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“Very little has ever been recorded about this gentle giant.Something about being in the presence of a fog dragon is so relaxing that any person who set out to observe them up-close wound up forgetting to write anything down. Our oldest records recount one persons memory of his encounter as ‘a little hazy’

Cost 1000 Gems
Earning Rate At Level 1 Fog Dragon generate – 8 Dragoncash / Min

Level 2 – 12 Dragoncash / Min

Level 3 – 17 Dragoncash / Min

Level 4 – 22 Dragoncash / Min

Level 5 – 27 Dragoncash / Min

Level 6 – 32 Dragoncash / Min

Level 7 – 36 Dragoncash / Min

Level 8 – 41 Dragoncash / Min

Level 9 – 46 Dragoncash / Min

At Level 10 the Fog Dragon generate – 51 Dragoncash / Min

Habitat Fog Dragon’s Main habitat is Water, Air
Evolving Level Fog Dragon evolve at Level 4 and Level 7
Info Breeding Combination: Fog dragon can be bred by mating a Water Dragon  with an Air Dragon in the Breeding Cave. Its habitat to help it will grow can either Water or Air.


Incubation Time: 8 Hours

Hatching XP: 15,000

Selling Price: 1,000,000 Dragoncash

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  4. Mark says:

    Hello to all my fellow dragon breeders. Just found this great site, I am at lvl21 and have a gem tree. Looking for friends to trade gems with. Still looking for those elusive Rainbow, Panlong, Sun and Moon Dragons. But have just got my breeding island so hopes are high, LOL.

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