Emerald Dragon

| May 18, 2012 | 480 Comments

“Small but powerful, the emerald dragon magically generates Gems… making it, and other gemstone dragons, the most sought after dragons in all the land. Emerald dragons originate from the crystal forests hidden within the Sedna Mountains. Because they’re imbued with a special magic from the Shimmering Isles, these dragons can NOT breed with other dragons.”

Available Level 11
Habitat Gemstone
Incubation Time 31 hours
Positive None
Negative None
Buying Price  1,500 Gems
Selling Price  1,500,000 Gold
Reward 100,000

How to Breed Emerald Dragon?

To get the Emerald Dragon, You would need to be selecting a Crystal Dragon to mate with a Lichen Dragon in the Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

Crystal Dragon + Lichen Dragon = Emerald Dragon

Earning Rates Of Emerald Dragon
Level 1: Gem 2 per month
Level 4: Gem 3 per month
Level 8: Gem 4 per month
Level 10: Gem 1 per week

Note* the Emerald Dragon Will be leaving after May 31th and the Pearl Dragon will be replacing it.

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  1. RacyBeotch says:

    is there a specific habitat for the gemstone dragons or do you use the rainbow?

  2. LuneMoon91 says:

    the habitat for the gemstone dragons is the gemstone island

  3. 19adobe20wv says:

    Thanks I was wondering what the habate was for it I got on yesterday and u guys didn’t have it yet :)

  4. Kbj 68 says:

    Nice gemstone island, no luck breeding emerald dragon yet. Keep trying :)
    Can you breed the gemstone dragons with each other or not at all?

  5. Laapic says:

    Tried crystal + lichen twice…nothing. Has anyone benn able to make it work?

    • Robert says:

      Game centre username ZeroEmpathy check my gem lsland
      Crystal level 15 on the left & Lichen level 15 on the right. It works.
      I have 3 now

      • Anonymous says:

        I have bred two emeralds with crystal and lichen and I got a rainbow from that combination aswell.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crystal lv10 + lichen lv10 work first try

    • Anonymous says:

      I bought the gem island and then bread crystal lv 15 and linchen lv 14 and first try I have a 31 hour breeding going on, I can’t wait but I’m still trying for the currant wit no luck

  6. TEOH CHOON BOO says:

    Anyone add me in Facebook, my acc can’t add anyone now, I got gem tree

  7. Kelly says:

    I tried and got a 48 hour egg :(

  8. Devylzangyl says:

    Is there gonna be extra time to get the emerald dragon since it came in the middle of month? And why so many gems for upgrading the breeding island. I don’t think I’ll be getting the upgraded island until next month. Don’t have the 50 bucks to upgrade it. *sighs* Soooo not fair!

  9. Laapic says:

    They say it should take 31 hours. So far I have gotten 14 hours and 12 hours. So no luck yet.

  10. Zhao Wenting says:

    Add me wendy zhaozhao for gem

    • Anonymous says:

      how do u add people
      By their ID I can’t figure it out I have the gem tree but no friends people add me if you want to swap gems lurch692003

  11. Robert says:

    Game centre username ZeroEmpathy check my gem lsland
    Crystal level 15 on the left & Lichen level 15 on the right. It works.
    It worked in 6 tries I have 2 in island and one breeding in EBI..

  12. Duc C. Edo says:

    I think the Eaning Rates is so bore!!!

  13. Nicholas says:

    Got one. Lichen left crystal right

  14. Daniel Elijah Ortiz says:

    you have to buy the gem island for a habitat for the gemstone dragons.

  15. Simon says:

    Can folks add me as a game centre friend? Username is Simoncon365


  16. Got it first try Lv10 crystal(left) lv 10 lichen (right)

  17. Karen Hilton says:

    I've tried twice so far, no luck.

  18. Czer16 says:

    Add me!! Need friends czer16

  19. Olivia says:


  20. KTERRY83 says:

    Add me KTERRY 83

  21. Kari says:

    gem for gem. Waariorprincess2012

  22. Lisa M. Hunt says:

    I bought the gem island waiting for it to finish then will try the Crystal Dragon lvl 10 the the Lichen Dragon lvl 10 and will try Crystal Dragon lvl 15 the the Lichen Dragon lvl 15 hope it will work.

  23. Jack Knight says:

    why cant I buy the gem hhabbitat thing?

  24. Mackenzie says:

    I am soooo desperate for this dragon I really want it sooooooooo bad!! And I have no luck breeding!! I’m trying crystal lvl 10 left and litchin lvl 10 right and still no luck ;(

  25. oniddog says:

    There’s no chance I’m
    Paying for gems to get these new additions!!
    So add me for gem swaps!
    I’m having no luck getting the Butterfly dragon, been trying every combo since its release??
    I’m on the edge of deleting the game!
    So msge to backflip, make the dragons easier to breed or lose a bunch of game players???
    I’m not the only 1 frustrated !!
    Add me for swaps

  26. Random says:

    I got it on Second try. 15 Crystal on left, 10 Lichen on Right

  27. Anonymous says:

    hey hey hey ive heard the comotion and not to brag but uh i have 3 rainbows 1 moon 1 panlog 1 love 1 clover add me ninja+guy

    • Anonymous says:

      i have 6 rainbow 2 moon 2 sun 2 panlong and one of every special dragon that has come out. It just takes patience. Now I am trying for the emerald.

  28. scoob122 says:

    Add me at : scoob122

  29. Batman says:

    I tried lichen and crystal on my first try and I got a rainbow dragon…

  30. James says:

    Hi guys, thanks for all the help, much appreciated, please add me in gamecenter, AXNFELL

    Have gem tree but no friend, I know, very sad!

