Frostfire Dragon Breeding Guide

| January 19, 2012 | 520 Comments

“While researching his forthcoming work, The Origins of Dragons, Professor Dravin happened upon the uncharted Palagos Islands and returned with a hatchling that astonished the wizards–the world’s first frostfire dragon.”

Frostfire Dragon was release in the 1.4.0 update in dragonvale. The FrostFire Dragon can be bred by selecting one dragon with the cold attribute and the other with fire attribute to breed.
For Example:
Cold + Firefly
Cold + Scorch
Breeding time: take 12 hours

At Level 10 the adult Frostfire Dragon will produce 156 gold per min.

Category: Rare Dragons

Comments (520)

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  1. Willo says:

    I bred this dragon two days ago using Firefly and Sonic!

  2. Twisted36 says:

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  3. John says:

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  4. Maledictus13 says:

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  5. dragonlover2011 says:

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  6. Ashleypikachu says:

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  7. Douglas Kang says:

    my frost fire gives me 130 per min

  8. Nicole Jade says:


  9. Jay says:

    If you look there is a “+” so it gives you 156 per min with boost statue or statues..

  10. Wind blade says:

    Lava lvl 4 and cold lvl 7 give me frost in 1st tried

  11. Don Ricardo says:

    i know how to make panlong!!!

  12. Leego says:

    I breeded blue fire on the left and fire on the right side, now it takes 12 hours in breeding cave.. So it might be frostfire, or maybe just a blue fire.

  13. Chance234 says:

    How do I get Twisted36 as my friend?

  14. Brandon Ludlow says:

    He has a fire boost and that's why it's saying 156/min

  15. David says:

    Add me please VeNoM_009 :-)

  16. Faunts says:

    Its so hard to get >.> I keep ending up with combinations I already have. If you want add me: Faunts

  17. Rusty says:

    I need pictures of each egg for each dragon.

  18. Lorraine Edwards says:

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  20. Ryan says:

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  21. JeWorms says:

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  22. Mesegui says:

    Cold and Firefly worked for me on first try.
    Add me for free gems If you want: Mesegui

  23. Garrett Herd says:

    If onely these freaking websites would let me know how to bread panlong

  24. I bred a mud dragon on the left with a blazing dragon on the right to get a panlong

  25. g says:

    Ack, help me get the coveted panlong, fog lava isn’t working!!!

  26. Kyle says:

    Add me and for every gem you send me, I guarantee one back guitarmetalx

  27. Jackie Keeley says:

    Natasha that worked for me mud 1st lv 10 and blazing lv 10 I have a 36 hrs breeding going on ; ) now for the sandstorm or rainbow

  28. Nil says:

    I breed mud + blazing, yield a 36-hour egg!!!

  29. jade says:

    add me! JadeRose16

  30. iamdgod says:

    blazing + Cold 12-houe egg

  31. Samnicole50 says:

    Add me: Samnicole50

  32. I just did lvl 15 cold dragon and lvl 15 scorch and got a rainbow dragon

    • Natasha says:

      How did you get a rainbow dragon

    • J.r. Roark says:

      level 15? How is that? Mine tap out at level 10..

    • Jacob Leroy Rankin says:

      There's a statue you can get and it'll make certain types max out at level 15

    • Tine Carpenter Leinstedt says:

      Jacob Leroy Rankin What statue – can you name it?

    • Jacob Leroy Rankin says:

      Tine Carpenter Leinstedt sure. there's one for each element. theyre technically called Shrines. first is plant shrine, second is earth shrine, then fire shrine, then so fourth. u can get the plant at level 18 the earth at level 19 fire at 20. i havent gotten past level 20 yet. you can find it in the "buildings" section. it counts how many level 10s you've accumulated (plant will count how many plant, fire counts howmany fire etc.) and when your account has had 50 level 10s of that type you can begin to raise that types level to a max of 15. it will also count the level 10s of the that type, if you have sold them. so if i raise a plant dragon to level 10 and decide i dont have room for it i can just sell it and itll still have been acounted for by my shrine.
      hope this helped clarify.

