Love Dragon – “Valentine’s Day” Breeding Guide

| February 4, 2012 | 315 Comments

“The rare love dragon hails from the western slope of the Berrywhite Mountains and only shows up for a few weeks each year when love is strong in the air. Getting one of these lovely beasts is sure to inspire your visitors to buy flowers and maybe even find a spark of love.”

Dragonvale have release a new season special dragon for lovers. The developers of dragonvale have developed a dragon to keep you in love. You will never celebrate valentines day, love without the dragon if you are a fan of Dragonvale. The New love dragons take 5 hours to hatch.

Love Dragon Egg

The new love dragon egg have a heart in the center so it is pretty hard to miss it.

Dragonvale Main Habitat for Love Dragon
The love dragon have 3 main habitats, including lightning, plants and fires. With 3 Three Element Boosts at level 10 the Love Dragon will generate – 132 gold/Min.

Love Dragon Valentine’s Day Breeding Guide
The Love Dragon can be bred using a combination of dragons whose elements include lightning, plant, and fire.
The highest number of successful on getting love dragon is using Flower Dragon mating a with a Lightning Dragon.

Examples that will result in Love Dragon
Note: You will need to use dragons that are lvl 10+
Flower Dragon + Lightning Dragon
Scorch Dragon + Firefly Dragon
Scorch Dragon + Flower Dragon

The Love dragon will probably only be only available during the valentines season so you better hurry and make your love dragon before it is too late.

Incubation Time 5 Hours
Hatch Experience
Purchase Price 75 Gems
Selling Price 100,000
DragonVale Breeding Guide
BreedingDragon Left BreedingDragon Right
Flower Dragon Lightning Dragon
Scorch Dragon Firefly Dragon
Scorch Dragon
Flower Dragon

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Comments (315)

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  1. person says:

    i got a love dragon the first try with a level 8 flower dragon and level 10 storm dragon

  2. Orbinated says:

    Hey, add me you guys. I’m Orbinated :)

  3. Partyanimal2012 says:

    Add me partyanimal2012 thanks! :)

  4. jdeveau says:

    First try level 10 lightening and level 10 flower. This is also how my friend got it :) add me gem for gem! jdeveau

  5. NIMKJHRY says:

    add me nimkjhry

  6. poop says:

    somtimes i get 30 mins or 1 hour!at least i got 1 but i want 2 so i can get one whenever i want

  7. Jay says:

    Justin got my Love dragon with Level 6 Flower + Level 5 Lightning on the EBI! First go :D

  8. Jay says:

    Just got my Love dragon with Level 6 Flower + Level 5 Lightning on the EBI! First go :D

  9. Maisie says:

    I am in love my favourite dargon is love

    My boyfriend is Loukas Vernadakis

    • Maisie says:

      I am in love my my favourite dargon is love

      My boyfriend is Loukas Vernadakis he lives in chestnut Granby park road

      I am 9

      • Forestcuts says:

        Hey you really shouldn’t be sending personal info. Any way, I tried dragons a million times each. Please if you get more codes, please tell me.

  10. Mr.Domcy says:

    Same here. Flower + lightning.
    Add me: Mr.Domcy

  11. Kristen Lochiatto Thomson says:

    I got it :)

  12. Kristen Lochiatto Thomson says:

    I got it

  13. larswes says:

    hmm snel ff wat draken lvl 10 maken dan en breeden :P add me als je wilt :larswes :P

  14. Jimwell DelosReyes says:

    I think I'm getting a love dragon cause it said 5 hours

  15. Lacey Iloveanime King Day says:

    Yes it does take the 3 elements because you breed lightning and fire+plant = flower and yes you will get it it's hatching right now.

  16. g says:

    Mwhahaha it took me 2 trys to get this but 2 months for panlong

  17. Biia says:

    Add me, gem for gem! B1ia :)

  18. Jimwell DelosReyes says:

    Just 2 more hours and 45 minutes

  19. Something says:

    I got a love dragon from love cave and flower lev 8 and lightning lev 8

  20. Anonymous says:

    Om my gosh thank you I was breeding the wrong ones aka poison + lightning and getting no where

  21. Kayluh says:

    I finally got my love dragon:) I bred firefly in left and flower on right.

  22. Bobby Morgan says:

    I did lightning on the left and flower on the right and it worked the every time I have 3 of them now

  23. Anonymous says:

    Bred flower+lightning goin for Somethin else and this egg showed up i was like awesome what is it then when i got back on i got the love dragon advertisement

  24. Connor McCarley says:

    I tried 4 times until I finally got it.

