Gold Dragon Breeding Tips

| July 12, 2012 | 255 Comments

Gold Dragon Breeding Combination Guide

The world famous treasure hunter, Thatche, was finding some of his spoils disappearing at night; with no sign of thieves he decided to pretend sleep in order to find out what was causing his treasure to vanish. To Thatche’s surprise, he witnessed a massive golden dragon swoop in and fly off with as much as it could carry! The wizards found later that gold dragons steal because they sleep on piles of gold for pillows.

Available Level 17
Habitat Treasure
Incubation Time 48 hours
Breeding Time 48 hours38 hours 24 minutes
Positive None
Negative None
Buying Price  2,250 Gems
Selling Price  5,000,000 Gold
Reward 600,000 XP

Gold Dragon Combination:

To get a Gold Dragonvale, you would require the elements metal and fire. This means many combinations are possible. The Gold Dragon can be bred at either the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

Metal Dragon + Fire Dragon = Gold Dragonvale
Plant Dragon + Brass Dragon = Gold Dragon
chrome Dragon + scorch Dragon = Gold Dragon

Alot of other Combination for Gold Dragon!

Please Leave a Comment, Below if you have a combination that got you a Gold Dragon!

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Comments (255)

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  1. Goo517 says:

    I read a couple different places that scortch and chrome worked best… Gonna try soon as my pollen is done!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Scorch and Chrome only “works best” because that’s what everyone is using to get the Ruby dragon right now.

    • Anonymous says:

      Please can someone help me get the EPI/ epic breeding island I think it wold really help me get some rarer ones if you pay me the gems for it I will gradually pay you back it wold really help me :) crazycat17

      • Caprica6 says:

        I have the epic breeding cave and it hasn’t helped one iota I am having a hard time creating all the gem dragons. Still don’t have the ruby and it took me like 30 tries last month to get the pearl and I only got one emerald dragon after trying all month that is with trying to speed up incubation and every other trick. So it is not guaranteed to work

        • Anonymous says:

          I just think it would be nice to have it cuz it is supposed to get the rarer ones + I can breed two at once :) crazycat17

          • Anonymous says:

            It does help being able to breed two at once. As for gem dragons, I had a real hard time getting emerald and pearl but got ruby first try, it really does just happen randomly.

        • Anonymous says:

          Me too no emeral one pearl

          • Anonymous says:

            Same here, I have the EPI and it has made no difference in getting the rarer, harder dragons. There are times when I have more luck in the normal breeding cave. The only thing the EPI is good for is the opportunity of breeding 2 pairs at once which doubles your chances of getting what you are trying for.

    • Burnsyd83 says:

      Persistence is key I have 2 emerald, 4 pearl, and so far 2 rubys.
      Just pump wat ever this site says works best

  2. Anonymous says:

    is it limited

  3. Weezy142122 says:

    Got it without even knowing it existed ha was trying for my 2nd ruby dragon then saw the 48 hour time and checked the market !!! Scorch and chrome dose the trick !!!

  4. Zeto2k1 says:

    Number 4! Scorch and chrome!

  5. Spark Clemer says:

    Add me Vipers2813

  6. Anonymous says:

    I did scorch and chrome for the first try and I got a 48 hours. That’s the trick scorch and chrome

  7. Jedaille says:

    storm + forge seem to be the good combination for gold. Add me for gem, I share everyday if I got in return. Jedaille92

  8. Gm Lazenby says:

    I got Gold with Chrome and Scorch in Epic..take a look at my egg at PSGunner on dragonvale

  9. Michael Bernard says:

    I keep getting over and over again the firework dragon every time I use chrome and scorch

  10. Mackenzie says:

    Go to the blushrooms section and I will answer any breeding combination!

  11. 5xor5 says:

    Got one using metal and poison after many tries and sped up with gems. Also got a malachite along the way!
    Happy breeding everyone!

  12. Dan says:

    GAHHH been trying for ruby now and keep getting fireworks it’s annoying.. Chrome and scorch… On epic breeding island keep getting me fireworks……

  13. Chic Geek says:

    Got mine with a chrome and blue fire on the first try (^_^)

  14. Anonymous says:

    Chrome and scorch on the first try on the epic island! Woot!

  15. Linda says:

    I just bred a Gold Dragon With a lvl 11 Chrome + lvl 11 Scorch @3:05 am Eastern time in the epic breeding cave! Thanks for help!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Earlier I try to get Ruby but got many firework, forge and copper. Now I go for Gold and got 3 Ruby, no Gold yet. What a joke!!!

