Leap Year Dragon Breeding Guide

| February 25, 2012 | 951 Comments

“The exceptionally rare leap year dragon can only be seen in the wild once every four years near Bridget’s Pass. Some say that simply gazing upon them has even caused women to spontaneously propose! Getting one of these in your park is sure to make you over the rainbow! Or is it over the moon? I can never remember”

Leap Year Dragon Breeding Combinations: are not out yet. This will be updated when they release the Leap Year Dragon in dragonvale.

XP: 100,000
Dragoncash: 2,500,000
Experience: 100000
Sell price: 2,500,000
Habitat type: rainbow
gems: 2750

Incubation Time:14 hours 30 minutes

The Leap Year Dragon will mostly be around for 1-2days so start breeding. A lot of People seems to be easily able to obtain the leap year dragon.
Here are some of the combinations: For Leap Year Dragon

seaweed dragon + firefly dragon

sonic dragon + lava dragon

Mud Dragon + Scorch Dragon

blue fire dragon + Crystal Dragon

lava dragon + fog Dragon

air dragon + earth Dragon

storm dragon + firefly dragon


The Leap Year Dragon is remove in the 1.6 patch. Patch 1.6 for dragonvale add the new Holiday Dragon: Clover Dragon

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  6. Emma says:

    How do you do this??:? I need to know!!

  7. Intellectual Metrosexual says:

    You put a birdie into a cat, Emma

  8. Tita Cruz says:

    When is the day the leap year dragon can be in the market

  9. Shell says:


  10. Anonymous says:

    please add me chipli43.Thanks

  11. ashleypikachu says:

    Can not wait until we can breed it!!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Sounds like it’ll only be available on leap day, And it looks like a rainbow, worth as much and lives in a rainbow habitat.  So I assume it’s rare

  13. WesleyWolf says:

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  14. Azrith says:

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  16. GJsIlluminations says:

    Oops, my name is GJAlte!
    Thank you, I am just starting out and can use the help!

  17. G-vus says:

    The dragon comes out on feb. 29.

  18. Trenidy says:

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  19. Anonymous says:

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  34. Marxel Trenche says:

    I just got the leap dragon fog + lava its a 10 second breading time and a 10 second egg hatching time its coool ass hell.

  35. Marxel Trenche says:

    just don't have room for another habitat I am bout to knock a habitata on purpose sooo freqaking cooool add em if u can to see it my1stlove is my name in game.

  36. Marxel Trenche says:

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  37. Anonymous says:

    I just got one, Blue Fire + Crystal. I don’t know if it was a glitch or what, but it only took 30 seconds to breed and 30 seconds to incubate. It’s so golden and pretty. :>

  38. -!-Gio-!- says:

    Just got one leap dragon!!! Blue fire + Crystal… I didn’t know it exists…

  39. Marxel Trenche says:

    I got very lucky couse my maiting time was 10 seconds and breading time was 10 seconds wtf happened I am in awwww I got lucky.

  40. Theturk says:

    I got 1 from lava and fog in that order both level 10 it breeds with the rainbow dragon

  41. Frumpy says:

    Leap year dragon – lvl 15 panlong and lvl 13 love – 14.5 hours breeding and incubation time. I’ll have mine tomorrow sometime!

  42. Elveon's of Thyrehaven says:

    Add me. Elveon of Thyrehaven

  43. Adam Trinh says:

    It came out today!

  44. Andrew Seim says:


  45. Trude Hovden says:

    I couldnt figure out 15 hours breeding – I got the leap year dragon!

  46. John says:

    The leap yaer dragon is available in the market peoples going goin gone

  47. Anna says:

    Just did fog left lava right and got leap year! Bannerface my game center name.

  48. Chris says:

    Just bred a level 4 Panlong and a level 10 Love dragon and got a leap dragon first try. Tried to repeat but no luck so far. For what it’s worth, Panlong and Love do work!

  49. Turdsandwhich says:

    Just got the leap year dragon first go lava on the left and fog on the right. Both lv 10. Add me for gems. Gamecentre: TurdSandwhich97

  50. Diegoxp says:

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    I will give you a gem every day x)

  51. Jayden says:

    Keep trying to breed a flower and a storm, i got mine on my 3rd try

  52. Anonymous says:

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  53. Anon says:

    I used Seaweed and Firefly on the epic breeding island and got it on the first try (shockingly)!

  54. Jayden says:

    How it not out yet

  55. Can a leap dragon breed with a rainbow dragon?

  56. Anyone know what 15 hours breeding is?

  57. Anonymous says:

    firefly and Fog!!!! 10seconds!!! wooooo!!

  58. Cat says:

    blazing with mud — 15 hr breeding and incubation time

  59. Anonymous says:

    I cant seem to find any type of way to get leap year. Do you know how long it will be avalible?

  60. Kayleigh Arendt says:

    Panlong then love works I just got two in a row !!!!

  61. Matt Blohm says:

    Got mine!!

    Lvl 10 crystal with lvl 10 blazing
    In that order

  62. Anonymous says:

    Add me on dragonvale need gems badly

  63. BlackBillion says:

    Leap Year + Rainbow = 48 hr breeding time…. Wonder what it will be? :)

  64. Daniel Birkbeck says:

    Just got the leap year dragon! Was trying for panlong! Fog (Lvl 10) on the left + Lava (Lvl 10) on the right, on the epic breeding island! I’m level 19 with no sun,moon, panlong or rainbow yet!

  65. Daniel Elijah Ortiz says:

    The Combination is Firefly level ten as the first dragon and seaweed level ten as the second dragon and it should take fifteen hours to incubate and fifteen hours to hatch hope this helps :)

  66. I got leap dragon at first try at flower and storm dragon level 12 and 11 nice lol

  67. evsphinx says:

    Crystal and blaze in that order. Breeding time is 15 minutes.

  68. Kevster53 says:

    I have 25 wait I think it’s 24 leap year dragons waste all ma gems but who cares

  69. I think I've just got one, the incubation time is 14 hours and 30 minutes, so I guess it's it. Funny thing I didn't even know about the new dragon. The combination is lava on the left and swamp on the right.

  70. Any clues no how to breed it

  71. Gryphon says:

    First attempt with Snow lvl 10 (L) and Love lvl 10 (R) and now I have a 14:30hr breeding. Should be a leap year dragon

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  73. please add my game center give me gems,,, I need to have leap dragon GAME CENTER : XfactorCK.

  74. Craig says:

    Its out n my wife just got it first try. Lvl 10 Seaweed + Lvl11 Lava on EBI. It’s 14 h 29 m breeding time. That after she just got her 2nd Panlong minutes before. I tried same n got Lava… My usual luck.

  75. Just got leap year dragon by breeding blue fire in first slot and sonic in second . Took 16 hour incubation . In epic

  76. Michael says:


    Fountain of youth on valentines dragon lvl 12
    and lvl 12 new years dragon adult and it gave me the new years

  77. Andrax says:

    I got mine on EBI lv 10 iceberg and lv 10 firefly first try. I’m level 20 add me I’m .:AndraX:.

  78. Michelle Love says:

    Hi jst got this with panlong and love onEBI

  79. Michelle Love says:

    Oh and you need to update your page its 14hrs 30mins incubation

  80. Simon says:

    Just got leap year on first try lv11 panlong and lvl 10 frostfire

  81. MD says:

    i got it after trying to breed panlong
    put crystal and blazing together then the result came out 14hrs and 30mins

  82. zsoltnagy93 says:

    Lvl 10 Fog with Lvl 10 Lava first try :)

  83. Anonymous says:

    Panlong and love dragon. First go

  84. IJH6775 says:

    Getting my leap year dragon with lvl 15 seaweed & lvl 13 lava n the breeding cave 1st try.

  85. Kolkka says:

    Lava and Fog in EBI on first try. Both level 10 and 14 hr 30 min breeding time. YES!

  86. Trude Hovden says:

    David, I tried, but I can't recall. I was curious, because it said 15 hour incubation time, and I googled, but no luck, so I ended up spending 30 gems

  87. Luke Abrahams says:

    Just got one! Level 10 lava, level 9 seaweed

  88. Dreboy410201 says:

    Bluefire and panlong 1shot

  89. gurkrixlol says:

    seaweed + lava, got it first try. Good luck

  90. i just got it !!! I was breeding a mud dragon and a blazing dragon to get a panlong and…. i get a leap year dragon !!

  91. Anonymous says:

    I’m getting it rite now

  92. BlackdragonGod says:

    I got it :D flower and storm 10leve

  93. timthetoolmanregan says:

    WOW!!!!!! That was easy. I got a leep year on the 2nd try. 1st try was seaweed at lvl. 11 and lave at lvl 10 in epi. got a 14 hour. I did the same thing in my other breeder with seaweed at lvl. 10 and lave at lvl 10 and bingo 14.5 hour YEA!!!! Here is a ? can yall breed rainbow and leap year together? if so what will you get? hmmmmmmmmmmmm bty who ever wants jems add me i have a crazy jem tree thats spits them out faster then i can give them out. stay safe have fun PEACE…

  94. King RED Bong says:

    i got it just afer i got my sandstorm dragon on the first try, it sayd 14.5 hours and i looked through the list but there was nothing, hour later i checked again and there it was, anyway, i put sandstorm in left and palong on right.
    ADD ME: King RED Bong

  95. tempo says:

    mud + willow = leap year dragon… works for me on the first try… lucky

  96. Anonymous says:

    Whats EBI mean?

  97. it takes 14 hrs 30 min to incubate myself and my husband got it on our first tries useing love and panlong dragons.