    Thanks everyone…

  31. Nef says:

    Got 48h

  32. Anonymus says:

    can’t get it! tried 17 times! any advice?

  33. masoel00 says:

    I have gem tree, looking to trade gems. add me…. masoel00

  34. Mackenzie says:

    People please give me gems I NEED to get this dragon so add me mackcayco and please send me gems!!!!!

  35. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Butterfly: firefly lvl 5 left air lvl 8 right works first time
    Sakara: lava and plant both lvl 10

  36. jack night do yuo have the update.

  37. ww1 says:

    3rd try and I got one but I speed up and got the Island before breeding Lichen11-left, Crystal10-right :D I happy now Good luck- ww1

  38. Manuel Ayala says:

    <(yo mama)>

  39. I got it on the first try :D

  40. Anonymous says:

    Add me exchange gems — Lerrooo

  41. marcobabi says:

    add me everyone.
    i got a gems tree to exchange gems for everyday!
    also i got new island as well!

    3 sun + 1 moon + rainbow

  42. Galanchris says:

    Got ist on First try.
    Lv 10 chrystal left + Lv 11 lichen right

    I got every Dragon almost twice!!!

    If you dont believe me, Add me Galanchris

  43. Khris_the_bartender says:

    add me: Khris_the_bartender, i don’t have so much friend then i can give you gem if you give to me :)

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hiya i obviosly need a crystal dragon any ideas how to get it

  45. Rillamuru says:

    I need 6 ACTIVE friends, I bought the gem three, so I can send a gem to 6 persons daily.
    I was hoping to send out 6 and receive as many back.


  46. Kaisha Cummens says:

    I've tried 6 Times…no luck! How do you get dragons to level 15? Mine are 10

    • I forget which level you have to be, but eventually you will be able to purchase element Shrines (Market — Buildings). You have to feed 50 dragons to level 10 for each element to be able to feed them to level 15. However, higher levels are not a guarantee. I've been trying to get a moon dragon for months with level 15 dragons, and all I get is the sun dragon egg (if that).

    • Anonymous says:

      complete the shrine requirements :)

    • You need to buy the shrines and once you get 50 dragons t level 10 you can go to 15 then you can go to 20

    • Lex Packer says:

      Have heard that you need to breed the moon dragon at night and the sun in the day. My only moon dragon was bread at night so it might be true.

    • try breeding at midnight to get moon dragon

  47. Colleen says:

    No luck with breeding the emerald I’ve tried 5 times! Both level 10s how do you get to level 15?

  48. Robert says:

    Add me to game center as I need gems, will return the favour. Game center name is DonDuck91

  49. Jared says:

    Iv tryed like 40 times all I get 14h 12h and moon and rainbow from the combo any one know a better way

    I tryed lvl 10 crystle and lvl 10 lichin

    And me for gems fringefrogee

  50. Jackie says:

    I bought the island 1st and got the emerald 1st try with crystal and linchen, on my 2nd try I got a cactus and on my third try iv a 6hr breeding not sure Wat dragon it is yet

    • Will says:

      I got it on my first try. Crystal right(10) lichen left(10) I even sped it up with gems, I was so excited:)

    • Me says:

      6 hr is a quake dragon. I’ve tried crystal level 10 (left) and lichen level 10 (right) in breeding cave +island, several times. No luck. :/

  51. jonathan says:

    I have it yay yay yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • 4we50me says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  52. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    How’d u get it

  53. M1tdac says:

    Crystal lv11 and lichen lv12, I have 2 emerald dragon

  54. Yoface says:

    Gem for gem…. Add me on gamecenter….. Yoface07

  55. BiiB says:

    Just wondering how can I add friends ?

  56. Ann Bardo Phillips says:

    Level 15 Crystal/Level 15 Lichen. 1st try after Gemstone Island was completed.

    • Danielle says:

      How do you get your dragons to more than lvl 10.. I’m stumped. Lol.

      • Honemaru 89 says:

        you buy the specific shrine to the dragons lineage eg if its a water dragon u buy water shrine the u level 50 dragons with water lineage normal or hybrid to lvl 10 then u can lvl them beyond lvl 10 add me honemaru 89

    • Kaisha Cummens says:

      I leveled up both dragons and still no luck! :0( 8 try's

    • Ann Bardo Phillips says:

      I tried again a few times & have another one on the way. Keep trying.

  57. Bam Bam Cam says:

    Trade gem for gem add me bambamcam69 I want that new breeding cave lol

  58. Steve says:

    I finally got one!!!! Took 8 times with crystal level 15 and lichen level15. Before I got one while breeding these dragons I got 3 sun dragons and 3 moon dragons incase anyone still needed those dragons. Add me if u want to trade gem for gem LINDY1978

  59. Anonymous says:

    Have 3 islands. Won’t let me get a gemstone island won’t even come up in the islands category… What gives??

  60. I haven't had any luck yet but I keep trying….add me for gems stephg1223

  61. mackenzie says:

    i cant get this dragon!!!!!!!!!!!1 it is soooooooooo hard! i tried like a million times!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give me gems so i can get this thing!!!!!!!!! add me mackcayco

  62. Steph says:

    Breeding outcomes are totally RANDOM. Keep breeding, eventually you will get the dragon.

  63. Will says:

    Crystal left lichen right. Got it first try. Don’t get more than one emerald, there is going to be one new dragon per month, based on the months birthstone:)

  64. Rodney Chad Ford says:


  65. VB says:

    Add me on game center: muah08 gems for gems

  66. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    How long do u guys think these will go on for?? Do u think a fue years or just this year

  67. I have tried 6 times! Still no luck! On the plus side I can now make as many rainbow dragons as I want!:/

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah. Surprisingly the rainbow was my first egg to the crystal/ lichen pair. I’ve tried 25+ times since then for emerald with no luck. Will keep trying for this one. Kinda sucks that they released it so late in the month, may have to break down and buy this one. :(

  68. Caramel says:

    I got it on my 3rd try. So good luck guys, and add me “iamcaramel” on Game Center for free gems everyday.

