Panlong Dragon Breeding Combination Guide

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Panlong (Chinese New Year Speical) Dragon is a  Description:
“The majestic panlong dragon originates from the Far East and it’s said to only come out of hiding once every twelve years. Though it prefers to be near water, they have occassionally been seen in many other types of habitats. Rumor has it that these dragons are not only a distant cousin of the rainbow dragon, but they’re almost as rare too! I wonder if it’s a coincidence that they only seem to show up during the year of the dragon.”


Panlong Dragon can be bred by using any combination of dragons whose elements consist of water, earth, fire and air. For Example pairings Mud with Blazing and Fog with Lava or Bone will breed you a Panlong dragonvale.

Breeding Example that will result in Panlong Dragon

Mud Dragon + Blazing Dragon

Fog Dragon + Lava Dragon

Note: Panlong can breed with any dragon except for Sun, Moon and Rainbow.

Incubation Time = 36 hours

Panlong Dragon Gold Generation:

LV 10 – 193 Gold

LV 20 – 375 Gold

Notes: Of Extra Information Regarding Panlong Dragon(Chinese New Year Dragon)

1) Panlong Dragon is the first dragon to be able to bred by four different Elements.

2) Panlong Dragon can be boost by water, earth, fire and air boost. Panlong can be boosted up to a total of 44% extra by using the fire and water boosts together.

Note: For those that are scare they didn’t breed Panlong Dragonvale in time(During Chinese New Year), the Dragon will be available for 12 months.


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  1. qiule says:

    i kill you all

  2. Marek Tobias says:

    není tam jak se dělá??!

  3. Whateva says:


  4. Patrick52 says:

    I tred to get this dragon since it was released for Chinese New Year. Just got one last night on my EBI. I tried 16x to get it. 8x with mud blazing and 8x with lava fog. Lava fog did it for me.

  5. Tracey Crowell says:

    Darn You, Panlong!!! I will get you, just wait and see….

  6. Nick M. says:

    How do you get it, I feel I am going to run out of time, please help.

  7. Pangong says:

    Got it on 1st try! :)

  8. jj says:

    got it first try blazing and mud

  9. kyle says:

    i need help too

  10. Megan says:

    To get the panlong dragon, I tried those combinations at least 10 times! Well, maybe more. It just won’t work… Well, still crossing my fingers and hoping for the best!

  11. I was trying to breed a mud with blazing and everytime I've done this, I either get a mud or blazing, and my dragons were both level ten!?!
    But I don't have enough gems to get the epic breeding island

  12. Lau Chi Tjon says:

    all lie

  13. Angelina Withers says:

    What I did to get the breeding island is buy one of the $10 gem packs… It's cheap and the island is absolutely necessary if you want any of the special dragons offered!!

  14. Ethan Slevin says:

    ive tryed it 3 times with the lava and fog and im on my forth :((((((( i want panlong!!!

  15. Ethan Slevin says:

    i get some 9 hours and some 10 hours dam panlong!

  16. Ethan Slevin says:

    ps on one of thum i got a blazing dragon :O

  17. Ethan Slevin says:

    i will try the other one

  18. Anonymous says:

    Add me please, I gift gems every day

  19. Anonymous says:

    My name is Grevious shadow, I gift gems every day, so plz add me and give some in return

  20. Tyler Wiebe says:

    Using mud and blazing at cave and island for 4 days straight and 85 gems and no panlong.

  21. Trish says:

    I got the panlong on the 8th try. The mud and lave are still breeding but it’s for 36 hrs so it has to be right. I have all the dragons and never paid money or gems for any of them. Keep trying!

  22. What I did was use the original breeding cave and combined blazing then mud.

  23. bob says:

    all i get is mud and blazing, then i get it!

  24. Lehcar8 says:

    I have done mud and blazing for the 11th time and all i get is mud, blazing and fog i dont get it
    Ps i give gems so add mee!” Lehcar8 “

  25. Falasmira says:

    Fed up with this panlong. Been breeding lava and fog combo and mud and blazing combos since Chinese new year and still nothing – epic island doesn’t seem to make any difference. Tried levele 5 and 6 as people said they had got with that. No go. Tried rebreeding parents so both sets had only original combos (ie. only earth,fire,air & water genes). No go. Damn you dragonvale.

  26. Jenny says:

    I started playing this game last week and have become sooooo addicted :) Wish I had started sooner so I could’ve gotten this dragon. It looks awesome!!

    I don’t have any friends who plays this lol add me mrs.Allmon_Joy

  27. Margaret Dawson Taylor says:

    Breeding also depends on which element you choose first or second. If you can't get what you want one way, change it up…i.e: Air + Mud or Mud + Air.

  28. Jalen Rahter says:

    Is the panlong limited time?

  29. Anonymous says:

    i think u hav all year 2 get the panlong dragon

  30. Anonymous says:

    Rainbows not ranebows

  31. Bjbetche says:

    I cannot get the panlong or frostfire been driving me nuts. Any ideas and I have the gem tree anyone know what we do with that?

  32. Nobody says:

    Schon 20-mal probiert, some play… :(
    I think, the cnace of one Panlong is really, but not two… i think, buy it with gems… für no. three breed… ^^

  33. Ana says:

    I did mud blazing and got a panlong. In that order with no gems lol

  34. Can any one tell me how to get rainbow dragon please

  35. Ross Lavin says:

    Can someone please tell me how to get rainbow

  36. Anonymous says:

    mud on the left blazing on the right only took 9 times for me, that or fog and lava works too, to get rainbow try firefly and seaweed only took me 6 times no breeding island, add me franco.23

  37. Yo_x2 says:

    Add me for gifts – yo_x2

  38. i keep breeding the same dragons :( so sad

  39. emily9932 says:

    u need epic breeding island to get panlong. just buy the $10 pack of gems to get the island and you have to be at least level 14 to get panlong and the event to get that dragon only lasts a few weeks.

  40. MHON_CHO says:

    I am looking for a fiend in this dragonville game.. I played the game everyday and having problem with gems.. I want to have 3 regular friends that can send me every day gems and I can give them as well my free gifts gems… Please add me, MHON_CHO – GC. Thank you very much!!!

  41. Jared Guese says:

    is there like a certain lv you have to be to have it in your market?

  42. Jared Guese says:

    panlong looks ugly in baby form.What you should get is the sun and moon dragon.or the bone dragon

  43. Nick says:

    My gamecenter name is farvesucks add me I need more friends ps the more friends u get u get 1 gem from everyone every couple of days

  44. g says:

    Help me, I have been trying for weeks with both combos and the epic breeding island. Plz help me. I really like the dragon.

    • Luke says:

      you just have to breed Blazing and mud because trust me it is easy to get two mud dragons and blazing because i had 4 pan long dragons and i sold one. i also need gems so plz add jsado

  45. Katie says:

    I’m level 20 and breeding on the epic breeding island all 4 of my dragons are level 10, neither of those combos worked for me now I have tried 20times.

