Fire Statue

| December 2, 2011 | 9 Comments

“Legend tells us that the craftman who carved the original version of this piece was so skilled that the statue would come to life at night and wreak havoc. Our version, while virtually identical, is certified magic-free so your visitors will be safe. The original statue was moved to the Magical Archives to be investigated by top men…Top. Men.”

Fire Statue can be bought in the Market for 5,000,000 Dragoncash. The fire statue has four floating stone crystals on each corner, similar to the appearance of a habitat. It is unconfirmed if there are any dragons related to this decoration, besides of course, the fire dragon.

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  1. Mallow101 says:

    Hey…Im mallow101 here to answer all ur dragonvale needs…please only post questions not comments…i am level 29 and have every dragon but rainbow and moon…but i know how to get them…i will answer al questions within 1-5days….happy breeding

  2. 4we50me says:

    i have a question, why do you always stalk people and copy their ideas???

    • Mallow101 says:

      First of all, first time ive been on…second of all, tons of people do this kind of things…third of all, how can u call me a loser if u know nothing about me at all…fourth of all should i have said ill answer within 1-6days…would that make it better….fifth of all i really dont want to fight with anyone..just help people with dragonvale

  3. Mallow101 says:

    Please keep this poll for people with questions about Dragonvale!

  4. Mallow101 says:

    Cross that…i have both moon and rainbow now!!

  5. 4we50me says:

    can you breed two rainbow dragons to get a leap year dragon at this time of year??

    • Mallow101 says:

      No….leap year dragons could have been breeded during feb….i dont think that was ever possible though…a little to late

  6. 4we50me says:

    if Mallow101’s answers arent working out go to the zazzberries section for a second opinion

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