  25. AWESOME says:

    Awesome I got the love dragon on my second try (“>) btw that’s a penguin :3

  26. Anonymous says:

    i have tried flower dragon and lighting, scorch and fire fly lighting and flower, schorch and flower and no love dragon its getting agravared can someone help me.

  27. sexy sharon is my name says:

    how do u get a love dragon

  28. sexy sharon is my name says:

    i did it yea after 6 trys i mated flower and lighting waaaaaaaa hooooooo

  29. Yvette Lynch says:

    Does anyone know how to give gifts to game centre friends? It is only showing Facebook friends

  30. Add me. I need friends I only got 3 :( the real thuggy j

  31. Anonymous says:

    You don’t need to use lv 10 dragons, I used lv 9 lightning and lv 7 flower and got my love dragon using lv 10 dragons just boosts the odds of breeding one.

  32. Jhun Basa says:

    I tried lightning on the left and flower on the right . But it didn't work . Do I have to make my dragons level 10 ??

    • Reen Lightray says:

      Keep repeating the process, and yes, try raising them into an adult stage. Lv7 is what I did to the both of them.

  33. Hannah says:

    Please add me need some friends. HannahFierce8 thanks in advance :)

  34. Baller says:

    It’s so easy. Lightning on left flower on right both level 10 I’ve done it 6 times in a row. So easy

  35. Conor says:

    I think this thing is a little wrong, I tried Flower + Scorch multiple times to only get a flower >.> but then i tried this once
    Lighting + Flower
    Both level ten and in that order in a regular breeding cave

  36. Syntax says:

    Add me? JoshAtl

  37. Winnie Hiyadi Liu says:

    I got it

  38. Kirktheboss says:

    Got a dragonsai gem tree but no friends to give it too plz add me!!! Name=kirktheboss

    Would appreciate gems in return.

  39. Skylander Mario MW3 says:

    I have tried Lightning level 10 and Flower level 10 both left and right. It didn’t work! Please help me by telling me how to do it properly!
    Add me Skylander Mario MW3

  40. Carolyn says:

    I keep breeding level 10 lightning and level 10 flower but still havent gotten a love dragon, please help!!!!! Add me on gamecenter my name is carolyn :D
    I gift ppl if you gift me back

  41. Logan Mellor says:

    It's lightening on left and flower on right.They both need to be lvl10

  42. Ok this is getting old. I've tried multiple level dragons and combinations and nothing has worked for two days straight. I couldnt get the new years one either.

  43. Anonymous says:

    I used flower+firefly both lv 10 It gave me love as well :D

  44. A says:

    A-lee77 add me if you want

  45. i like gems says:

    trade gem for gem (rawr im rob)

  46. Jazi4ever says:

    Add me you guys; I’m Jazi4ever :)

  47. Gaby says:

    Send me gems! :) add: ovesson

  48. Mimii says:

    I used scorch and flower dragon and both my dragons were level 8. By the way add me Mimii_3

  49. A says:

    Just got a Love Dragon!!!!
    Level 10 Lightning Dragon + Level 10 Flower Dragon = Love Dragon
    Lightning Dragon on the left and the Flower Dragon on the right.
    Add me

  50. tøffeldyr #1 says:

    level 10 firefly + level 10 flower

  51. Ravyn says:

    I got this one just recently! So excited! The parents of it were a level 10 flower on the left, level 10 lightning on the right.

  52. Matt Snyder says:

    Yeah I just bred a lightning with a flower and was successful twice in a row making love dragons.

  53. Nab24- says:

    Man I’ve been doing lighting(10) and flower(10) all day and I haven’t got a love yet

  54. Skitty27 says:

    What’s the breeding time?

  55. Dragon freak says:

    Cant seem to get this dragon. Been trying lightning/flower , flower/lightning and still no luck… Can anyone help me pls T.T Both dragons are lvl 10 btw.

  56. Chase says:

    Add me I need gems plz

  57. Julia Cheshko says:

    I'm on my 50+ dragon and have yet to get Love… I breed Lightning+Poison and Lightning+Flower and I keep getting Scorch, Firefly, Poison and Flower over and over and over again.

  58. Emberlily* says:

    I got a moon 2 nights in a row using lvl10 cold and firefly in the 10 pm hour

  59. Daniel L says:

    Add me gem for gem-DANLEON98

  60. Daniel L says:

    Add me gem for gem-Danleon98

  61. Daniel says:

    How do you add friends?

  62. Cyphun says:

    See actual breeding statistics for this dragon at:

  63. I used a level 9 flower dragon and a level 10 lightning and got mine on the first try. So they don't have to BOTH be level 10, from my experience.

