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“The regal quake dragon commands respect everywhere it goes. Though its sharp horns and thunderous footsteps instill fear in most everyone nearby, it is one of the most gentle dragons known. Their true intelligence is unknown, but many experts suspect that they could hold their own even against some of the smartest people alive.”

Cost 25 Gems
Earning Rate Quake Dragon Level 1 – 9 Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 2 – 15 Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 3 – 20 Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 4 – 25 Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 5 – 31 Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 6 – 37 Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 7 – 42 Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 8 – 48 Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 9 – 53  Dragoncash / Min

Quake Dragon Level 10 – 59 Dragoncash / Min

Habitat Quake Dragon Earth, Lightning
Evolving Level Quake Dragon Level 4, Level 7
Info Breeding Combination: Quake dragon can be bred by selecting an Earth Dragon to mate with a Lightning Dragon at the Breeding Cave. The main habitat can be either Earth or Lightning. It is a must for all money maximisers as it has the highest earning revenue for an Earth dragon and can be placed in an Earth habitat (total 75,000 dragoncash). With bost boosters on the same island (earth & lightning) it can earn 85 per/min at lvl10.

Tips: If you are having trouble getting this Dragon, try to make sure that the Earth Dragon you use for Dragon 1 is a higher level than the Lightning Dragon you use for Dragon 2.

Incubation Time: 6 Hours

Hatching XP: 5,000

Selling Price: 100,000

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  1. DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

    I always become a crystal. So annoying!

    But i heard rumors that you can breed a quake with air + crystal, is that true??????

  2. Eric says:

    I had all of the lighting dragon

  3. Anonymous says:

    What does the egg look like?

  4. 4we50me says:

    so weird how all of you guys keep getting the opposites of what it is supposed to be, i bred fire and plant and got poison, then reversed it and got flower, i bred lightning and earth and got quake, reversed it and got crystal.

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