  17. Pally292 says:

    First triéd Rust+Lava. Got breeding time 48hrs. Not sure yet if it Gold

  18. Connor Scott says:

    Add me for free gems


  19. Stacie Clemons says:

    Forge and metal (in that order) second try, regular cave. 48hr wait.

  20. Wow someone's having a bad day!

  21. Jacob John says:


    Add me gem 4 gem

  22. Mackenzie says:

    For those ppl that are worried that they got a rainbow dragon from 48 hrs, it is ony possible if you breed two hybrid dragons. So if you breed two hybrids, it could be rainbow or gold.

  23. Anonymous says:

    flower and copper 2nd try 48 hr wait.

  24. Jordan says:

    I think I have one with scorch and chrome :) trying to get ruby, but gold is great too! :)

  25. Monkey man says:

    It’s scorch and chrome first trie and I got gold hope everyone can get it.

  26. Nick Fellows(Big Fig) says:

    Add me joshie monster and I will make list of every time you give me a gem so I can send back

  27. Anonymous says:

    Got sun willin to trade for firework gold or gemstone I’m tschisnuggets

  28. Cole Quinton says:

    add me on game center jaden7020.

  29. Tj max says:

    Scrue you you ityit

  30. Scoob122 says:

    I breed a gold dragon using a lv 12 fire dragon and a lv 10 metel dragon on the 4th try. good luck

  31. Caramel says:

    Got it on my first try, Can’t believe it. Cool egg ever :) Oh, I did Chrome and Scorch dragons on Enchanted Breeding Cave, Just want to let you guys know that 48 hours incubation time also give me Rainbow a week ago. By the way, add me on Game Center “iamcaramel” and for those of you who don’t know how to add people please follow these easy steps:

    – Go to Game Center icon on your iOS devices.
    – Tap the “Requests” menu below and then tap “Add Friends”, a little “Friend Request” window should pop-up.
    – Put your friend’s Email or Nickname of their Game Center and last hit the “Send” button on the upper right corner, That’s it you’re done :)

    Anyway, Good luck and have a nice day guys.

  32. Chippyrabbit says:

    Add me for gem swap shane brady

  33. Dylan says:

    I did fire and metal and got 24 hours. Any sugestions on wat it is

  34. Anonymous says:

    just testing out to see if this emote code works on here:
    ({({({(“(:”(:{(“(siezure )):”:

  35. Nathan Lopez says:

    Send me a gem everyday for a month and ill send you 1,000,000 in return- MysteryTitan 19.

  36. Chrome and scorch 2nd try add me to trade gems >Xeo<

  37. coolbrony1 says:

    yah but chrome plus scorch doesnt equal rainbow

  38. coolbrony1 says:

    forge definetly

  39. Damion Howe says:

    I got my Gold Dragon by using Metal and Forge in that order at the island

  40. Zoiey says:

    Add me!! Zoiey87!
    I play daily!
    Gem for gem!

  41. Aunt Syd says:

    Chrome and Scorch got me 2 Ruby dragons at the beginning of the month, and thereafter I have been getting 90% fireworks with the same combo. Still trying for Gold. (Game Name Ginger Sushi, if you want to exchange gems).

  42. Pcoopz87 says:

    Tried all combos, forge first, metal second got it me 3rd time of trying, normal breeding cave.

    Add me pcoopz87

  43. Scorch & chrome gave me 31 hours incubation. If Gold is 48 hours, what do I have?

  44. Majk says:

    48 hrs first try! Could be a sun dragon but hopeing for the gold!

  45. Phil says:

    You r awesome

  46. Kyle says:


  47. Bogard57 says:

    Add me Bogard57

  48. Mary Trevino says:

    Chrome and scorch

  49. fungrabbitleung says:

    I got two Ruby Dragons by breeding Chrome and Scorch. I already got many of them and I need gold!!!

  50. XxMurrayManxX says:

    U guys are stupid… It’s EBI not EPI

  51. Akkisp1 says:

    I have 9000 rainbow dragons add akkisp1 for proof

  52. Lol says:

    I try but I don’t know how manta times to try Lol

  53. I have 24hours egen i used plant and brass what is it?:))

  54. Keep trying for Gold Dragon, but im having a hard time.

    LOOSECANNONROBU if you want to add me.

  55. Laapic says:

    I have been trying for gold for 5 days chrome scorch , scorch chrome, metal fire fire metal. Please help me. I have never had this much trouble making any other dragon.

  56. Linda Chia says:

    Woo.. My goodness !!!
    Me too..
    Firework dragon already getting more than 20+…+…
    Tried on it.. !?(・_・;?