    • Jacob Leroy Rankin says:

      notice in the pic of the frost fire the bar DOSE NOT say MAX even though its at level 10

  33. Natasha says:

    How did you get the forest fire dragon

    • jd says:

      theres no dragon by that name, but- are you talking about frostfire? if so ive still yet to get frostfire,sun, and panlong..:( i have all rest though:0

  34. Ben says:

    I know how to how to get the blue fire dragon

  35. jd says:

    rainbow- epic breeding island level 10 lava on (left) and level 10 seaweed (right).. enjoy:)

  36. jd says:

    i have all breeding 1st tries… ill swap information for panlong,sun,or frostfire:?

  37. I did Cold and Scorch and now I have a 48 hour waiting time for the rainbow dragon!! Yayy!!

  38. Jacob says:

    Try fire then storm or sonic then storm, SUN DRAGON

  39. Ambre says:

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  40. DakotaJordan1 says:

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  41. MP says:


  42. no se como se hace el dragón panlong

  43. Ann Bardo Phillips says:

    I got my Panlong with lv 10 mud & lv 10 blazing.

  44. Garrett Herd says:

    I am getting a Rambo and I have a panlong

  45. Smurf2428 says:

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  46. memoodyus says:

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  47. Jackie Keeley says:

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  48. Jackie Keeley says:

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  49. C G says:

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  50. sages_mom says:

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    I do send gems.

  51. Rayhan Tee says:

    I got a Moon Dragon by lvl 10 Cold + Firefly o_o

  52. Angs682 says:

    I’ve been breeding mud and blazing and fog and lava, switching side for a week now and can’t get a panlong. What else should I do. All are level 10 except lava is level 11. All i need is rainbow, panlong, and frostfire. help!

  53. I did that, cold with firefly, and I got a sun dragon?!

  54. pinkpsycho says:

    Add me: pinkpsycho86

  55. Twizted72 says:

    Add me Twizted72

  56. Shane Raven says:

    To get a Panlong Dragon breed the following:
    – Mud + Blazing Dragon
    – Lava + Fog Dragon

    Both work. I got mine using Mud & Blazing dragons.

  57. Lehcar8 says:

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  58. Sean81699 says:

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  60. Sevy says:

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  61. Anonymous says:

    Howa do ya make a frostfire ive tried every dang thing. By the way i got my rainbow dragon by mud lvl 10 on the left and firefly lvl 10 on the right. GOOD LUCK

  62. MUNKLUBB says:

    À have panalog i make blasing and mud

  63. Anonymous says:

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  64. Hughesy69 says:

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  65. Nikki Parica says:

    How do you breed frostfire? Anyone please help.

  66. Alfred. says:

    I can’t get neither blue fire nor fire frost after trying for 3 weeks. Btw I gt pan long with 3 attempts with fog + mud, both lv10

  67. Anonymous says:

    Add me sun dragons

  68. Jessica Bol says:

    Can anyone tell me what the Frostfire egg looks like?

  69. I've also heard that snow and fire work for getting frostfire.

  70. Anonymous says:

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  71. Need friends only have one :( add me
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  72. ashleypikachu says:

    Guys can you please post stuff about the panlong dragon in the guide for it thank you

  73. Jackie Keeley says:

    I tried 3 times again but on the last try I have another 36 hr egg all I need is the rainbow????

  74. Allison says:

    a 36 hour egg is a panlong fragon egg

  75. Sue Christensen says:

    I finally got my panlong! Well I hope so it’s blazing left, mud right breeding for 36 hours :)

  76. Having a tough time adding friends…. Add me phiphilove… And I will happily send gems! Have the gem tree and was decided… Now I have all these gifts and no one to gift too! Lcl 23 almost 24 and have all dragons except 4 rare ones…at the point that sharing is only way dragonvale can be fun anymore. Hope to hear from u soon :) happy breeding

  77. Oh boy just got Frostfire dragon by breeding cold level 10 n firefly lvl 10 in that order..if only I could figure out how to add ppl… Grrrwould make this game sooo much more FUN !!!!

  78. Christina says:

    How do you add people? I willgift daily if I had some friends in Dragonvale!

    • Anonymous says:

      You go to your game center app, then press on “friends” at the bottom, at the top left corner you will see a plus sign- click on that and then you put the persons username in the top box and a message at the bottom.
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      Glad I could hlp:)

  79. Jerry Mutagubya says:

    What I don't get is why you can't breed a cold fire and cold dragon and get a frost fire?