  98. Tersea says:

    I did tree dragon + snow dragon trying to get a rainbow and I got a leap year :-)

  99. Nicholas says:

    I did
    Slot 1: blazing
    Slot 2: crystal
    I got it on the first try!! Hope this helps

  100. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know the breeding combos for the leap year dragon it says it won’t be released until its released in dragonvale and it’s already released in dragonvale, I NEED TO KNOW!!!?!?!!

  101. Hope church says:

    Does anyone know the breeding combos for the leap year dragon it says it won’t be released until its released in dragonvale and it’s already released in dragonvale, I NEED TO KNOW!!!?!?!!

  102. Chloe Rocke says:

    I got it from breeding level 10 seaweed with level 10 lava on epic

  103. Level 11 sonic and level 11 lava. First try!! Tried seaweed and firefly. Like 4 times util I tried the sonic. Yay!

  104. James Woodhouse says:

    Got a leap year coming first try got it

  105. SoSO says:

    Anyone manage to get the LYD without level 10 dragons? I have a L10 Mountain and my basic dragons are L9 but all my others are L8 – what do you think my chances are? I’m Level 16.

  106. Anonymous says:

    How loNg is it out fr

  107. Kyle Ashley says:

    I got mine with a blazing and a mud. Trying for a panlong. Its a 14 and a half hour wait time

  108. I need gems add me zackary159

  109. Anonymous says:

    by the description, why would you not try moon and rainbow? I don't have either of those dragons yet, so I can't, but if I did, that's what I would try first!

  110. TOOBTUB says:

    i got it @ 1st try

  111. Minako says:

    i got it from my first try :)
    Fog + Storm
    Both dragons must be level 10 :)

  112. PTBeach says:

    I bred a Fog and Lava (both level 7) on the EBI, got it on the 3rd try.

  113. Blazing on the left Mud on the right. :) First try and I was looking to get a Panlong dragon.

  114. Anonymous says:

    Blazing +mud and just got the leap year dragon 10:00 Pacific standard time both were level ten and were breeded in normal breeding cave .

  115. Anonyomous says:

    fog + lava = leap year

  116. Leaf dragon says:

    I got a leaf year dragon love dragon + blue fire dragon both level 10

  117. James Allgeier says:

    Please add me jimlee2469. Gift gem for gem daily.

  118. Anonymous says:

    Pls add me jimlee2469. I gift gem for gem.

  119. Nolon says:

    I did dragon 1:lvl 10 fog dragon 2:lvl 7 lava and got a leap year dragon on my first try

  120. Nolon says:

    I did dragon 1:lvl 10 fog dragon 2:lvl 7 lava dragon and got a leap year dragon on my first try

  121. Nolon says:

    I did
    Dragon 1: lvl 10 fog dragon
    Dragon 2: lvl 7 lava dragon
    And got the leap year dragon on my first try

  122. Josh Sengco says:

    best breeding combination?

  123. Marxel Trenche says:

    I got the first leap dragon itwas 10 seconds to bread and 10 seconds to hatch why was that….

  124. Marxel Trenche says:

    I got it yesterday it was crazy.

  125. Anonymous says:

    How much breeding time and incubation time is it for a leap year dragon

  126. Anonymous says:

    Fog+lava both level ten. First try. WOOT!!

  127. Genotype268 says:

    Hey guys its 20:06pm an i just got my leap year dragon with a Quake lvl 15 and a Blazing lvl 15

    If you need some proof just add me: Genotype268

    Hope this helps guys …so excited haha :D

  128. Daphne Khoo Wan Ting says:

    trying to get a moon dragon, but gotten leap of dragon. bluefire dragon+crystal :)

  129. Chutney.spires says:

    Quake + blazing level 10!!!

  130. Shankz says:

    Water + love – leap year in 2 attempt

  131. Jade Luo says:

    Just got mine..;) Fog+Lava at normal breeding cave.. :)))

  132. Esperanza Isabel Palacin Perez says:

    Got it with mud and blazing

  133. John de la Prida says:

    I just got it! I used blue fire and crystal.

  134. Cutapis says:

    Holy shit, I use 98 gems for speed breeding, so I tried about 20 times, and still no leap year. I tried fog + lava and seaweed + firefly (all lvl 10)
    (Sorry for my English, I’m french…)

  135. Kirktheboss says:

    Got the leap year with blue fire then crystal.

    Add me i bought a gem tree but no one to give gems too lol…

    Name= kirktheboss

  136. Tom says:

    WOOT i got it on my first try!!

  137. Gary says:

    Lava and fog 3 time nothing

  138. I did it says:

    I just got it
    Dragon 1:Blue fire
    Dragon 2:Crystal
    Epic Breeding cave

  139. Dave 'Chalky' White says:

    I used Quake and Firefly and got it first time. Didn't even realise it was out yet either! Lol

  140. Cal Al says:

    I got one Fog and Lava

  141. Amber Triplett says:

    Got it with Seaweed + Firefly first try. :D!

  142. Amber Triplett says:

    Got it with Seaweed + Firefly first try. :D!

  143. xxBLUExxFROSTYxx says:

    hey guys, guess how i got it!?!?! i bought it!!!! i also got it by breeding 2 rainbow dragons

  144. ToonaCat says:

    Got it! Flower and Storm level 15 – EBI

  145. Kevindemik says:

    I got it on the first try i did
    Works 100%

  146. xxBLUExxFROSTYxx says:

    my friend got it, hes level 12 and got it with level 4 fire and level 6 earth

  147. 1st try, regular breeding cave. lvl 10 firefly and lvl 10 seaweed, in that order. I'm lvl 22. got it at 3pm today.

  148. Hami Yılmaz says:

    Yeaaaaaaaaah!!!!! I did it i did it omg omg 22 level guardianofdemacia add me and look at that… Combination : Blue Fire + Crystal IT WORKS!!!

  149. Anonymous says:

    Got mine, blazing on left mud on the right. Breed at 2:00 am

  150. Cal Al says:

    Gem for a gem. Daddy C-los

  151. Anonymous says:

    cant wait looks great need quick cash fast lol got rainbow and panlong no love like usual

  152. Dylan says:

    I got my leapdragon with level 10 seaweed on
    Eft and level 10 lava on right with incubation of 14 hours, 30 minutes

  153. Anonymous says:

    I got it on my first try by doing fog and lava:) super hype

  154. Lord YBJLUS says:

    I done swamp lvl 10 and firefly lvl 10 worked the first time!!!!!! ;)

  155. Anonymous says:

    I got mine :) first try. lvl 20. lvl 10 lava and fog.

  156. Canaan Yee says:

    Blue fire and love got it for me first try.

  157. Anonymous says:

    Got one! Seaweed and Firefly, like they said!

  158. Anonymous says:

    Thanks dude i got it on my second try seaweed on left and firefly on right

  159. Megan Swords says:

    I got it first try with crystal plus swamp

  160. Anonymous says:

    Got it first try Seaweed level 10 and Firefly level 10 epic breeding cave

  161. Hu Jiyun says:

    I got it with lv 10 sonic+lv10 lava!! :)

  162. Anonymous says:

    im trying for a leap year dragon wth epic breeding island fog on left and lava on right. 8 hour breeding time :'(

  163. southern fury says:

    Got mine from Reindeer + Scorch…1st Try !!!

  164. I did lvl 10 seaweed and firefly and got it and I'm lvl 22, can't wait for it to hatch!

  165. Brummernade says:

    Just got one with mud and blazing both level 15 in the island breeding cave!

  166. Kylie Skelly says:

    Put love dragon on left and panlong on right and got it first try.

  167. melody says:

    It doesn’t work, i tried and I wasted 60 gems on that! Srsly, it’s hard -.-‘

  168. Benicio says:

    Gems for gems? Add Benicio_

  169. Taylor White says:

    Got one incubating! Freakin' Awesome!

  170. Tracey C./Swissy442 says:

    LVL 12 Lava, LVL 13 Fog worked after third time. Trying to get another has not worked after tons of breeds :(

  171. ??????? says:

    I got it first try with blue fire and crystal. Im so happy

  172. ??????? says:

    Level 18 by the way

  173. Level 5 lava and level 4 fog worked on the first try and I can’t wait to hatch it

  174. Michael Tran says:

    Storm and firefly isn't working.

  175. Jon Williams says:

    got it on my 2nd try with the Chinese New Year Dragon and Valentines Dragon, yeah!

  176. Vova Avramenko says:

    How do you get it .its hard .…!!!!

  177. All of my friends got the leap year dragon by breeding blazing and mud.

    Add me I'll give 2 gems to each person who gives me 1


  178. person says:

    ive tried over 30 times already and wasted so many gems :/ no leap year dragon

  179. jack says:

    i got a leapyear dragon with crystal lv7 and snow lv9 try it it works!

  180. Ryan Smirnow says:

    I don't have blue fire to breed with. What is the most effective breeding combo. I have lava, fire, storm, firefly,poison, moss, plant, quake, earth, lightning, moon, scorch, mountain, cold, ice, seaweed, and water. Does anyone no a combo I can use from these to get it, and what level do the dragons need to be?

  181. got mine using lvl 11 lava and lvl 10 fog in that order, it took me quite a few tries with seaweed and firefly with no luck to try this combination. Goodluck! Add me! Bekalynn33

  182. Ryan Smirnow says:

    I need gems for this dragon add me. My game center name is power man supreme. Or give me tips on dragon combination breeding types. I don’t have blue fire either, which I’ve been trying to get. Please help.

  183. Ryan Smirnow says:

    Add me on game center. My name is power man supreme. I need gems.

  184. Anon says:

    Used Blue Fire and Crystal. Got a 14 hour 30 min hatch time. I think were good~

  185. Leap year dragon 101 says:

    Got it by breeding blue fire and crystal I
    Bred them before the notification came out

  186. Jen Fink says:

    I'm trying to get the leap year dragon using seaweed and firefly but I can't get it. I'm going to try panlong and love… Add me! Name: Jen Fizz.

