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Friends are very important in DragonVale. They are an easy way for you to earn gems that allow you to buy dragons easily. In DragonVale the more friends you have, the more gems your likely to recieves. If you add friends to your game center account and they also play dragonvale, they will be added to your friends list in dragonvale as well. This also allow you to visit each others dragon parks and see what kind of dragons they have. Sometimes you will see a party hat above some of your friends dragon habitats, if you tap on them you will recieve a small amount of dragoncash (depends on your level). There will only be 3 or less party hats per friend. One drawback is that some of your friends might be impatient and want gems everyday, yet you can only send 3 gems per day.

Partyhat Friends List

Post Your Game Names Below If You Want To Trade Gems with others!


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  2. Kat says:


  3. Ethan Harris says:




    • Pam Mandli says:

      Contact me. I’ll help you.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi pam I am Craigy that’s my username on gamecenter and my email [email protected] .com I’d luv u to ad me as friend but can’t triad gems cos I have none x

  4. Aadhdkid says:

    Aadhdkid add

  5. Jan Harrington says:

    blackgryphon: please add me.

  6. Unknown says:

    Add me: Prichila2011

  7. Donna L Wold says:

    Chickeemama needs some friends…please.

  8. Donna L Wold says:

    Oops it's chickeeme on game center sorry!

  9. Unknown says:

    Add me, Tasroto

  10. Nightelv says:

    Hey =)

    Please add me, Nightelv, so we can trade Gems. – Daily Player!!! :)

  11. Kabi says:

    Please add kabiko :)

  12. Chris says:

    My name is xryzflec. Only one of my friends plays so I’m totally gem-less :-(

  13. bayden says:

    add me baydzz on game center and give each other 3 gems a day ive got a cheat which lets me give 4 a day so add me

  14. Brianna says:


  15. Erin says:

    Add me please. Leochick725

  16. Kimberlyfour says:

    Add me! I’m kimberlyfour

  17. Jspi95 says:

    Gem 4 gem
    Daily player
    JSpi95 add me

  18. Please add me: Araushnee.

  19. lihomeipad2 says:

    I’m lihomeipad2, daily player.
    Let’s exchang gems, add me.


  20. cherrypie65 says:

    im new @dragonvale but if anyone interested plz add me



  21. Slicer02 would really like some friends and have no idea how to add them or gift. Happy to and have three to give at least.

    • Wintermay Ngan says:

      hi, i am a dragon vale player.i cannot yield blue fire dragon. i got a elder lvl 7 cold dragon add with lvl 7 fire dragon.i cannot match them…how do i need only able to yield..thanks

  22. Drako86 says:

    Add me please : DRAKO86

  23. Macchietta2012 says:

    Add me, i give gems, macchietta2012

  24. luke ruffle says:

    please add me ruffle13

  25. Stephen_Soothly says:

    Add me! I send gems! Stephen_Soothly

  26. Michi says:

    Hi, add me as a friend plz.

    I have a gem tree to send more gems to friends ;)

  27. SUPPERTEEMO says:

    Gem for gem, add me:SUPPERTEEMO. I got gem tree.

  28. Sneils Ho-Ne says:

    add me I have dragonsai tree SnyleselynS

  29. Rustymermaid says:

    I play constantly please add me and have fun!

  30. -:-FoiL-:- says:


    Please 2 meet U. Add me please.

  31. Ca$$y says:

    add me up Ca$$y

  32. Ca$$y says:

    sorry I mean $cassy$ the other thing was my tapstudio3 username

  33. Desiifeetje says:

    Like to be your friend.
    Will send everything I can.

    gamecenter name: desifeetje

  34. MattysGirl910 says:

    Add me!!!!!


  35. Phi paired says:

    Add me.. Phipsireb

  36. xxRhino says:

    Add me please

  37. poisongrapes says:


  38. shawn6051 says:

    shawn6051 add me please

  39. Edward Chung says:

    Edward the great

  40. Henry says:

    Add me

    Please add me

  41. Kip Loder says:

    Krypto18 needs friends

  42. Stella Kurniawan says:

    Add blatzerz

  43. Mustangs 5 says:

    Add me same as name

  44. Mustangs 5 says:

    O and I give gems

  45. Jeanette says:

    I will spread my gems out evenly between those who are active players and get a dragonsai tree to give more.

  46. Kale says:


  47. Tepfs says:

    Add me plz : tepfs

  48. Joshua Peters says:

    Docpetey needs friends and gems please

  49. Shell says:

    Please add!

  50. Alan says:

    add me


  51. Tanya Elliott says:

    Add me too please! fishingammy I play every day!

  52. Austin Shon says:

    Plz add honeybeeshon

  53. Heather says:

    Add me please YinkaNut

  54. Tom says:

    I’m looking for friends to trade with. Please add me bahamuttg is my GC name.

  55. Annette says:

    angsmg on gamecenter, please add me!

  56. Gamer2k11 says:

    Add me daily user. Add gamer2k11

  57. Jason says:

    Beybladejapan Add me daily gem trade

  58. Ajd6 says:

    Add these names
    For gems we have gem trees
    Ajd6 and ascurvypirate

  59. WTXANGEL says:

    wtxangel – add me please :)

  60. ya_you says:

    Daily player, giving gems everyday, add : ya_you

  61. Badatude says:

    Add please the more the merrier

  62. Antonius says:

    add me at ex-inferis i play everyday, let’s exchange gem, thanks for adding ^_^

  63. Sebastian Tay says:


    Add me pls! ^^

  64. Ambre says:

    Tanith Ambre .. xox

  65. Schiepii says:

    Gem 4 Gem??! Add me please: Schiepii

    It makes so much Fun x)

  66. Wessel De Jonge says:

    I need some gems and friend. So add eizerkok1234

  67. Kyra Grocutt says:

    Kyrajules141. ADD ME
    I play everyday and will send gems.

  68. Reddogg0869 says:

    Reddogg0869. Add me!!

  69. Sammy Gavin says:

    Add me: samgavin1984

    :) xx

  70. Saila2005 says:

    Dragon vale just great!

  71. Carmen says:

    pierules123 : Add me I’ve got no friends!!! I’ll send you gems if you send me gems!! :)

  72. mrjmrsc says:

    I have 2 unused Islands for breeding and trade aany one insterested add me.

  73. kelvin says:

    Add me in game center : kelvinch
    Add Add

  74. Mike says:

    Trying to get the breeding island. Add me: dominicjacewitz Gem 4 Gem :)

  75. Jason Wu says:

    Hi everybody, I am new to dragon vale,it’s so beautiful. Please add me as your friend.
    My GameCenter name is quatrejuin

    . .
    / `. .’ \
    .—. .—.
    | \ \ – ~ ~ – / / |
    ~-..-~ ~-..-~
    \~~~\.’ `./~~~/
    .-~~^-. \__/ \__/
    .’ O \ / / \ \
    (_____, `._.’ | } \/~~~/
    `—-. / } | / \__/
    `-. | / | / `. ,~~|
    ~-.__| /_ – ~ ^| /- _ `..-‘ f: f:
    | / | / ~-. `-. _||_||_
    |_____| |_____| ~ – . _ _ _ _ _>

  76. Matthew Page says:

    ibeseen add me have gem tree and 4 open slots for gems every day

  77. Stewart says:


  78. Davin says:

    Love some friends to give gems to. Leo & Letty on game center.

  79. Mel says:

    Please add me! Newer player but I play every day!!

    add: mellyweave

  80. Sam Maher says:

  81. Debbie Stevens says:

    Add me!!! Divastiva

  82. Madison says:

    Add me, if you please. pudding321

  83. Chris Ko says:

    gem 4 gem

  84. Anonymous says:

    Add me: courtnee cute

  85. Skakad says:

    Got daily 6-gems, others with 6-gem add me!