    • IJH6775 says:

      U have to breed the same dragons repedaly in a row

    • Reflex says:

      I’m lvl 20/21 and all 4 of my dragons are lvl 10 also with no luck.I’m getting frustrated with this luck percentage crap that I clearly dont have.The Epic breeding is supposed to slightly help with the slight chance of breeding rare dragons but that amount feels like(.0001%) haha. lol

  46. Megan says:

    I bred a fog and lava dragon and got a rainbow. I also heard that combo can be used to get the panlong dragon. I bred the fog and lava expecting a panlong, but there was a surprise!

  47. Suck Mewang says:

    Add me on gamecenter: xxxcountryboy11xxx just got gem tree and will send gem4gem everyday! I’ve been using mud + blazing and lava + fog to get panlong with no luck yet :/

  48. IJH6775 says:

    I breed mud & blazing got panlong on 3rd try but both of my dragons wer lvl 13

  49. IJH6775 says:

    If u want to b friends just send me a request @ IJH6775.

  50. Rob Ferguson says:

    I tried lava on the left and fog on the right and it worked on the first try

  51. Johnny says:

    Add me at game centre : Ethan hawk

  52. Anonymous says:

    gems pls add me -Youngster- (yes the dash marks are in there)

  53. Add me! I have the gem tree. I try to give gems daily. misspvixen

  54. J.r. Roark says:

    I just finished breeding lvl 10 firefly & lvl 10 cold and it looks like I am finally getting frostfire. Sweet!!

  55. Kalbz says:

    Well I tried breeding Panlong using Mud and Blazing for a week now (both at Lvl 10) and I got Rainbow Dragon! Was really surpised! Oh well still trying to get Panlong…

  56. Anonymous says:

    Add me. Game center is darknoise5

  57. Anony says:

    Darknoise5. Add me

  58. Philip Goh says:

    I got rainbow sun and moon bur no panlOng I used 150gem and bred 8 times but no panlobg how get panlobg????

  59. Declan Boylan says:

    add me ill do gem for gem daily Dec98

  60. Edward Chung says:

    Gahh I've tried 7 times with fog and lava and no panlong, now I'm trying blazing and mud, still nothing

  61. Jay says:

    Add me please : jayati8


  62. lol i got 2 Rainbow dragons a sun and a moon and i jut got my first Panlong woohoo! :)

  63. Qrezay says:

    I tried a mud and blazing and turned out to be a fog dragon? Has this happened to anyone else

  64. Hello, I have a theory I want to share. Panlong is water-earth fire air. He needs at the left a dragon with water, because it is his primary element. So the best combo from what I found until now, is mud-blazing. Be careful that your dragons are 10 level. Good luck.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I got a Panlong using mud and blazing

  66. Jrizzle says:

    Hey add me on dragonvale/gamecenter. bobmarley75

  67. Jrizzle says:

    Hey I’ve tried it a million times it’s sort of working

  68. Joshua White says:

    Easiest way to breed a panlong is to take lvl 15 panlong and breed with lvl 15 panlong… Works everytime for me

  69. Anonymous says:

    Not worked mud with blazing ???? :(

  70. I have tried about 50 times in cave and on island. I never get a panlong. What levels of dragon do people use? Mine are mainly greater than 10? Is this the problem?

  71. Jeff Hoganson says:

    Just got my love dragon. Add at poetic huslaz. Gem 4 gem

  72. Poetic huslaz says:

    Just got my LOVE dragon! Add me @ poetic huslaz. Gem 4 gem

  73. Tanner Wesson says:

    How to get the love dragon

  74. I tried but it failed again.. I guess keep trying. I got 2 moon 1 sun 1 rainbow 1 frostfire instead of panlong :(

  75. Locky says:

    I keep trying to get a panlong on other web sites it sayes to breed a blue fire then crystal but it is not working some one add me to help me I am locky1215

  76. Tracy Larson says:

    After 7 tries I have a rainbow dragon but no panlong

  77. Stephen Ly says:

    What would mixing a Love Dragon to a Panlong Dragon?

  78. Tracey Crowell says:

    I finally got the Panlong Dragon after 28X!!! Once I got my fire-based dragrons up to lvl 13 with the fire shrine. I was able to get one with the:

    Mud lvl 10/Blaze lvl 13 breeding combo

    and my very next try I got another with:
    Fog lvl 10/Lava lvl 13 breeding combo

    And Yes! There is a new Love dragon as of Feb. 3. Breeding was easy with lvl 10 dragons. Got 2 back to back with this breeding combo:

    Lightning lvl 10/Flower lvl 10

    Good Luck!! Swissy442

  79. I got 4 love dragons. I bred lightning (left) flower (right) ….

  80. Orbinated says:

    I really need to get this one :l
    Hey, add me you guys. I’m Orbinated :)

  81. Ross Lavin says:

    Al give ya loads of gems if ya add me rosser2511

  82. Anngeez says:

    Gahhh…..I have been breeding all combinations non-stop! Great for statues, but still nothing. Makes me wonder how those who say the got so many rares in so few of times how much this game drives me crazy!
    Ad for gems :)

  83. I bred fog + lava and it said 36 hrs so i guess it's
    Panlong!!!!.. Add me yamz214

  84. 4MIN_W says:

    i got Love Dragon from Lightning (lv10) + Flower (lv10)
    add me : 4MIN_W

  85. Anonymous says:

    Plz add me I’m jobbielicious

  86. Anonymous says:

    I get a love dragon through the breed flower and lighting…add me :orchidclan

  87. Alex Haines says:

    you all fail, I have panlong and it only took 2 trys.

  88. Irene Natsuko says:

    how to get the epic breeding island?

  89. crazee4catschloe says:

    Help! I have tried a mud and my blazing lv 7 tons of times and I get a blazing! (not that I’m complaining since I can sell it for one million coins!)

  90. Me says:

    You have to breed lvl tens to get one

  91. Somebody says:

    Add me I’m =>klayon both sides it’s not just arrows

  92. Somebody says:

    Lol I fail at typing :)

  93. Jazi4ever says:

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  95. Ian Who says:

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  96. Kyle says:

    Add me. Ksmith91319. I have a few rare dragons. I have bone and moon already. Working on sun, rainbow, pan long, and love now

  97. Cyphun says:

    See breeding results for this dragon at the DragonVale Breeding Database:

  98. Risman says:

    Add me gafris. I need gems. I tried mud n blazing nw the forth time but still i got mud n incubation hrs is 9hrs

  99. REFLEX says:

    I just hatched my Panlong Dragon this morning. YAY! It took me about 21 tries. Blazing + Mud. Good luck everyone.