  69. Callum Nasri Mackenzie says:

    Cannot get one keep getting moss dragons any advice?

  70. KillerCarebear says:

    Add my friend. frog95624. He will send back:)… Hopefuly…

  71. 4we50me says:

    i got one waiting in the breeding cave right now!!! you have to have crystal on left and lichen on right both lv10

  72. xuanmoz says:

    Fair trade gem for gem everyday. Just need two more friends. Almost got 1st Emerald, 6 hrs to go~ Breeding 15 crystal and 15 lichen on EPI after having the gemstone island. And can’t get another one so far…

  73. Fonda says:

    Yayy!! Got my first emerald dragon!!

  74. Casey says:

    Hey i was wondering if anyone would friende on gamecenter! Im a daily player and i always gibe gems to those who give gems to me!!! Look up ncasey412

  75. Tamar Koopman says:

    I just got it with Crystal and Lichen. Both level 20. But is it possible to breed 2 Emeralds with eachother to get a third? I know it says it can't breed with other dragons, but I don't consider another Emerald dragon as an other dragon. Add me: imBanshee

  76. Anonymous says:

    I just got to level 10 dragons, the dragon to the Emerald

  77. Ajrocksyoface says:

    Still havent got it and don’t no y please help and add me ajheiss2. I no stupid name but I made it a long time ago so can’t blame me

  78. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    So will these dragons be here every month every year? Or just this year? I’m confused ok that they will stay for only 1 month but will they be coming every month for every year or just this year and then thier gone forever?

  79. Anonymous says:

    Add me for gems echotrials123

  80. Julzz des says:

    Just bought a gem tree and don’t want it to go to waist! Add me! :)

  81. Andrew Trinidad says:

    Does it matter if i use a crystal lvl10 nd lichen lvl10

  82. David Jíra says:

    still nothink… :(( add me please DAD4 49.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Why do I keep getting sun and moon dragons…… ㅠ.ㅠ

  84. Add me jacquelineForslund, a girl who give gems every single day! :)

  85. Ken says:

    I think it should be a series of different “Emerald” dragons, like metal.

  86. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Anonymous u keep saying ur username diffrently!!!!

  87. Anonymous says:

    got it =D

  88. Chase says:

    Wat side do they go on I need to get it plz
    Add me: !–Monster–! gives gems daily

  89. Honemaru says:

    gt it 3 time lucky im lvl 26 add honemaru 89

  90. Dragonvale says:

    Can’t get it help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

  91. scoob122 says:

    Add me at: scoob122

  92. Shannon Hillier says:

    Is there any benefit to getting two emerald dragons??

    • Since the gem island is actually 4 habitats it has a max of 12 gem dragons. They are going to have a different gem dragon per month so you only have enough slots for one of each. Any extra would waste that space

    • Zachary Hatgimisios says:

      But selling the Emerald Dragon gets you 1,500,000, so make as many as possible ^.^

  93. Mackenzie says:

    I got a 48 hr…..

  94. Me says:

    I have tried this dragon a bunch of times… Crystal lvl 10 on left + lichen lvl 10 on right in the cave. I’ve gotten 30 minutes, 12 hours, 6 hours, 3 hours, and now 24 hours. Wft is it??? I can’t get this dragon!!!! :/

  95. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Do u have to be a certain lvl to do a certain lvl combo? Because I’m a lvl 22 and I’ve been trying crystal + lichen lvl 10s in that order Vince it came out and nothing. Any one got any ideas on what to do??

  96. Jacky says:

    Crystal Dragon lv13 + Lichen Dragon lv12 = Emerald Dragon. I’ve tried 7+ times

  97. How do you add people in this game?

  98. Ken says:

    Yes! Got it on the 2nd try. #1 Crystal lv 14, #2 Lichen lv 14. :)

    [Wayne Rooney]

  99. Anonymous says:

    Add meeeeee I have a gem tree


    More gems more gems

  100. Alex says:

    Got it first try !!! :D

  101. Missy Karama says:


  102. Missy Karama says:


  103. Anonymous says:

    Please share gems with me


  104. LnL says:

    Got an emerald on 1st try, but no luck getting 2nd one (10 tries nice the first). Can you get more than one of these? Add me gem for gem: Jeffkurk

  105. Anonymous says:

    U can get more than 1

  106. Marcos Juki says:

    I did Crystal & Lichen and got a Rainbow Dragon!!!! If you like to see the egg, visit me @ game center MKJUKI. Add me for gems!!!

  107. Anonymous says:

    How come I can’t get one argh

  108. Mackenzie says:

    Ok guys,

    I’m going to send you a little song that I thought of.

    (think of it as a remix of millionare/billionaire)

    I wanna have a emerald dragon soooo freakin bad, oh all the things we can do, I want it to be on the cover of a magazine, smileing for all the people, oh every time I close my eyes, I see a emerald dragon, in my gemstone island every day, oh I swear, the world is unprepared, for when I have a emerald dragon!

    I hope you liked it :-)

    Add me mackcayco if you haven’t already.

  109. Mackenzie says:

    I love gemstone dragons!!!!!1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣1⃣☺

  110. Nbt says:

    Are there any other breeding combinations

  111. Anonymous says:

    Got it 6th try :) crystal plus lichen on EBI, I am also trying quake plus lichen until I get another crystal

  112. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Anonymous u lire!!!!!!

  113. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Anonymous u are lieing!!!

  114. Strike26691 says:

    Keep getting moon and rainbow. -_- I wish I would have known how well this combo worked to get rare dragons. Still trying for emerald.