    Skakad <—

  86. Republic Commando 999 says:

    Hey I need friends cause I don’t have any, please help!
    (Republic Commando 999) ADD ME!!!!

    • ARC Commander Blitz says:

      Whoops, wrong name. It’s actually
      ARC Commander Blitz. Pleeeeze friend me on game center cause I have no friends that play dragonvale.

  87. Add me my name is MarquisMark and I will definitely send you a gem if you send one to me :)

  88. Freemont23 says:

    Lets be friends! :)

    Username: Freemont 23

  89. smashly84 says:


  90. k1ngdv says:


    Add me:

  91. Jayredc says:

    add me up: Jayredc

  92. Aneedalie says:

    Please add Aneedalie!

  93. dinboy95 says:

    pleace add me?

    i need gems with dragon vale who can help me?

    add> dinboy95

  94. Anonymous says:

    hit me up


  95. Anonymous says:

    Add me plz my gc name is HACK ME BRO

  96. lauren says:

    Hey add me on dragon vale! laurensperling is my user name

  97. Janet says:

    I need DragonVale friends! Brave Bunnie is my user name.

  98. *bignasty13* need friends please add

  99. YUU_LL says:

    My nick yuu_ll.
    Add me^^

  100. Ex Con81 says:

    Name – Ex Con81

    pls Add me

  101. Anonymous says:

    Add me please juliechapman

  102. Kelly Seiler says:

    medicgrl0103. Add please!

  103. Ceryine says:

    Add me pls ceryine

  104. Anonymous says:

    Me too porntipapp

  105. Anonymous says:

    invictus2 add me please. I have a tree.

  106. Zoidamite says:



  107. Kdogpl1 needs some friends add me and I send a gem

  108. Robyn says:


  109. William Swadling says:

    $Red Wolf$ is my game centre name :)

  110. Ernesto Jr Santos says:

    Add me dohvakiian

  111. Angelo Pisa says:

    apisa714 add me! Will gift if you gift!

  112. mat says:

    add me guiltychibi

  113. Dixon Wong says:

    add me at Ehaille. I have gem to exchage :D

  114. ashwinpower says:

    gamecentre id ashwinpower. add me for dragonvale :)

  115. Bob says:

    Add me!!!!!!! DRAGONS#123

  116. greenpuppy86 says:

    ADD me to Dragonvale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greenpuppy86

  117. Gasha Arya says:


  118. Meme says:

    Pls add. Gato7599 and mememiew to your friend. We will give a game to you in everyday ^_^

  119. Gullwing998 says:

    Add me thegatorhunter2

  120. Gullwing998 says:

    Add me thegatorhunter2 from gullwing998

  121. Uky says:

    Add me Hn1n9

  122. Major Carr says:

    mlcclm09 add me.

  123. Nik says:

    Add me, nik_fen

  124. Chris Black says:

    ADD ME! swag man3 (make sure there is a space between swag and man3

  125. Jay Lee says:

    ADD me for Gem2gem
    I still have 2 available tonight

  126. Werer andy says:

    I search friends who play dragonvale too:-) i am thaleryan

    • Lins003 says:

      Hi Andy,

      I have just sent you a request which you accepted, i am having problems adding you as a friend on Dragonvale, i wonder if you have to add me to your game centre?

      Thanks Lins

  127. Disabledmojo says:

    Add Disabledmojo

  128. rololifant says:

    searching for friends :)
    i am rololifant

  129. Tim Lowell says:

    TerminusBreak needs some buddies.

  130. BDizzle5885 says:

    Add me! BDizzle5885

  131. Hondaronn says:

    I also need some Gem buddies… Hondaronn is my nickname on Game center. Add me please

  132. 1995821 please add I need gems I will give gems back.

  133. Lisa Earle says:

    Please add purplepassion69

  134. Paolo Cornelio says:

    add me!
    sesame gangsta
    gem 4 gem.

  135. BringinSexyBack says:


    add me or else your ipod will transform into a decepticon and slap you across the face

  136. Sephyra458 says:

    Pllease add me to your friends list



  137. Add meh @ dcbabi, I send gem for gem

  138. Kittykyomi says:

    Kittykyomi! Add me =D

  139. #greyhound# says:

    want to try also!

    add me:


  140. Khamis says:

    Please I need some gems or maybe better cause I just started playing this….

  141. edwin says:

    add me @ gnniwde

    gem for gem =)

  142. Brian Lam says:

    Lamburger92 please add me :D
    I will gift to anyone who gifts me!

  143. Niels Terfehr says:

    Add me if u want gems. Name is Nildey.

  144. Add Lauer82, Got gems to give!!

  145. Cholo Guiam says:

    I'm new here add me. HeyCholo

  146. Tammy Soper says:

    Mama2thr3e would love some friends. Will gift!

  147. Anna Nilsson says:


  148. Add me. ImJustTalented.

  149. I need friends ASTROGREENARROW please just got the game a couple of days ago and ims tarting to get the hang of it but need friends to play.

  150. Lorance Katanani says:


  151. Hi guys. pls add me. I just started the game. need lots of friends. add me BIGDRAGON75.

  152. Bloomer_22 would like some friends :)

  153. Name is talon468 add me pls.

  154. Tim Link says:

    *(timbo19)* add me!

  155. Teresa Keene Estes says:

    Need some friends. Add me and we can share gems.

  156. Rulo Flores says:

    Rulo Rulez

    ADD ME!

  157. Chloe Quito says:

    add me : domo— XD

  158. Oceanside Gal. Did not know you could send gems. I will gift daily if you do

  159. Antoine Boissiere says:

    Boumletueurr add me !! :)

  160. Add me please: fifth exile

  161. Kim says:

    Add me please: fifth exile

  162. BrownHairGirl says:

    Looking for 6 friends …..


  163. Juan Guillermo Restrepo Flores says:

    Add me juanchoguillermo87 XD cheers.

  164. Shathief says:

    Just started playing and need friends shathief

  165. Rebecka Eriksson says:

    Beckeuus needs friends! <3

  166. Rebecka Eriksson says:

    Beckeuus needs friends! <3

  167. MG says:

    Looking for three friends to trade gems with everyday. MGG33

  168. Greenkid77 says:

    Add me greenkid77 I have a gem tree

  169. Kathy Hurst says:

    Steamprincess. Add me!

  170. Kathy Hurst says:

    I meant SteamPrincess

  171. Ally Burns says:

    Allyyy9 add me! I have a gem tree

  172. Dan Chen says:

    add me as friend "tiffanyyuri".

  173. Milly says:

    Add me millsi23 gem for gem!

  174. Syrabi says:

    Add me ^^ I give gems for the first 3 that give me gems that day.

  175. Anique says:

    Ad me as friend, __+Stitch+__

  176. Narcis Blekic says:

    Add Narciskung I will gem for gem

  177. Spy says:

    Add me spy510 will try and get gem for gem

  178. Samira Munir says:

    add me: samiramunir.

  179. need some friend! fidelie3

  180. timthetoolmanregan says:

    Hieveryone i am looking 4 friends to trade gems with. i live in sc. if ne1 wants to call me go ahead 864-347-1375

  181. Greenkid77 says:

    Add me greenkid77 I have a gem tree

  182. Notrevo says:

    Add me Notrevo please

  183. Add Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

    add me andrew123456789-

  184. hello says:

    Add me chrispyR32

  185. Claire says:

    Add me please !

  186. the gem santa :D says:

    hello dragon farmers out there. I have a jailbreaked iphone so i can send unlimited gems but i cant give my self. :( but all u out there, add me as freind and give me gems i will return the favor by sending you 5 gems back.. “maby more ;)” i hope to make a lot of good freinds :D my gamecenter name is…Phat_Naroobe

  187. Boris says:

    Please add me as friend! I’ll give you gems in return!

