Paper Dragonvale Breeding Guide

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Limited Paper Dragonvale Breeding Combination

“The paper dragon was found on the anniversary of the wizards discovering the magic that makes DragonVale possible. The paper dragon isn’t actually made out of paper, but derives its name from its resemblance to paper dragons children make. Your guests are sure to do backflips with one of these in your park.”

Available Level 9
Habitat Elements Cold, Fire, Earth, and Plant
Incubation Time 12 hours
Breeding Time 12 hours – 9hrs 36min
Positive Elements Earth, Plant
Negative Cold, Fire, Metal, Air
Buying Cost 1,250 Gems
Selling Price 1,000,000 Gold
Reward 500,000 Xp

Paper Dragon Breeding – Limited Special Dragon

Paper Dragon is bred by using the element: Plant, Fire,Cold, and Earth.

Flower Dragon + Mountain Dragon = Paper Dragon

Poison Dragon + Mountain Dragon = Paper Dragon

Lava Dragon + Poison Dragon = Paper Dragon

Evergreen Dragon + lava Dragon = Paper Dragon

Moss/Tree + Blue Fire/Frostfire

Sakura + Cold Element

Please Leave a Comment below, if you have a working Combination for Paper Dragon!


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Comments (104)

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  1. Natsy01 says:

    Think I got it first time with flower + mountain woo hoo

  2. CHAMP-BKK says:

    Try sakura and cold

  3. Steph Ellery Oliphant says:

    flower + mountain first try.

  4. Andres Sossa says:

    add me andres-sossa.
    poison+mountain second try.

  5. TurtleRun says:

    The egg looks cute!

  6. oddi2011 says:

    Add me: oddi2011

    Can you buy 3,750 Gems and i gonna give you 6,500 gems right back

  7. oddi2011 says:

    It’s true

  8. Marcos Juki says:

    Hi everyone,
    "Sakura" + "Cold" works!!!
    I have two dragons and working on an egg. Come see them in park "MKJuki".

  9. I got 2 with lava and evergreen also a 3rd rainbow with this combo

  10. Anonymous says:

    Sakura and Ice 2nd try

  11. Chew says:

    Sakura cold first go

  12. DavidJFree says:

    First time with level 12 Flower and level 12 Mountain. Good luck all.

    Feel free to add me. Daily Gem4Gem with Dragonsai.

    GameCenter: DavidJFree

  13. Patf42 says:

    flower+mountain looks like it’s working for me! Both lvl 13

  14. Nikki Drury says:

    I used mountain and poison. Got first try with this combo

  15. Olivia says:

    hi everyone! Got my paper dragon!
    Lava+Lichen 4th try!

  16. 4we50me says:

    i cant find my ipod so i might miss out on this dragon

    i got a blue moon btw on the 5th try, then i lost it :(

  17. Flower & Mountain first try too.

  18. Mackenzie says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY DRAGONVALE!! Well it was yesterday but I was busy yesterday…

  19. Hallbeck says:

    I have 3 gems that I can give per day left.
    I added someone from the board, but they never sent gems back. I will send the first gem, but you have to return the favor. I send daily. Have to join through gamecenter.

    And I think we got paper!!!

  20. Jcottier says:

    I did flowers and mountain and it says 13 hours for incubation so not sure I have the paper dragon. I heard the incubation time was only 12 hours?

  21. I am level 19 and for some reason the paper dragon is not showing up in my game. It is not in the market so I don't think I can actually breed it either. A couple other people I know are having this same issue. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

  22. I am level 19 and for some reason the paper dragon is not showing up in my game. It is not in the market so I don't think I can actually breed it either. A couple other people I know are having this same issue. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks

  23. Anonymous says:

    Add me Ravers Light

  24. RiotGirl says:

    So how long is the actual incubation time?

  25. Katie Lindquist says:

    Didn't show up in my market, wasted a lot of gems. I updated the app, now it appears to be working. Got paper right away, but when my son logs in, paper in market, but have tried like 20 times and still can't get. But make sure u have all the updates or else try to force quit

  26. Anonymous says:

    Add me on Game center: ExpertHeroicDude I cycle through my friends list and give gems to people that add me

  27. Anonymous says:

    Gem4Gem : fudge$
    hey you should also add ExpertHeriocDude on Gamecenter he has a pretty good island (lvl29) and gives ppl gems if u send him one first he can only send to 3 ppl a day, but if he gets more gems he can send to 6 ppl a day so hurry! He’s an awesome player

  28. Anonymous says:

    what is a sakura.

  29. Lava + Evergreen def works. Got it the first try, make sure your app is updated.

  30. Lucas says:

    Ive tried mountain and posion.mountain and flower two times each and haven’t got paper dragon yet do you need epic breeding island

  31. wei xuan says:

    i play my father’s phone.
    and i got 3 evergreen,1 sun dragon,frostfire and bluefire!plus current and sandstorm.i was lucky!!!!!!