  115. Fonda says:

    How many Emerald dragons can we place in the habitat?

  116. add me ID: sc0t5s gem for gem for sure ^_^.

  117. (!)mattsayle(!) says:

    7th try in both cave and island no luck now have to wait 48hrs. Is there any other combination beside lichen and crystal?

  118. Anonymous says:

    Arrrrgh. I have 2 suns and 1 moon clogging up my nursery (and I can’t put them anywhere cause you can only buy 1 habitat after you level up >w<) while trying to get this darn dragon. Hope I succeed soon! Using the crystal/linchen combo.

  119. Olivia says:

    Hey guys! Please help me! I need 13 more gems to make my emerald dragon egg hatch! Please add me and gift me gems!
    Gamecenter: gr8-6754

  120. Olivia says:

    Oh and do lichen+crystal!
    Lichen is pronounced liken not like how its spelt for you that didnt know!

  121. Rudy Lopez says:

    Do you have to upgrade your breeding island and cave before you can get one? I've tried about 10 times now and haven't gotten one.

  122. Anonymous says:

    ADD ME: MMN128 for gems!

  123. Nicole Slaughter says:

    I have not had any luck yet. Have had lots of 12, 6 & 24 hour breedings. Also got a 48 hour breed, Not having ANY luck here so far. Would swapping the order from Crystal and Lichen be a good idea?

    • Zachary Hatgimisios says:

      I put a level 7 Lichen on the left and a level 7 Crystal on the right and got a 31 hour breeding time c: So I would defo switch it up~

  124. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    I hope I get this thing soon!

  125. I got a 31 hour incubation after just the second try with crystal and lichen, both level 10's. No need for higher levels.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Will I be able to get it with non upgraded EBI and only lvl 10 lichen and crystal dragons?

  127. Anonymous says:

    Waiting to see what egg I got! Hope it’s emerald! Add me for gems rosie&2

  128. Anonymous says:

    Add me. For gem. Hoabui2610

  129. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Omg how meny accounts do u have anonymous!!???

  130. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    How am I seposed to get this thing it dosent like me aperently :(

  131. Sarah Lentz says:

    Add me snow13oardqt gem for gem!

  132. I have a gem tree I'll send u a gem for gem

  133. Memo says:

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    Game center: memo12982

  134. Add me game centre AongAsia . I will send u gem 4 gem.

  135. Ryann Sherry says:

    I've tried crystal and lichen together bout 20 times and no luck ? :( any ideas ??

  136. Rockgurl says:

    Pls guys add me I want to upgrade the EBI to get an emerald dragon…
    I’ll gift u back 4 sure.
    Pls help me!!! I need to get 1250 gems quick.

  137. Rockgurl says:

    And I 4 got to say my game center I’d it’s cutiepie1610

  138. Ruben says:

    In my breeding cave i have crystal+lichen!
    31 hours i hope it is Emerald dragon!
    Add me on my gamecenter i need 1 friend
    my gamecenter name: Rubentje23

    • Mackenzie says:

      It is emerald. The emerald dragon and possibly the other gemstone dragons are the only dragons I know about that have a 31 hr breeding time.

  139. Aloha says:

    Add me gem 4 gem

  140. Adrienne says:

    no luck for me yet

    Add me

  141. Phoenixtrr says:

    Some have better luck with level 10 dragons vs 15, I only have 10’s, got my emerald with crystal on left, lichen rt, you do not need to upgrade your cave or island to get it, you can’t breed two emeralds at all, you can put more than 1 emerald on island, at some point you will have to sell extras because you won’t beable to breed new ones if you have 12 birthstones and no room, level up your emerald to 10 to get a gem a week.

  142. Callum Nasri Mackenzie says:

    P.S Make sure lichen is on the left when I did that I got it first time

  143. Dingo777 says:

    Got 1 emerald dragon
    Now another emerald dragon is in hatching process

  144. Mackenzie says:


  145. Lucylu says:

    I just started playing dragonvale. Please help me get more gems. I have a gem tree and can gift you a gem back.



  146. Anonymous says:

    Add for gems – Theoneballedwonder

  147. scoob122 says:

    Add me at : scoob 122

  148. Stacy68 says:

    If I don’t get an emerald dragon this rime, I am
    Done with this game.

  149. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    What lvls can u have to get these other then both 15 and both 10?

    • Viet says:

      For me I have been try both on lv11and both lv15, lv11on normal cave easy to get emeral , so far I have 4 check out.

  150. Lisa M. Hunt says:

    I have been trying for 4 days and no luck yet :( hope I get 1 Before it is gone.

    • EllaDots says:

      Just keep trying. Crystal first then Lichen. After 4-5 days I finally got it. Just keep breeding those two. Good Luck

    • Doug. L says:

      I just got one with Lichen on left and Crystal on right both level ten. I got so desperate I was breeding the lichen/crystal combination on both the cave and island. After trying for the past week non-stop (lost count on number of tries) finally got one. Keep trying and don’t give up. Good Luck !

      PS: I read somewhere that the position and level does not matter for this one.

  151. Puzzycat says:

    Try Lichen + Crystal
    I have four Emerald.
    Add me “puzzycat3″ and visit my home.
    Have a good game.

  152. Casey says:

    Trying really hard but the back up plan is to raise enough gems to but it please help by adding me on game center ncasey412
    Gem for gem daily player

  153. I keep trying Lichen & Crystal both level 10 and I get different times. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Add me Anthony7111

    • Anonymous says:

      Try crystal first and both at level 14 then you should get it….

    • Doug. L says:

      You are doing nothing wrong. The chances of getting the dragon is low. Keep trying and don’t give up =) The level and position doesn’t matter or so I read. For you information I got one with Lichen left and Crystal right. Both Level 10s.

