Pollen Dragon Breeding Guide

| July 8, 2012 | 42 Comments

Pollen Dragon Breeding Tips

“Pollen dragons may be adorable, but rest assured these dragons can be quite the nuisance. They release a fine powder-like substance that is known to attract other dragons. Unfortunately, many people report being allergic to it. Guests that experience any symptoms should report directly to the Wizard Clinic. We’ve been assured that side effects of treatment only include being turned into the occasional frog.”

Pollen Dragon was Release on July 6, 2012.

Available Level 14
Habitat Air, Plant
Incubation Time 7 hours
Breeding Time 7 hours5 hours 36 minutes
Positive Air, Plant
Negative Earth, Metal
Buying Price 1,000 Gems
Selling Price 1,000,000 Gold
Reward 2,000 XP

The Pollen Dragon can be bred by using an air dragon to mate with a plant dragon in the Breeding Island.
Air dragon + Plant dragon may also result in a Willow Dragon.

Willow Dragon + Metal Dragon = Pollen Dragon
Tree Dragon + Air Dragon = Pollen Dragon

Please Leave a Message below with other methods that obtain you a Pollen Dragon.

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Comments (42)

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  1. Soomba says:

    Got it with plant and air

    • Levi says:

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  2. CHAMP-BKK says:

    Try with tree + air

    Add me for gem to gem

  3. ww1 says:

    I need a friend ww1 ;)

  4. Spark Clemer says:

    Add me Vipers2813 I have 3 Solstice Dragons

  5. Element says:

    i havent gotten it yet, kept trying plat + air

  6. My plant is in the colosseum. Soon as he is done I am going to try to get it with plant and air.
    Add me, babycake1997.

  7. Huang Se Kui says:

    I success breed it with plant dragon and dodo dragon

  8. Froobette says:

    Got it by accident while trying for malachite dragon. Metal +willow.

  9. Froobette says:

    Got it by accident while trying for malachite dragon. Metal + willow.

  10. Froobette says:

    Got it by accident while trying for malachite dragon Metal + willow

  11. The Black Pearl 2 says:

    Got Pollen with:
    Air + Evergreen = Pollen

  12. Khaps says:

    Add me :)

  13. Madiasaurus says:

    I got it with plant and air

  14. I got it with tree and air! Add me vvv username under this comment.

  15. Nirat Karew says:

    Add me niratkarew

  16. PrincessPanda says:

    How do you add people as a friend?? I only have 2, from FB, and they don’t play regularly…..

  17. Ivan Leiva says:

    I don't know how to add anyone? How do you add where you go?

  18. Spark Clemer says:

    Add me Vipers2813 please I do gem for gem I make a list of people who send me gems and I give gems back

  19. Spark Clemer says:

    And to add friends you go to game center then press friend requests then press the plus sign in the corner and then type the persons username

  20. Someone that u dont know says:

    im getting one, plant + firework = pollrn

  21. Found that willow and Crome dragon crossing is giving me an unidentified

  22. Green dragon that looks exactly like a metal only green with gold horns and spikes and I think tree and air makes pollen too

  23. Flower + air. Tried it twice with success both times. Both were level 11 dragons. Got one in EBC and one in the regular breeding cave.

  24. Dimitri Rivera says:

    How do you trade dragons

  25. Mackenzie says:

    Sadly you can’t trade dragons…..

  26. Anonymous says:

    Gold dragon and treasure habitat are out

  27. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know the combo to the gold dragon

  28. Zoiey says:

    Add me

  29. LooseCannonRobu

    Add me.

  30. MissCrawdad says:

    By breeding chrome and scorch over and over again you will get a ruby and a gold! And a thousand fireworks along the way but you can sell them for $750K. Don’t give up but hurry cuz ruby is gone at the end of July!

  31. Pamela says:

    Bred chrome and scorch all month finally got gold and ruby back to back ended up with 30 fireworks dragon . Both were level ten dragons and used the same two everytime

  32. Tobias says:

    I am trying to do willow and air cuz i got willow with plant and air.. Is it working?

  33. Adrianomoura says:

    I’ve read your write-up & chavih I’m poistng here just to let you know that you are doing a terrific job by keeping us posted about this. Please maintain on poistng such quality articles as this is a rare factor to get these days

  34. Kirsten Bauchspies says:

    How do I add people as friends? :(

  35. Kirsten Bauchspies says:

    And where’s Game Center?

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