  188. Frankie Massey says:

    Ok… I've sent and have received guest invites… but I don't see them on my Dragonvale friends list?

  189. Greta O'Halloran says:

    Irish901 feel free to add me!

  190. melanie fera says:

    please add me! melanie.fera

  191. Meg says:

    add me gem for gem megarootoyou

  192. Taribowis says:

    If u want to see an Island full of Rainbows (6), Panlongs (10), Moons, Suns, Sandstorms …,
    Add me : Taribowis

  193. Jim says:

    Need a couple of friends for gem trading


  194. Villa naga says:

    Can someone help me .. How to add friends ? And also I’m new to this .. Thx

  195. Villa naga says:

    Can someone help me .. How to add friends ? And also I’m new to this ..

  196. L33TNightstar says:

    add me please, i will send gems if u send gems, my name is L33tNightstar

  197. Clyne90 says:


  198. Ohiococo9 says:

    Please add ohiococo9 I am in need of gems badly

  199. RJ Reyes says:

    Add me doe! Whatsuprjay

  200. Dan Dietzel says:

    19D4N87 Please add me, I have a Dragonsai Gem tree so I have lots of gems to trade!

  201. Holly Angst says:

    I need Dragonvale friends. Please add me – Game Center ID: MimiBunny. Thanks!

  202. BethanyFire says:

    Hey guys it’s BethanyFire just 2 let you know you can add me and I will send you gems. Just to be honest I most likely won’t send you a gem every day because I want to be fair to everyone, but I will send more gems to those who send them to me. <3 you guys! My GameCenter name is BethanyFire. Just stating the obvious.

  203. Cowboysurfer says:

    I need a few friends for gem trading! Game Center ID: Cowboysurfer

  204. Stahlmuckiman says:

    Add me!!! stahlmuckiman

  205. RASMUSJ89 says:

    Add me og you we will be friends:) rasmusj89

  206. Josh Regen says:

    add me up :D only lvl 14 so far but LOVE THIS GAME!

  207. christopher says:

    my id is vindicate5381

  208. I need friend anyone wants to add me can bloodredvampire is my name.

  209. add me I send gems everyday.
    gamecenter name is epicawesomeness99.

  210. Tim Schreier says:

    Here we go. I need some friends.. Pleas add me. :)

  211. shrekfx81 says:

    Looking for friends.. shrekfx81 thanks.. :)

  212. Anonymous says:

    add lucario900

  213. Jacob says:


  214. grubbah says:

    Just started and need friends please

  215. Fan Fanny says:

    Anyone can send me some gem ???

  216. Penelope Jackson says:

    Please add- Penjax
    Being playing forever but never added anyone! Lol level 22 all drangons but sun! Tips would help!

  217. add me if you trade daily, I will do likewise! Scarecrow313

    just started to breed my Leap Year from fog and blazing fyi – 14.5 hours.

  218. Viktor says:

    I am a very active player and I send gems daily, add me – VIKTORL33T

  219. Håkan says:

    Add me {&RMK&}

  220. Teaflowers says:

    Add me, too!


  221. Jokers Fool says:

    add me
    gamecenter Jokers Fool

  222. yuppielemon says:

    add me gamecenter yuppielemon… will send gems everyday!!!

  223. Yancy Gabriel says:

    Please add me Yancy Gabriel Gems for Gems

  224. KraKu says:

    Add me – send gems back

  225. Michael Cox says:

    Minot578 add me

  226. smilelikeabunny says:

    add me (: smilelikeabunny

  227. Guang yu says:

    Hi all add me up, will try to send gems to you

    name: i am guang yu

  228. suzyqzy48 says:

    please add me ~ Thanks!

  229. Max Rönnblom says:

    Add me!!! Daily player! I'll make sure to send you gems if you add me!

    Add mro1229 in your Game Center!



  230. Anonymous says:

    Add me! epicoinkers!
    Send me a Gem and I will MAKE SURE you get one back in return!

  231. Kellye says:

    I will send gems to you if you add me!!! @ kellyebobellye
    PLEASE no one right now sends me gems so I WILL send one back to you (:

  232. I have a Dragonsai Gem Tree, please add me every one :)

  233. Ty Vuong says:

    needs some friends; Please add me. I have a Dragonsai Gem Tree (so I can gift 6 gems/ per day). :)

  234. Anonymous says:

    I am TheHarryPotterGirl. I have the gem tree. please send me gems and I will send them to you.

  235. Zenobezz says:

    Hey guys, I’m slightly new at this and i need some friends.
    Add me: Zenobezz
    I gift back, thankss

  236. Zenobezz says:

    Add me, I send back gems:

  237. Add me have a tree as well soniah 41

  238. F I Z Z I E says:

    Please add me- F I Z Z I E

    I gift back

  239. Hanna says:

    Wanna add? I play daily and I’ll send u back gems as soon as possible. – hanna.r.t

  240. Anonymous says:

    please add me: melisma125

  241. Remmy says:

    Add me awesome man850 :)

  242. tylert360 says:

    Add Me! tylert360

  243. Jenny says:

    Please Add Me — Tiernee13

  244. Jesus says:

    add me JACK OWNZ U gem 4 gem

  245. Tammy Leone Johnson says:

    how do you add friends?

  246. Matt Sita says:

    I'm WarLycan36 on DragonVale and I could definitely use some gems, so add me up! ^_^

  247. WarLycan36 says:

    Could use some gems, so add me up! WarLycan36

  248. *~Starburst~* says:

    Could use some gems, I’ll send them back :)
    Add me!


  249. CelloRouge Please add me!! I'm trying to add people but can't figure out how to add anyone…

  250. James Arcuri says:

    add me dragonvale ([email protected]).

  251. [email protected] says:

    add me dragonvale ([email protected])

  252. Add Syrabi
    I almost got a Dragonsai tree. So gems for everyone!

  253. Syrabi says:

    Add Syrabi
    I almost got a dragonsai tree, so gems for everyone!

  254. Denise says:

    add me pintofguinness

  255. Jonathan Fawcett says:

    KINGBOB007 all in Cap's Add me need gems, Already have gem tree.

  256. COFFEE.:) says:

    Add me. COFFEE.:) I am on dragonvale I gift every single day so me please
    I need the rainbow dragon so please add me.
    GEM 4 GEM.
    MY name for game centre is COFFEE.:)

  257. Csgd says:

    Add me please! Csgd

  258. Abdul Khaled says:

    I have Dragonsai Gem Tree I can pass 6 gems per day, need 3 more friends :(
    add me: MR_BALLS.
    add me: MR_BALLS.
    add me: MR_BALLS.
    add me: MR_BALLS.
    add me: MR_BALLS.

  259. Iris says:

    I’m really new and my Gamecenter friends aren’t playing, so I’d love to add some friends please! iristhebearjew

  260. Ilona Renee says:

    Add me and I will match you Gem for Gem I play every day.

  261. Hanna.r.t says:

    Wanna add? :] I’ll send u gems ASAP – hanna.r.t

  262. Nick Carlson says:


    If anyone is my friend and did not get a gem in return please reply and I will give you the next free gem.

    I gift gem 4 gem only asap, and if I miss you just post it on facebook here and I'll get you one asap.

  263. Jack says:

    Khun.Jack – 6 gem/day 4 u

  264. Vrakkie needs some friends as well. Can also send gems.

  265. secret says:

    add me! annejregieg

  266. Anonymous says:

    add me please tpak22.

  267. Anonymous says:

    add me Isaac the crusher 2 trying to get the EBI.

  268. Lady Maui says:

    add me please. ;P

    Lady Maui

  269. Suzy Jay says:

    Add me for gem swaps, I have a gem tree: Suzy Jay

  270. ziggy says:

    add me ziggy2dope420

  271. lawlaur says:


  272. ppppongggg says:

    Add me as a friend and exchange the gems….thxxxx

  273. Rafeliu says:

    MY ID:


  274. mj says:


  275. Amrapuz says:

    Add me, Amrapuz :)

  276. would love to gift some gems to people.