  100. Add me for gems, i gift back.

  101. Josh Sanders says:

    I got a sun dragon from mud and blazing still cant get panlong or sandstorm

  102. kenneth says:

    its easy to get them i have 4

  103. Fut Gat says:

    add me if you want gems 2n92 :)

  104. I tried to breed a panlong more than 20 times still nothing… but I will keep trying until I get one:)

  105. Kat Grace says:

    Y does this game hate me so much???? I've tried to breed all the king Dragons n I've gotten didily

    • Brooke says:

      breed the firefly dragon (lightning+fire) with the seaweed dragon (water+plant) and you can get a rainbow dragon! XD

  106. Vinkling says:

    Seems its bugged, cant get panlong/sandstorm nmw

  107. shadowfrost003 says:

    add me for daily gems: shadowfrost003

  108. Brooke says:

    If anyone knows the most sucsessful breeding for the panlong dragon plz reply XD also add me brooke + 56

  109. Anonymous says:

    hahah it took 1 for my sun 2 for rainbow 1 for panlong. still need sandstorm and bone though im too late

  110. I need dragon vale friends! Please add me cause I can't seem to figure it out. chericrmsoda

  111. Forestcuts says:

    Cannot get panlong or blue fire or sandstorm please help me I’m trying to get every dragon one time to place in DragonVale p,z help me if you can and thanks if you can.

  112. pitz9484 says:

    i still cannot get it. i tried 20 times for mud and blazing combo.
    will try for fog and lava later.

    for the rainbow i’ll try the firefly and seaweed.

  113. Level 10 Fog and Level 10 Lava yielded the Panloong Dragon! Yay!!!

  114. Panlong says:

    I know i got one panlong egg and i think i will get another. :) :):):):) add me EJ at fun
    I used lava+fog both times. :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  115. Pouya Jalili says:

    I have the pan along dragon. I got it breeding blazing left and mud right. Btw add me okok654 and to get the sun or any king dragon breed flower left and storm right. To get love breed lightning left and posion right. That is because the love is plant,fire and lightning right? So lightning is lightning and posian is fire and plant. Please add me again I will give u gems please okok654 I will give you advice too. Level 20 in dragon vale.

  116. Jacki says:

    I got the sun dragon by breeding fire on left and storm on the right.They were both level ten.

  117. ロウェラ エセル says:

    Im breeding fog + lava now. I have 36 hours waiting period. i hope it will be Panlong.

  118. Melba Sauce says:

    Add me too! Have gem tree wiling to trade gifts daily! Daisyntonk

  119. Jane Van says:

    Add me on gamecenter! The name is ooojane

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  120. Ben Budgen says:

    Sheesh, It took me 13 incubates. All I did was lightning and blazing. :)

    Add me: Eaglest500.

  121. Ive tried multiple times with both caves. So hard.

  122. Add me too.
    Names EDZANE

  123. Not having luck with the Panlong.. I've tried a few time with fog and lava.. I did however get the pretty love dragon (:

  124. Cody Hammond says:

    Has tried almost 90 times with mud and blazing and still no panlong dragon!

  125. Quynh Dang says:


  126. Quynh Dang says:

    I got panlong on my first try. It was fog and lava.

  127. Daniel DigitalFolk Lesser says:

    Add me. I do gem 4 gem every time. Djdu3

  128. I've been using both my epic breeding island and my regular cave for about three days straight and NOTHING! Ive been trying mud and blazing both level 10 on epic and fog and lava on regular….GRRRR!

  129. Nora Chew says:

    Do all the dragons for breeding Panlong have to be level 10 first?

  130. Try Bone Dragon first and then add Fog Dragon. It's how I got my Panlong Dragon. I also have a gem tree if anyone wants to trade gems.

  131. I did fog and lava. got rainbow? cant decide if I'm happy or angry haha.

  132. Giuseppe Bernal says:

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  134. It's probably only about 20%

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  140. I bred the mud dragon on the left with the blazing dragon on the right ( both level 10) at 10:06 pm on my first try and got the panlong dragon!!

  141. Chels Taylor says:

    I keep seeing all these 'add me' comments but I don't know how to add, help please!

  142. Ashley Chapman says:

    add me: BUDDA75/ or try BuDDA75 :)

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  144. how do you add people on dragonvale?

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  162. Simon Bredin says:

    I had 2 sun when not a moon or rainbow please help
    Add me I give gems when I can
    Name: bredini

  163. Anonymous says:

    I tried to get the moon dragon, but it turned out rainbow dragon. I used scorch and snow dragoons)

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    Ok i tryed mud+blazing and Frog + Lava and nothing swicking back and forth and nothing… I want it and i know other people have got it and more… So why cant i? I keep getting 8hour incubation…

    Any one have an idea of how i can get my panda dragan..

    I’m on game center my name is “Lisa Phoenixs”

  171. U can add me dcbabi I help nd in need of help

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  177. Sean says:

    I got the Panlong with a Larva on the Left and a Fog on the right first go!!!!! This was in the breeding cave now I’ve got an epic breeding island so I will try it on that now

  178. Sean says:

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  205. I Was doing The breeding of fog And lava dragon, but instead I got a golden egg …I imagine it's The new limited dragon

  206. Alex says:

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  207. Joe Monaghan says:

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  223. CRZY EYES says:

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  224. Kelly says:

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  225. Marco says:

    i got moon & LP dragon. add me:) marcobabi

  226. Anonymous says:

    I was trying to get a panlong dragon on the normal breeding cave, I used blazing and mud both level ten and when I looked at how long the breeding was going to take, it said 1:11:59:52 !!!! I don’t know what dragon it could be! Can anyone tell me?

  227. Llandysul says:

    please add me on dragonvale. Tag Llandysul or grant Hoffman on fb

  228. Ch says:

    Add me gamecenter : CHOONG_HBO

  229. Coldjeff904 says:

    Add me coldjeff904 and I will send u gems without hoping for notin in return

  230. Coldjeff904 says:

    Also I would love people to send me gems Im trying to get mytenth panlog

  231. ed says:

    My Panlogs take that long just started breeding two Panlog’s and the breeding time is that long

  232. Thepwned1 says:

    I keep trying mud and blazing lv10 but I only get lava or scortch can anybody heeeeeellllllllppppp!Game center name tacnyan9000

    • Anonymous says:

      Try again and again, put mud + blazing and blazing + mud, you’ll get it one fine day. Me and my two girls tried this method, and we got 4 in total. GOOD LUCK. Don’t give up.

  233. Abdul Khaled says:

    any idea how long does it take to breed a panlong (not incubation time) :P

  234. suzyqzy48 says:

    please add me

  235. Villa naga says:

    I been trying to get panlong .. For soo long . I think my phone would not let me have it . I lost hope .. Then must buy .. But no money to buy gem plzz help . Add me .. Villa naga

    • Anonymous says:

      I know how u feel really!
      I can’t get swamp dragon nor blue fire dragon so if you want to be my friend I will send a gem to you everyday!!

      Name BZaneH

  236. ELMO says:

    lava and fog noob i have every dragon in this game 4 of each to be exact

  237. it wont let me add unless its thru fb or sms?

