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“This wonderful shrine depicts the legendary Thornbark, guardian of the Great Plant Migration. It is said that Thornbark sensed the impending destruction of the forest by Torbin the Wicked. That is why Thornbark led his kind on a great march across the plains to the Great Forest, east of the Krollsmarsh. Many believe that even modern plant dragons instantly recognize their ancient leader.”


Cost: 500,000 Dragon Cash

Build Time: 1 hour

Plant Shrine is a new update for the 1.3.0 Patch for the DragonVale Game. The purpose of the shrine is to allow you to further level your dragons to higher levels after 10 to level 15. Whenever you have 50 Plant Dragons or Plant Dragon Hybrids that is level 10, this will give you the ability to level your plant dragons to higher level.

You can breed any plant dragons cumulatively, so you don’t have to breed them all at once. And the statue turns silver when the mark is made and you can updgrade dragons to lvl 15 and their respective element becomes an orb that floats over their head and they will get bigger.


You don’t need to have 50 plant dragons at level 10. This meant once a dragons hit level 10 sell it, then re buy the Plant Dragon Eggs from your hatchery and hatch the eggs  leveling them up to ten again.

Cost: Well it cost about 10k on food for a dragon to go from 1 to level 10 and you would need 50 plant dragons to activate the shrine quota to further level your dragon, it will take you around 500k on food to go from a shrine with zero dragons to 50 dragons quota. Since food costs about 50 dragoncash per food, the plant shrine would take about 25 million gold to activate.

Currently a Dragon’s max level is 15 and the cost of food to get them there is very Costly. Once a dragon reaches level 15 the dragon will have a small globe near their head of their elemental attunement.

Since you’ll start getting a new shrine each level and food cost will be costly. you should be busy for a while activating those shrines. Have fun
Here is How the Plant Shrine looks like when you have level 50 plant dragons to Level 10.


Tips to Getting Ascended Dragons for Using Shrines

“Ascended Dragons”:is getting your beloved dragon’s pass level 10. This could be done using the new Dragon Shrines update that are avilable once you reach level 18 onwards. You can purchase the Shrines in the buildings in the market place. Each level you reach from 18 onwards you will unlock a shrine.

Now let’s have a look at how to Get Ascended Dragons with shrines:

Step 1: Once you have purchased a shrine, you click on it then two boxes will show up.

Step 2: Click on the question mark box and it will show a number out of 50. This means the amount of dragons you have that have reached level 10 [and have been logged by it].

Tips: Once you have purchased the shrine for each level 10 dragon of that element, you will get +1 to the record. When you reach 50/50 you will be able to ascend your dragons beyond level 10 to the current max level of level 15. Your shrine will also turn teal when you have ascended.

Shrine Require Levels:

Here are the list of shrines that you get to unlock once you hit certain levels. Suggest you focus on the dragonvale that you like the most. You can start building the Dragonvale Element Shrine once you hit the exact levels. Below are the level requirements.

  • Plant Shrine at level 18
  • Earth Shrine  at level 19
  • Fire Shrine at level 20
  • Cold Shrine at level 21
  • Lightning Shrine at level 22
  • Water Shrine at level 23
  • Air Shrine at level 24

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  1. Nicole Fullerton-Lawrence says:

    Thanks this really helps!

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    please at me: wessel70945

    good luck!

  3. Anonymous says:

    My plant shrine is now counting 0/50 level 15 dragons as well as my 50/50 level 10. Has a recent update allowed for a third level?

  4. Danny Battin says:

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  6. Me says:

    I’m at level 18 and I don’t understand how you “add” people. A friend started playing but I don’t see how we visit each other. I saved my gems and bought a gem tree but it doesn’t do me any good. Also, are there any more islands that you can get besides 3 + the breeding island?

  7. Kaly says:

    1: I do not understand any of the stuff this says!
    2: Was I the only person who noticed that the grass in the pictures were blue/white

  8. Peerasak says:

    This really help
    Everyone please add me. I need GEMS.
    Please send me gems and I’ll send you back
    My name is ” pee-plastic “

  9. qWeRtLiE aNtIcS says:

    Use game center to add friends
    In dragonvale click a patch of grass then press friends and click visit( or free gift to give gems)
    The dragonsai gem tree lets you give six gems to different friends none to you

    You can get up to seven islands in the patch 1.5.0 update not sure if this includes EBI

    fairly certain it’s written in what we call “Spanglish” or “webenese” basically a plant shrine lets you level up to 15 after you buy 50 various plant dragons and get them to level 10 but you can sell them and it still tracks on the 50 so if you run out of space sell just be aware that level ten dragons might sell for less then their eggs cost, hybrids count too.

    It was probably edited or a Christmas addition

  10. Rigsby says:

    anything happen when you hit 50/50 lvl 15s?

  11. 4we50me says:


  12. 5xor5 says:

    Do the shrines account for the lvl10 dragons you already have before you built the shrine? Or only those you lvl after you build the shrine?

  13. Jean says:

    islamer name kadiyanider mobotad prochar korsen ken ???????????????? kadianider leaderer kivabe mrittu hoesilo janen to ??????? valo loker mrithu evabe hoi na VA:F [1.9.8_1114]please wait…VA:F [1.9.8_1114](from 0 votes)

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    All my shrine turned green?

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