap year dragon without love dragon????????!????????!

  316. Anonymous says:

    Add me- eja94

  317. Laquanda Jones says:

    I got a forty eight hour time with a Flower on left and Storm on right on my first try. Hoping for a Moon or Rainbow because I already hatched a Sun.

  318. annelies64 says:

    I meed friends

  319. Josh clay says:

    I bred a blazing and mud and got 48 hours . Does anyone know what it is ?

  320. Add me as a friend gem for gem;)~ klmamb

  321. klmamb says:

    Need friends will do gem for gem;)~ add me klmamb

  322. Anonymous says:

    I got rainbow with lava nd ice

  323. oniddog says:

    Air + Panlong can make rainbow aswell as another Panlong !!!
    Add me for gem swaps


  324. Anonymous says:

    Add (shalez13) I have a Jen tree. I have over 2,679 Jems I will give you 100 for 20. Gem for gem.

  325. Aaron Twigg says:

    Hey I need some friends on this game. I have a gem tree. So gem for gem? Add me tw1ggy2010 that's my game name. Idk how to add ppl

  326. Anonymous says:

    Add me ppl. Gem for gem. I have a Jen tree

    • Anonymous says:

      Blue Fire + Cristal (After trying every other combination) my Blue Fire was level 13 and my Cristal was level 12
      Add me for Gem for Gem

  327. ~!Victini!~ says:

    Hey guys plzz add me at game center my name is: ~!Victini!~. :D

  328. ~!Victini!~ says:

    And yeah with no Dot ^_^

  329. Anonymous says:

    Add me- eja94
    I like gems.

  330. Anonymous says:

    add me- eja94 I like gems.

  331. Liam Hamilton says:

    Add me hammy105

  332. Chris says:



  333. Anonymous says:

    i have a gem tree. anyone interested to trade gems with me? my username in ting_ges

  334. I die seawead 10 + firfly 10
    And i got a

  335. Matt says:

    I got rainbow first try with lvl 10 cristal and lvl 10 bloom so try that

  336. x4K33Lx says:

    I have been trying for rainbow dragon for ages but no luck!
    My sister got 1 during level 13!

    i play daily, add me> x4K33Lx

  337. Everyday says:

    Add me : sunmob1le

    Play everyday

  338. Matt Sita says:

    I have a gem tree and an not afraid to use it! xD


  339. Add me pls I need friends!

  340. TheIncredibleRayzone says:

    level 25
    bluefire + crystal
    aprox. 12 tries
    f**k yeah
    add me

  341. Kristina Le says:

    I need gem.

  342. Geez says:

    Add me., just a newbie!



    Im always online

  343. Tried seaweed and firefly both level 10 and got 48 time!!!!! Add me on game enter I need friends on dragonvale only have too ID: (:AllyC4t:)

  344. Anonymous says:

    ti think they should allow a breeding cave on the 3rd island..

  345. I got one with lava and fog on third try.

  346. jacob wyatt says:

    hey add me on game center for dragonvile name is ~(jakester)~

  347. Marko says:

    Can some 1 tel mee why de hell you have 25 the same fountens. Add me gem 4 gem name: Slangenman

  348. Kit says:

    Add me i am Misty4500

  349. Anonymous says:

    How do you add friends? I am at level 17 and still learning a lot about this game.

  350. Anoyomus says:

    Add me 0cean12 i have a rainbow(mud and blazing!)!

  351. Anoyomus says:

    And i was lvl18 so i had LUCK

    • Eric says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

      • Kobe says:

        hey I’ve been trying 4 weeks and it won’t work I have done many combinations but nothing works help me if you have any suggestions that would be helpful add me on gamcenter I’m strang3rdang3r101

  352. John says:

    Add me for daily gems.jcr41

  353. Ainsley says:

    It said on the chart that if you were on Level 18 and you bred Level 10 Storm and Level 10 Flower (not in that order) you would get rainbow, but it’s a STUPID OLD FLOWER DRAGON WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasted 1,000,000 coins on treats and 100 gems on treats also. Waaaah.

  354. Ainsley says:

    I just tried Flower Lvl 10 and Storm lvl 10 again and I’m getting either moon, sun, or bloom dragon. YIPPEE!

  355. gabo says:

    add me gabo1330

  356. Anonymous says:

    cant wait to try

  357. Yunita Murni says:

    Add me fir gem : my id : twinkleyunz. Tq

  358. salguerofamily says:

    Please add me only if you want to trade gems DAILY and faithfully! I have the tree…
    When you send request, write “daily” and I’ll know. Thanks!!

  359. Angela says:

    Once you have one rainbow dragon you can breed it with leap year dragon and it will give you another rainbow every time!! :-)

  360. Fire says:

    Add me fire send gem4gem

  361. Fire says:

    Sorry fire=)(=

  362. Fire says:

    Send gem4gem add me fire=)(=

  363. Cathy says:

    Add me!!! Mine is

  364. Jess says:

    Addddd me jessyouman gem for gem xxxxx

  365. Brenden Inzana says:

    I got 2 in a row on my first and secong attempt for panlong dragon. Lvl10 lava dragon & lvl10 fog dragon in the breeding cave.