  238. Dex says:

    I’ll share gems everyday DexDestroy=D

  239. Roko97 says:

    How to Get pandalog dragon

  240. Paul says:

    Hello does anyone no how to get a bluefire dragon? Im talking to my friends!!! Also add me im paulawesome i think

  241. Dylan Petit says:

    Wat dragon do I pair with a pan long dragon to breed another one, I bought my first one

  242. Darxia says:

    Add me on GC

  243. Dylan Petit says:

    Add me sl1ck_55

  244. Curt says:

    Add me cleeh78

  245. sschob says:

    rainbow takes 2 days genius epic fail for u

  246. HumanNickel says:

    I have a lightning and an earth dragon that 14 hours to complete anyone jknow what it is?

  247. Anonymous says:

    Add me GC: AuReLz91 :)

  248. Nick Carlson says:

    I am trying to breed a Panlong using Fog/Lava or Mud/Blaze and now I have two rainbows and a golden dragon….

  249. alex says:

    cogratulations you gota leapyear dragonand 2 rainbow dragons

  250. Lacy4470 says:

    Ugh! Everyone is saying that the Fog dragon is a “mist” dragon!!!! It’s FOG!!!! P.S., I don’t have a Panlong, I’ve tried all your suggestions and still haven’t gotten one… Can someone tell me a way that actually works!?!?!

  251. Kelly says:

    Add me kiwipupi

  252. Chris says:

    This is insane. The only dragon that i cant get. :(
    —> add me on ID: christohn

  253. Lance says:

    just starting out and dont have any friends on my dragonvale add me on gamecenter: mastrangelo24

  254. Roko97 says:

    How to Get pandalog dragon helppppppp

  255. DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

    Why cant there be an 100% breeding chance?!

  256. Iman says:

    @Chamyduong your island and dragons very cool

  257. Lilly says:

    I have tried both combinations many times still havent gotten it

  258. Alex says:

    Epic panlong i have tried long long time to Get
    It and have tried all tips 25 times plass help me.

  259. Alex says:

    I need tips to Get it and ho be first and last and i have yea Tried so many times pleas help ny bane There is Alex.15.07 or Alex15.07
    Add me to dragonvale

    • DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

      Just keep trying with fog and lava (this combination is i think more likely)

      Add me! Gamecenter: DJ-Megatron123

  260. Alex says:

    And gamecenter they know how to do that
    And we can get gems

  261. Dex says:

    I’m playing everyday and always trading gifts :) DexDestroy

  262. bobdude says:

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  263. bobdude says:

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  264. Jason Marek says:

    I can not get this at all lol. I have tried since it came out.
    Add me. Game center – gators1119

  265. Epikmuch? says:

    I got it in 48 trys so keep going i used mud and blazeing the whole time

  266. Saba Nader says:

    Add me. I have the tree and level 18. Share gems. Add me. LB562KiD

  267. Diego says:

    Add me FIEDEREF am saving for a gem tree,I’ll send gems whenever I can,n when I get the tree I’ll send more,help me please :)

  268. Logan James Parker says:

    Add me: loganjames2603

  269. Mr.Sanchez104 haha yeah

  270. ? says:

    The rainbow dragon is level 10 flower and level 10 storm on the first try I got the rainbow but it can also breed the moon or sun dragon my username is Jazzi9241 :) add me

  271. NavyShrink says:

    Im level 26 and all of my dragons are level 11 or higher… Still can’t get panlong, sun, moon or rainbow! Are my dragons too big?? Help! I have a gem tree… ID: [*-OLIVIA-*]

  272. Roko97 says:

    Does anyone know how to get bluefire from here

    • DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

      For BlueFire you are gonna need a level 10 fire and a level 10 storm
      You better get the epic breeding island because i tried 10 times in breeding cave, then i bought the epic breeding island and got it on the 2nd try ;-)

      Add me and ill tell you more combinations!
      Gamecenter: DJ-Megatron123

  273. Mkaiboy says:

    I got fog(left) lava(right). Only took 1 try

  274. oregonbree says:

    I tried so many times to get a rainbow with my Seaweed & Firefly, then I breed a new Seaweed and a new Firefly and got them to level 10, the I put them in breeding and first try with my new dragons I got a Rainbow!! :)
    Hope it works for you…good luck!

  275. Anonymous says:

    I dont yet have a panlong, but ive tried multiple times. However, im not that upset because you can sell baby fog and blazing dragons for. 1 million each. I have about 10 million off of this alone

  276. Roko97 says:

    How to get epic breeding island

    • Anonymous says:

      U need to buy it with gems, no other way but hacking. Although hacking ruins the fun in the game

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, no, actually, if you get about five gems a day (thanks to colosseum and friends) it will only take you about three weeks (25 days). XD

  277. COFFEE.:) says:

    You buy the epic island for 125. Gems I have it add me COFFEE.:)

  278. Anonymous says:

    I bet you never saw this, but while my fog and lava were breeding, I noticed that the lava dragon has the same symbol on his knee as the symbols on the portals you get on your island

  279. Fog + lava= 48HRS what it is

  280. Guru 2 says:

    It is more than a panlong, probably a rainbow, congrats, but could also be a moon or sun

  281. Kelly says:

    Add me please kiwipupi I’m level 26

  282. Heha says:

    Guess what
    I got a panlong by mud and blazing
    I can’t even remember how many times I tried this couple :(

    Well now I want a rainbow!!!!
    I hope I getta soon?!

  283. Vulpix262 says:

    Is it a possability to get a panlong with a lv7 fog and a lv7 lava?

  284. Vulpix262 says:

    By the way, my gamecenter thing is pikachu

  285. Willis91 says:

    Im having trouble getting the panlong, sandstorm and rainbow dragon. Any suggestions? Wasnt lucky enough to get the love dragon =/

    Feel free to add me, game center ID: Willis91 or Willis 91. Not sure about the space xD

  286. senee says:

    hey i have plenty of rainbows can i give one awa?? add me m name is zizi8072 in gamecenter

  287. Nick says:

    ::(NICK.50):: Gem4gem please!

  288. Anonymous says:

    How long does it usually take to get a panlong? I mean, how many tries? :(

  289. Roko97 says:

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  290. Hi says:

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  291. Gem free says:

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  292. Jack Marshall says:

    Took me like a month and a half but I think I just got it!

  293. Roko97 says:

    Jack Marshall how you breed that dragon please tell me whick combination of that dragon

  294. Anonymous says:

    Add me Maluly.

  295. Anonymous says:

    Add me for gem trade: KNYTEHAR
    If you send a gem, I’ll send you one too. :)

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  300. Anthonie Vodenichar says:

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  301. anonymous says:

    i got him :D mud lv 10 + blazing lv 10 =panlong

  302. Add me billybobsson ge m for gem

  303. Sicco Zandt says:

    I tried, and tried and tried, lost count, but tried from day one, so now at last. Blaze with mud, and (hopefully) after 35h55m I will have one.

  304. Lost me there says:

    Can anyone tell me how to get a bluefire dragon?

  305. Lauren Shivetts says:

    add me. shivetts

  306. Anonymous says:

    If you have a rainbow dragon,can i have it and it’s habitat

  307. bintinximuoi says:

    Do anybody know how to make a Frostfire?