  57. HanMimkp says:

    Storm on the left and forge on the right. Got forty eight hour breed. Is it a gold dragon?

  58. Person says:

    Maybe tell me if it is

  59. Scoob122 says:

    Guy dont complain I got a gold 4th try with a lv 12 fire and a lv 10 metel. It I kind of easy I’m trying to get a nother gold dragon I’m hoping 1 more try will get me a gold dragon. Add me at : scoob 122. You need to have under 10 friends to add me or I will unfriend you!!!! Good luck

  60. Lisa M. Hunt says:

    I am on my 3ed 1 I lvled up to lvl 4 bred them & got 1 lvled them up again lvl 5 got 1 lvled again to lvl 7 and got another I also have 40 fireworks and 20 Crome and 1 gold

  61. May Bell says:

    I got my third ruby! Trying for a gold. I don't have gold or rainbow yet.

  62. Jayvee says:

    Add me!! Gem for gem!! I will gift back promise!! :)

  63. Henry says:

    It doesn’t work add me . You lied tried every combination you said

  64. Elfo says:

    First time Chrome/Scorch … Ruby (yeah!)
    Snd and more … 34 Firework
    Last time … Rainbow! What a hell!! Why?!

  65. Spark Clemer says:

    Add me Vipers2813. I have 3 solstices and 1 ruby dragon

  66. Cole Quinton says:

    I got the gold dragon egg breed forge and metal.

  67. Linda Chia says:

    Oh..!!! Yes !!!
    I did it..
    Gold drogon.
    Thanks a lot.. ♪(´ε` )

  68. Emma says:

    Got firework on my first try

  69. Finally something useful by breeding chrome and scorch i got 48 hour dragon it could be sun moon rainbow or gold

  70. Unknown says:

    Got one gold dragon

  71. Charlie says:

    Chrome and scorch
    First try gold drogon
    Second try ruby
    I am so lucky. :)

  72. Carol says:

    I got seven Ruby 2 Pearl but no gold

  73. Leanne Wiles says:

    I've gotten multiple firework dragons, a rainbow dragon and now have a ruby dragon on the way due to scotch+chrome.

  74. Scarlet says:

    I would reccomend doing scorch+chrome because you can also get a ruby dragon but you will most likely end up with something with metal, which u can sell for a good price. I haven’t gotten a gold dragon yet though.

  75. TurtleRun says:

    Got a second ruby dragon while trying for gold dragon 

  76. alexisleann says:

    How do you add friends ive been playing this game for a yr and have no friends. I even bought the gem tree hoping to attract friends. But I must be doing something wrong?

  77. dmac0209 says:

    Alexis, you have to send requests to people to become friends. When you read thru the posts above, you’ll see many people give their Game Center ID (example: mine is dmac0209). Go to the Game Center on your phone. When you open it, you’ll see at the bottom of your screen 4 choices. The “friends” button is how you send friend requests to others. The last button “Requests” is people sending a friend request to you. Choose the “friends” button. Then, at the top left corner, click the “+”. Then you enter the email address or Game Center ID and hit “Send”. That’s how you send friend requests :)

  78. Overdosn says:

    Chrome + Scorch Still Unsucessful However still trying

    Overdosn Gem For Gem need a few More Reliable Players

  79. TurtleRun says:

    Got a gold dragon today without realizing it..I’m so happy .. I breed chrome and scorch dragon..

  80. Anonymous says:

    Hi I have no idea what to use to get a gold help

  81. Emily says:

    Hi I can’t get gEt gold

  82. Got a gold dragon! Forge (L) and metal (R) :0)

  83. Harajukuboy says:

    Seems to work for me With métal + fire ! Need to Wait nearly 2 days ! Hope it Will be good !
    I Need some new neighboor Please for gems, i’m lvl 34 And got the gem tree :-)

  84. Mackenzie says:

    New slag dragon!! Check it ppl!

  85. Jr Vignone says:

    Hello dragonvale friends!! I need more neighbors and will try to send gems to all who add me. I have a gem tree so it won't take as long to get them to you. I won't forget who sends them to me!! My game center name is Jr. V so add please and hope you enjoy my islands as I know I will enjoy yours!! All hail Dragonvale!!

  86. Midhila says:

    How to get a slag dragon?

  87. Christine Jackson says:

    I got a gold from fire on the left and copper on the right. I tried again another 10 times and cannot get another

  88. Anonymous says:

    Got 1 Slag, first try metal plus earth.