      • Olivia says:

        Got it! Lichen+crystal! First try!
        Ive tried crystal lichen fice times. When i did lichen crystal, i got it! Order can make a difference!

  154. Sorry it's ROB_E_ROB83

  155. Leanne says:

    Can someone add me as friend Josiemaypoppet

  156. Lisa M. Hunt says:

    woohoo got 1 :)

  157. Mackenzie says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Not true. You can have 12 gem dragons earning you gems while trying to get each months dragons. You can have duplicate emeralds earning gems.

      • Mackenzie says:

        Well, if you want all 12 gemstone dragons you may as well get one of each and not waste your time getting more than 1

        • Anonymous says:

          True but why wait a year to get 12 dragons earning you gems when you can get 12 dragons earning you gems in 2-3 months and then sell one off each month when the new one is released.

  158. Graeme Atkinson says:

    Success crystal and lichen

  159. Rockgurl says:

    Yay!!! I got an emerald dragon with both dragons level 10 and on normal EBI

  160. Mackenzie says:

    I…..got 2…..freakin…48hours…..now…..I want to deleate….the game….but I made soo….so much progress….please, make this dragon easyer to get…….OR ELSE IM GONNA SEW YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!

  161. Caramel says:

    Just got 2nd Emerald last night but still have no luck with Rainbow at all, any advice? By the way add me “iamcaramel” for free gems everyday, good luck guys.

  162. After 10 tries finally a 31 hour egg… Woot… Add me for gems…

  163. Stephanie Farris says:

    How do I add people for gems?

  164. x4K33Lx says:

    In the description, ‘CRYSTAL forests’ and ‘Sedna MOUNTAINS’ are mentioned so that may indicate that [crystal dragon + mountain dragon] will make an emerald dragon

    I’ve tried [crystal dragon + lichen dragon] 9 times but no luck ;/
    I’ll hopefully get one before June (o.0)

  165. Andy says:

    I’m keep getting sun, moon, rainbow ㅡ.ㅡ;;

  166. Jimmy Kuznik says:

    Craylovejk. Level 29. Gems gems gems.

  167. Andie says:

    Add me please ! AKPETTY

  168. Quỷ Lệ says:

    Both lv 11 on normal cave it's the best chance to get emeral . Yep you do get rainbow somehow if you lv lower than lv11

    • Mackenzie says:

      Aw. I got 2 crystals both lvl 15 and 2 litchen lvl 15 :( mabe I’ll hatch another crystal and another litchen and get them to lvl 11 :)

  169. Quỷ Lệ says:

    Btw I got 4 so good luck people not try to show off check out at nangchieuCA

  170. Caprica6 says:

    I have been trying since they came out I came to the breeding page got the recipe and no success I have mostly baby dragons because I love them so much but I made to adults one crystal and one lichen all are level 15 I have crystal first and lichen second and no success. Please help I really really want one before they are gone any advice is welcome

  171. Matt says:

    I was trying to get another emerald but got moon soooooo cool

  172. Anonymous says:

    :( no luck need a different breeding combination

  173. ddddd says:


  174. Mackenzie says:

    I can’t get one ;( your very lucky.

  175. Rodney Chad Ford says:

    Chiddy4 lvl 30 all dragons except emerald :/

  176. Is there any other combo? I've made 20-some Lichen 10 crystals/ rainbows moons and suns but no emerald!

  177. I did Crystal + Lichen, but got Mountain egg.
    Also, I got Gemstone, but don't know how to work on it! How to make gem or egg or put a dragon there?

  178. Mackenzie says:

    I need this dragon. I did it like 55 times and I got a bunch of dragons other than emerald!!

  179. Shelly C says:

    Wow jus got it havin tryin over 10 times,crystal level 10 lichen level 12

  180. Anonymous says:

    Still trying. Add me .bigtony.

  181. Caroline Ong says:

    I got emerald

  182. Dragonvale lover says:

    Is there another combo????!!!!

  183. Mackenzie says:


  184. Anonymous says:

    Got one 4th try #1.) lvl10 crystal #2.) lvl10 lichen

  185. Person says:

    Got one 4th try #1.) lvl10 crystal #2.) lvl10 lichen

  186. Person says:

    Got one 4th try #1 lvl10 crystal #2 lvl10 lichen

  187. Person says:

    Got one 4th try lvl10 crystal x lvl10 lichen in that order breeding cave normal

  188. Leah says:

    Add me: 537738

  189. Leah says:

    Add me- 537738 i give gems

    • glob0b says:

      About to give up on dragonvale. I’ll never get enough gems to buy it and I have had my breeding cave tied up all week trying variations of crystal and lichen level 10.

  190. Add me please po3_103.

  191. Marcobabi says:

    I’m exhausted! after 10 tries, still can’t get the Emerald Dragon!

    seems like you guys keep getting the Sun, Moon or Rainbow Dragon. But not works in my case!!

    tried with the breeding combination of Crystal & Lichen, both in LV 11. and tried with LV14 as well. but….sigh……./.\

    • Leo8353 says:

      Took me 2 weeks and over 50 breedings to finally get just 1 Emerald! I know its flustrating but don’t get discouraged or give up, you have until the end of the month!

  192. Mackenzie says:

    My mom said if I get all 5’s on the EOG’s, (it’s a very big test) she will let me get 700 gems.
    Should I get the breeding cave upgrade or try to breed the dragon? Please respond!!!!

  193. I'm almost crazy abt dragonvale.try to breed crystal and lichen but instead of having emerald, I had 2 rainbow dragons :(((((((((((.