  277. Jess says:

    add me!



  278. Paul Sota says:

    Pls add darthjutsu

  279. Sarah says:

    Please add me – fierce but gullible

  280. I need friend for DragonVale. Add me. Chubmaster11

  281. Jenn Batchie says:

    Mixtress Dragonfly wants to be your friend. If you send me gems I promise to return the favor!

  282. Anonymus Suomynona says:

    Pls add glbpab1225 I need gems and a leap year dragon. I can send gems back:)

  283. cheatingnation says:

    Add me i exploit a glitch to give you 10 gems a day but i’ll only do it if you send me a gem.

  284. Dorothy Laskowski says:

    Add me: musicalducky

  285. Anonymus Suomynona says:

    I can give you a gem:) Glbpab1225

  286. Mario says:

    I’m MalSkyblade

  287. Peerasak says:

    add me and send me gems
    I’ll send you back
    I’m “pee-plastic”

  288. jack legend sword says:

    please add me as a friend please i need more gems and i will send some gems back.:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  289. Cartman says:

    add me Jimmy27! send me gems and I’ll send them back ;)

  290. Rik-mondo says:

    No friends at the moment. Please add me my ID is:

  291. dino says:

    i need gem add me: dino8awesome

  292. Angi says:

    add me hattiegordon!! no friends!

  293. blueeyes082 says:

    add me blueeyes082

  294. Aqua says:

    Hi, I’m AquaAlta, please add me :)

  295. ww1 says:

    Looking for friend gem 4 gem — ww 1

  296. Anonymous says:

    need friends and gems :) Please add me

  297. Anonymous says:

    Woolworths man. Add me.

  298. Katy Burns says:

    Please add me. I've sent friend requests from gamecentre

  299. ww1 says:

    Can someone help me I don’t get anymore gems to give away, I had 6 first time gave those as gifts but now it’s been 2 days and on friend page still says 0 gifts to give ??? any answers ? Thanks- ww1

  300. ww1 says:

    tried to send have 0 gems left it won’t renew HELP ?

  301. Anonymous says:

    add me im CAMIE48 need friends lol will send gems

    • Ananda says:

      Just sent you a friend invite : )
      (see below – just got a gem tree and need friends for mutual exchange!) :) Thanks!

  302. Aaron says:

    Add: lobodob i give to you gem every day

  303. Ananda says:

    Just got a gem tree and need friends! Please send me your game cnt name and I’ll invite you, or add me:
    “Supercat 2″
    Gem for gem please, mutual exchanges only- everyday! :)
    Thanks!! Happy Dragons day!

  304. Ananda says:

    (p.s. my request will come through as from Siobhan – my first name : )

  305. Ananda says:

    just sent you a friend request : )
    (Supercat 2 – Siobhan) Lets swap gems!
    Thanks! :)

  306. dro says:

    add drog1979

  307. Anonymous says:

    add Galsieury

  308. Anonymous says:

    add me game center DRK4NG3L

  309. Melissa CV Hussey says:

    need friends add me flipper29au.

  310. Angelica says:

    I need friends to exchange gems!!!
    Someone wanna help me?

  311. xavier says:

    i need gems for breading island
    plz help will send gifts back

  312. Ter Lim says:

    Please add me Evann30.Please gift me.

  313. Anonymous says:

    add me my name is ross0906

  314. Karl Primo Warnsing says:

    *!*!*!*!* add me: karlprimo *!*!*!*!*.
    I have gem tree and we can trade gems(:


  315. Anonymous says:

    Add me and lets send gems! Mortimer Mustard

  316. Add me lornaloo83 and I will send u gems

  317. Andrew says:

    Hey everyone, I’ve got a gem tree if anyone want’s to trade gem for gem. My son loves this game so, i’m trying to hook him up :) My gamecenter name is -Andrew13- Thanks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hwy I don’t know how to add people I think my game centre name is selsalewa and my email discobuni@ plz some 1 add me as I’m insure of how to?

  318. David Williams says:

    MiniBlueDragon here. Not far off getting a Gem Tree. :)

  319. eric says:

    hai, add me “yezon”, thanks :)

  320. Nineten95 says:

    Send me gems

  321. Kimg6139 says:

    hi everyone new to dragonVale please give me an add my game center name is kimg6139 thanks everyone!

  322. John Liu says:

    add me plz.
    need friends to trade gem wif.

  323. Jwin says:

    hi add me guys. My game center id is jefrywin. Send me gem and I’ll send back :)

  324. Tabion360 says:

    I have a gem tree, will gift daily, add me :)


  325. JKL ART says:

    Have a GEM Tree! I check the game every day. Add me as a friend!

    Add – JKL ART

  326. Cindy says:

    I have a Gem tree! Please add me ~ C1NDY LOU WH0O

  327. Cassy Latura says:

    Hi my name is nachoface please add me ill do gems everyday!

  328. Kent says:

    hi everyone
    I love dragonVale please give me an add my game center name is jenteben thanks everyone!

  329. Jason Ma says:

    Add me and we can trade gems. Jmaaster

  330. ezra says:

    add me, my gamecenter id is : ezrahanawi
    I’ll gift back :)

  331. Hello, wow this is a true challenge the elements can be elusive and there are fundamental laws. I need friends so I can build up gems join me please and enjoy the fun in science in a wonderful game format.

  332. DobyDude says:

    Hi all, I just got a Gem Tree and addedall others who posted GameCenter Nicknames. Mine is “DobyDude”

  333. Steven says:

    Hi my gamecenter name is OBRIENS2UK and if you add me i will send gems as often as i can, please add me and send me some thanks

  334. Kingalio39 says:

    Gem for a Gem Only offer today…I am saving a list to give out…Only 2 people on it now, join my list for consecutive day gems for three days (only valid to the 3rd person on the list, so far only 2 people on it now)…If you are the 9th person you will get 5 day consecutive gems because 9 is my lucky number).

    Time now 10:21PM

    Add me – Kingalio39


    2 people on list now, 3rd is a charm, and the 9th is so lucky.

  335. Brian says:

    Add me for gems, name is giZ-

  336. Anonymous says:

    Dirtynate1. Add me!!!

  337. Nogarda says:

    My Game Center name is Nogarda. Look forward to meeting some of you.

  338. Ray says:

    someone add me :) baldiesrt

  339. Fumetsu808 says:

    Add Me!!! Fumetsu808

  340. Obriens2uk says:

    Add me: obriens2uk

  341. I am level 30 in Dragonvale. I have 2 of every Dragon in the game in my hibernation chamber. I own everything in the game. add me. shwn_c or SHWN_C.

  342. Brooke says:

    I have a gem tree but I’m not sure how to send gifts…so if someone could please explain to me how. And my game account name is brookegarstin so add me :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Do not know how to add friends help

    • Anonymous says:

      add me for gem trading! my username is hots21

      first add people in gamecenter by clicking the + button, then in the game go to Friends and select gift right next to their name//

    • Jacqui says:

      Hi to send gifts from the tree you just go to your friends list and onces a day you will get the chance to send six gems to any friends ….. These gems are from your gem tree ….. You will only six a day …..
      Also the more friends you have the more gems you will receive back ….. You need to go in to the game centre and add friends but you can add me and my lil girl as we play every day …… My Id is randomjacqui …….her id is randomelle …… I hope this helps x

  343. LINGO703 says:


  344. dan smith says:

    add me bigbird84

  345. Anthony F says:

    add me g4g with dragonsai tree! Fonzehh

  346. Mitch says:

    add me: Wayne house

  347. Codehammer2501 on game enter could use a few new friends!

  348. Hi add me "jojodcircus" thanks ;)

  349. Columga says:

    Add me on GameCenter for Dragonvale: Colunga44

  350. Nilostan says:

    Add me ” pirrah “

  351. Newbie909 says:

    How do i add people?