  366. Anonymous says:

    have 3 rainbows add me ninja+guy

  367. Anonymous says:

    I havent tryed this combo cuz i have no panlong but Panlong+bloom is all elements and whould breed rainbow i think can some1 try it and wright if u got rainbow with that combo

  368. x4K33Lx says:

    I got mine with Lvl 10 Bloom + Lvl 10 Blazing in the cave
    then I repeated the same again but got Moon dragon


  369. NABBY4321 says:



  370. liga telecom says:

    Useful information. Lucky me I found your website by chance, and I’m stunned why this accident didn’t came about earlier! I bookmarked it.

  371. Antonio says:


  372. Rock dude says:

    What combo do u use if ure level 18?

  373. TAd says:

    “How would you feel if after waiting 48 hours for your rainbow dragon you get the original breed of the egg you bred?”

    LOL WTF does that even mean???? This whole page was written by a 6 year old.

  374. emmak6 says:

    i did swamp left and blazing right, both lvl 10s!!!!

  375. Jacob says:

    I got a rainbow dragon by breeding mud+blazing on my first try!!!!!

  376. Travis says:

    Bloom and the Latest Cherry blossom dragon has produced 3 rainbow dragons in a row for me!!

  377. Poot says:

    I got rainbow first try in EBI Ice and Sonic
    2 rainbow dragons! Other one I got first try panlong with plant

    • flaming beast says:


      • 4we50me says:

        Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

        The two recent updates for the poll include:
        How to navigate through this website!!! find out how to get to a certain page. This update includes: new combos for more dragons, and a new person to answer your questions (well im the same person, but with a different name)!!!

        How to navigate through game center for the newest update. This update includes: Permission to post “add me” comments at the poll, and more combos for solstice dragon.

        Happy posting!!

    • mimhie says:

      i wish i have Panlong!!! =) Congratts!

  378. Matt says:

    I try to get rainbow but I keep getting sun it stinks

  379. got rainbow with sakura metal.

  380. AstralAmulet says:

    I breed fire and bloom in the morning & got 48hours egg, either Sun or Rainbow
    Add me (AstralAmulet) for Gem4Gem :)

    • Nat says:

      It depends on what the egg looks like. If it has Rainbow stripes than congrats. You got yourself a Rainbow Dragon

  381. Bree8338 says:

    Add me. Bree8338 gem for gem

  382. Will says:

    I tried blue fire and crystal probably 100 times
    :( however, it did get me a sun dragon and a moon dragon right after the sun

  383. Zach says:

    I got sun on my first try with crystal+ blue fire
    I neeed a rainbow please help me and how do you get the emerald dragon. Gem for gem

  384. Zach says:

    I got sun on my first try with crystal+ blue fire
    I neeed a rainbow please help me and how do you get the emerald dragon.

  385. zsearch says:

    Thanks for some other informative site. Where else may I am getting that type of info written in such a perfect way? I’ve a undertaking that I am just now working on, and I have been on the glance out for such info.

    • mimhie says:

      you may wanna download DV guide… =) i have it (free of charge) and it helped me a lot. it tells me when there’s a new dragon available for breeding and how long would i take for you to breed them… it also tells you how to breed rare dragons… yet, it gives me lot of combinations so i use to visit this site for tips…. happy breeding!

  386. Dylan says:

    I bred crystal and litchen and got a 48 hour. Not sure wat it is

    • Ace says:

      Probably either emerald or, depending on the time you bred it, it might be either sun or moon

    • 4we50me says:

      i did that and got my first sun dragon

    • mimhie says:

      i advise you not to use your gems… =) just be patient and wait for what dragon it will bring… it’s a lot better if you’re gonna use your gems in upgrading your breeding cave so as the hibernation cave… hibernation cave allows you to store up to 100 dragons that can no longer live in your habitats (too many dragons)…. It also allows you to save your level 10 or level 15 dragons and upgrade them to level 20 once you reached the minimum number of dragons required. =)

      happy breeding!

  387. Tozzy says:

    I got it first time on ebi with panlong and butterfly

  388. Theelementgreen says:

    To game center. I need someone who can swap gems with me everyday.

  389. Anonymous says:

    Add me: nigelteo2000

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    I finally just got the rainbow after months of trying firefly and seaweed (probably bred the 100’s of times). Got it with fire and bloom. Bred around 11 am. A friend did same combo at 7 am and also got a rainbow.

  392. Anonymous says:

    Is there any chance that once u got a rainbow how can u make cross breed to make another rainbow

  393. Anonymous says:

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  394. Anonymous says:

    I got 3 sun 2 moon 4 panlong….but not rainbow…..argh…..