  187. Coolman1081 says:

    Staryed breaking two dragons this morning, logged just now, found about it, started hatching it. It was gold egg, hell yes.

  188. evan says:

    lv.10 sonic and lv.7 lava totally works!!!!!

  189. Nathan says:

    got it with lvl 15 Love and lvl 15 Panlong 1st try

  190. Babydoll says:

    I got one just now, first try with a panlong + crystal

  191. Rachel says:

    I just got it on my 3rd try woohoo
    Ps add me

  192. BlackBillion says:

    Has anyone been able to successfully breed a second Leap Year?

  193. Mrmouse123 says:

    Ok i tried mud and blazing twice and just wasted 20 gems. I have version 1.4.0 so im not sure if its that but someone please tell me a good way to do it

  194. Rico Dean says:

    I am trying to get a leap year dragon also. Add me and I can give you gems. My game center name is SLEVIN72686.

  195. Chris Spicer says:

    I can confirm: if you already have a rainbow egg in the hopper you can't get the LYD unless it's first cleared. 100 gem lesson for me.

  196. Bcbatson says:

    First try using level 10 panlong and level 10 vday dragons. Now if I could just get a rainbow and a frostfire :P

  197. Steven Keegan says:

    I did Chinese dragon and love dragon got first time a 15

  198. Dede Ivory S. Cabarloc says:

    I think i got it now…Blazing left Mud right

  199. Cher-Bear123 says:

    Just got a leap year dragon by breeding Lava level 7 and Fog level 8. New player please add me

  200. lin says:

    so i bred flower and storm and i got an incubation time of 48hrs. Is that gonna be the leap year or something else?

  201. Nyc says:

    I got one with blue fire + crystal, after trying just about every combination first and $2 in gems, heh. But yay! Tried Love + Panlong several times, someone said it was a good combination, but it did nothing for me.

  202. Smelly2toads says:

    I can’t get anything cool!!! I even have the the epic breeding cave

  203. Nathan Dsouza says:

    hey add me gem4gem Rasta-_-dezz

  204. Nathan Dsouza says:

    btw if u don't update the game can you still get it if it's not out?

  205. Mylotoxy says:

    snow and cristalllllll 1 try :))

  206. JR says:

    Please add me, blackfractal. I have a dragonsai tree but not enough friends to give to!!

  207. Person says:

    Does mud and scrotch work please answer!

  208. Person says:

    Can somebody answer!

  209. gamma016 says:

    I got with level 9 lava and level 9 fog first try too, so psyched!!

  210. Thepwned1 says:

    Changed my name oh and does mud and scrotch get you the leap year dragon

  211. says:

    Mud + Scorch 1st try 

  212. Anonymous says:

    Got sun

  213. sho424 says:

    I got a leap from mud / scorch. pls friend for gems :)

  214. sho424 says:

    yes it does

  215. Mackenzie says:

    I took me a few tries but fortunately I got the leap year dragon by breeding seaweed (on left) and firefly (on right). Add me mackcayco

  216. Thepwned1 says:

    I need gems please FR me in the game center my name is tacnyan9000 I’ll give you a gem everyday if you give me a gem everyday not kidding seriously and thank you Anonymous

  217. Trenidy Duhon says:

    I got it first try!!! With seaweed and firefly :-) and did it on first try on my cousins dragons haha Waaa!

  218. JL says:

    Add me for gem trading!
    ID: Ice Jade
    Anyone who sends a gem, I’ll send one to you as well =)

  219. Catalicious555 says:

    Blazing level 10 + scorch level10 first try

  220. Addme! says:

    has anyone tried w/ the storm and firefly and did it work??? if so, what levels were they and which side did you put each on?? Please help!!

  221. So it's the mud and blazing dragon that is best?

  222. sho424 says:

    put your gc id up – i have tree and will friend

  223. D-Mac says:

    Bazing X Mud FTW second time for me.first time for bro. has everything but frostfire,moon,and sun. My bro would have to but being dumb*** he sold one. i have everything but rainbow,love,moon,sun .stupid percenteges.

  224. Olen Cannon says:

    Got it with mud and blazing.

    Still trying for panlong and moon.

  225. Olen Cannon says:

    Otcannon1 if you need a neighbor

  226. Lava and swamp got it on the first try!

  227. Anonymous says:

    Add me at btdstar999. I will give you gems as often as possible:)

  228. Max says:


  229. Jacob Hanson says:

    I noticed that when I got my moon dragon the breeding and incubation time was the same, same as when I got my panglong. Now I used the seaweed plus firefly and got 14 hours and 30 minutes! Same as leap year!!!

  230. Jacob Hanson says:

    This was on my first try to. I recommend trying this.

  231. Leap Year Dragon owner says:

    I got leap year w/ blazing and mud. Im trying to get one more so I can breed them, and with only 3days left I’m nervous. I have a frostfire, bluefire, panlong and love and I want friends! My game center Id is lilablue01. Please add me! I’ll send gems whenever I can.

  232. Leap Year Dragon owner says:

    When I was breeding my love and panlong, I was trying to get rainbow but, I like leap year better!!! I was very surprised!

  233. Ramiro says:

    Just got one! Used Crystal level 10 as first dragon with blue fire level 10

  234. Charles says:

    Leapyear dragon with (lvl 10) seaweed and (lvl 10) firefly on EBI

    Add me on game center (Charles2) very active

  235. Need gems I have a sun dragon in the breeding cave and it's going to take up all the time so if I don't get it out soon I won't be able to get a leap year!

  236. Game center Name is kyayagami

  237. Brad says:

    Just got the leap year dragon with firefly lv 10 and seaweed lv 10 on the first attempt.

  238. Wee Chuan says:

    Got mine … BlueFire+Quake

  239. Wee Chuan says:

    My friend .. Got it Flower + Storm…

    Add me :) 78DT

  240. Jessica Slade says:

    got it first try with scorch 8 and moss 6 in the cave in that order :)

  241. Bigbangbadabing says:

    Got leap on first attempt with blaze and mud. Failed on same combo on following two tries.

  242. LeeBrengkis says:

    i used mud level 10 (left) and blazing level 9 (right)…good luck breeders…:)

  243. Connor Moriarty says:

    I got it first try today with fog and lava.

  244. Flame says:

    Got my LP Finally, now I,ve got to wait for 14 and an half hours, loosing all 50 gems. Firefly n seaweed lvl 10.

  245. Ip Man says:

    What if i want to breed it twise,is it posible?

    • Ken says:

      ofc. i’ve got 4 rainbows, so i thinks so.

    • DeonWindow says:

      Just used gems to breed a LY dragon.
      I’ve tried like 30times breeding it but ONLY successed for ONCE in the 6th or 7th attempt; I now assume we can’t breed more than one LY(I do not deny if it’s just my bad luck).
      Maybe u can breed one, n buy more from the store :)

  246. Alexander Au says:

    OMG I want it so bad add me plz send gems

  247. Anonymous says:

    I got it with Mud and baby lev 15 blazing. now all i need to get is moon

  248. Amanda Gonce says:

    I used water dragon and love dragon and first try got the leap year dragon!! The golden egg

  249. ww1 says:

    How d you send gems ?

  250. Marco says:

    it doesn’t works in my case for seaweed and firefly/.\

    please give me gem:) marcobabi

  251. Girly says:

    Got it finally with lava level 10 and fog level 10 in that order with the breeding island after about 10 tries.

  252. I got mine by breeding lava and fog

  253. Laney Shae ( game center) says:

    I got it on my first try with level 10 fog + level 10 lava. For me It took 15 hours it said. But I just used like 30 gems to incubate and hatch it right away and then I fed him till level 10. BTW, it earns you 400 coins per min at level 10.

  254. Addy Thompson says:

    I got it with blazing and crystal

  255. Jose Jabat says:

    I was supposed to breed a Panlong Dragon using Blaze and Mud…it went out as the leap year dragon…LOL.

  256. Mark Rand says:

    Any1 know if u can get 2 of them im havin trouble gettin the second

  257. Alicia Liberty Brown says:

    I still can't get one :/

  258. Daniel Dineen says:


    FIRST GO! :)

    add danskiiez got no friends to send and receive gems with :(

  259. emjdedios says:

    took several tries but i got it with:

    lvl10 seaweed
    lvl10 firefly

    epic breeding cave


  260. Daemon Hunt says:

    I bred a fog dragon level 10 on the left and a lava dragon level 11 on the right in the breeding cave. Third try I got a leap year dragon 14.5 hours incubation. Fed him up and he's glorious. I have every dragon except the Rainbow, so he cheered me up lol after all my trying! Funny thing is I have 2 suns and 2 moons and every other dragon but Rainbow has been elusive! It's the 29th Feb in NZ today, good luck to all of you in later time zones :-) hope my tip helps!

  261. Trish says:

    Got it on first try with seaweed and firefly combo. Thanks for the tip! Only takes half an hour to breed but 15 hrs to incubate.

  262. Martin says:

    Got it with seaweed+firefly. Have bred leap year with rainbow twice for two new rainbows!!!

  263. Sammie says:

    I finally got my Leap Year Dragon using Mud level 10 on the left side and Blazing level 10 on the right side on the Epic Breeding Island!!!!

  264. Cheon1 says:


  265. Anonymous says:

    I got it with fog level 10 and lava level 10

  266. Anonymous says:

    I got it with fog level10 and lava level10
    I used the epic breeding island

  267. I got from Blue fire and Crystle. But I need another one. :P

  268. Anonymous says:

    try seaweed and firefly in norm breeding cave worked first time

  269. Anonymous says:

    Best way is Love + Panlong, both lvl 10 Love on left and Panlong on right

  270. Anonymous says:

    i have jailbroken ipod i can send u 200+ gems if u send me gems every day for three weeks keep on trying as ill be very busy.