  352. Lesley White says:

    add me need to trade gems.

  353. Anonymous says:

    add me hots21 for gem trade

  354. Roy Jurado says:

    Add me as (–roy–) thanks for the help really I need them thanks again.

  355. Madly says:

    Madlymaxxes add me for gems

  356. rasmusj89 says:

    add me please. rasmusj89

  357. Anonymous says:

    add reggie1811 and give a gem and i will give u a sun dragon ive got tuns

  358. Becky says:

    seraph235 :)

  359. Anonymous says:

    Add Awesome1793 got a gem tree nd play everyday day send a gem everyday nd first six will get them forever

  360. AyGun Grenard says:

    add me SchtroumpfCoquet. have gem tree and play daily.gem to gem, thx..

  361. colby keating says:

    clasapam kid add me uppp

  362. Eragon074 says:

    Add Eragon074 for gem for gem. I have a list of people who have sent/still send me gems so I guarantee I’ll send you a gem if you send me one!

  363. Anonymous says:

    I have gem tree so I will be giving out several gems to all friends gem for gem… Add me — Kgsquared

  364. axl_2baz says:

    Add me as Axl_2baz (and leave a message saying dragonvale ;) )

  365. Socalus8 , Please add me.

  366. Teckgirl369 says:

    Would like to add friends to play I have a gem tree and would like to share

  367. Kaylan says:

    Add me as [^Kaylan^], I have a gem tree.

  368. Hayley Timmons says:

    add BLT525

  369. Add me at Deez My Nutz.

  370. Bella says:

    My username is Lunabestia. ^^

  371. Justine Case says:

    Add me please! justjuicy465

  372. Gamecenter: Piteh10
    do add me.. no friends at all.. ((=

  373. Roossie says:

    Add me! rs1976

  374. Leah says:

    add me!!! Game center name- 537738

  375. Cheesewheelz says:

    Add me Cheesewheelz I have 2 gems available!

  376. Prodromos Koutlas says:

    Hello! My name is narutouzumaki1998.Add me I have dragons ai ;D

  377. Veiledstar says:

    Please add me on game center: veiledstar. Leave dragonvale is the message.

  378. catherine says:

    i added a bunch of people as friends on gamecentre and received acceptances but they did not show up on my dragonvale friend list. can anyone tell me why?

  379. lucasfish1245 says:

    ADD ME lucasfish1245 i will give you gems err day

  380. Brooke says:

    I need more gems! Help me :) add me- brookegarstin

  381. wopwop14 says:

    add me wopwop14

  382. Anonymous says:

    dvdlrnr add me i dont have many gems so will give gems for gems right away

  383. Anonymous says:

    dvdlrnr add me i dont have many friends so will give gems for gems right away

  384. Please add me!

  385. Hunter.12345 says:

    add me please , Hunter.12345

  386. Shinji 68 says:

    Please feel free to add me Shinji 68.
    I have a gem tree and play everyday.
    Thanks :)

  387. Emilio says:

    Add me…
    My Gámez center name: ibarguenemi

  388. LozerHazeL says:

    Game center : LozerHazeL please add me and I will send you gem too.

  389. julianYER says:

    Add me on julianYER =) Just started the game!

  390. dalkay says:

    help!!!! i need friends but i dont have a clue how to add friends. i have a gem tree and would like to share:)

  391. dalkay says:

    Yea!!!! i now have 2 friends i still need more

  392. sanji_gen says:

    add me sanji_gen.. Need friends for trade any gems.. :)

  393. Georgia Bain says:

    Gbain1 I have gems to share :)

  394. webbcore says:

    add me, webbcore ……….thanks

  395. Anonymous says:

    Add me EllFilNoe to trade gems!

  396. 9aleh almohannadi says:

    i have 4 sun 3 pagnlong and 1 sandstorm

  397. 9aleh almohannadi says:

    add me 9aleh almohannadi

  398. [email protected] says:

    Just started this game and love it.
    I’m 66 and teaching this from my 9
    Year old grandson.

  399. ondreuh22 says:

    add mee!!! just started playing this week!

  400. Glock13 says:

    Add me pls GLOCK13 i’m lvl 20

  401. Glock13 says:

    Add me pla Glock13

  402. Caroline says:

    L4DYCR0F7 needs friends, I don’t know anyone else playing this :-(

  403. Emily Woo says:

    Need friends gem 4 gem scooterbella0211

  404. ELLFILNOE says:

    DragonVale friends, add ELLFILNOE gems-4-gems

  405. Axel Lämmle says:

    Pleaße add me in Gamecenter :)

  406. Axel Lämmle says:

    Add me in Game Center or whereever

  407. Wes Bond says:

    add ari&ian

  408. yellowSTIX says:

    GEM4GEM! game center id: yellowSTIX ADD ME!

  409. add me please: fritzllanora.

  410. Anonymous says:

    Add me _Supa_

  411. orangea says:

    add me BONZ42O <– thats an o :b

  412. bill uk says:

    add me love dragonvale!!! billyiod :D

  413. Alexius_11 says:

    add me Alexius_11 :)

  414. Adrian says:

    Please add me. Raidersader on game center

  415. Hi looking to form a group to swap gems…and gems only I do not need money..I'm tired of giving others gems but not receiving any in return add me…yoggiebear14

  416. Jasper Jin says:

    Add me. Fed16

  417. grab5150 says:

    Please add me, I will trade gems every day!

  418. Chrissy-16 says:

    please friend me, I have gems to trade!!

  419. Chrissy-16 says:

    Please friend me, let’s trade gems!


  420. grab5150 says:

    Please friend us, we will give you 1 gem for your gem,



  421. JVLShadow says:

    I only have 1 friend and I am tired of my gems going to waste. Add me and I will send you gems JVLShadow

  422. Anonymous says:

    will give gems for gems, name is Axeonos. always happy to have friends ^^

  423. Anonymous says:

    Really need gems, add me! slj137

  424. slj137 says:

    Need gems! Add me, slj137 on Game Centre!

  425. anonymous says:

    add me morsillo34 gem 4 gem :D

  426. Kathy says:

    I have a gem tree but am very new to this. Anyone want to link with me for gems every day? I am kenkat62 on gamecenter.

  427. Molly says:

    Please add me as a friend, sailrchick35. Thanks!

  428. Meg Adams says:

    Add me, Megizard in Game Center

  429. Obvii says:

    I’ll gladly help anyone! Add me! Name is Obvii!

  430. Robert Kaminski says:

    add me and my friend.



  431. lmoreira93 says:

    Add me lmoreira93

  432. Konradlaxin ……….add me please!

  433. Vj Chino says:

    Add me guys

  434. Ben Cy Leong says:

    add me my gamecenter name is zneb.

  435. My name on game center is Troblur

  436. T.K. says:

    Add me please, for daily crystal exchange!!


  437. Jiankai Liu says:

    Jiankai liu. Please

  438. RandomWun says:

    So, noob question: How do I invite people with these game center names?

    Where do I go? at my Friends menu I only have option to invite via Facebook, Email or Message.

    Please halp!

    • Eric says:

      step one: go to gamecenter
      step two: go to your friends section
      step three: go to the + sign in the top left corner of your friends section
      step four: type in your message at the bottom and then type in their gamecenter account at the top

  439. WutWut says:

    Add me as friend and be guaranteed gems every day! My name’s Pr0nknugen

  440. Jul Leon says:

    add me please DEDMOROZ.

  441. anerevrefleh
    will for sure return gems if you sen me some!

  442. NoEmotion1209 says:

    Add me free coins everyday NoEmotion1209

  443. Missvhavin says:


    Add me!