  395. Wiccanangel1927 says:

    Ok I have breed storm & poison and got poison ,I have breed several different dragons and get ones I have ,still havent gotten sun ,moon or rainbow

  396. flaming beast says:


  397. Patricia Robertson Gaddis says:

    My game center name is Patti Ha… I have a gem tree and am quite serious ab trading these bad boys! First few who respond seriously… are it! ♥

  398. Dborne1 says:

    Got a rainbow with seaweed and firefly in about 10 tries on the epic breeding island.

    Buying a gifting tree now, add me, dborne1

  399. Andres Sossa says:

    Can someone help me out being trying to get rainbow dragon for ages but I just keep getting sun n moon :(

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  403. did u know that a snow dragon and a seaweed dragon make a rainbow dragon.

  404. john says:

    your all idiots breed a storm and a panlong it always gets rainbow sun or solciste

  405. Jksheehy123 says:

    ~: Just tried lvl 10 storm & lvl 10 panlong on EBI & I got a blazing :(

  406. Jksheehy123 says:

    attempt # 4 on epi w/lvl 10 storm/panlong combo = snow
    attempt 5 = sonic
    attempt 6 = lava
    attempt 7 = blazing
    attempt 8 = firefly
    attempt 9 = snow
    attempt 10= flower
    attempt 11=seaweed
    attempt 12=poison
    attempt 13=poison
    attempt 14=cactus
    attempt 15=cactus
    attempt 16= seaweed
    attempt 17=scorch
    attempt 18=cactus
    attempt 19=seaweed
    attempt 20=flower

    I did successfully breed a rainbow about 1 week ago with seaweed & firefly so I think I will go back to that combo & keep trying…I also read that if you buy the habitat for the dragon you are trying to breed it increases your odds so I have had an extra rainbow habitat for a week while I have tried & tried & tried probably at least 60-70 attempts….a heck of a lot of patience are definitely in this game…I will keep trying…

    I have only been playing for about 3 weeks and I love this game. I have bred almost everything & I am proud to say that I have 3 Pearls
    4 panlongs / 2 solstice / 1 sun (which except for the pearl I can breed to make more) but for some reason I just cannot seem to get the moon or my 2nd rainbow…..come and visit me…I just got the 4th island and have a gem tree…my game center name is JKSHEEHY123

  407. Anonymous says:

    I just used 26 gems to speed up a 48hr breeding of storm and poison. And according to the chart above, it’s not supposed to breed any other dragon. Well guess what????? WRONG!!!!!!! What’s up with that huh?? While I love this game with all my heart. I’m seriously PISSED right now. Cuz sitting in my hatchery now is another sun dragon. Yes… Another!!!!!

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  416. Kyle says:

    I got a rainbow on my first try with a fire and bloom

  417. kirby =) says:

    add me up please.. gc name: “kirby =)”

  418. Fire says:

    I got one using firework and mud

  419. Freddie says:

    Got rainbow first time with seaweed and firefly, both level 10 I’m on level 25. Next try to get sun, blazing and storm, got another rainbow! Daughter not happy been trying for ages…..

  420. Bosco says:

    I go my gold Olympus dragon from my breeding cave people in YouTube say you need epic breeding island but you don’t so just use your breeding cave

  421. Bosco says:

    I got my gold Olympus dragon by breeding Lava and sonic I just got it yesterday i am still breeding it I know because it took me 48 hours so that’s how I know you should try it because that works on me thank you for reading!

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  427. Lol I have 2 sun dragons 1 seasonal and a olympus dragon and I'm now trying to breed rainbow dragon.

    • mimhie says:

      how was it? were you able to breed the rainbow dragon? =) hope you already have one… i’m trying to breen ROSE and LOVE dragons… wish me luck!

  428. And I whave all my islands that I have unlocked for now lol.

  429. Christa Lassen-Vogel says:

    I bred a rain and mountain, and got a rainbow dragon

  430. d wining says:

    got three rainbow

    1 = lava with sonic
    2 = leap year with rainbow
    3 = flower with mountain

  431. Anonymous says:

    i have 4 rainbow dragons and bred all of them in the normal breeding cave

  432. Austin says:

    Pretty :) I wholeheartedly agree with nubemr one. Thankfully, I no longer have to deal with nubemr seven. But I DO have to deal with wrestling teenage boys … not sure which is worse, come to think of it!

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    how do you upgrade rainbowhabi tat

    ive gottwo leap years

  435. #...# says:

    how do you upgrade rainbowhabi tat

    ive got two leap years

    • mimhie says:

      just tap the rainbow habitat and then click on the arrow sign at the bottom of the screen … before it wasn’t available but due to high demand, DragonVale gave us what we requested! Lols.

  436. Daniel Lee says:

    1st try level 13: lichen+obsidian.

  437. Anonymous says:

    thanks might work if not theres always new cheats

    • mimhie says:

      you may wanna consider downloading DV Guide. It really helps… It tells you if there’s a new dragon available. It tells you everything actually. Can’t explain much on how it works, but it has everything that you need to know… =)

  438. mimhie says:

    got 6 rainbow dragons…. breed by rainbow + rainbow and got rainbow again… faster if you upgrade your breeding cave…. 40hours instead of 48… =) cool game, i love Apple.

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