  64. Arvin Sia says:

    Can't breed one after numbers of tries

  65. Jennifernm00 says:

    It is crazy trying to get this love Dragon. Can’t even tell you how many breeding I’ve done already. Lol.

  66. Lightning + flower !!!

    Add me : ANTOINE_KENIN

  67. Anonymous says:


  68. Anonymous says:

    Add me gem for gem…bro+beans

  69. Anonymous says:

    Please add me :) iPmeFTW

  70. You have have the breeding island

  71. Berit Henriksen says:

    Love dragon on first try after trying a lot of times with flower (L) and lightning (R). Try FLOWER & SONIC. Flower on the left and Sonic on the right.I got it on first try:)

  72. Xedina says:

    Got a love with Fire + Storm :D

  73. James Woodhouse says:

    Got my first coming flower left lightning right level 10

  74. R-star says:

    Flower + lighting lvl 7 and I was told love breeding wahoo!!!

  75. SomeOne says:

    EVERYONE, READ! I find out something. I am not quite sure, but it’s helping to try that on the morning (like 7 AM) and the breeding cave and the nursery need to be on the first island! I tried 5 times besore I got the idea, and then it helped (flower+lightning). Thank you for reading! Add me: orilago

  76. I have tried these Matches and it has not worked

  77. Michelle says:


  78. Michelle says:

    How do u add pple on gamecenter??

    • Animal_girl90210 says:

      You go to game center click on the friends tab at the bottom of the page and then you will c a + at the top of the page click on it and you will c some spaces where you have to enter info and if you want you can get a random friend by clicking an app of ur choice and you will find a list of people click on one and you can send a friend request

  79. Mblaws says:

    1st attempt: flower on left lighting on right no good- got a scorch which I immediately sold. 2nd attempt scorch on left flower on right both level 10= SUCCESS!!

  80. Luny Ikarus says:

    thank´s i got two love dragons today..

    First One:
    Flower dragon (level 10)+Lighting dragon (level 10) in that order

    Second One:
    Sorch Dragon (level 10) + Flower Dragon (Level 10)..

    I tried Lighting 10+Flower 10 but i think is not the same cause i failed on that try

  81. I got it first try on this combo: Lvl 10 lightning (left) + Lvl 10 flower (right) in the special breeding island. I tried other combos but did this one 5 hrs ago exactly and got it on the first try

  82. kenneth says:

    i have 4 of them

  83. xoxo says:

    LV 8 lighting (L) + lv7 Flower (R)

    add me for gem ^^: (.xox0.)

  84. Gina Rodriguez says:

    Help! I cannot seem to get one, and I have tried eight times!

  85. Mamajen74 says:

    I have tried the three combos repeatedly with Lvl 10 dragons and keep getting another scorch. Do I have to be at a certain Lvl?

  86. Mamajen74 says:

    Add me mamajen74

  87. R-star says:

    It’s tiny

  88. Jacob says:

    I finally got one

  89. shadowfrost003 says:

    add me shadowfrost003

  90. bruktsnus says:

    add me “bruktsnus”

  91. Forestcuts says:

    Ugh cant get one and I tried literally at least 100 times. Please help me!!!!!!

  92. Forestcuts says:

    I so mad I can’t get the freaking dragon. Someone give me another combo cuz I give up now so I’m just doing random dragons like crystal and moss.

  93. Dragonvale Fan123 says:

    Awesome got love dragon 1st try with lv 10 lightning and lv 10 flower dragon

  94. Leny Ru So says:

    Voy por mi segundo dragon LOVE

  95. pitz9484 says:

    i got my love dragon by breeding Flower (L10) and Sonic (L10) first try only.

    i’ve been trying with flower and lightning but to no avail. so i tried flower and sonic.

  96. Orbinated says:

    Add me you guys!
    I’m Orbinated :)

  97. This better work scorch and flower

  98. SDM says:

    Still have some trouble getting this dragon
    Any help plz?
    If you want you can add me SDM700

  99. michael says:

    everyone add michael.boze

  100. Sonicman18 says:

    i got mine by useing Scorch Dragon and Flower dragon add me Sonicman18

  101. Marie says:

    Got it first try with flower + lightning, and a second one on the way, on the second try. Both level 10. Lightning then flower didn’t work, though; only got a flower.
    Add me on gamecenter; I need gems. I’ll send you gems in return as soon as I can. I’m aodake.

  102. john doe says:

    i’ve tried every combo several times. at least 20 failed attempts. all lv 10 each time. getting frustrating. i’ve also failed the cold fire dragon w/ about 35 tries of confirmed combos. starting to wonder if my game’s glitched.