  444. Sam Pack says:

    add me French Gun.

  445. Gilad says:

    Add me for daily gem trading.


  446. Angela Suggs says:

    Hi my name is overcomer43 I need friends in order to get gems. I will send you gems.

  447. Cherene Clarkson says:

    add me to trade gems,

  448. Aldhisla says:

    Please add me to trade gems. Aldhisla

  449. abjany says:

    Newbie inthe game :p
    Like to trade gems

  450. bij says:

    ADD me MANNYBARBA, i own a gem tree

  451. Lila says:

    Please add me, I have a gem tree: LSALDA

  452. Erika says:

    Add me please.

  453. AGGIEZ12 says:

    Add me….AGGIEZ12

  454. HEL_22 says:

    Add me please!! HEL_22 I’m lvl 27 with a really cool looking place and I give gems everyday

  455. Cjeff1953 says:

    I play dragon vale everyday and would like to send gifts and gems to friend zoo please add me as your friend and I will help you

  456. LEONARD says:

    Username : LEONARD :

    add me to trade gems everyday^^

  457. LEONARD says:


    ADD ME TO TRADE GEMS! i will gift gems to you if you send me! :)

  458. Robert Chew Karlsson says:

    add Chew Karlsson.

  459. Add me name is skullcrush3r11

  460. Fredrik Ljungholm says:

    Add me I have a gem tree.

  461. add me: the1foryu… love this app.

  462. salguerofamily says:

    add me, looking for a few people to go faithfully gem 4 gem every day. my ID is salguerofamily. i’m going to get the gem tree soon too

  463. Jess Youman says:

    J3ssyg1rl add me and I'll send you a gem

  464. Hectros says:

    Hectros , Add me for DragonVale gem trade.

  465. Kaiden Blake says:

    Gamecenter: KaidenBlake
    Send gems out daily & would appreciate them in return. Thanks.

  466. Mildred r says:

    Feel free to add me. My game center name is mildredyr

  467. Sandra Svedenfors says:

    PLEASE add me as youré "friend" <3.
    THANK´s <3

  468. Sandra Svedenfors says:

    PLEASE add me as youré "friend" ♥.
    THANK´s ♥


  469. Anonymous says:

    Delta Nova

  470. Ferros says:


  471. Robin Maiuro says:


  472. miggylomaniac says:

    Add me nbfernando and I’ll give you gems.

  473. Cindy Bachmann Chaney says:


  474. Cindy Bachmann Chaney says:

    Seaturtle1. Level 27 with gem tree. Add me.

  475. Michael says:

    Hey everyone, add MICKYGEE10, I’m on everyday and need people to trade Gems with, I have a gem tree :)

  476. Jose Ramirez says:

    add me infinitepuppybear.
    55 gems away from getting the gifting tree. Will return gems the same day or the following day.

  477. Aceslay3r says:

    Please add me I’m aceslay3r on dragonvale I’m a daily player so I’ll be sure to do gem4gem

  478. JK2XYS73 says:

    If you have a Dragonsai Giving Tree already, then friend me! If not don’t bother until you get one. Nothing personal, I’m looking for a gem to gem swap.


    PS: For those of you who ask to be friended and don’t own a tree, you can buy one in the Market by clicking on Buildings. The tree cost 100 gems. So either use your own friends to pump you up or pay for the gems with real money!

  479. Try Tryagain says:

    Add me:-), ID try888.

    GEM for GEM.

  480. Anonymous says:

    add me
    thats 4 i ‘s :)

  481. Anonymous says:

    My account Applecurry, I’ve got a gem tree. Add me for trading gem ok?

  482. Anonymous says:

    Dont know how to add people so add me!! PLUCE1 is my game center name

  483. LunaMoon says:

    Add me for lots of gems: lunamoon91

  484. Eileen says:

    Please friend me. My name is dragonmama. I have a gem tree and play every day!

  485. Karen Shier says:

    Jeepgurl86 add me I need friends!

  486. For every gem I receive I will give one in return. Username: hunterhod

  487. Julianne says:

    Gamecenter ID- idwtmat0312

    Add me for dragonvale! :)

  488. Jess Buys says:

    Please add me…

  489. Ivanka Driankova says:

    Game center name: idpiano
    Add me if you are level 27 and above, I have tree.

  490. Adi Aganovic says:

    Add me on DragonVale; adelica123.

    We can trade gems!

  491. Dillan Kahale says:

    Add me

  492. Kip McCubbin says:

    Kip is my I'd please add me.

  493. Ran Eyal says:

    fasterny – please add me.

  494. Carol n josh says:

    please add me, we play everyday. [email protected]

  495. Vitaljkd needs some friends and gems. Thanks!!

  496. Sara says:

    Add me, I’m on everyday.

    Id: DragonCurse4

  497. nawnaweas says:

    Add me for Gem
    ID: nawnaweas
    Thanks ;)

  498. Anonymous says:

    Add me and my girlfriend! We play daily. :)


  499. nkbc1992 add please.

  500. jacko162 says:

    Add me, zero friends at the moment..

  501. Robin Maiuro says:

    ADD ME

  502. Alex mont says:

    Add me, dayly player : macheteadoor

  503. Rainyjane12 says:

    Add if you like. Rainyjane12, saving for tree and like to have friends

  504. PLZ add me, play daily, have gem tree. Email:[email protected] or game center:carolblair. TYVM

  505. Arturo Prado says:

    add me, gem for gem A.Prado.

  506. -RyuCa- says:

    Please Add me as your friend, i’m daily player.
    My game center name is -RyuCa-
    Thanks :)

  507. Anonymous says:

    Gem 4 gem add me zwing1135

  508. Susan says:

    add me please. – speshlstar

  509. Shawna Watt says:

    Please add me! Game centre: Chsrligus

  510. Shawna Watt says:

    Oops typo! It's chsrliegus. Please add me!

  511. Tezowo says:

    Add me on game center (Tezowo)

  512. 4we50me says:

    add me now!!! im lv22 and give gems from the long list of friends everyday, you might not get gems for months because i hve like 50 friends and no gem tree!!! so send me gems so i can buy one!!! 4we50me

  513. Susan Peery says:


    • Dream Killer please add says:

      Dream Killer please add me daily player always send gems.
      emerald dragon: crystal on left, lichen on right. in the breeding island helps. also higher levels dragons help. It does work and also good chance of getting a 48hrs breeding time. sun, moon or rainbow.

      Copper dragon – Metal (left) Lightening (right) 20hrs breeding.

      Good luck.

    • Jennifer Andrews says:

      Please Add me, I have no friends and am just learning how to do this. But I have a gem tree and would love to share! canddsmomma

  514. Simon says:

    Can folks add me as a game centre friend? Username is Simoncon365


  515. Jennifer says:

    Please add me as a friend. Play everyday. My game center name is: Jen Eliz Hart

  516. Barbara says:

    Please add me as a friend. I play all the time. My game center name is: Lady Hawk 56

  517. Merlin19771 says:

    I am looking for 1 more friend to send/receive gems from daily. Add me as a friend Merlin19771 Thanks

  518. jennifer says:

    add me sfcutie

  519. Ashley Vanderboegh says:

    Add me please. ashvb

  520. Olivia says:

    Add me! And i will do g4g! gr8-6754
    And please give me gems cause i am in desprite need of them!
    Thanks! And add my friend too! 4we5ome

  521. Ashley Vanderboegh says:

    Ad me please! -+(ashvb)+-. I have no friends!

  522. Crystal Meyer says:

    Don't have any friends. Add me please. Gamecenter: crystal1031

  523. Sean Moakes says:

    gamecenter: seanmoakes
    please add

  524. Carol Hardy says:

    Please add me to your list can't do it without you! Thanks a lot and I will send you gems of course…..