  194. Leo8353 says:

    Been breeding crystal & lichen constantly day and night ever since Emerald dragon came out and finally got one tonight! That must be over 40 plus breedings! One of the hardest dragons I’ve done. Must have gotten almost every other dragon there is in pursuit of the elusive Emerald dragon. On the plus side, I finally got the Sun dragon

  195. Leo8353 says:

    Add Leo8353, I give gem 4 gem

  196. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Ive been trying lichen lvl 10 on left and crystal lvl 10 right for 3 days and it’s been going up the line first I got 2 6 hrs then 2 14 hrs now 1 24hrs I hope this next one will be it!!

  197. Soomba says:

    Have been trying to get this dragon since it came out. Gotten a rainbow and another 48 hour dragon being bred I can’t seem to get emerald dragon

  198. Mackenzie says:

    My guess for the pearl dragon combination is crystal + snow = pearl

  199. lilfurgie says:

    Okay i tried crystal+lichen (lichen+crystal) about 70 times. So far i have gotten 2 rainbows, 1 sun, 5 moss, 12 storm, 17 crystal, 5 cactus, 3 tree, 25 mountain, 2 lichen, and more. What am i doing wrong?

    P.S. I have bred with crystal and lichen both the same level. Thay have been level 4 through level 10. Still no luck.

  200. Max says:

    No luck either I have tried twice and it is killing me I can not take it any more!

  201. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    So much for this game to be easy!!!

  202. Matt says:

    I got it the 5th time I don’t know why u guys can’t get it

  203. Aldiensonje says:

    Hello dragon breeders! I need some friends for daily gem trading.

    Gamecenter Id: aldiensonje

    I look forward to trading with you. Good luck breeding the Emerald Dragon!!!

  204. I got an emerald dragon I tried like 20 times

  205. I had Lichen on the left and Crystal on the right. Got the Sun dragon on the 1st try, Emerald on the 3rd and 5th

  206. Anonymous says:

    Add Cyborg-Dragon

  207. Epic Yoshi 9 says:

    Dude really?????? I tried 20 times and finally a emerald dragon keep On tryin

  208. lilfurgie says:

    wow i still cant get the dang thing. What the heck is the problem with my game.

  209. Jammel Simmons says:

    Add me for friends _(HelloImYello)_

  210. Jammel Simmons says:

    Yea I meant gems lol

  211. Temperance says:

    im goin on about 20 times myself so far nothing. I’ve done lichen+crystal and vice versa no luck….. But I’ll keep at it. Wouldn’t be so bad if I got something cool instead but so far I’ve gotten, tree, crystal, lichen, storm… Etc…
    Add me if you wish temperance1

  212. Puzzycat says:

    Add me “puzzycat3″ Lv. 26
    I have six emerald dragons. 
    Visit my home and have a good game. 

  213. FoXX says:

    I’ve tried 5x and I got 2 and 1 in breeding stage!!!! ;-) add FOXX17081981

  214. Puzzycat3 says:

    I have six Emerald Dragons.
    Add me “puzzycat3″ or same facebook I. D.
    I am very lucky. Have a good game.

  215. Puzzycat says:

    Visit my facebook
    I have six Emerald dragons.
    Try my method.
    Left crystal(lv 12) Right lichen (lv 13)

  216. anonymous says:

    who have a lot of time, if you have try mountain and crystal

  217. Cannibalj says:

    Add me im having trouble : cannibalk

  218. Cannibalk says:

    Add me: cannibalk

  219. paintsplaterz says:

    Ive tried over 15 times, this time
    Getting a rainbow dragon. Got any other combos or something? Or is it just bad luck?

  220. Olivia says:

    Have you heard about the new dragon? Its a copper dragon and im getting it! I got it before i even knew it was a dragon!
    Add me and gift gems: gr8-6754

  221. Temperance says:

    Add me temprance1

  222. Laura Seaberg says:

    Does an epic breeding island make a difference?

  223. JadedPace says:

    Lvl14 Crystal w/ lvl 14 Lichen at 7:30 am. Works every time!!

  224. JadedPace says:

    1st try!!! 14 crystal w/ 14 Lichen!!! And second!!! 7:30am

  225. Lyndsey Boyer says:

    I have tryed at least 20 time in my breading cave and my breading island. And still
    No luck :(

  226. Brandon says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT I FINALLY GOT MY SECOND ONE i wasted 50 gems on speeding up the breeds and stuff but the trick is to use level 10 lichen and crystal my first one i got was crystal on left and lichen on right took me 4 trys my second one i got i wasted 50 gems but i only tried once lichen on left crystal on right to see what would happen and i got the emerald on my first try that way

    So if you want higher chances do lichen level 10 on left crystal level 10 on right and im sure youll get it add me on game center if u want
    [email protected]

  227. Colin Holmes says:

    This emerald dragon is a tough one. When I add people they don't come up on dragonvale so I can't give gems? :/
    Add me: Oh No Yeah

  228. I started breeding a couple of days into it and got 2 emeralds almost immediately. But that was a while ago, I think the window of opportunity has probably passed. A hear a lot of complaints.

  229. I got four rare dragons since while breeding foe emerald in both cave & island. Think 31 hr emerald is passed

  230. Just start early for June

  231. Daniel says:

    Add me: danyuse and i will give you some gems

  232. Brian Dyar says:

    Add me to get jems

  233. me says:

    someone dragonvale games is can’t be playing like broken

  234. Andy says:

    Is that possible to get emerald dragon to breed emerald+emerald together?!