    Gamecenter name:harry potter fan 2011

  271. Anonymous says:

    Just added! :D Can you please send quickly?? :D

  272. Anonymous says:

    Please send? :)

  273. Mei Jaz says:

    I got it on the first try :D

  274. priya says:

    add me on game center….i will give you gems daily…game center name is pichaks

  275. kanerox says:

    Can someone please tell me how to get a leap year dragon

  276. Skitty27 says:

    I can’t get one! :(

  277. kanerox says:

    i just got it lvl 10 seaweed lvl 10 firefly

  278. timthetoolmanregan says:

    I have bread a leap year and a rainbow and got a 48 hour egg. i was hoping 4 a 14.5 hour egg. oh well.

  279. I have tried the seaweed & firefly on each side & nothing
    Add me sir matt 91 & i will send gems pls

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on we got hours left plz someone send me some gems need so much to get leap year my game centre name is JOsh 199814 add me plz

  280. JOsh1998 14 says:

    I neeeed gems accidentally bred anutha storm dragon and need 2 get leap year dragon plz help and add me on gamecentre my name is JOsh 1998 14 I will give u gifts bak

  281. Anonymous says:

    Yes got it on the third try
    Blue Fire Level 10 + Crystal Level 10

  282. Leap Year Dragon owner says:

    Dont worry if u don’t get one right away. It’s a very rare dragon. I got mine with panlong and love dragons. Good luck to breeders!

  283. Leap Year Dragon owner says:

    Please friend! GC ID lilablue01

  284. I play dragonvale on a ipod how do I add people?

    • Anonymous says:

      On game center is how you add people. I have 29 friends in two to three days by looking through stuff. And to get the leap year, I’m going to try firefly and see weed. DRAGONS CANNOT BE THE SAME LEVEL.

  285. Leap Year Dragon Owner says:

    OMG i just woke up and about to go to school and i breed a lv 9 seaweed and a lv 9 firefly and i got it and im going crazy !!!!!!

  286. dragon fan 123 says:

    can any one add me my name is xboxpek09 thank you

  287. Connor Scubashark Read says:

    lvl 10 firefly left + lvl 10 seaweed worked… put it in breeding cave and saw 14.30 in the remaining time so i used 15 gems (luckily i won 30 in colosseum yesterday) and a golden egg appered in nursury, also bred a moon dragon yesterday morning with blue fire and crystal and a sun the morning before that with a love and fire… lucky week?

  288. Tita Cruz says:

    Is this the last day of the leap year dragon

  289. SeaWe3d says:

    Hey I have tried mud and blazing 3 times abdstill no luck! Please add me! I’ll send you gems if u send me one too! I only need a few to be able to breed another time! So please help me out! I’m gunna try panlong and love next

  290. Mxkid244 says:

    Ok Ive tried like 5 different combinations and I still can’t get it

  291. SandrenLoui77 says:

    I’ve been tryin to breed a leap year dragon but hav had no success .

  292. anonymous says:

    Add me prokop23 send gem for gem:)

  293. Sondre Halvorsen says:

    i got mine, sweet!

  294. Nettan1402 says:

    Finns det andra svenskar på Dragonvale?? I så fall får ni gärna lägga till mig nettan1402 så byter vi gems. Vi hörs!

  295. AyGun Grenard says:

    I got the leap dragon first try. I breeded poison and storm dragon..good luck!

  296. David says:

    How can I be a dragon from a level higher than 10?

  297. Greenkid77 says:

    You forgot love + water greenkid77 add me gem tree

  298. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think they made the breeding difficult, got mine first try too, the catch for this one is the very short period of time to get one.

  299. Anndim says:

    I just bred firefly on left and storm on right and have egg that requires 1+.days to hatch. Did this this morning. Any chance it’s a LYDI? I see others saying that it only takes 14 hours? Don’t have Jews to speed up the process and afraid I won’t get a second chance to gey this dragon. Thanks Justin

    • Anndim says:

      Sorry. That would be Jems. Not Jews. No offense.

      • RIGZ.GAB says:

        Nope u probably got panlong, or the rainbow those take 36 hours to breed and another 36 to hatch :/.. Firefly and seaweed both level 10 totally work ^.^

        • Anndim says:

          Damn. Been trying for those for ages. Now that I want the LYDI I get them. Oh well. Got a few Jems to play with. Will wait 12 hours, use em, and try your suggestion. Thanks for the info.

  300. Tigersmeows says:

    Finally! After trying all of the suggested combos and failing, I tried fog+lava and got a waiting time of14.5 hours! YAY!!! My 5year old son will be so happy! lol

  301. AndreaS says:

    Does crystal with flower work?

  302. Curt says:

    add me cleeh78

  303. Mxkid244 says:

    I got it mud plus blazing

  304. ww1 says:

    I breed a leap dragon :p I used baby blue fire10 & lvl 10 crystal Good Luck- ww1

  305. ww1 says:

    Let me add this I tried about 12x for Leap, then I built habitat next try of breeding worked so 1st build Rainbow Habitat Have Fun- ww1 :D

  306. Jonathan Modrell says:

    Blazing and crystal

  307. Al primo tentativo con seaweed e firefly mi é uscito!!

  308. Firefly + Seaweed, both level 10

    • BD says:

      How many times did you have to do Firefly+Seaweed? I’m at Level 16 and both Firefly and Seaweed are at Level 10. I’ve tried 3 times and still no Leap Year Dragon!!

  309. David says:

    Please add me hckladno68

  310. Jobtaka says:

    I need 5 gems for EBI

  311. NoReggieMayne says:

    I bred a Lvl 10 Lava (left) Lvl 10 Swamp (right) got the Leap Year Dragon 1st try

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey thx this totay work out i tried seaweed n firely like 5 tumez Nd waste more than 20gems didnt come out…but ur combinations come out first try ;)

  312. David Jíra says:

    please add me hckladno68.

  313. Emberlily* says:

    I got leap first time with seaweed and firefly!!!

  314. Anonymous says:

    I got it with lava lvl10 and then fog Lvl 10

  315. Ken says:

    Got mine using Lava and Fog – woot! ;)

  316. Jcmiv says:

    1st try with seaweed + firefly. Add me- I give out gems daily

  317. Jcmiv says:

    1st try with seaweed + firefly. Add me I give out gems daily

  318. Gerardo Flores says:

    Add me need gems will return the favor

  319. Gerardo Flores says:

    Add me need gems will return the favor Stickgfr :)

  320. Got mine! Took a few tries, but finally got it using the Mud & the Blazing!

  321. Tracey C./Swissy442 says:

    FYI my friends…rumor has it you can only obtain a second Leap Year Dragon by purchasing it with gems. I have one Leap Year Dragon and have tried (w/ TONS of gems) to breed a second and it has been a big ol’ waste of time and gems. I have given up on getting a second.
    Got my first with:
    Fog/Lava breeding combo, both lvl 10 on 2nd or 3rd try.
    Good Luck~

  322. Anonymous says:

    Send me a gem than I will send u a gem

    My name for gamecentre is Bummeries

  323. Colleen M Johnson Z says:

    I send gems but no one ever returns gamecenter us threeplayers3. I am trying to breed with lava and fog both level 10

  324. joe says:

    anybody know if it can be bred with a rainbow dragon?

  325. Anonymous says:

    Add me I’ll send you free gems my name is shiny jr.

  326. RSF says:

    Add me i do gem for gem : RSFLesner

  327. didi1809 says:

    I have the leapyear dragon you just have all the time + Blazing Swamp level 7 trying. because I have leapyear dragon add me but you can see it

  328. Juan David Ocampo says:

    Add me : Judama0266 gem for gem.

  329. Colleen M Johnson Z says:

    Thanks for my 3 new friends I owe one of you a gem as I sent it to the person right before you and we only get 3 darn it. Breeding, still no leap yr :( 4 new friends

  330. KC says:

    Level 10 blue fire + level 10 crystal = 14 1/2 hour breeding time. *fingers crossed* (since that goes into tomorrow :/) tried all other combinations and none worked. This one, however, first try in regular breeding cave.

  331. Swagerface22 says:

    I got it from a level 9 mud and a level 10 blazing.

  332. I've gotten the leap year twice in a row, and on the first two tries for this combo. Seaweed and firefly on epic breeding island

  333. Johannes Mårtensson says:

    Add me and i can give you gems. Only if you give me


  334. Anonymous says:

    i cant get anything. im trying seawees lv10 and firefly lv10 but i keep getting random stuff. if anybody knows if i can actually breed to get a blue fire dragon can you let me know plz?

  335. sho424 says:

    YES!!!!!! Just got my second Leap!!!!
    Storm left Panlong right
    Friend for gem exchange gc id: Sho424

  336. sho424 says:

    what combos are you trying? I have every dragon (except bone and reindeer – started playing too late)

  337. Phoebe Markwood says:

    My little brother got it with blue fire + fire but, I haven't been so successful. He got it on his first try and it was an accident! How lucky is he!? Lol

  338. jay says:

    i dont now how to get the gold dragon i need a lot of gems in one day please add me my gamecentur name is jay3602008 and me and send me a gem for gem

  339. Anonymous says:

    You can breed a rainbow with leap year dragon. Say’s 48 hours to breed. Don’t know what I will get.