  525. Nitin Mohan says:

    Pleaes add pixelfl0w (pixelfl-zero-w) for gems!

  526. John Vir says:

    Hey all! I am jvdc85 on gamecenter.

  527. Marra says:

    Gem 4 Gem add me please belbussas

  528. Dingo777 says:

    Add me dingo777
    Gem for gem

  529. Golddigger1216

    I have a gem tree and want 3 more people who will trade gems with me.

  530. Golddigger1216


  531. Mathew Webb says:

    please add me digmon and fr spunout4 and reaperwebb.

  532. juventus1 says:

    need gems! add seed747 gem for a gem everyday! thanks!

  533. Add me I am trying to get the Emerald dragon and nothing, Anthony7111

  534. Andrea Petty says:

    ok I fill dumb but I have added some friends but can't figure out how to visit them or leave gems. I've gone in to friends but all I can find is add friends or login to face book. HELP! I would like to give some folks gems.

  535. Darrin says:

    I need gems and friends please add me. Flome94571

  536. Leah says:

    I give gems!!! Add me- 537738

  537. Gabino Gonzalez says:

    Add me plz need lots of friends… Gabbs6187

  538. Messila says:

    Add me for gems please! Messila

  539. GrimmGoblin says:

    Add me, GrimmGoblin, daily player!

  540. Lyrren says:

    Add me I’ll give gem 4gem. Daily player

  541. Lyrren says:

    Add Lyrren for gems

  542. cs0808 says:

    need friends for gems, add cs0808

  543. add me: drexlerr.
    just got gem tree.

  544. Anonymous says:

    add me : dvdlrnr
    will give gems back for those who give me gems

  545. DerpDude says:

    Add DerpDude on GameCenter-will try to give an equal amount of gems to everyone!

  546. Cl0v3r666 says:

    Well I love the game dont really have gems but would be cool to have friends lol. I am gettin gems next week though so yup

  547. Carole Crowe says:

    cwap add me for gems.

  548. Add me pls! Need friends on Dragonvale! Have gems to give, and need gems. Thank you. canddsmomma

  549. LOL says:

    Plz add me as friend just started gamecenter name is chickensp1 if add me gem4gem

  550. YodiboY says:

    Pls add me, no gems yet but working on it. YodiboY

  551. DerpDude says:

    Add me as a friend please because if you send me a gem I return the favor as soon as I can. At least I try. ecause I have a heap of friend to respond too… Add yoshioze too. A good player that is fair with gem gifting.

  552. LOL says:

    Plz add me I’m level 10 started 2 days ago need more gems only have 4 right now game enter name is chickensp1 if add gem 4gem

  553. Xman78ers says:

    Add me for gem trades! Game enter. Xman78ers

  554. I love this game, having trouble breeding the new 'gem' dragons,, tried and tried but no luck… I need friends my game center ID 'ahsilva1' add me and put dragonvale on the message and I will be happy add you to my game…

  555. Char. says:

    Add me for gem swap – level 33. No luck getting gemstone dragons yet.

    Game center ID: cahutto

  556. MilkiWey says:

    Pls add me :D
    GameCenter Name: vietdl
    Thanks :D

  557. Robinowitz3000 says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Add me I

      • 4we50me says:

        Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

        The two recent updates for the poll include:
        How to navigate through this website!!! find out how to get to a certain page. This update includes: new combos for more dragons, and a new person to answer your questions (well im the same person, but with a different name)!!!

        How to navigate through game center for the newest update. This update includes: Permission to post “add me” comments at the poll, and more combos for solstice dragon.

        Happy posting!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Please add me laurieaberger. I have a tree and no one to give gifts and gems to!

  558. Don Ward says:

    Have gem tree – need others to trade gems

  559. Kayla Cassiopeia Richardson says:

    Game centre: ArcticAxel.

    Add me please ^^.

  560. 劉中琪 says:

    please add me as your friend in dragonvale: air1205 Thanks!

  561. Karen Rayner says:

    please add me as a friend.

  562. Anonymous says:

    add me hexidis.

  563. dmac0209 says:

    I play everyday and will trade gems.
    Game Center ID: dmac0209

  564. LOL says:

    Need somebody with gem tree just started playing about 3weeks ago level 14 gem4gem name:chickensp1 plz add me

  565. Lol says:

    Add: chickensp1 or GEMSP1 or flurtsp1 or akkisp1 or all thz gem4gem if Add me

  566. Indycarpenter1 says:

    Need party hat friends, add me on Gamecenter = indycarpenter1

  567. LOL says:

    Add chickensp1 gem4gem level 15

  568. LOL says:

    I got panlong in one try add chickensp1 and I will all ways except

  569. Akki says:

    I have all of the rare dragons and level 32

  570. LOL says:

    I got panlong and solstice dragon in one go each got frost fire and blue fire epic breeding island level 16 dont buy gems name chickensp1

  571. Rebecca Hinchcliffe says:

    Please add me as friend tobybellacolin thanks

  572. Jasmine Alberni says:

    add me?
    gamecenter: jazzybloowhoo

  573. ALICE says:

    Looking for friends to share gems with and PARTY HATS!!!!

  574. DARRYN says:

    Hey looking for friends to trade gem for gem.
    Will except all


  575. $$tata$$ says:


    Add me- username: $$tata$$

  576. Bubbaman7 says:

    I am looking for 2 more friends, for gem 4 gem DAILY.

  577. Erich Fillmore says:

    Hello, my Gamecenter name is Raodyn. I'm only at level 25 and just got my first friend. So please friend me. Thanks!

  578. Karl Prince says:

    princefam – add me for a friend to share gems with

  579. Bella says:

    Hey, I’m looking for 2 gem-4-gem friends, please add me – bellademonic

  580. JC says:

    Im just getting started and could use some help, please add me:

  581. =[PARU]= says:

    I havent got a gem tree yet. Plzzz help. Need some friends who can gift me gems.. thanks

  582. Dave Hauser says:

    gem for gem Gamecenter ID: DKofTampa.

  583. LOL says:

    Need gems have 2 panlong, solstice, pearl, butterfly, forge and copper level 20 nearly 21 name is : chickensp1 plz add me

  584. LOL says:

    Ahh just got rainbow about 30 seconds ago name chickensp1

  585. LOL says:

    Omg same guy name chickensp1 rainbow dragon nearly done need proof be my friend I will always except friend request also plz give me gem 4gem

  586. lala says:

    hey add me guys
    i have gem tree :D
    nickname: vietdl

  587. LOL says:

    Mi have rainbow so add me plz nedd friends only have 71 nedd more but every one of my friends don’t give me gems so gem for gem name chickensp1

  588. LOL says:

    How do you get a photo on you gamecenter account

  589. LOL says:

    Me got ruby lol name chickensp1

  590. ben says:

    add me up benchui09

  591. Marra says:

    Add me belbussas, I am on everyday.

  592. Michael says:

    Add Caulky-1 please glad to recripricate

  593. LOL says:

    Chickensp1 is the name and I have a lot of rare dragons and only level 21

  594. Akkisp1 says:

    I have every dragon in the game level 35 if you give me one gem I will give you 99999 gems back name chickensp1

  595. 3 Polar Bears & a Grizzly says:

    Please add me – my son loves Dragonvale. He is almost 7, so I help him make good decisions, but he is killing me with the gems. It is like he eats them or something – it is breaking the bank!

    Please add – 3 Polar Bears & a Grizzly (I know – long name, but it seemed cute at the time ;-)

  596. Kyle Krantz says:


    Me to I also have no friends

  597. chaplins_violin says:

    A gem for a gem needs to get the breeding island if you give me a gem ill send you one back please add. Name: chaplins_violin

  598. NYC says:

    Please add

    Will return gem :)

  599. normz93 says:

    add me on gamecentre, i play throughout the day
    i really need gems for epic breeding island. ill trade a gem for a gem!!
    normz93 <——– all lowercase

  600. Delania says:

    Please ADD ME

  601. JC Cox says:

    jcjciv add me I always give gifts.