  80. Renee Harris says:

    Still struggling with Frostfire. I did scorch/cold and got another moon dragon. Will try again

  81. Andrea Borgia says:

    Fog and lava for panlong

  82. YUU_LL says:

    Got frostfire with Cold Dragon and Scroch Dragon^^
    Now working on panlong dragon^^

  83. I tried cold left and scorch right both level 10 and at 3rd try I got the 12 hour inculcate. Frostfire dragon.

  84. Dragon dude says:

    Tried 4 times blazing with mud never worked ???

  85. Johnny Lucas says:

    I just need sun moon rainbow iceberg and frostfire to have all dragons for the moment.

  86. Johnny Lucas says:

    I just need sun moon rainbow iceberg and frostfire to have all dragons for the moment.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Would that just give a storm?

  88. add me…adamjayson19…thanks!

  89. Hickeyp83 says:

    Tried all of the above several times, I now have 2 sun dragons, 3 rainbow dragons but no panlong. Has anybody got any idea on exactly what time of day to try the breeding and what dragons? And what side to have the dragons on?

    • Anonymous says:

      For a panlong which I got on my third try in my epic breeding cave I used a lava and fog dragons. But since I also have the normal breaking cave I used a second combination to increase my chances. It was the mud and blazing dragon I beleive. If u want add me. §Nicole§

  90. Orbinated says:

    Gem for Gem?
    Hey, add me you guys. I’m Orbinated :)

  91. Locky says:

    I got the most unusual thing breeding for a storm dragon with a snow and lightning dragon and got a rainbow

  92. NightShade*Moon says:

    I have all dragons possible right now.

  93. well…im lucky enough to have 2 sun dragons so I guess I'm going to make a "sun Isle" :)

  94. Nick says:

    Add me to help me Iam Nickman263

  95. Sivi says:

    I have sun dragon :)
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  96. Anonymous says:

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  97. Jazi4ever says:

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  98. Mimii says:

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  99. Something says:

    How much time does it take to breed frostfire

  100. Melanie says:

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  101. Hammy says:

    I got a frost fire with fire and storm. I was going for a sun

  102. Tobi-sama says:

    Help me get the gem tree. I’m so close so add and I will help soon. Gc:emoreaper666

  103. I got the panlog dragon fro lava+fog

  104. I got a panlog dragon by breeding the lava with fog

  105. Chanda Ramnath says:

    Add me on game center @ pnklibra

  106. I got a sun dragon too

  107. Kelly says:

    Add me peeps keldog247 please!!

  108. Person says:

    I tried Cold + Scorch and I got firefly not Frostfire

  109. Izzy says:

    I got a moon dragon when I bred a Flower Dragon with a Storm Dragon, or it might be the other way round. Anyways I wasn’t looking for anything and just stumbled upon it. You can try it if you like. Just don’t blame me for anything if you don’t get it. Good luck! By the way I am Cloudwolf14

  110. Kyle Dunn says:

    If you have

  111. Kyle Dunn says:

    If you sell 5 adult frost fires you get 2million 500 coins

  112. Chalows says:

    I go a rainbow by breeding flower and afire fly. I was tring to get love dragon.

  113. Chalows says:

    I go a rainbow by breeding flower and afire fly. I was tring to get love dragon.

  114. Neil says:

    What dragon has a blue egg and snowflakes on it

  115. gg says:

    bluefire is red egg with snowflakes

  116. Brandy says:

    I am having the worst time getting the frost fire! Using Level 10’s and still not working!

    Add me on gamecenter! BDizzle5885

  117. Anonymous says:

    how do you get fog

  118. Neil says:

    Can someone tell me how to get sun dragon / moon I really don’t care which I just need one of them

  119. Neil says:

    I know how to get a free air dragon

  120. Partyanimal2012 says:

    Add me on GC partyanimal2012 thanks!

  121. Person says:

    Just look up “how to breed sun or moon dragon in dragonvale” and you’ll find the answer but each combo only has a one or two percent chance of working.