  32. Check my park out its the best park out there bmac2308

  33. Anonymous says:

    Tried Sakura + Cold a TON of times (about 26 times,give or take)… Sped it all up using the free 10 gems glitch which gave me 35 every time cuz of the anniversary which ended today so now I got bored and am trying mountain + flower 5 tries already… Wish me luck.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I think i got it with sakura and ice :D

  35. Anonymous says:

    Poison and mountain :) finally!!!!!!! Add me : stephanieitsme

  36. Kenneth says:

    I got him by lava and evergreen

  37. Anonymous says:

    Whenever i tap the frirnds icon on my dragonvale it automatically logs me out of the app can any1 help?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Oups sirry *friends*

  39. d wining says:

    i try scorch with chrome and the time is 24hour what kind of dragon is that

  40. AnonymousX says:

    You guys HAVE to be using the Epic Breeding Cave. I made 6 unsuccessful attempts at Blue Moon and already 7 at Paper. Nothing really good. Both level 10. Tried both orders ( which I still don’t think matters)

  41. Anonymous says:

    Just playin the dragon races trying to get a gem or two (to hatch papaer dragon I got mine in about 12-13 tries I think but I sped things up using the 10 free gems glitch) and then I win an xp prize of 22,499,998 then took a screenshot, pressed the ok button and then… it crashed …3…2…1 FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- rage quit

  42. Anonymous says:

    Just bred paper + fire trying to get a second, and then… Boom I got 48 hours … FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- rage quit (for about 2 days) I already have 2 rainbows and a leap year! Do I really need one more??!!

  43. Bbb says:

    Tried since time this dragon came out on dragonvale.. Tried 40 times no lying got 2 rainbows en further poopdragon.. Not even one 12 hours..

  44. 4th attempt and got it with poison and mountain.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Blue fire and mud ha ha

  46. lanazu says:

    I want to share gems… add me Please


  47. =Cat= says:

    Had anyone successfully bred equinox dragon? What’s the combination?

  48. Freny Sethna says:

    I am at level 33 and cannot paper dragon with mountain and flower. Is this dragon still valid?

    • KitKat says:

      Yep, it is! I was soooo happy when I got mine just yesterday. I bred mountain and flower, flower on the left and mountain on the right side. It was my first try too. :) hope this helps you.

  49. Reddragon#1 says:

    Only was able to get one so far. Need a few daily gamers to trade gem4gem and several good players for party hats bounes ;-)

  50. gabeluc says:

    it worked, thanks!

  51. Kel says:

    Please up grade beyond level 35. I’ve been stuck at 35 for a while.

  52. Anyonooomoussss says:

    I got one on first try. And if u hav a silver shrine in any of the combinations, I got mine to lvl 15 where it does 220 per min

  53. ADD ME says:

    ADD ME ON GAME CENTRE. LVL 29 301,000,000 cash and hav 3 rainbows.
    Add: “T1TTIES!!!”

  54. Hyperactivecheong says:

    GEM4GEM!!add me: hyperactivecheong ;)

  55. Hyperactivecheong says:

    I’m willing to give you gems,I have the gem tree :)

  56. TurtleRun says:

    Anyone knows the the breed for the new dragon? The Equinox dragon..;)

  57. Nia Neshya says:

    [How to breed Equinox Dragon??] [Need a reply.] [A.S.A.P!] [Btw, add me Den020696.][please n tQ.] [;)]

  58. Does anyone know how to breed the Eqinox dragon?

  59. Natsy01 says:

    How do you get a rainbow?

  60. CadenRex says:

    Equinox: Above post say rain and blazing and water and blazing

  61. Shawna says:

    The paper dragon is still available. I just got it using mountain (left) and poison (right). I tried this combo at least 40 times.

  62. Do I need to have the epic breeding car to breed the paper dragon

  63. Teri says:

    Anyone know why it shuts off everyone I try to click on my friends link?

  64. Anonymous says:

    That happends to me to!

  65. Tae Hwang says:

    Do I have to update my dragonvale

  66. CadenRex says:

    Can’t seem to get this… How much longer do we have? I’m sure I won’t get this one either…

  67. CadenRex says:

    Just got 12 on glower + mountain and it wasn’t this dragon so I guess I won’t be getting this

  68. D Rock J says:

    Opal! Just got one it’s mud + lava !

  69. james hughes says:

    gem 4 gem how do u send over 1

  70. Jasper says:

    Try evergreen with bone

  71. dragonrage2887 says:

    try breeding cold and earth see wut happns!!!!!!!

  72. dragonrage2887 says:


  73. Marie says:

    I got a Leap year dragon when trying to make a Paper Dragon :D Sooooooo Happy

  74. Rose says:

    I got a 11 hours 11 minutes and 19 seconds does anyone know what dragon this is

  75. I noticed several are gone…also I can't find breeding tips for the sandstorm dragon.

  76. Mansoor Ali says:

    Dear Freny. Happy Birthday. This reminds you r still young to celebrate.,best wishes

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