  235. Iver Renvire says:

    Add me -aldy- i will give u a gem every day…

  236. Shelly C says:

    Tough 1 2 get got it though after tryin god knows how many times, also I got the copper sec try

  237. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    14 crystal left 14 lichen right at 7:30 am

  238. Please add me as a friend to trade gems. Lexiemayfield

  239. Amanda Hassan says:

    I was trying lvl 10 lichen and lvl 10 crystal and it wasn't working, so I upgraded my plant and earth shrines, leveled the crystal amd lichen to lvl 15, and got it on the first try :) hope that helps

  240. Ronnidonni says:

    Crystal+linchen=emerald 30th try so time isn’t out to get it yet. Incubation time 31 gems

  241. Ayoe says:

    got 31 hours of breeding time by combined crystal dragon (10) with lichen dragon (10) at 22.12 pm, i think it will be emerald dragon.
    Got 20 hours by mixing water (10) to magnetic dragon (10). I am sure it will be copper!!
    Still trying to get current dragon, rainbow dragon, and panlong !!
    Add me : didin

  242. Aswin Siam says:

    Ive been trying tons of times but i always get either a sun dragon or some other rubbish dragon.

  243. Ly says:

    Finally got it. I tried crystal and lichen a bunch of timeshe never had luck. I ended up switching to different crystal and lichen dragons and got it. If ur stuck, try using different ceystal and lichen dragons. My final combo was a 15 crystal and 10 lichen.

  244. Mackenzie says:


    THANK GOD!!!!!!

  245. Bob says:

    i give up

  246. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    When is 22. 12 pm?

  247. Melissa Gates says:

    Took me awhile to get my first emerald dragon, now I have 3!! Add me for gems! Heartsnlies

  248. Mackenzie says:


    Go to the blushroom section and I will answer any breeding combination related questions!

  249. x4K33Lx says:

    I finally got the emerald dragon!! :D
    After so many attempts! :/
    FYI: there is a new dragon; copper dragon – lightning & metal element ;)

  250. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    I so needth help

  251. Keith Simon says:

    I keep receiving sun dragons lichen lv 11 + crystal lv 10

  252. Igot to emerald dragons it's awesome

  253. Mon4rchy says:

    Love this dragon!

    I have 4 apple devices 2 ipods/iphone/ipad (with dragonvale) and I have only two friends who play. I don’t want to give the extra gems to myself since I mainly play on my iPod. So I will give a opportunity to somebody to earn 4 gems a day! All you have to do is get the app “App trailers” (free app).

    open it, then on the main page, the second option down is called “Enter Bonus Code” and says like “Insert name of person who refered you, click that and put monarchy in the box and hit enter.
    I will get an email to prove you did it. after you do the thing above, put my gamecenter id in “M0n4rchy” and the next day you will be getting 4 gems a day. Easy 5 minute thing for 28 gems a week!!!
    thank you

  254. Skyrayh says:

    Would a quake dragon and a lichen work?

  255. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    I wanteth this dragon badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  256. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Help me pls!!!

  257. IloveFerraris says:

    I have a park and I got all the emralds I wanna display 1 but you have to breed it how do I display it with no breeding?

  258. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:


  259. How do I get this dragon. I have been breeding for it from the time it came out and I haven't got it. I have the habait built for it and both the crystal & lichen dragons are level 15. Will someone help me?

    • Lindsay says:

      Same boat. I have lvl 15s breeding in the island and lvl 10s breeding the the habitat continuously. I’ve got nothing. I did out of nowhere get s moon dragon doing this.

  260. Tiago Mizuno says:

    other combination
    add me: mizuno.

  261. Nicole Richardson says:

    Woo hoo… After trying and trying and well honestly almost giving up. I'm finally getting my second emerald. It's a pretty hard combo they picked. My only advice, even if it's just to save your sanity. Take a small break. Then try again. I know time is almost up. So good luck to y'all still trying.

  262. Anonymous says:

    add me :jones chiu, milk301075

  263. nigelteo2000 says:

    Add me “nigelteo2000″

  264. Tim Kullmann says:

    This is one of the most difficult dragons I have tried to breed so far. I have Sun and Moon and they were easy compared to this one. Feel free to add me to game center bishop9127

  265. TurtleRun says:

    I keep getting moon dragon but at last I got emerald by breeding crystal and lichen both lvl 14.. Now I’m trying for the second emerald

  266. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    I gosh I guess people like to ignore

  267. Dragon Breeder says:

    Love this dragon!

    I have 4 apple devices 2 ipods/iphone/ipad (with dragonvale) and I have only two friends who play. I don’t want to give the extra gems to myself since I mainly play on my iPod. So I will give a opportunity to somebody to earn 4 gems a day! All you have to do is get the app “App trailers” (free app).

    open it, then on the main page, the second option down is called “Enter Bonus Code” and says like “Insert name of person who refered you, click that and put daflu96 in the box and hit enter.
    I will get an email to prove you did it. after you do the thing above, put my gamecenter id in “daflu96” and the next day you will be getting 4 gems a day. Easy 5 minute thing for 28 gems a week!!!

    • JellyBeans says:

      Thank you for the opportunity Dragon Breeder! I have done the app trailer and I am excited to not only have a gem trading partner, but a friend on the game as well. I will still keep trying to breed the emerald and I look forward to the challenge of the soon to come pearl dragon in June ;) .

    • JellyBeans says:

      Thank you for the opportunity Dragon Breeder! I have done the app trailer and I am excited to not only have a gem trading partner, but a friend on the game as well. I will still keep trying to breed the emerald and I look forward to the challenge of the soon to come pearl dragon in June ;)

    • JellyBeans says:

      Thank you for the opportunity Dragon Breeder! I have done the app trailer and I am excited to not only have a gem trading partner, but a friend on the game as well. I will still keep trying to breed the emerald and I look forward to the challenge of the soon to come pearl dragon in June!

    • Nova says:

      Thank you for the opportunity. I have always had trouble getting gems. This helps.