  122. Leny Ru So says:

    Alguien q haya conseguido un Frostfire. Que me diga como?
    Ya intente lo q dice en esta página pero no lo consiguió

  123. Neil says:

    How do you add people as friends in dragonvale gamecenter?

  124. Neil says:

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  128. Anonymous says:

    Same here with frostfire… Anybody know what a sonic+Frostfire makes?

  129. Anonymous says:

    Just got a moon drafon first try from breeding frostfire and Sonic

  130. Do you have to brees it with the epicentro breeding Island or just The normal breeding Landa

  131. Jôëy Gylytïûk says:

    Yeah something no one understands about this game is this guy said you can get a frostfire by breeding these things where in everyone's game it takes different dragons to breed different things

  132. Tracey Vega says:

    I did just that, cold and scorch, I got a storm dragon, so I reversed it and still got a storm dragon.

  133. Kyle Hall says:

    Add me

  134. Kyle Hall says:

    I have a gem tree how do I use it

  135. Sam Han says:

    I did cold and scorch but go a 3 hour.

  136. Mara Wallace says:

    It took me a few tries, my sister got frost fire by breeding cold and scorch. I tried the same thing and now I am waiting for a rainbow dragon. :)

  137. I did this and got a rainbow dragOn

  138. Kyle Hartley says:

    I did seaweed and something and got a rainbow

  139. Jodi Taranto says:

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  140. Tom Arthur says:

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  142. Eric Peterson says:

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  144. Luke Hall says:

    Does the level matter

  145. Anonymous says:

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  148. Sam Stone says:

    I tried mud and blazing for Panlong but I get a rainbow?

  149. Kaanwizard says:

    I got a sun with lvl 8 mountain and lvl8 lightning

  150. Anonymous says:

    I tried Firefly & Cold but I kept getting Storm.

  151. ji seong says:

    i tried both but nothing happened i got firefly and scroch dragon but i will tell you something ( it is bellow )
    i will tell you how to breed bluefire dragon try lv 10 snow +fire
    might work on yours

  152. Reen Lightray says:

    I've tried cold+firefly/Cold+scorch for 18 times…. still no luck on frostfire, not even with the help from my epic breeding island… :( I"m currently breeding cold + blue fire, and I got a 12 hours incubation time on the epic island, do you think it can be another cold? or a frostfire dragon? o.o

  153. Eda Su Varan says:

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  157. idk says:

    i got blue fire with mountain and fire or fire and mountain idk i forgot how to get blue fire

    • Neil says:

      I got paNlong with fog on left and lava on right and frostfire with cold and blazing on first try.messed up onnn someere words beCAUse myIpOd is glaitching….$.$3$.$;

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  159. I have rainbow add me from wesley123

  160. Cold and love dragon also breed frostfire and reverse bred a rainbow for me :)

  161. Victoria dragon says:

    I got frostfire from iceberg and fire first try and i tried it again and i got it again so that is probably the most efficient.

  162. jackson says:

    Level 10 fire and level 10 storm gets u a sun first try every time orblue fire

  163. Alea says:

    Didn’t work for me :( nothing will

  164. Anonymous says:

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  175. Bigbp51 says:

    How do I get a frostfire I have tried scorch and firefly with cold and I got nothin

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  178. JordanUong23 says:

    How do u get pan long sun or moon

    • RathTheFallen says:

      I got the Sun by BFire and Crystal.

      • Guardien83 says:

        I got sun and moon with sonic + storm
        I got pan long with flower + fog
        I just now got clover with flower + moss

    • GT says:

      Panlong can be obtained only from Blazing and mud combo or lava and fog combo.

      As for moon and sun dragons, breed any dragons that have cold and lightning elements in them. For me personally, i’ve obtained 3 sun and 1 moon dragons using cold and scotch combo.

      Have to keep trying and at different time of the day.

      Good luck.

  179. jh1cks31 says:

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  188. Demintedmom says:

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  189. Elbelle says:

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  190. Lorna says:

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  191. I also did cold and firefly i got a sun dragon yippeeeer

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  193. Crater says:

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  194. ([email protected]) says:

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  195. Erika Mejia says:

    I haven't gotten a frostfire dragon yet. I've been trying cold and firefly. I have one now that is going to take 48 hours. Probably a sun, moon, or rainbow. Add me. My username is erikam240. Gem for gem.