  340. SaturnVUEvuy says:

    I’ve been trying a variety of the combos listed here and have had no success

  341. Love dragon level 8 & reindeer level 10 … Finally succeed !

  342. Amber says:

    Add me. I give gems for gems.
    Game center: ScarletPyro

  343. Anonymous says:

    I got to leap year dragons using a fog dragon lvl 10 and lava dragon lvl 11 twice

  344. Zombiefication says:

    Yaaay! Got one with lvl 10 snow and lvl 10 chrystal, and another one with lvl 10 seaweed and firefly! I’m so happy! Gc account: zombiefication

  345. Mason says:

    add me mason123f

  346. Eddywinn says:

    Okay, so I wanted to make a panlong dragon so I could breed with my love dragon to get a leap year dragon?
    I I tried mud and blazing, no use I got a mud,then I tried fog and lava and got Lava, I wasted all of my gems and on the third try, I put mud and blazing again and the time was 14hrs 30min, I knew it wasn’t the panlong and got disappointed, I wanted to find out what it was but saw none had 14hrs 30min, I googled it and found out it was a leap year!!!!

  347. Anonymous says:

    ok it took multiple trys, and sadly $1.99 more gems, but i got the leap year!! level 10’s: blue fire then crystal :in the breeding CAVE the island has more of a chance to get rainbow instead of leap year, hope this helps guys

  348. Leap Year Dragon owner says:

    I bred a second leap year w/ seaweed and firefly.
    So it in fact is possible to breed a second leap year dragon. It just takes patience and gems.

  349. Splyf says:

    I have with success created a Leap year dragon using seaweed dragon + firefly dragon. The first time didn’t success so i selected a different firefly and i succeded, I did it on the Epic Breeding Island.
    I tried gave the combo another shot and i have 14,5 hours to go, but no gems :( I hope it will be a second leap dragon :)

  350. leap year dragon says:

    add me Dagon23 pleese tell me how can i get a panlong dragon i neeeeeeeed it pleeeeeeese

  351. Slugger ba says:

    Add me. slugger ba. leap year dragon on my first try. Mud and blazing

  352. Anonymous says:

    Can u get a leap dragon in the breeding cave or only on the EBI? And what comb works best

  353. Leap year says:

    How to get leap year? Firefly + Seaweed isn’t working!

  354. lovehaley97 says:

    FINALLY. i have been trying to get the leap year dragon forever and have probably wasted 150 gems. i got it with blazing and mud lvl 10 on the epic breeding island.

  355. Addme! says:

    Just got it first try with seaweed level 8 and firefly level 8 in the breeding cave in that order!!!!!!!!!!! So happy:)

  356. Addme! says:

    Just got it first try with seaweed level 8 and firefly level 8 in the breeding cave in that order!!!!!!!!!!! So happy:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  357. the best says:

    if you have a jailbreaked i pod add me please to get the leap year dragon

    name on game center HARD STUNNA

  358. Anonymous says:

    cdubs2341 have gem tree but no friends add me, send me a gem for 3 days and you will showered with gems

  359. Greenkid77 says:

    Crystal and panalong dragon worked even in normal breeding cave greenkid77 add me I have a gem tree

  360. Anonymous says:

    The Love and Panlong worked first try. Then I felt greedy and tried Mud and Blazing about 3 times, but got no Leap Year. Then I tried Seaweed and Scorch a few times, and still no more Leap Year. The order does not matter y’all, but I think already having their habitat built (rainbow habitat for the Leap Year dragon) definitely helps.

  361. Linds says:

    i did a frostfire and a tree randomly.. it said 15 hours… had no idea there was a leap year dragon. just put it in the nursery now and the egg is gold.. googled it and here i am. guess i got the leap year dragon.. yay me.. now to just get my rainbow and sun then im finished :)

  362. Anonymous says:

    I FINALLY got one! Although I wasted some real money on gems, really not that worth it , but hey… I tried the firefly and seaweed combo like Daniel said and it worked in 3 tries! yay

  363. fAntasyue says:

    i got my 2nd LYD ! i tried breeding Love (lvl 10 after being in the Fountain of Youth) and Panlong (lvl 10).
    the breeding time reads 14h 30m, I assume its a LYD ! I’m so excited to see the golden egg !!!

  364. Anonymous says:

    Tried seaweed and firefly and other combos a dozen times with no success. Tried 3 times with blue fire and crystal with no success, but finally got it on 4th try with blue fire and crystal.

  365. XxZAjStyleZxX says:

    I Just Got a Moon Dragon And A Leap Year Dragon
    For Moon Dragon I Did Level 11 Swamp And Level 10 Lava
    For Leap Year I Did Level 10 Swamp And Level 10 FireFly

  366. XxZAjStyleZxX says:

    Both On First Try

  367. XxZAjStyleZxX says:

    Both On First Try’

  368. Add me! rocketdog313

  369. Tom Martin says:

    add me powerpuffman I need jems for leap year dragon.

  370. Zombiefication says:

    I have i idea what happened. I got My dirst with snow and chrystal. Then, i got one again with seaweed and firefly. I’ve been tryin to get à rainbow like forever, and thought if i mated them i could get one. Guess what? Got anotherone! And st the same time i avcidentally bred ANORHERONE. FOUR F**kin leaps. No rainbow.

  371. Avery says:

    Neeeeeeeeeeeed gemmmmmmmms And combos

    Send game center request MONSTER2000 52

  372. Emily Hunter says:

    flower + storm both level ten got it the first time.
    I’d love some gems – greenrider46

  373. Thepwned1 says:

    Got it already lv 10 see weed and firefly also add me tacnyan900

  374. draggoonn says:

    help help Rainbow habitat takes only one dragon and I already have a Rainbow dragon, so where do you put the Leap Year dragon?

  375. Got it first try with iceburg lvl 10 and sonic lvl9

  376. Richard says:

    I got leap year dragon with water lvl 10 and love lvl 10. And a friend got with water lvl 10 and love lvl 10.
    Good luck!

  377. Has anyone bred more than one?

  378. AuReLz91 says:

    waitin for 15 hours breeding using water and love
    hope it was LYD

  379. Anonymous says:

    wow. I finally got it. I had literally no more gems after that. I bet backflip studios automatically unlocks it for some people after several failed attempts so they can make a little money first… there would be no way to know… haha

  380. Firefly lv10 on left seaweed lv10 on right did it at 3:33pm maybe that was just the luck

  381. Prowrestler says:

    Add me. Prowrestler123. All jail broke people can u give gems for a leap year, i need one

  382. Tatertotrsg says:

    Panlong and electric produce a leap year sragon as well

  383. Mystery says:

    its not working!!!!!!!! i tried the seaweed and firefly 3 times and i got flower all threee times. i tried sonic and lava and got a stupid crystal which i already have. is there any other way?? im trying sooo hard and its not working!!!!! im reallly pissed

  384. AuReLz91 says:

    how can i add friend ?
    i dont hav any ;(

  385. iheartdior00 says:

    Eugh, wasted 150 gems trying to get the stupid Leap Year dragon but still haven’t got one! I tried almost all of the combinations above with level 10 dragons; made about 20-30 breeding attempts today. This sucks.

  386. Li Jamais Vu says:

    Was originally breeding for Panlong. Acquired both Panlong & Leap Year eggs at the same time yesterday. Don't remember order, but Blazing & Mud on breeding island yielded the former; Fog & Lava in breeding cave yielded the latter. GL.

  387. Tracy Foss says:

    Lava dragon and sonic dragon worked for me. They were both level 10

  388. Richard says:

    My two friends Patrick and Zach got a leap year dragon by breeding lv7 flower and lv10 storm. My rare dragon was a sun. Lv10 fire and lv4 storm. I wanted blue fire! I got scorch and storm about a million times. I tried flower and storm and it didn’t work. Did anyone get leap year in their first try?? Help! I want one!!

  389. Jack Erickson says:

    Tried 23 times and never got it :(

  390. Anonymous says:

    All jailbroken people add me!
    I need gems!

  391. ron rocks says:

    add me please on game Center ron rocks need gems for leap year dragon i have tried everything

  392. Jack Erickson says:

    f this game!!!!! Tried another 8 times and nothing all my gragons are lvl 10, im using their breeing island, I’m lvl 21, using the combos, and nothing. This game is ridiculuosly unfair with the fact that people can get it with lvl 4 dragons but the players who have really played the game for a while are unable to make the rare dragon which is only on the market for 2 days.

    • Anonymous says:

      I been trying all day and still nothing

      • saba says:

        I fibally got it after using 105 gems that i earned from my colusseum and i bre my lvl 10 seaweed and lvl 10 firefly about 12 times, but it paid off

        • Anonymous says:

          I spent 150 gems and bought the breeding island and in both put a Lvl 10 scortch on the left and a Lvl 10 mud on the right and got them both right away. I the spent $5 and used them to put them both into incubation but with this combo you will get a leap year dragon every 3 tries. So it’s 40 minutes until this dragon is gone so if you really want this buy a breeding island and some extra gems no more than $10 total and with this combo you will get it guaranteed. Hurry or u will have to wait 4 years and I highly doubt anybody who plays it now will even remember this game by then.

          • Anonymous says:

            This was my last resort to get this dragon any other dragon I would never purchase jems to get it.

    • Lakeeeeeen says:

      damn you mad

  393. Michael Tran says:

    I've got it.

  394. #greyhound# says:

    lava lvl10 + fog lvl9 = 1st try ok (im lvl19)

  395. Bridget Driscoll says:

    Seaweed+Firefly, 4 tries & I finally got it!!

  396. #greyhound# says:

    add me.. 1 for 1 gem.. =)

  397. Bobdude says:

    Add me on game center!!!
    Name is ninjabob10

  398. Bobdude says:

    Add me on game center!!!
    Name is ninjabob10


  399. Kim says:

    Got it the first try with level 10 firefly and level 10 seaweed. Not so lucky w anything else rare!! I’m working towards a gem tree and breeding island so please add me: mugglemomjsw.