  308. bintinximuoi says:

    do any body know how to make a sun or moon.If you want to be me to be your friend my name is Bintinximuoi.

  309. Mackenzie says:

    For those people who are asking for dragons, It is impossible to give someone a dragon AKA add me mackcayco

  310. Sombuddy says:

    Rambow dragon is seaweed and firefly

  311. Anonymous says:

    Add me. Polarb3ar14

  312. Cliffa says:

    How hack dragonvale pleaseeeee tell me

  313. I have cave and island been….I've been breeding mud with blazing and fog with lava for about 3 weeks now…no luck :/
    Add me: UnknownConker.

  314. stone says:

    Hey stop begging for stuff and get it yourself I mean it tells you how. To breed it… Anyway add me guys my gamer tag is. $stoned24/7$

  315. Anonymous says:

    How do you add people as friends???

  316. Anonymous says:

    I just got a pan long. I tried mud lvl 10 plus blazing lvl 10 several times with no luck so I reversed them. Blazing lvl 10 with mud lvl 10 and got one. Hope this helps

  317. Six Bali says:

    Add me pls for being my friend ty

  318. MZulu says:

    Lol I tried to breed sun moon and panlong
    I kept getting storm, firefly, mud and fog.

    No panlong sun or moon!

    Well atleast I made 4 million gold coins
    With those failed attempts

  319. ([email protected]) says:

    Add me

  320. Calypshownone says:

    Gem for gem? Wassup haha

  321. Like a boss says:

    I got Panlong , Sun dragon at Level 18 :) – Nice oh – add me at jinghuiwee :)

  322. Agent slash says:

    I got 3 sun dragons and 2 moon I also got 8 pan long I also got 2 rainbow dragon and a leap year plus I also got 4 blue fire and 2 frost fire and by the way I also got 5 bone ,2 clover 1 love and 2 sandstorm

  323. MasterOfAwesomeness says:

    What is your gc name? I want to see the dragons

  324. Lane the main says:

    Lane the main

  325. Agent slash says:

    Oops sorry guys. It was a prank by my younger sister. I complained to my mom and she apologized to me Finally!
    Anyway, I am still trying to get my 1st Sun and panlong and clover….

  326. Candy Egg says:

    Hey guys i have 5 rainbow dragons, breeding island, clover dragon, i have just started to get my 6th rainbow, i have a gem tree thing, i just brought a dragon hibernation thing that allows me to store up to 25 dragons so i have stores nearly one of each dragon,welcome too add me, Candy Egg

  327. tyrone says:

    anyone knows what is the best way to breed panlong dragon anyway add my gamecenter tyrone.12:D

  328. tyrone says:

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  329. tyrone says:

    i did mud and blazing and it came out 48 hours

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  339. Tanktor says:

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  340. gr8-6754 says:

    Add me
    Tryin to get panlong sun and moon!
    Got two clovers! Woohoo! I did moss and tree and moss and flower! Both first try! Try it!

  341. Theo Thomas says:

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  342. Theo Thomas says:

    in your face moon dragon and epic breeding island.

  343. hay says:

    do this to get a sun dragon Fire + storm please add me

  344. Sid Newman says:

    I got it second try with level 10 mud and level 10 blazing.

  345. Anonymous says:

    Please add me

  346. Adam says:

    maybe those who are replying that they got all these dragons are actually the people that work for the developer. Did you ever consider that? I worked for a game dev and the CEO required us to post positive things about the game, so why wouldn’t Dragonvale peeps do the same to get you to buy their packs?
    Just saying :)

  347. billy1234:21 says:

    add me billy1234:21

  348. hkowens14 says:

    I have tried relentlessly with mid blazing and blazing mud both level 10 and no luck also have tried fog and lava 3 times and didn’t work and the clover dragon is giving me hel l too I tried 27 times and kept getting moss, GC : chikinjoe

  349. add me I have a gem tree don't add me if you don't have one :)

  350. sdarren7 says:

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  351. gr8-6754 says:

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    Got a panlong and two clovers! Epic breeding island and gem tree!

  352. sdarren7 says:

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    thanks alot

  353. Anastasia says:

    Just got a lvl9 Lavadragon(left) and a lvl10 fogg dragon(right) on breeding cave and got 36hours icubating on the first try think its panlog (:

  354. Caleb says:

    Do not get clover it will delete your dragons add me

  355. King ofek 2003 says:

    Can’t manage to make panlong )-:
    Please add me : king ofek 2003
    Thank you

  356. sdarren7 says:

    Add sdarren7 gem for gem daily. Thanks

  357. Tanktor says:

    I Have two paulong dragons three moon and sun dragons two clover dragons and one rainbow dragoon:)) I know the secret combinations of this dragons :P my name in the game centre is: Tanktor

  358. tjh says:

    what happens when you breed 2 panlong dragons together.

  359. Vince Wells says:

    I have three Sun Dragon's, a Rainbow, a Leap Year, a Clover, and a Blue Fire and Frostfire. I've obtained every dragon possible since I started playing (Late February) but I have tried about 100 times breeding the two popular combinations ( Fog + Lava and Mud + Blazing ) and my lava and mud are both now level 15 and still nothing. All my friend have a panlong but no other rare dragons, and I have all but the Panlong, I really don't understand why I'm havin such a difficult time getting m first Panlong :(

    • Honestly I feel the same way about Rainbow! I just can't get it, no matter what… but Blazing + Mud eventually worked for me, after a million tries! Also, for moon dragons, Firefly + Storm worked twice for me

  360. Guy Walton says:

    I did mud and blazing and I got lava, how come?

  361. Anonymous says:

    Add me

  362. Anonymous says:

    Add me to your friend list

  363. necromill says:

    add me necromill

  364. I think I've just done it….. I have to wait 36 hrs. I did 1st dragon fog and 2nd dragon lava

  365. Krissy says:

    add me Riehiko2

  366. dragons 4 ever says:

    How do you get panlong dragon. I tried lava and fog, mud and blazing and never got it

  367. Povipo says:

    Lol i tryed to breed panalog dragon with mud (level7) on left and blazing(level7) on left.Guess what i got!A rainbow dragon!!! Problem? Ps.:i already had rainbow dragon habitat.

  368. Tanktor says:

    Hi I”m Tanktor and i have many rare dragon (moon, sun, clover, rainbow, paulong) i know de secret of old dragons if you have Facebock my name in this is: Arturo Corrales

  369. Angelmax71 says:

    Just bred my first Panlong!!! Yay I used Mud left & Blazing right both level 10 on my EBI…..
    36hr wait…. Ughhh but worth it :0) after all this time!

  370. cmr says:

    Yes i got three and im going for 4

  371. Jan says:

    I bought the gem tree and would like to trade gems. Send me the info on how to do this, please. It’s doing me no good at all. Thanks!

  372. molly says:

    Can you breed a metal dragon?