  89. Heitshusen30 says:

    Tried for ruby and gold wit chrome and scorch and finally got a ruby after tens of fireworks. However as stated before in here the flower with copper really does work for gold. Tried a few of the combos that people posted and this one worked for me first try. So it’s worth a shot but otherwise just try the dif combos everyone has been saying.

  90. Linda Chia says:

    I used Chorme and Scorch breeding so long , only get one Gold Dragon .
    How come can't get Ruby & Gold Dragon Ahh…

  91. Linda Chia says:

    Oh.. Yes !!!
    Just get it ..
    Ruby Dragon..
    Thanks.♪(´ε` )

  92. Matt says:

    Try lava then copper I got gold 1st try

  93. Dragons bane says:

    Lvl 10 earth on left lvl 10 metal on right. 22hours breed. Could be the new Slag. We don’t have a page yet, but figured I would post.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Flower and Copper really works. 1st Try!

  95. Anonymous says:

    Gold is so friggen hard to get!!! I’ve been trying for 10days and been using gems to speed up the process and no luck!!!! This is redicilious!!! I’ve never had this much trouble with getting a dragon!!! I keep getting ruby and I already have an island full of them, I don’t want anymore, I’ve even got an egg on display!!! What’s the best way to get it? Coz it’s really pissing me off!!

  96. Robb Hance says:

    I was randomly breeding dragons, and I bred level 11 blazing with level 10 metal

  97. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been trying for almost two weeks, have bread at least a hundred times and no gold. This is BS. I think Backflip is just using this one to see which users will buy gems to get one.

    • Anonymous says:

      Even if that were so, backflip deserves the money.
      They give us EVERYTHING possible FOR FREE. I never bought my epic cave I had it through patience and perseverance.
      This is more that can be said about other games like TinyCo which is a TinyScam

      • TurtleRun says:

        Yes.. Actually this game can easily earn gems unlike other game I’ve played before.. You only need to be patience 

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve had good luck when going for Ruby dragons. Unfortunately I haven’t found all that many Ruby dragons, but I’ve gotten one gold dragon and 2 rainbows.

      I’m currently looking for 3 more people to trade gems with daily. Add Solanars for gem trading

    • Anonymous says:

      Soooo true man, I swear I’m not buying anymore damn gems! I was suppose to get it but they froze the game so I don’t! U can tell from the time till they start breeding.

    • Levi says:

      If you download the app Bamboo Wallet, you can earn money for real stores, and if you use a code you will get some money to start. Mine is (LC1192116)
      Get Bamboo Wallet, it will be worth your time!

  98. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been trying for almost two weeks, have bread at least a hundred times and no gold. This is BS. I think Backflip is just using this one to see which users will buy gems to get one.

  99. I never buy gems and I just got my gold dragon egg. Took awhile. I used scorch and chrome.

  100. Anonymous says:

    I did the chrome and scorch combo AND I GOT A RUBY DRAGON :D no lie I flipped out!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I got 2

      • Olivia says:

        you wouldnt want 2 cause then if you keep both then you wont have room for more of the gemstones! its made to have 1 of each! i got peridot first day! cactus+crystal! trying to get gold…

  101. Twyla Jazmyne Medd says:

    I do chrome then scorch and I've gotten ruby and gold dragons that way

  102. sweetdesa says:

    gem for gem
    If u need gem pls add me and send me
    Gem And i will return back to u.heres my
    Gamecenter id: sweetdesa & abodekw

    Thanks everyone

  103. Chrome and scorch got me a ruby dragon

  104. Julie O'Rear Newell says:

    I got a firework for the first time

  105. I have 2 gold dragons. First used Fire and Forge next was with Seaweed and Forge.

  106. I got a ruby with chrome and scorch, but there were a lot of fireworks before I got it.

  107. Marcos Juki says:

    I finally got them!!! All three "Malachite", "Slag" & "Gold" and the eggs! Come see them in my park at "MKJuki".

  108. George Ardley says:

    can someone help me, I'm trying to get a gold dragon by metal+fire level 10s I keep on getting brass.

  109. Susana Barata says:

    Chrome and scorch worked for me

  110. Joe hilb says:

    I got a ruby and a gold by useing the scorch chrome

  111. Anonymous says:

    >.> Not getting a Gold Dragon….hmmmm

  112. Anonymous says:

    can’t seem to breed any new dragons, I have been trying since the beginning of July for Ruby, never, now Gold, not happening, don’t have pollen, I have complained to backflip because I keep getting kicked out even when I try to click on the breeding cave. This game is making me mad!!!