  602. Delania Koval says:

    Add me

  603. Delania Koval says:

    I need gems, please!!!!!

  604. roewan says:

    Add me geme center id : roewan

  605. William says:

    Cal El Lie >>> add me

  606. Christie Jerrell Williams says:

    add me cilla03 92..i have only one friend..thanks :)

  607. aande243 says:

    Please add me -id is aande243

  608. illia says:

    d0d0 (d-zero-d-zero) i got 3 gems i can give away extra a day. first try that add me, are the lucky ones.

  609. illia says:

    add me. yolododo. 4 gems to give away daily. first 4 are the lucky ones!

  610. Kat51$ says:

    I have tried to get the peridot dragon at least 20 times and keep getting other dragons. What level are the dragons u are breeding?

  611. Kayla says:

    add me KaylaMae94

  612. Anonymous says:

    moodee06 i always give gems add me moodee06

  613. Madame devil says:

    Add me

  614. Chan Ho says:

    Please add me, hochanho

  615. Anonymous says:

    Please add me, TilttMode

  616. Teshia Tanzini says:

    tishgirl77 gamecenter please add me :)

  617. Charlie says:

    Add Me .+[Chaz]+.

  618. Felix says:

    Add me, darthmintu

  619. Feelzguud says:

    Just starting out… Let’s trade gems;-)

  620. Patf42 says:

    So far I have extra gems everyday. People who send me gems when I send them one will stay on my list! Add me Patf42

  621. kwilsom says:

    add me, play every day

  622. Gaunerness says:

    Add me: gaunerfox on game center!

  623. Shleenkdy says:

    Been playing for a wee bit, loving it but need friends, on level 33

  624. Jim Richmond says:

    Please add Jrich133 on gamecenter

  625. gemmm says:

    i am looking for someone who wants to trade a gem daily basis.

    I have a dragonsai gem tree, and I already have two friends. So there are only 4 seats left.

    I am looking for a serious one who can give me a gem first. If I accept your request, that means I have left gems to give you. Since I have a dragonsai tree, you can see how many left once you become my friend.

    Trade will begin only if you give me a gem first. I am not going to give you first, and this is because I always did not get my return. I got my returns from only two and I give them a gem daily, and they also. If I ignore your request, that means seats are full.

    I will unfriend you 30 minutes after we become a friend if you do not give me a gem

    My gamecenter ID is (+)bonvivant(+)

  626. Nicole Cloud says:

    Please add me

  627. Gamecenter: Vexelior
    Am a frequent player and need friends please. :)

  628. roewan says:

    I’m level 33, please add me game center id : roewan

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    I need gems to buy epic breeding island. Thank you.

  632. Mindie Booth says:

    bellini 74 would love some friends, I will give you a gem if you give me one. Thanks!

  633. eddie draco says:

    I play daily and need friends.

  634. Debbie says:

    Obiously the best way to get more $ to play the game is to get gamecentre friends. That way you visit them daily and click on the hats for $$. How can you send gems to everyone though? I only get 3 gems daily to gift to friends. Do you get more to gift the higher your level??

    ADD ME PLEASE: freddiemouse
    and my son: beast+22

  635. Debbie says:

    I’ve just re-read the top part about gems. Apparently you only get 3 to give away each day!! That just SUX. You should be able to send a gem to all your friends every day, don’t you agree??

    freddiemouse (gamecentre ID)

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    occidam gamecenter name

  639. kamel816 says:

    add me : kamel816 gems exhg

  640. pokpak says:

    my nickname ID : Pok Pak Jeremy
    I want friends ^^

  641. Maaike says:

    I’m looking for friends to trade gems with on a daily basis.
    I have a dragonsai gem tree and 3 friend, so still 3 gems are wasted every day.

    Add me if you want to trade daily.
    My gamecentername is Maaike070

  642. 6butterfly3 says:

    Add 6butterfly3 lvl 35

  643. Jacob Schlein says:

    Add me ill trad gems gamecenter name: jacobs0506

  644. Anonymous says:

    Mr&MrsFrog2012 would like to be your friend.

  645. kymeraent says:

    Love this game!

    Please add me – kymeraent

  646. Great game … Please add me – kymeraent

  647. Bret says:

    BCOWBOY82 please add me

  648. Donna says:

    Need more friends , please add me , Game Center name, mseitson. Thanks

  649. Gurie Sekhon says:

    ad hapz101

  650. Animesgirl12 says:

    Animesgirl12 add pla

  651. Brealmac2308 my park is a sight to see you would check me out I'm generous with gems

  652. Marek Barus says:

    Add me GLOCK13

  653. Glock13 says:

    add me Glock13

  654. Stacie says:

    Need at least 3 (or 4) friends to trade gems with daily. I have the dragonsai tree. Game center name is twontween

  655. Ade says:

    Thank you for posting all these sehkctes and color keys. I enjoyed the film immensely. Movies like this and art like this make me really excited to be graduating (albeit from a 2D program).

  656. Hunter29 and I am not sure how to send gifts to friends?

  657. Donna says:

    Something has happened to my friends, half of them are gone, I have recieved gifts from them , went to return and can’t find them, can any one help ,.?

  658. Beardedrabbit says:

    I have 4 spots to fill for regular gem providers. I’m on very regularly but most of the game center people I’ve added no longer are active. Send an add request to me if you’re interested. Thanks.

  659. Scubadudeart says:

    New to game. I need gems to buy a gifting tree. I will return the favor!!!!

  660. 6butterfly3 says:

    Just a question?? When I go to give gems to peeps dragonvale crashes all the time I cannot scroll through friends list an pick who I want to send Gems to. Any suggestions??


  661. Alex mont says:

    Add macheteadoor ….. Im lvl 40, need new friends to trade gems..

  662. Chickwit – Looking for Friends.

    • Gail says:

      My name on gamecentre is ggailem. i’m looking for friends to exchange gems. I’ve just got the gem tree and only have 1 friend.

  663. Codey J Stanton says:

    And me ilovelyndsey

  664. kyle says:

    My screen name is KYLEPOMA, and Id love to trade gems. I also have the dragonsai gem gifting tree, so me want gem.

  665. Jennifer Lynn Bornman says:

    Add cewcehsmomma

  666. Add me i need friends don't have anybody to send my gems to gamecenter id TUSSY73

  667. Shaun Benecke says:

    Please add me, Benrock22 to ya frinds list so we can exchange gems daily!

  668. Matt says:

    madmatty71 level 22

  669. Any ideas when next update will be?? Need more levels, island and stuff!

  670. BBrighton Tan says:

    Add me Gem4Gem first come first serve basis if you do not send gems I will not send too same goes to me….Name: Brighton Tan

  671. Please add me and I'll send gems. Thx

  672. Daniel Rayo says:

    REYSI27 add.

  673. Thach Huynh says:

    Game Center: tqhuynh1
    Pls do add me dragon vale
    Gems for gems

  674. Joni Abney Oden says:

    Add me. Joni121981

  675. I don't know how to get to any game center but here is my Facebook url

  676. Raye Morrison Brittain says:

    Diamond here. Cold element. Someone got it using mine and ice. G L all

  677. Dottie Selby says:

    I would like some dragonvale friends thank you.

  678. Natalie Davis says:

    HOw do u get to the game centre on a kindle and how can u get a Dragonvale profile picture. I have tried everything. Thank you

  679. Robert Tucker says:

    rkzenrage here, need friends please

  680. Anonymous says:

    Add me I may be low level but I try my best I send Instagram is lliam_1426

  681. Lucija says:

    add me

  682. lawrence says:

    gamecenter u:lorslu

  683. dragon says:

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