Rain Dragon Breeding Combination

| August 17, 2012 | 26 Comments

Rain Dragon Breeding Combination:

“While commonly found in large bodies of water throughout the southern tropics, on occassion the rain dragon has been mistaken for a gigantic flying fish when it takes to the skies. In the wild they have been observed precipitating a large amount of water while in flight. Hopefully guests will remember to bring their umbrellas.”

Available  14
Habitat Water, Air
Incubation Time 8 hours
Breeding Time 8 hours6 hours 24 minutes
Positive Water, Air
Negative Earth, Lightning
Buying Price  1,000 Gems
Selling Price  1,000,000 Gold
Hatch 15,000 Xp

Rain Dragon Breeding Guide

Rain Dragon can be obtain by using an air dragon with a water dragon.

Any Air Dragon + water Dragon = Rain Dragon

Fog Dragon + Mud Dragon = Rain Dragon

Leave a Comment below, if you have  good combination for the Rain Dragon!


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Comments (26)

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  1. Steteeling says:

    Firework left Ice right – third go

  2. Rufuz says:

    Gem for gem

  3. Haha says:

    Fog + Mug, I got two already.

  4. 4we50me says:

    i got it first try with just boring air+water

  5. Cathy says:

    Butterfly left and water right. First try after 6 fails w fog and mud.

  6. mon4rchy says:

    Love this dragon!

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    thank you

  7. Anonymous says:

    Add me jacks085

    Looking to trade gems!

  8. Awesomeness says:

    Add me, ( fosterrose )
    gem 4 gem :) xD

  9. airalert says:

    gem to gem > SUPERNINTENDO! < add me

  10. Hallbeck says:

    I have only 2 friends that return gems. I can send 4 a day. If you are willing to return gems, I can send them.
    Must friend on game center

  11. Macke William says:

    Got 2 , Air+ Mud

    Add me lvl 35 and only 1 friend. “macke William”

  12. Soundlover says:

    This is too difficult to get. :(

  13. Vyrgnya says:

    I’ve tried breeding water and air like 10 times already and all I keep getting is Fog Dragon. :(

  14. Music13 says:

    Ive tried so many combinations !!

  15. H9 says:

    Is th egg blue with air blowing

  16. Cade says:

    Tried over 10 times fog+air, air+water, water+fog! All I get r fog dragons! Any ideas?

  17. Jasper says:

    Cade I can tell you how to get it easily.just buy for gems or breed mud with air.i tried it and I got the rain dragon.so pls try it out

  18. 28seo says:

    yes, that right, but my friend all ways said it is not, but i know you and me are right.

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