  400. Dave Miller says:

    I've tried like 20 times with the seaweed and firefly and it hasn't worked yet

  401. I cant get it to save my life. I have tried now five different times with all 10 dragons. Nothing.

  402. Anonymous says:

    I made tree dragon and air dragon and made a leap year dragon

  403. Sheena132 says:

    So unfair jack erikson (above) is right! I’m level 22 have tried 6 times and still haven’t gotten the leap year dragon
    Not to mention the rainbow,sun,moon,skull or ghost. This game is good but not fair I can never get any rare dragons. I’m now rating this game 1 star.

  404. Anndim says:

    It’s bull. I’ve tried everything. Had to buy gems to push past some 2day dragon that’s crap. Still trying all combos. Nothing. Think this is some scam. Not joking…. Bware

  405. Anndim says:

    It’s bull. I’ve tried everything. Had to buy gems to push past some 2day dragon (sun) that’s crap. Still trying all combos. Nothing. Think this is some fun. Not joking…

  406. Has anyone bred more than 1 Leap Year Dragon??

  407. Ann says:

    This sucks not enough time to breed this dragon.

  408. Jhaiceeanne Tayag says:

    Hell cant breed leap year dragon! >.<

  409. Anndim says:

    I agree with sheena132. Whatever, ready to push the delete button u got to get your 4.99 out of me (ashamed).. Not impressed. Like I need a sun dragon TODAY!

    • saba says:

      Sun dragon is actually kinda easy to breed. I got both of mine from storm and lightning, and then i bred my sun dragons and now have 8 of em

  410. Alex says:

    I got my first leap year dragon at lvl 21 with a level 10 tree (left) and level 10 snow (right). I got my second with a level 10 firefly (left) and level 10 seaweed (right). Then I bred the two together and now I have 6 leap year dragons.


  411. Ave says:

    Do the dragons HAVE to be level 10 for this to work? o.o Because all my dragons are at least level Eleven.

  412. Anndim says:

    I.m on level 21 got everything in place breeding level 10 dragons. No matter what I do I get the dragons I dont want. We got just the one day. Else we wait 4 more years. I’m not doing that. So its a stupid dragon. Especially if you don’t get it. Keep getting 7 hour dragons … Whatever? understand patience. I am. Believe it or not patient

  413. Kim says:

    Pls I want to know how to get leap dragon I tried all way hah

  414. Ive tried a LOT of combos now n still not got one :(

  415. Clinton Oman says:

    Since other people may only have 2 hours left.. til Leap Day is over. So I tried all these combinations.. Until I seen someone post lvl 10 flower dragon and lvl 10 storm dragon.. And I got the leap year dragon! so hopefully this is helpful to some of you :)

  416. Anndim says:

    K. Did a diffferentent blog. Firefly wasn’t working for me and using up all my gems. Only thing bout firefly I noticed that if it wasn’t working at least u only were using up couple of hours/gems. And it was worth the try. So anyway someone mentioned Mud dragon. So I went with it and I got the dragon…. But of course can’t remember the other half. So if firefly not working for u. Try the mud dragon.and maybe the/any red dragon! Start with the firefly, else blazing or regular fire. Got the b**tard eventually. Almost got divorced… But don’t know yet. Lol

  417. Johanna A says:

    I got it On My first try with mud dragon and scorch dragon On epic breeding island! Or at least i think it is à leap dragon, bevakar the incubation time is 14 hours and a half. Could it be anything else?

  418. Woo thanx heaps it worked for me too in the breeding cave =)

  419. Ebosh1tel says:

    Got one on the first try breeding seaweed+firefly 15 lvl

  420. Shaun Lindsay says:

    Worked 1st time, cheers man :)

  421. jasper1408 says:

    Please add me on gamecenter. Gamecenter: jasper1408
    I need some gems for the breeding cave or else I won’t get a leap year dragon!
    I will send the first three People gems!
    Sorry for my bad English.

  422. I got my leapyear dragon feb29 at 2345H! Whew…so close!

  423. i see... says:

    First try with sonic n lava n recieved sun dragon :’) thanks, ill try it next time, aiming for this leap year.

  424. jasper1408 says:

    I can’t send anymore.

  425. ric1501 says:

    Got it first time with blue fire and crystal. Use the same combi again and same result again (on breeding island) ;)

  426. Hydr4 says:

    Umm i breeded a Scorch one with a Mud and its said that its gonna incubate 24hours :/

  427. i see... says:

    Gz u will get crystal dragon! U mad? :)

  428. Cy says:

    Send me gems, will send back! game center is : yangchok

  429. Jane Hodges says:

    I bred a mud and blazing dragon and got one…

  430. Mao says:

    Used 300 gems with a lot of combination of dragons but nothing…..now I’m breeding a 48 hours dragon…too many gems to accelerate…I will never have Leap dragon at this point :(

  431. just got incubation time of 14hrs 30mins with ur combination ty!!!

  432. ex-inferis says:

    i got leap dragon using blue fire (lv12) & panlong (lv11) in first try.
    my level was 25.

  433. Cody says:

    I’ve tried about ten times with fog and lava both sides lvl 10 and cannot get it it’s making me so mad any tips(only have bc not EBI)

  434. Anonymous says:

    Backflip studios area bunch of greedy goblins, they knew that giving people only 2 days to breed a dragon that comes every 4 years would cause a huge gem buying frenzy and even tho many people say ONGOKMGOMGOMGOMG FORST TRY and then give u the combo, guess what guys ANY combo that combines to have 4 elements will create the dragon. Iv tried 20 times and I havnt got anything! Hate this game

  435. jack says:

    i have 2 leapyear dragons or at least one of them is in the egg still and i want to know if it is possable to breed leapyear and another leapyear plz reply

  436. Dylancupit says:

    I did second try level 10 storm on the left and level 10 poison on the right.

  437. tcleung2000 says:

    LYD is not difficult to get. the first time I got it by breeding bone + storm with an aim to get my second SUN dragon. when it came out 14:30 as incubation time, I then checked the egg list and found that it is a brand new LYD. The second time I intentionally try to get the second one by following one of the above suggestion (balzing +mud). Ha! it works immediately: another 14:30. lol.

  438. Travis King says:

    I don't think I'll be getting one I've been trying love and pan long and it's not working

  439. Anonymous says:

    try air and tree

  440. Tita Cruz says:

    Got it by blue fire left crystal right hope this could help got it fifth time

  441. Squidles666 says:

    Panlong + Love Dragon

  442. Luna Davis says:

    OMG< THANK YOU! My little one is dying for a Leap Dragon and I've just gotten her a little golden egg!!!! wooooooooot!!!

  443. I bred an ice level 7 and a blazing level 6 and now have a leap year dragon, and another one on the way from an iceberg and a scorch both level 10. :-)

  444. AuReLz91 says:

    Got it with water and love dragon. Waitin for 14.30 incubation~ YAYY~

  445. ww1 says:

    Build the Rainbow habitat first then after try breeding it seemed to work for me Good luck- ww1 :D

  446. Rigsby says:

    I’ve had luck with Firefly/seaweed. no luck with love/water or bluefire/crystal. It should be a random chance for any 4+ element combination.

  447. Rigsby says:

    Also, the astrolabe is still available in the decoration shop so that means the LYD is still available too. keep breeding!

  448. Penny says:

    Hi ive tried to Get it, bur it dosent work. Ive tried blazing/mud, seaweed/ firefly and ,someone Else i Dont remember, but i cant Get it! It stands that its really easy, but it dosent work!! Can anyone help me? I really wish id Get it…:)

    • Anonymous says:

      I had to breed seaweed/firefly four or five times before I got one. Good luck

    • Norylory says:

      I got two leap year dragons on the first try. The first was seaweed and firefly, the second was storm and flower. I bred the two leap year and got a third! Would guess having the rainbow habitat helps. I have still not been able to breed a rainbow. Oh, and you can only breed a leap year with a leap year.

    • PsychoVandal says:

      Make sure to have a rainbow habitat and AstroLabe built first, just to be safe

    • Callum Fraser Mackenzie says:

      Love with Iceberg it’s a 90% chance I have three hope this helps:)

  449. Clyne90 says:

    I got it first try with level 4 sonic & level 8 lava,put them in that order also please add me clyne90

  450. anonymous says:

    Add me prokop23 gem for gem:)

  451. Callum Fraser Mackenzie says:

    Love with iceberg I got mine 1st try hope this helps :)

  452. Melanie Lisa Nicola Brown says:

    I give up must have tried at least a dozen times!

  453. Handy tip says:

    Love with iceberg got it first try :)

  454. I used lvl 10 seaweed & firefly. Second try I used astrolabe decoration and it worked.

  455. Stephen375 says:

    I got it after a few tries with firefly and seaweed(both lvl 10) I’ve also been trying the blue fire and crystal but have had no luck…hope it helps…

  456. AuReLz91 says:

    Another 14.30 breeding~ lol

  457. AuReLz91 says:

    Got it with Water and love on second try, Blazing and mud on first try.. :)

  458. Tee says:

    it all depends on luck!! i’ve tried for like 10 times for every combination and i still cant even get ONE leap year!! so disappointed……:(

  459. PsychoVandal says:

    My first success was with the firefly/seaweed combo, then second with BlueFire/crystal. I have a third breeding now that I started an hour ago with BlueFire/Crystal, so you can still breed them.