  113. Anonymous says:

    I got gold and it took me at least ten tries. At first i got firework after fire work but then i just recently got gold. you jsut need to be patient. but i dont know if this would help but i did it on the epic breeding island. And within a couple of days i was able to get all the ones that everyone here is complaining about. And at most it took between 5 to 10 days. but i was also using both the epic breeding island and the breeding cave.

  114. Dooshbag101 says:

    Not sure why people are complaining as I have almost 2 of each dragon since I started 5 months ago…
    Just missing the holiday ones before
    Gold and
    Great game…;)

  115. April says:

    So which combination you did for Gold

  116. Keipep says:

    Flower level 10 on left, Copper level 10 on right at the breeding island got me 48hrs on first try!! After so many days and gems spent on scorch and chrome!! I hope it’s a moon dragon!!

  117. Anonymous says:

    Yes! I have a gold egg and a ruby egg! Check out my islands; labidochromis :)

  118. Anonymous says:

    Are they going to allow us past level 35? Also, how about more islands and habitats? They could allow more Dragons on the habitats and higher pay outs of the coins

  119. Saul Gomez says:

    Scorch and chrome worked for me after like 5-7 tries got a ruby out of it and a bunch of firework dragons but finally got a gold dragon

  120. Zeoni says:

    Was so excited when I got 48 hours breeding time from chrome and scorch, only to have a rainbow egg at the end of it. :( So far managed to get a rainbow and 3 rubies since I started aiming for gold. Been trying for over a week.

    Add me in game, GC nickname is Zeoni.

  121. Sgtskinz says:

    I have the olympus dragons…
    Visit my park.
    Add me: sgtskinz

  122. Wolven says:

    Ive been trying so hard to get ruby. For 2 weeks!! But i got a gold instead, which is good but bad timing. Cause gold takes 2 days to breen and i only have 3 days left for Ruby!! :(

  123. Wolven says:

    Oh only used chrome and scorch with chrome on left. Thats how i got gold.

  124. Lee Yi Vonn says:

    chrome + scorch (in that order)

  125. ksdjnfam says:

    I have this game on the ipad and I am looking for friends so that I can trade gems for gems.

  126. Zoiey says:

    Is this a limited time dragon??
    I’m getting worried, I’ve been trying for weeks with both breeding grounds going. Nothing but chrome and scorch with no luck!!! Got 1 sun and 2 rainbow though. Please help!!! Thanks!

  127. Mark says:

    Tried chrome and scorch and got 3 rubies 2 suns and a rainbow. What luck!! Add me: Dr. P3pper

  128. Mammouth79 says:

    Will trade gem for gem.
    I have a gem tree.

    Add me mammouth79.

  129. Matt says:

    I can’t get the gold dragon I’m so mad

  130. Miss freaky says:

    I got the gold dragon first go using metal and fire :)

  131. Kevin Boeykens says:

    idk what happened for me because i got my gold with forge and evergreen

  132. Kevin Boeykens says:

    ???? is that possible???

  133. Najma Hai says:

    Hey guys I got the gold dragon first try with the blazing and chrome

  134. Anonymous says:

    add me for gem trade: musicfreek

  135. hailey says:

    add me for a gem to gem trade: musicfreeek

  136. hailey says:

    sorry i wrote it twice didnt c it the first time

  137. Anonymous says:

    I need help with figuring out how to breed the gold dragon. I have been using scortch+chrome and chrome+scortch mostly since it came out and I got not one gold dragon yet. Can anyone suggest a better combo please.

  138. Bsugamer says:

    I have tride 247 time and cant get it and i dont have ebc so i need help geting it sent friend request to bsugamer

  139. Deborah Woodend Stenger says:

    I was trying 2 breed a forge dragon instead I got GOLD!!!

  140. I was trying to do a blazing dragon with metal and fire and I got gold I was so happy! now I'm trying for silver.

  141. Lizzy Bear says:

    Chrome + scorch, both level 15 in the un-upgraded Epic breeding island.
    That’s how I got mine.

  142. Jasper says:

    Why is dragonvale do does not allow us to breed any combination we moon+crystal.or does not allow us to create any type of dragon we want.Like ash+fire=smoke.when the next update I wish this will happen

  143. Jasper says:


  144. Anonymous says:

    ha ha!

  145. Lizzy Bear says:


  146. Lizzy Bear says:


  147. Lizzy Bear says:


  148. AcexXx1234 says:

    I got a silver dragon trying to breed a golden one I was so happy:)

  149. Laperfezionestanca says:

    I hatching him with love and quicksilver in the island while traying the cyclops

  150. Josh Miller says:

    I was trying for forge dragon n I think by accident I got gold

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