  373. Add me for gem4gem love lol Bran4Auburn

  374. y-blade says:

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  375. hkowens14 says:

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  378. jack4rogers says:

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  379. Bob seip says:

    I so what the panlong dragon! But I don’t have enough gems for the air dragon and the panlong dragon needs an air dragon. :(

  380. Clank2560 says:

    @Bob Seip, breed water with fire to get air dragon

  381. Max says:

    Fog and lava=panlong

  382. Selina says:

    How do u give gems to people I have the tree and no friends to give or receive from how do yu add friends and what’s the benefits of having friends? Also ICANT GET THE SUN MOON OR RAINBOW DRAGON!:(

  383. aidaniel says:

    add me
    gems 4 gems

  384. Delaney says:

    Please add me delaney.b

  385. yessica says:

    alguien podria decirme algo esque he visto varias paersonas con varias islas como yo pero luego tienen una chiquita con unas cadenas amarrada a otra grande como la consigo por favvor necesito ayuda, si quieren mi amistad mi nick es kilianmoises. saludos y digamme algo por favor.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tienes q estar mezclando los dragones en el circo o coliseo para q te de los diamante y luejo vas a pasar de nivel poco a poco y tienes q darles de comer a los dragones para que este comiendo y vas a pasar y te avisa cuando vas a comprar las islas y juntar 125 diamante para comprar la isla de las cadenas

  386. aidaniel says:

    finally i got one
    mud (left) and blazing (right)
    add me @ aidaniel 27

  387. Jr says:

    Add me I have a gem tree: Steelers fan86

  388. Missy Karama says:

    you know, i got 2 rainbows with these combinations before a panlong, and i know someone who has like 17 panlongs.

  389. Josh clay says:

    Add me I will give gem for gem and if u don’t get 1 back straight away then just wait for the next day and u should have 1. My names l crucial l

  390. Taylor says:

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  391. Laiken Percic says:

    I've tried 7643573 times and can't get this for the life of me… add me, laiken3131.

  392. Dexxxxxxxxx says:

    Add me dexxxxxxxxx (9Xs) i do gem trAde

  393. Bobjeet28 says:


  394. Rodney says:

    Got it first time in the cave using Lv 10 Mud on left and Lv 10 Blazing on right.

    Add me on game center : God-Of-Lyf

    • Anonymous says:

      That just makes me sick because i have tried that combo twenty plus times. I’ve also tried the other combo. I’ve tried both sides, levels 7-14, in the cave, in the island. I’m level 23 and have been non stop trying for my panlong since…. I don’t even remember. Almost ready to give up and chuck this game in because I’m so frustrated. I feel like a barren woman unable to conceive!

      • Anonymous says:

        I have also tried for many many times and had given up by not playing for weeks. And recently just started playing back and tried the combination – Mud and Blazing, finally got it..

    • Anonymous says:

      Just got a 36 hour breeding timer with cold and a storm…. Panlong is the only one with a 36 hour timer right?

  395. Some Guy says:

    Somebody please help! I’ve been trying to get the Panlong with blazing and mud and fog and lava, but I keep getting lava and blazing.

    • TheIncredibleRayzone says:

      not a problem…..blazing sells for 1mil. coins! Lava will help you succeed getting fire shrine up more! Welcome.

  396. Anonymous says:

    Add dougie fresh vt on game ctr for gem swap

  397. Juliah Elizabeth Lorenz says:

    How can you get another panlong by breeding panlong with what? Can you do that?

  398. Wayne says:

    I got a panlong with panlong n love dragon -.-||
    Wanted a rainbow actually

  399. Anonymous says:

    i tried mud and blazing….i got a lava! Do they both have 2 be lv 10 ??

  400. mon4archy says:

    Love this dragon!

    I have 4 apple devices 2 ipods/iphone/ipad (with dragonvale) and I have only two friends who play. I don’t want to give the extra gems to myself since I mainly play on my iPod. So I will give a opportunity to somebody to earn 4 gems a day! All you have to do is get the app “App trailers” (free app).

    open it, then on the main page, the second option down is called “Enter Bonus Code” and says like “Insert name of person who refered you, click that and put monarchy in the box and hit enter.
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    thank you

  401. Pepsi says:

    I was trying to get a panlong and, by accident, I got a rainbow!

  402. Ananeymowws says:

    I just keep breeding random dragons and by accident, I did not expect to get a Rainbow one. Can’t wait to hatch it :) Love you guys <3

  403. Add me: super duper isaac

  404. Melvin. says:

    Wow i got it on my 16th tries.. with mud and blazing

  405. Nienke Smit says:

    After 21 tries, I got my Panlong dragon by breeding mud (left) and blazing (right). For those who wonder if you absolutely need the epic island: you can breed twice as fast, but my Panlong was 'conceived' in the breeding cave! So, keep trying! If you have more than one mud and blazing dragon, just write down all the possibile combinations. Good luck!

  406. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily
    thanks alot :)

  407. Friend me Nate103824

  408. Hinl3y says:

    Yes! Got it on second try. (Panlong dragon)

  409. zGH05Tz says:

    Got it on my second try

  410. afcamark says:

    Got it in three times :)
    Add me please i got a dragontree My name is afcamark

  411. Tym Iszak says:

    Titantym and hollybeans17 add us pplleeaaasseee

  412. Justin says:

    What breeding combinations produce a pan long dragon. I am looking for 100 percent result.

  413. John Stormans says:

    Gem for gem
    Add me: biggchunky69

  414. Someone says:

    I have tried mud and blazing combination and fog and lava and I keep getting lava, or blazing.

  415. TheIncredibleRayzone says:

    sadly, i bought my panalong dragon, so i need to breed another! what breeded with panalong makes panalong?

  416. Tingting26 says:

    Please add me to trade gem for gem!

    My gamecenter id is tingting26

    I look forward to our trading ;)

  417. Anonymous says:

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  418. pie says:

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  419. Cjp57 says:

    I am Breeding storm and Plant, finish breeding in Hopefully its a moon dragon. I have the leap year dragon, 2 rainbow and 3 sun

  420. Cjp57 says:

    Tried to get the bloom dragon

  421. It took forever but after I got enough gems I bought the epic island and bred mud with blazing and I got a 36 hour wait my first try! by the way I do have a tree sooooo ya.

  422. Mammouth79 says:

    Add me for a gem trade. I own gem tree.

  423. Dragondude says:

    mud+blazing in the regular cave on the 7th try :)

  424. Anonymous says:

    I have been trying for the past 3 weeks straight not breeding anything else but the metal dragons and the clover dragon 4 times a day. That’s about 84 attempts. I have breeding island and tried blazing with mud both Lvl 10 and fog and lava in the cave both Lvl 10 and just got it 1 minute ago. Only good thing I got besides the panlong is 2 rainbows out of it but a waste of 3 weeks. Now all I need is the moon and sandstorm dragon which is damn near impossible and I will have all of the dragons minus the bone, love, and reindeer dragons I started late.