  460. The rudders says:

    Have tried all of the listed breeding scenarios to no avail. Please help my son and I are going crazy trying to get the leapyear dragon and time is running out! X x K

  461. PsychoVandal says:

    Have you built the rainbow habitat and Astrolabe? Do that first and try again

  462. f355f13 says:

    Try to do a flower dragon and a storm in that order you shouldn’t be able to get it the first couple times but I kept doing it and got a leap dragon for my wife on her profile. Just keep trying that’s all I can say. P.S I got 2 leap dragons by breeding seaweed and firefly in that order

  463. Gerardo says:

    Need jems pls help


  464. abishan09 says:

    add me to gamecenter Abishan09 please

  465. Liz says:

    i have tried countless times and I still can’t get a leap year dragon!!! What am I doing wrong!!! I am honestly getting annoyed with this thing.. :( I can’t get Any of the rare dragons when they say you are supposed to be able to. This is ridiculous..

    • Anonymous says:

      Love with iceberg I ve got three now with that combo you can breed another one while it is in incubation It’s handy tip (Callum Fraser Mackenzie)

    • Anonymous says:

      Love with iceberg I ve got three now with that combo you can breed another one while it is in incubation

  466. Liz says:

    I think I got one!! I used level 10 mud then level 10 scorch!! Finally all my trying has paid off!!! Now on for the sun, moon, and rainbow!!

  467. Liz says:

    Try the lvl 10 mud and then the lvl 10 scortch

  468. Leo Poldo says:

    Trying to breed Leap Year… is it already over? Does it expire already? ADD ME PLEASE.


    • Anonymous says:

      Love with iceberg I ve got three now with that combo you can breed another one while it is in incubation no its still there just breeding one now

  469. Ashleypikachu says:

    Try panlong and love both lv 10 It worked for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  470. Anonymous says:

    4th try with seaweed and firefly and I got it!

    • Anonymous says:

      I got mine first try on normal breeding island firefly first and seaweed second

    • Anonymous says:

      I bout the breeding island and so far I have 3 leap ear dragons I’m trying to get 4 but I’m just glad I have 1
      Next on my list panlong dragon, rainbow, moon, and sun. I missed the bone, reindeer,and love dragon so I guess these 3 leap year dragons make up for it

  471. Sinstar33 says:

    Finally got it! Just got a time of 14hr & 30min on a breeding of Sonic and Lava. It’s got to be it. I highly doubt time of day or which “side” they’re on makes any difference what so ever. (Who came up with that crap?!)

  472. Thepwned1 says:

    Got leap year yesterday it gets you so much money in just 5 mins! Also my name is tacnyan9000

  473. Callum Fraser Mackenzie says:

    Love with iceberg I ve got three now with that combo you can breed another one while it is in incubation no its still there just breeding one now:) Hope it helps u

  474. Dylan Petit says:

    Iv got 4 now I did fire fly first then again on the 5 th try then breed the 3 rd and 4 th with breeding them with each other on the epic breeding island

  475. Anonymous says:

    1st try with panlong and storm and got it

  476. Ben Wojcik says:

    I have no idea if I can still get a leap year and gimme a gem and I'll give back afroginger007

  477. Tita Cruz says:

    When s the last day of the leap dragon

  478. Jrod2k88 says:

    Just got the leap year dragon need gems to hurry up the process so it can hatch quicker here’s my username jrod2k88 please add me and send me gems

  479. Anonymous says:

    I breed a air dragon and a tree dragon and I got it

  480. Delia Rosario says:

    I got mine with sonic & lava on my first try :-) but I've Been trying to do it again and I can't got it :-(

  481. Thepwned1 says:

    I just found out that for only some people the leap year will be in the market and possible to get it by breeding forever!Also name tacnyan9000

  482. Thepwned1 says:

    Also sorry to people I’m suppose to give gems to I will but it will take a while!

  483. Alex4132 says:

    I got three leap year dragons by breeding a love dragon with a panlong dragon

  484. I have tried 8 times. I am not having any luck. I am using a mud and scorch. both are level 10.

    • Anonymous says:

      i have tried with every dragon combo in the game and can not get it….spent 50 dollars in gems….

    • Callum Fraser Mackenzie says:

      Love and Iceberg I have three it is 90% chance if you have the astroblade hope this helps reply back if had any luck

  485. Dan says:

    Mud + Blazing got it for me. March 1st at 4PM in California. Both dragons were level 10. I am at level 19 in the game. I tried many combinations before I got this. Even tried mud+blazing before this successful attempt (with no prior luck until now).

    Good luck folks. Seems time is nearly out!!!

  486. Anonymous says:

    Just got it on the bagillianth try of seaweed firefly. So frustrating. So worth it.

  487. Brock Holley says:

    I got mine with a lighting bug level 10 but it was young from the fountain of youth but

  488. Brock Holley says:

    And seaweed level 10

  489. Anonymous says:

    Got it before I realized it was out, been trying to get a second one for ages, but nothing.

  490. jowy says:

    finally got a LYP from mud and sorch… now still breeding…

  491. jowy says:

    on the 2nd try

  492. Nuranissa says:

    I breed bluefire dragon and crystal dragon and I got 14 hour and 30 minutes.I think I got a leap dragon.My name is Nuranissa10 and add me as your friend.

  493. Nuranissa says:

    And this is my first breeding.

  494. Tarrin Route says:

    Got mine after trying lava left fog right about 10 times.

    Add me gem for gem
    Gc: Tarrinroute

  495. $Cassy$ says:

    my name is $cassy$ add me up and send me gems

  496. Ann Phillips says:

    I got my 2nd one with Love/Panlong. Good job.

  497. $Cassy$ says:

    and i have 3 now and i got it on the first try with seeweed and firefly also i have 2 more incubating i am level 20 both dragons were level 10 and i used the breeding cave

  498. Ek says:

    I try all day yesterday and all day today , and nothing :'(

  499. Anonymous says:

    I made love and fog do it and got my 2nd leap year just today… started breeding this morning (after leap day… kinda lame if ya ask me, but not REALLY complaining).

    *i will note that no 'common' combinations have produced a rainbow, panlong or sun for me… 4 moons and 2 leap years are my only rare hitters so far.

  500. Loni8806 says:

    I tried since Tuesday and Ive gotten nothing

  501. ? says:

    I got it on my first couple times and used level 10 firefly and seaweed i have two sun dragons one moon one leap year and one rainbow

  502. Juan Guillermo Restrepo Flores says:

    Add me juanchoguillermo87 XD cheers.

  503. Micksley says:

    I got leap year first go with fog and lava. Then I tried again and got a second with seaweed and firefly. Now I’m breeding them both together and I have a third coming. Add me (TurdSandwhich96) and look at my park

  504. Marcobabi says:

    just add me~ we swap gem daily! marcobabi .\/.

  505. Dragoncraz says:

    Mud onthe left and blazing on the right.. Finally got mine

  506. Anonymous says:

    I have tried every imaginable combo and still have not gotten the leap year dragon. Anyone one who says it’s easy is lying. At least I finally got the moon dragon.

  507. dragonvale lover!!!! says:

    I got mine by doing flower and storm it took 2 tries before I actually got it but you only get a firefly in the progress putting leap year decoration near the breeding cave helps!

  508. Zaggnabit says:

    i pulled one with a Sonic on the right and a Moss on the left. Was actually trying for Sandstorm. Used the Epic island though.

  509. Anonymous says:

    Finally got mine:) had been trying for days and lotsa gems…had tried many combos except seaweed and firefly since i did not have seaweed at first.got the seaweed during one of the tryouts.seaweed and firefly worth the tries as it takes lesser hours and lesser gems to speed up if u did not succeed with the rest of the combos.add mi @ {DARKADAM} in gamecentre for gems exchange

  510. Lord YBJLUS says:

    Add me and give me gems plz!!!!!!

  511. Gerald says:

    Hi all… I’ve read that breeding 2x leap year dragons is next to impossible, but guess what?
    My son and I just did!!!! Can anyone please let me know if they’ve manage to do this? We’ ve joined the USA iTunes store (from south Africa) and cannot buy anything because we don’t have a USA credit card, I.e. cannot buy gems or anything else for that matter, not only in Dragonvale but everywhere else as well…
    Its impossible for us to buy a leap year dragon, but yet the 2nd egg is busy hatching!!!!!
    We’re so excited, thank you Backflip Studios!!!!

    • Gerald says:

      Oops… 1st success was a lava level 10 left and fog level 10 right. The 2nd success was (thanx to my son Damian) a blazing and love… I know both was level 10 because all our dragons are, but aren’t sure which was left or right…

      • Gerald says:

        Another oops… I see there are other people who also breeded more than one… When 1st reading about the LYD there was many posts saying breeding more than one is next to impossible….

  512. Marcobabi says:

    how to get a Sun Dragon, everyone please teach me:(
    i got Moon & Leap Year Dragon only, of cus by accidently:)

    please reply in below for my easy reference.

    also, don’t forget to add me in gamecentre @ mnarcobabi


  513. Emma Neil says:

    1. Buy and place 2 rainbow habitats.
    2. Breed fog and lava you should get rainbow dragon.
    3. Wait for egg to hatch and place in habitat.
    4. Breed fog and lava again you should get mud.
    5. Breed fog and lava once more and you should get leap year.

    I was aiming for panlong first time but got rainbow then tried again but got mud then tried for leap yer and got him first try!!

  514. JOsh 1998 14 says:

    Going 4 the LYD fingers crossed and hoping I get it

  515. Sebastian Fernandez says:

    Omg i got it!!! Bluefire/crystal second try in EBI!

  516. ,,, says:

    I cant get one! D:
    I got a paolong and i still cant get a LYD!!
    Add me Jon2306.