  103. I have one love dragon.. To get another do I have to start the whole lightnin and flower dragon combo again or can I just breed love and some other more simple type dragon..? Message me and let me know! Any help would be appreciated!

  104. Jon says:

    Ok I’ve tired almost thirty times and I always get the scorch dragon what’s am I doing wrong

  105. AJlove25661 says:

    What U would do is lightning+flower level 10
    Good luck
    Friend me on animal jam I am AJlove25662

  106. Alexandre Ait-Ettajer says:

    It's not working add me Alinsaudi.

  107. Ross Lavin says:

    I got one first go

  108. Ross Lavin says:

    How you do it in two steps 1 add me on game station at Rosser2511
    2. You put lightning on the left and flower on the right. Hope I could help :)

  109. Tracy Larson says:

    I can't say how many times I've tried, at least a dozen. Still don't have one. This is so frustrating especially when some of my friends have 3 or 4.

  110. add me!! I only have 2 friends. will give gem for gem. ::(Skyelight)::

  111. Blake West says:

    I have 12 of them already:)

  112. Kay Sprad says:

    Lightning on the right did not work for me after 10 tries. Lvl 10 Lightning on left and Lvl 10 Flower on right worked after 4 tries. Then it worked back to back, on the breeding island.

  113. Mikayla Rox says:

    I bred a love dragon 1st try lightning left flower right :)

  114. lvl 9 flower and 9 lightning worked fine for me :) Game center id is batsuperman69 if u want more friends.

  115. Kouwee Lui says:

    I've been tried many times and many days to breed the stupid love dragon…lightning+flower Or flower +lightning…but still doesn't work!

  116. please add me on game center: SayuriX ill give gems =].

  117. To get a love dragon do they both have to be a level 10?

  118. Jordi Nye says:

    I've tryed I don't know how many times and combos to get the love dragon and have failed am I doing something wrong

  119. Matthew Shields says:

    Trying to get the,breeding island please help will send gem for gem add me <mshields22>

  120. Christian Morrison says:

    this was so easy I did it in a day.

  121. Tracey Vega says:

    After trying several times with Flower and Lighning, I got it using my scorch and flower.

  122. Use flower and storm any level

  123. It has worked 3 out of 5 times. The 2 times it failed my dragons were only lvl 9. If I used lvl 10 dragons it works. STOP BREEDING KIDS……LOL.

  124. Add me minou1129 game center

  125. Lightning left + flower right. Both were lvl 8 and I'm 2 for two so far!

  126. Teresa Keene Estes says:

    I bred LV10 flower with LV 10
    Firefly and just got Love egg on first try.

  127. Okay… I bred a firefly dragon and a flower dragon and got a love dragon on my 1st try… And on Valentines day too

  128. Add me on gamecenter the name is chosen10. If u gift me,I'll gift gems to u!

  129. its pretty tough to get a love dragon.u need a level ten lightning and a level ten flower or poison.

  130. @ goodman thanx for adding me on gamecenter please give me lotsa gems so that I can buy a gem tree and give lots back

  131. Like 15 people sent me requests on gamecenter u should know that I can only give 3 gifts a day but if u guys give me lotsa gems I'll buy the gem tree and give lots back!

  132. Hello I tryed many times and I got nothing I'm about to give up! I try the combos above and nothing!

  133. The flower left and the lightning right at level ten for both works really well as on second attempt after speeding up first I got it!

  134. Tom Arthur says:

    Got a dragonsai tree add me game centre: !+=Tom=+!

  135. Drew Boyd says:

    You breed lightning and flower dude…. Fog and lava for the new years.

  136. I got my love dragon once with lightning and flower both level ten. I can't seem to get another one!!!!

  137. Trish Blair says:

    Gem 4 gem
    Game center name:

  138. Hurley says:

    Add me to gamecenter, username is HuIey (the L in Hurley is actually a capital i). You gift me I’ll gift you

  139. Azrith says:

    Add me on game center Azr1th i’ll gem for gem. Im surprised Love dragons are still available in the market so i’m still trying to breed them.. lightning and flower have had nothing for me after like 6 tries. any other combos I should try?

  140. Louis says:

    Add me on gamecenter i’m:

  141. Brooke says:

    Just wondering, but if anbyone knows what the best way to breed them are, PLEASE REPLY!! and also watch my youtube channel!!! Just look up brookeparfaite thanx :) ^.^ XD

  142. Emma says:

    Add me I give gems Username is EmmaCM14 on game center

  143. Greenkid77 says:

    add me greenkid77 I have a gem tree :)

  144. Ross Georgallides says:

    Hi guys, if you wish to have a gem for gem friend then add me 'MannBetterKnow' I'm a daily user and send gems back to anyone. Peace xx

  145. Ross Georgallides says:

    Hi guys, if you wish to have a gem for gem friend then add me ‘MannBetterKnow’ I’m a daily user and send gems back to anyone. Peace xx

  146. Darrien Jones says:

    Add me on game center- TyphoonRex.