  425. I got panlong dragon with fog lava and it worked first time.

  426. Kiza says:

    Hi all i play dragonvale everyday will send gem 4 gem :). Gamecenter name is : K13R4N88. Please add guys

  427. Lilena says:

    This dragon is great for leveling dragons to 15 because you get more bang for your buck with them being 4 dragon types. I have been breeding these guys and just leveling them to 15. Plus they sell for 1 mill when you get too many of them.

    Is anyone else using this method to help level your statues to get them the ability to level your dragons to 20?

    Lilenatalem on gamecenter

  428. Adam says:

    How do you access your game center friends within dragonvale?

  429. melcy says:

    when i put plant and storm dragon it made the Rainbow Dragon

  430. Hamza says:

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  432. GEM 4 GEM says:

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    I Have Panlong & i also have two 48 hour breedings happenin at the same time i just hope that i get sun & Rainbow :P. ADD LEEROYTOUGH

  433. Rosenda Kyvik says:

    I breed mud+blazzing
    Only worked first time

  434. Rosenda Kyvik says:

    I breed mud+blazzing
    Only worked first time

  435. Rosenda Kyvik says:

    Can someone tell me how to breed sun

  436. Shellbelle71 says:

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  437. Shellbelle71 says:

    Please add Shellbelle71 I really really need gems so I can finish breeding. I don’t know how to get gem tree?

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  444. Shellbelle71 says:

    I think I just got Rainbow Cactus and licheoun I was trying for bloom! Yea

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  453. Eric says:

    my friend got a panlong by breeding air and sandstorm for some odd reason, he was trying to get another sandstorm, but got a panlong instead. oh well

  454. Emily Woo says:

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  455. Josh King says:

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  456. please will someone tell me how to add people?

  457. Miguel says:

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  459. Roko97 says:

    breed fog +lava

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  463. dragonvale player says:

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  464. Fariba Soleymani says:

    How Many tries does it take cause I have been trying lava and fog for sooo long plz help and add me gem4gem

    Send me a gem first cause I have lots of friends and when I use my three gifts they don't send any back and when someone sends me one I don't have a gift to send back

    • Sherry says:

      I got my panlong by breeding a lvl 10 mud + lvl 10 blazing. It wasn’t easy, but of it helps try doing it in the early morning. I seem to get all my rare dragons between the hrs of midnight & 6 am. (Central time)

  465. Skander says:

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  469. orangea says:

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  470. Jr says:

    Panlong and moon are my last 2 dragons, but I’ve had fog and lava in the regular breeding and mud and blazing in the epic breeding island for a week and can’t get it!!!!
    Please help.

  471. Anonymous says:

    I have tried to get panlong for a month but can’t get it

  472. pinkmilk111 says:


  473. Josh clay says:

    I bred a blazing and mud and got 48 hours can anyone tell me what it is

  474. DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

    I got 2 moons on my first and second try! And a bluefire on my second try! But sadly its taking me months to get a rainbow or sandstorm!

    Dont believe me? Then see yourself im level 23…. I think

  475. Jr says:

    I don’t know what I got yet but I bred lava and fog and got 48 hr breeding time but I still can’t get panlong:(

  476. Jr says:

    Luckily somehow I got rainbow on my first try with cactus and blazing

  477. Nyny Chap says:

    how can I add friends on dragonvale?

  478. Matt says:

    I can not get the dragon what combos did u guys try and get?

  479. Kegelapan says:

    I bred Mud and Blazing together and now i have a 48 hour incubation time. I’m hoping for a moon cause i already got sun!

  480. Dragon City. says:

    can anyone add me?
    Game centre name:Dragon the full stop.

  481. Kevin Tung says:

    tried both combos more than twice only got blazing or lava or fog, some1 help!

  482. Steven Hallworth says:

    Add me!! Steven147 need gems!

  483. seraph235 says:

    I have literally tried both mud x blazing and fog x lava about twenty+ times each in ebi and breeding cave and it still hasn’t worked. not even a rainbow dragon. getting really discouraged

  484. Anonymous says:

    Add Gx000 and got a sun on my first try with blazing and mud

  485. Kerri says:

    Who has gotten the panlong and which of these is the best combination? Oh yeah and add me. Kxnxs89.

  486. Anonymous says:

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  487. ~!Victini!~ says:

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    Oh Yeah and add me. ~!Victini~!

  488. Ceaira says:

    Is it still possible to get this dragon?!?! I have tried both methods for the last month and can’t get it! Any help?

  489. Jaimie says:

    I’ve been trying for weeks but cannot get it!! Ugh! Add me plz I’m MusicManiac1234 ;)

  490. Guru 2 says:

    Im having trouble gettong panlong cause whenever i try it doesnt work and i always want to get the season dragons so that wastes alot of time

  491. aidan says:

    add me yogamom10

  492. Anonymous says:

    Lava plus fog dragon works
    It took me 3 tries

  493. Amanda jones says:

    You know when you’ve got it because it takes 2 days to hatch
    Lava and fog

  494. DragonXKS says:

    I bred mud+blazing first try and got the Panlong. :)

    • Eric says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  495. Marko says:

    Nice to hear. You dreed them om epic ore cave?

  496. Mandy Xiao says:

    I've seriously tried like 20 times with mud and blazing. and still nothing.
    my mud is level 12 and blazing is 10 ):

  497. Christian says:

    Well how did you panlong sun and rainbow

  498. Anonymous says:

    I am just trying crystal and blue fire and so far I got the sun and moon dragons. I’m getting a third rare dragon in the regular breeding cave(as all the other ones came from). I just hoped for the best and now I hope for a pan long.

  499. Anonymous says:

    trying breeding fog and lava in epic breeding island and blazing and mud in cave, but all i get is blazing and all those other pointless dragons. Im Chinese too… :(

  500. MisSilencio says:


    I did blazing and mud. On my second try I got PANLONG!
    I did it in the cave.
    I did it at 9.10pm in England.

  501. Adam Dolbey says:

    Add me. ;-) thepagemaster22

  502. Mike says:

    I did mud and blazing first, and I got 1:12:00:00. Can you believe it?

  503. Destiny von Sanden says:

    I bred the blazing and mud together and got myself a rainbow dragon instead. I was not disappointed!

  504. Frida Karlsson says:

    I bred Mud and Blazing but got 48 hr, any idea what it could be?

  505. Matt Aura says:

    Add please! Yaghht

  506. dragonx30 says:

    i got the sun dragon on my first atempt i breed mountain and love dragon lv 10

  507. Carlie_Warley says:

    Add me! Gem for gem! Carlie_Warley!

  508. AndyT says:

    I bred blue fire and crystal and got 48hour at night as well so not sure what it is hoping moon or rainbow

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    Gamecenter: DJ-Megatron123

  515. Ch says:

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  516. Anonymous says:

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  518. Abbs says:

    So Iv read many comments and the dragonvale instructions but still can’t get Panlong dodo sandstorm or frostfire. Can anyone help

    • Winehead528 says:

      Mud+blazing= panlong
      Cold+poison=frost fire

      • 4we50me says:

        Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

        The two recent updates for the poll include:
        How to navigate through this website!!! find out how to get to a certain page. This update includes: new combos for more dragons, and a new person to answer your questions (well im the same person, but with a different name)!!!