  517. Karl Finkbeiner says:

    It worked. i have two now, but they took about 6 tries each. thanks

  518. Jared says:

    I got mine with see weed and firefly

  519. Crystal & Blue Fire worked. How do I trade gems?

  520. Tracey Vega says:

    Blazing and Mud did the trick for me the first time, Got my leap year dragon =D.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can I still breed one or is it to late and add me gems for gems ([email protected])

  521. Alicia Liberty Brown says:

    I finally got one by breading level 10 mud with level 10 scorch in baby form ☺

  522. Vivekam says:

    After ALOT of tries with snow and crystal both lv 10, still nothing… Does it work without epic breeding Island? …

    Add me, vivekam on gamecenter. Gems for gems!

  523. The rudders says:

    I think I have it!!!! Water first and love both level 10! Incubation 14 hours 30 minutes. My son tried the same combination but different levels and it hasn’t worked. Did make a few amendments to my park first. V excited just hope my son can get one now.

  524. Christian Morrison says:

    Last second getting my lyd egg to hatch this is so awesome once it is done I will copy it

  525. Karl Finkbeiner welcome glad i could help everyone :)

  526. KC says:

    Got mine! Add me: xChimericalx

  527. MrMan555 says:

    It’s March 2 and it disappeared like 10 mins ago. Plus, the clover dragon is out now so breed quick! Plant+Earth=Clover (or tree or moss)

  528. Didi says:

    I got a leap year dragon by breeding a level 7 blue fire left with a level 7 crystal right.

  529. VIP says:

    Lol I just just at first try today after it disapear

  530. Coreyonte says:

    I have six leap years and seweed and firefly did it for me the first time every time

  531. Dragon vale says:

    I got leapyear dragon by breeding a level 7 fire with level 7 storm right

  532. joe says:

    Bluefire + love
    i have two leap year dragon now.

  533. D.vale says:

    Info on clover dragon please?

  534. Roko97 says:

    sonic dragon + lava dragon
    I got him

  535. Anonymous says:

    Seaweed and rainbow
    13 leap year dragons now
    (when you get two breed them together even after the times run out) and all of the took only 3 hours

  536. Thepwned1 says:

    The clover dragon is here it came out yesterday better get it quickly

  537. Anyonehaver a gem tree i can trade gems with

  538. ---jackers928--- says:

    Lava and fog worked for me! Add if don’t believe, it is —jackers928—

  539. Billy R Myers says:

    Thanks I got the Leapyear dragon First try with this combo

  540. Jordan smith says:

    If you breed leap year and rainbow you get a rainbow every time.

  541. Just wondering anyone who get Leapyear more than one?

  542. Dokdo says:

    can you still breed leap year dragon? dont see on market…

  543. Glove says:

    Everyone I know for their leap dragon when they bred mud and blazing

    • Wut the faq glove says:

      Glove, you are a big fat idiot who can’t read! :O you can’t get the leap dragon anymore… Why comment?

  544. Anonymous says:

    Anybody want to swap gems lets hook it up k? Thanks

  545. Wheelymom61 says:

    Stupid me forgot to enter name my bad and dumb lol

  546. Bunny ;3 says:

    [++DRAGONFRUIT++] send me a friend request via gamecenter, ill accept

  547. Hendry Kusuma says:

    breed use air dragon and love dragon.
    add me sesouken.

  548. hendry says:

    add me sesouken via gamecenter

  549. Chris says:

    add me: christohn
    gem for gem!

  550. DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

    Add me and please give me gems! And ill send you alot in return!

    Gamecenter: DJ-Megatron123

  551. Nick says:

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  552. Alex says:

    Add me on game center my username is pisker I’ll send u 2 rainbow dragons. Or 150 gems for a leap year dragon ill double that if u send me 2 leap year dragons

  553. justin says:


  554. justin says:


  555. you're a liar ! you don't gave me any gem but i gave u

  556. DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

    How can you send Dragons?? You can only send 3 gems a day.

  557. Anonymous says:

    Gem 4 gem; woobear21 thanks

  558. Anony says:

    Is the leap year dragon still available? Jut got this game and don’t want to have to wait another 4 years before I get another chance

    • Jong Chul Kim says:

      아주 혼자서도 잘노네..니가 올리고 니가 코멘트달고 그 코멘트에 like누르고..ㅋㅋㅋ잘사나? 프랭? ㅋㅋ

  559. I couldn’t get the dragon??!? Can someone plz send me one and I’ll give u some gems. Plz??!? Add me on GameCenter as glbpab1225 ok

  560. howard says:

    i bred rainbow and leap year to get a leap year! i have 5 now, i’m level 25

    • Anonymus Suomynona says:

      Wow lucky you. Can yah spare one? All I have is 5 gems. You can have them all. Glbpab1225 remember =)

  561. Ken says:

    sorry man, it was removed by the new update:(

  562. Ken says:

    Sorry man! it was removed by the last update:(

  563. Ken says:

    Is it possible to delete its own messages? xD

    I think i write it twice …

    PS: the messages was to Anony…

  564. sydan says:

    hey i got it before the night it got realested and i done blue fire and seaweed

  565. Guru 2 says:

    I think my game is rigged because i have had this game for a long time yet i cannot get any type of seasonal dragon. No bone love reindeer leap year or clover my name is zelda342

  566. Hao Duong says:

    I got a leap year dragon by breeding a Lava and Storm dragon and i was trying to get a blue fire dragon.LOL!

  567. Demintedmom says:

    I have a leap year and keep trying to get another by breeding it with a rainbow but keep getting rainbows. Can I still get a leap year or not? The other question is how do you trade dragons or send them to someone else?

  568. Anonymous says:

    How do u get rainbow

  569. Paire says:

    add me Pairej

    I’ll sent gem for you
    gem for gem : )

  570. :( says:

    Will the dragon come again?
    I miss it :(

  571. Ireland says:

    Add me I’ll give you a gem everyday The_Badman192

  572. Magger15 says:

    All my friends Got i leap year dragon so i Will
    Give 15 gems to the first 2 There gives mé a leap year dragon my name is Magger15

  573. Awesome says:

    I got a rainbow dragon with a MILLION trys with firefly and seaweed dragons. I’m getting another with leap year and rainbow. If u want2c friend meh!!! lilablue01

    • Glbpab1225 says:

      How many leaP year do u have?? Cus I need One. A raInbow too I’ll give you a gem a day and then any other dragon u want…. I have all but sandstorm sun moon reindeer bone and the ice fire duo.

      • Awesome says:

        How do u send dragons? I would breed a leap year and give it 2 u, but I just don’t know how. I’ll send gems , but I forgot ur name. What wuz it?

  574. Awesome says:

    I have EVERY DRAGON ON DRAGONVALE but reindeer and bone, and I have to wait forever to get them! And I have more than enough gems to get them(558).

  575. Awesome says:

    PS sorry if I don’t give gems. It takes awhile b4 I can send, and I can send only three each time.

  576. Anonymous says:

    I bred mud and blazing but got panlong

  577. Someone says:

    Add ninjukilla I have Gem tree so I send gems daily

  578. ([email protected]) says:

    add me ([email protected])

  579. G0ldenboy1111 says:

    Add me on gamecenter if you send me 3 gems i will also send you 3 gems
    Add me G0ldenboy1111

    Your name will show up in my notifications saying you left me gems so i will also send you them back(:

  580. Daniel says:

    I tried to get leap year by breeding blazing and mud but got panlong

  581. Daniel says:

    Please add me I’ll give you gems if you give me gems my gamecenter name is avanti 2003

  582. Daniel says:

    It’s me again by the way I’m 8 and have a panlong dragon

  583. g says:

    awwwwww, I missed it…..

  584. Agent slash says:

    Breed air and earth to get rainbow confirmed!!!!!!I already got 3

  585. Agent slash says:

    i got a sun dragon by breeding lightning and fire I got it in a try

  586. Glbpab1225 on Gamecenter says:

    I couldn’t get it! I tried to but ended up breeding a panlog so I couldn’t do anything else. =( I’ll give gems every day and a dragon of your choice (except fur sun, moon, rainbow, bone, reindeer, sandstorm, and the icefire dragons) if you give me a leap year. =( If you want a different dragon (one I don’t have, as in the list above) then I’ll try and breed it. Add me at glbpab1225.

  587. Sara Faye says:

    Add me therealteapot

  588. Enter a nickname here.. says:

    Add me
    Enter a nickname here..
    Dont forget the 2 periods at the end

  589. Macoy says:

    Add me gem for gem mark_eviza

  590. Dvlover says:

    Add me, I’m RiverDiver#1

  591. CRAZY says:

    Add me I’m crazyfun100

  592. Anonymous says:

    its is very unfair aready is a L.Y this year yet only gave us four day to breed should gave us a month to breed pls put back the L.Y.D again

  593. Anonymous says:

    its is very unfair aready is a L.Y this year yet only gave us four day to breed should gave us a month to breed pls put back the L.Y.D. like reindeer , bone, love and Clover Dragon all every year still can breed but L.Y have to wait for the next four year by the time people will give up this game so pls put back again

  594. Nicole says:

    add me nicole90909, gem for gem if I can (:

  595. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily trade
    thanks alot

  596. tawfiq says:

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      Yes I do this how to get a moon dragon breed a level ten cold dragon on the left side and breed a firefly dragon on the right side it also works for sun dragons good luck

    • Anonymous says:

      What two do I have two do I have to use to get the rainbow dragon

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  609. Will the dragon ever be able to breed again

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  647. PLEASE BE AWARE!! If anyone would to try breeding Leap year with Rainbow, I've been breeding 4 times and spent gems around 360 gems but the result always is "RAINBOW" 100% Disappointed :(

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  652. I got 1egg and another one breeding with left magnet lvl10 and

  653. Sorry didn't finish down there on the right linchen lvl10

  654. Ming Chen says:

    Why when I do a breed to get a leap year dragon it doesn’t work and my friends it does.Is it because I have too many dragons?

  655. Anonymous says:

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  656. Ryan Feyler says:

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