  147. taya says:

    these aern’t better then justin beiber but dragonvale is a good game too!

  148. Anonymous says:

    Hey everyone,

    I have a theory; I tried to get a love Dragon four times. Fail. Then I tried three times ON VALENTINES DAY. Two out of the three were love dragons. You never know maybe it helps to go for a holiday dragon on that holiday !

  149. borchie17 says:

    boom!!! first go and i got it. flower(lv10) on the left and lightling (lv9) on right. Hope this helps people

  150. LoveDragonBreeder says:

    hi! I am a love dragon breeder and the first time I ever tried to get a love dragon I used lightning + flower and I got love dragon on first try! If the incubation time for breeding is 5 hours, you’ve got yourself a limited love dragon!

  151. Jamel says:

    it better work bc I tried rly hard for a rainbow and it didnt work I’m loosing trust

  152. Sanj says:

    add me shinkiro

  153. Timmy Dugan says:

    It should be Lightning THEN Flower.

  154. Timmy Dugan says:

    Add Me, bobby446644.

  155. Ren Qiqi says:

    Valentine season still can get love dragon??

  156. Frankie Massey says:

    Add me….CatieTy

  157. Mafrouk says:

    LOL u guys are sad i jailbroke my ipod and now have 1 bil of each gold treats and gems LOLL U GUYS ARE SADDD

  158. cooldude says:

    Add Sams1pod on gamecenter

  159. Anonymous says:

    Can you still get a love dragon??

  160. Invisible Rainbow says:

    The dragons you use DO NOT HAVE TO BE LEVEL 10. My highest level dragon, 8, is my love dragon. I bred it with level 4 dragons.

  161. Jrabbit022=D says:

    Hi I just started playing dragon vale and I love it! I was wondering if anyone. Could Help me at all or be friend me I would greatly appreciate it(= my name is Jrabbit022=Day thank you!

  162. Jrabbit022=D says:

    Sorry typo its Jrabbit022=D

  163. Anonymous says:

    I know someone who got it with flower and lava

  164. Anonymous says:

    can i get friends with out a facebook?

  165. Greenkid77 says:

    can i add u with out a facebook?

  166. Add me ([email protected])

  167. Jeremy Dawson says:

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    The way to get things done just isn’t in your thoughts who contains the credit for doing them.

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  170. ww1 says:

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  171. Anonymous says:

    What are those dots of elements on there head

  172. ([email protected]) says:

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  173. Marcobabi says:

    still available for Love Dragon?

  174. Man says:

    add me please (_M1An78_)

  175. hi says:

    can u still get it or no more

  176. CRAZY says:

    Add me I’m crazyfun100

  177. Anonymous says:

    Hi.Can you still get love dragon in March

  178. Emil Rackare Jönsson says:

    Please add me =:(gurkan):=.
    Leta change some coins

  179. Michael says:

    I send gems if you do.

  180. sdarren7 says:

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  185. Tanktor says:

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  186. Dr.Awesemo says:

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  187. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily

  188. Anonymous says:

    My friend had one and I asked him and he said flower and lightning but…….i missed it!GRRRRRRRRRRRR….next year

  189. Ako C Lhubx says:

    hey guys add me cS*Lhubx I have dragonsai gem tree.

    • 4we50me says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

      The two recent updates for the poll include:
      How to navigate through this website!!! find out how to get to a certain page. This update includes: new combos for more dragons, and a new person to answer your questions (well im the same person, but with a different name)!!!

      How to navigate through game center for the newest update. This update includes: Permission to post “add me” comments at the poll, and more combos for solstice dragon.

      Happy posting!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wats ur name on dragon vale

  190. mallory says:

    i love the love dragon

  191. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily
    thanks alot :)

  192. Dragonvale says:

    I got all of the dragons the leap year the love the rainbow and more I love dragonvale I have 27,99999,45336$$ on the game it’s awsome

  193. Dragon maker says:

    can you still make love dragon now ?

  194. ~!Victini!~ says:

    Hey guys please add me the name is ~!Victini!~ I will give gifts :D

  195. Dragon maker says:

    So sad … Guess I have to wait till 2013 then

  196. Anonymous says:

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  198. gilbert bonilla says:

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