        How to navigate through game center for the newest update. This update includes: Permission to post “add me” comments at the poll, and more combos for solstice dragon.

        Happy posting!!

  519. Jdm Kiid says:

    Add me. Gem for gem
    Name= losoloeg6

  520. gabo says:

    add me gabo1330

  521. x4K33Lx says:

    You can also try FOG + SAKURA

  522. Angel Gomez says:

    I heard fog+sakura could work.I tried it and on the first try i got panlong :D

  523. Mildred r says:

    I just did frost fire and crystal. Not sure what will come out if it, but it will take 24 to incubate. Not sure what I will get.
    Mildredyr is my game center name.

  524. Mildred r says:

    I did frost fire and crystal. Not sure what will come out if it, but it’ll take 24 hours to incubate. Not sure what I will get.
    Mildredyr is my game center name.

  525. Mildred r says:

    I did frost fire and crystal. It’ll take 24 hours to incubate. Not sure what I will get.
    Mildredyr is my game center name.

  526. Kate Altizer says:

    I have tons of rainbows, a sun and can't get a moon or panlong! Please add for gems! Game name: I heart dragons

  527. Anonymous says:

    gem 4 gem add zwing1135

  528. Anonymous says:

    ive got 3 rainbows 1 moon 1 panlong 1 love and 1 still breeding sakura add me ninja+guy

  529. Jacob says:

    The order that you breed dragons doesn’t matter. They try to trick you into thinking that

  530. scoob122 says:

    I got 48 hours by breeding fog + Sakura dragon. I think it’s a sun or a rainbow dragon. I got it on my 4th try it is so awesome I hope it’s a rainbow dragon. Add me at : scoob 122

    • scoob122 says:

      It’s a rainbow dragon !!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to place in habitat so I can breed it with my 4 leap years so I can get more rainbow.

  531. Eze Kiel says:

    I did it mud n blazing at 11pm

  532. Eze Kiel says:

    I got pan long dragon by breeding mud n blazing at. 11 pm

  533. Eze Kiel says:

    I did mud n blazing dragon and I got it first try at 11pm

  534. Daniel Selzer says:

    add me Dselz.
    i need gems for epic breeding island.

  535. jacob says:

    i did mud+blazing and got 48hr time. i got a rainbow dragon. (not sun or moon because there would have to be lighnting in one of the dragons.)

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  537. HP says:

    Im trying long time with Mud & Blazing and Fog & Sakura but dont have luck with Panlong. :(
    With BlueFire & Crystal got Rainbow and Sun and with Mud & Blazing i got one Rainbow.

    Add me please, my GC name is hot_prinz :)

  538. scoob122 says:

    I finly hached my rainbow dragon I’m going to breed my leap year with my rainbow to get another rainbow add me at game center you have to have less than 3 friends to add me or I will in friend you add me at : scoob 122

  539. guys, unless you're really lucky, you have to try a couple of times to get it… after all they're not called rare dragons for nothing. I tried a dozen times on both breeding cave and breeding island at the same time and still took me a while to get it. just understand that that's how the game is, keep insisting and don't lose hope it does turn up in the end, that's just how the game's algorithm works! same goes for all the other rare dragons. Good luck!

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  542. Jr says:

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  543. Jp says:

    Endless attempts with fog and lava, and blazing mud (30 plus attempts) then read above re fog and Sakura and 1st try so finally have one on its way. So thanks to above comments !

  544. Matt says:

    I was trying to get panlong but got rainbow soooooo cool

  545. Ch says:

    Add me for trading gems gamecenter : puckkypackky

  546. Anonymous says:

    Add Cyborg-dragon

  547. m says:

    i got sun by breeding storm and sonic you guys should try it

  548. molgera13 says:

    I got one. Sakura and fog

  549. Dragon epic breeder says:

    It took a me a week but I got one 36 hours mud+blaze

  550. Madeleine147 says:

    Thnks it worked 5th try mud on left blaze on right :)

  551. Anonymous says:

    Mud and Butterfly

  552. Faith Joy Basal Traifalgar says:

    Please add me: Mrs Traif

  553. James Gaskin says:

    Oh yh got a panlong

  554. flaming beast says:


  555. Got one ithink i will get another one

  556. Anonymous says:

    I bred a lv15 mud and lv15 blazing got 24 hour incubation time any suggestions on what it could be?,

  557. Pixie Paws says:

    Bred blazing n mud dragons hoping to get solstice, but got panlong instead woohoo!

  558. Something says:

    Can mud+fireworks work?

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  562. lugia3453342 says:

    so boring after i got all the dragons any way for a easy raibow crstal and fire

  563. Anonymous says:

    I can’t breed the Panlong! No matter what I try NOTHING works! Please help me I am soooooo lost!

  564. anonymous says:

    i tried geting a panlong dragon and after multipul times so switched the places of my mud and blazing dragon but got a RAINBOW DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  565. anonymous says:

    I got panlong on my 4th try with mud and blazing both level 10. (in that order).

  566. melon620 says:

    Mud dragon and Blazing Dragon works for me! I tried 8 times and then got the panlong dragon

    Thanks for sharing the experience : D

  567. youno fu!!!!!! says:

    plz see if you can get me as MENY gems as you yolo u can gc name IS… dimitri 5 space in betwine

  568. You have to use mud and firework not blazing

  569. Anonymous says:


  570. Linus bakken says:

    I tried to breed panlong dragon with mud and blazing dragon in 26 times and got nothing

    Add me on game center: oddi2011

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  574. Asia Tamyra Hawkins-Kinzley says:

    I am still trying to breed it but there seems to be a lot of different ways! Add me!

  575. Anonymous says:

    I did mud and blazing and accidentally got a rainbow:)

  576. repO_Owl says:

    took me 3 months to get this little tricky bastard

  577. McCuddles says:

    Mud and blazing don’t work for me. Try fog and lava/bone

  578. McCuddles says:

    Mud and Blazing dragons don’t work for me. Try Fog and Lava/Bone

  579. McCuddles says:

    Mud and Blazing dragons don’t work for me. Try Fog and Lava/Bone dragons

  580. McCuddles says:

    Mud and Blazing dragons don’t work for me. Try Fog and Lava/ Bone dragons

  581. MaersK Ronquillo says:

    Add me maersk10 let’s share gems thank you follow me on twitter @pakchak and instagram @kgdmaersk God bless

  582. Anonymous says:

    Really need gems add me ryder101

  583. Cece says:

    Reen Rene, how long was the breeding time? it’s 2 days till the year of the snake begins!

  584. Mud blazing works I got it 5 tries but when it's wrong it gave me half hour dragon so quick fix

  585. Andrew says:

    Does anyone know if it is still available? I highly dout it is.

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