  196. I did scorch and cold and I got a 5 hours one?

  197. Cc66ai says:

    Still no frostfire yet, add me cc96ai

  198. Aaron says:

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  199. aidaniel says:

    lol, i got it first try. scorch and cold.
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  200. Giffy says:

    I got a frost fire when I was level 5 and it was the firsttime… So I assumed they were not rare!

  201. taryn says:

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  202. Anonymous says:

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  212. Anonymous says:

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  214. sdarren7 says:

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  215. Anonymous says:

    How do u get frostfire

  216. Caleb says:

    Try cold and snow

  217. Haha suckers I got it on first try : p

  218. danny says:

    weidest thing happened i tried cold+firefly i got moon cool

  219. Anonymous says:

    After numerous tries, I finally got mine with cold & firefly

  220. sdarren7 says:

    Add sdarren7 gem for gem daily. Thanks

  221. deven says:

    i got it by a air and a tree dragon

  222. Did u do it in the epic breeding cave or the regular one???

  223. Jeff Frosch says:

    Add : TheAshKetchumOfDragonvale for daily gem trade :3 <3.

  224. Max says:

    I got 12 hours time by breeding cold and lava now it could be a blue fire or frostfire

  225. sdarren7 says:

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    with dragonsai tree

  226. Jasper Cullens says:

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  227. Eric says:

    woah i did fire and ice dragon and got frostfire i did that four times in a row and still got it but the fifth time it was an air dragon

  228. Du Togira Ikonoka says:

    hehe i hate this dragon… ive tried literally 50 times to get this with both the breeding cave and breeding island… i just got sun out of the breeding cave but i cant get frostfire for crap, this dragon hates me

    • George says:

      Do you have to be a certain level to get the frostbite because I tried like 5 times with fire and cold then cold and firefly the cold and poison and cannot get blue fire or frost fire I am lvl 22

  229. Anonymous says:

    I just used poison and cold… Works like a charm every time!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is mostly true, I got my first one by breeding poison and cold, and then a second time, but third and fourth time it crossed with the plant strand of poison and left me with Cactus dragons.. Now I’m just crossing the two Frostfires instead.. it’s guaranteed to either give you a fire, ice, frost fire, or blue fire… which sounds promising to me.

    • George says:

      In what order?

  230. Eric says:

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  231. Anonymous says:

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  235. Henry Kilman says:

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  236. Curtis Beale says:

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  237. I got rainbow by breeding blazing and mud igot panlong in same way I also have clover sun moon and frostfire and I'm lvl 18 xD

  238. I'm just a kid I thought there was no picture whoops

  239. Chase says:

    I keep trying to breed my cold+firefly but all I get are more firefly dragons . Same with scorch, I end up getting scorch dragons .

    • Du Togira ikonoka says:

      use the normal breeding cave not the island. So far whenever I breed cold and firefly on normal cave I get a rare dragon, ie sun or frostfire. Any other dragons and island get me nothing

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  243. rumourngossip says:

    I have tried for days alternation between normal and breeding cave and alternating the combination of cold n scortch and cold n firefly. Nothing but firefly or scortch eggs. This morning I tried cold an lava in the breeding island and the breeding time shows 12hrs wish me luck!

  244. rumourngossip says:

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    • Eric says:

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  254. Anonymous says:

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  255. Helper says:

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  269. Glenn Evans says:

    After 3 weeks of trying, lvl 11 Cold, lvl 10 Firefly did it

  270. jakezter says:

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  271. 19adobe20wv says:

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  272. Irvin Philip Taguiam says:

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  273. Anonymous says:

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      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

      The two recent updates for the poll include:
      How to navigate through this website!!! find out how to get to a certain page. This update includes: new combos for more dragons, and a new person to answer your questions (well im the same person, but with a different name)!!!

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  300. oliver90 says:

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  315. Dragon gal says:

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  317. Dragon gal says:

    Ok, if u read my first comment, I got a moon dragon

  318. Dragon gal says:

    I have a panlong, a butterfly, and a moon dragon, and I am on level 19 :)

  319. Caleb says:

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