  268. Lucky you! I have been pairing 4 times a day and still have not got one!

  269. Marcobabi says:

    got another moon & rainbow, except this one=.=

  270. Shelbe7 says:

    So bummed. Been trying for weeks and nothing.

  271. Anonymous says:

    When is the last day I can get this dragon?

  272. Can't seem to make a emerald dragon, anyone wanna offer help, add me @ gamecenter: ladykfc

  273. Anonymous says:

    Will the Emerald dragon be around next year. Also I can’t seem to get one and plz add Setnel87X.

  274. John says:

    Finnally got it after 527 tries!!!!!

  275. Add me on game center:

  276. CYNTHIA WATSON says:

    I TRY, AND TRY STILL NO Emerald dragon

  277. XXXMATXXX says:

    Add me

  278. I can't get a emerald dragon for the life of me. I've been speeding up my breeding with gems and it's a waste.

  279. add me for some gem trading I most def need em KillaB123

  280. CelesteCorinne says:

    I’ve been trying to get this dragon for days!
    Still no luck, but I’m not giving up!!!

  281. Katelyn DeNio says:

    No matter what i do i cant get an emerald! Ive gotten 4 rainbows and a bunch of others, tried crystal with mountain too. Gaaa anyone have another suggestion?

  282. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    I can’t get this dragon!!!! Anonymous u said u have 7 emerald dragons. U are a freaking lire!

  283. Anonymous says:

    i keep breeding crystal and lichen, but all i get is swamp dragons

  284. Anonymous says:

    i keep breeding crystal and lichen, but all i get is swamp dragons :( i’ve tried like 50 times and its still the same. I’ve even tried reverse!! if someone knows another combination, please tell me before time tuns out!! :'( </3

  285. Gr says:

    Try it constantly since available…
    Various dragons but no emerald…
    Don’t see what’s wrong…
    Add me fullcontact78 :)

  286. Gr says:

    Try it constantly since available… Various dragons but no emerald… Don’t see what’s wrong…
    Add me fullcontact78

    • Dianne says:

      Hello, could you tell me how to add people to visit or have them visit me ? I can not figure it out . I play farm story, treasure story, city story and farm story they are easy to add people . I like dragonvale the best . Thanks

  287. Mackenzie says:

    My breeding guess for the pearl dragon is…….

    Crystal and snow


  288. How do u add ppl because I having absolutely no idea how to do it

  289. Seems I am not going to get the emerald dragon have tried and tried but not been able to hatch one I am very sad :(

  290. Anonymous says:

    Today is the last day and I have been trying since they realised the emerald and still NOTHING. I have done lichen and crystal yet nothing.
    Is there another combo maybe?

  291. Jordan says:

    I got one! :) lichen on the left, crystal in the right. 4th try I think…. :)

  292. Joe Monaghan says:

    I have tried 21 times and still have no time

  293. I finally got my Emerald. Took like 15 try's but I got it on the last day. Just saw a pic of the pearl dragon, looks cool. Cant wit for that one.

  294. Nef says:

    I got 31h which should be an emarald if I am right lichen lvl15 x Crystal lvl15

  295. Caprica6 says:

    Omg, I finally got the emerald dragon can anyone tell me whether it is worth it to try for a second one? Do you get double the emerald and how many dragons does it hold?

  296. Mathijs906 says:

    Yea, got it. Only need to wait to hatch the dragon :P
    I used crystal -> lichen like 6times an now it got the emerald dragon

  297. Mackenzie says:

    It’s 6:45 June 1st and no update and no pearl dragon :(

  298. Jamie Osborn says:

    Second emerald on the way. Wondering when they're releasing the next gem, pearl.

  299. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Saw the pearl dragn it’s totally awesome! It has no legs though. :/

    • Anonymous says:

      Add whitexmen

      • 4we50me says:

        Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

        The two recent updates for the poll include:
        How to navigate through this website!!! find out how to get to a certain page. This update includes: new combos for more dragons, and a new person to answer your questions (well im the same person, but with a different name)!!!

        How to navigate through game center for the newest update. This update includes: Permission to post “add me” comments at the poll, and more combos for solstice dragon.

        Happy posting!!

    • Levi says:

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  300. Soomba says:

    Anyone know how to make a pearl dragon yet

  301. Carole Crowe says:

    I tried all may to get an emerald dragon didn't work gutted. Add me at game center cwap for gems.

  302. Anonymous says:

    ive got 2 emerald of Chrystal and lichen in tht order

  303. Anonymous says:

    ive got 2 emerald of Chrystal and lichen in that order

  304. Mackenzie says:


  305. I did crystal and lichen nonstop and never got it

  306. JTbunny says:

    how on earth do you make a emerald dragon i need one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  307. Guitarsurfer says:

    I never got one… But you can add me for gems. I always return. Guitarsurfer15

  308. Julzz des says:

    I freakin’ tried all month and no emerald dragon. Is it me or did the selling prices lower and the incubation time go up. Not impressed. I guess I’ll see with the pearl…

  309. Lindsay says:

    I too tried ALL MONTH with both my breeding habitat and breeding island a bd got nothing. I feel like either this was a joke or I was told the wrong combo

  310. Anonymous says:

    Yea I bread crystal an lich all month never saw emerald but my sis her man my man and my mom have one but I got screwed

  311. Winniedog says:

    Same here all month with the combo and no luck. Sucks it’s gone and you can’t get it. Why have a dragon that you try so many times and don’t get. Frustrating. Pearl should be little easier I hope.

    • Anonymous says:

      this is how to breed a emerald dragon crystal on the riht and lichen on the left and it only works in may

  312. It work I use lichen and crystal I got a emerald

  313. Anonymous says:

    same here try all month and no luck. my last try turn out to be a sun. it sucks :(.

  314. Not fair! I tried almost 60 times; using both breeding cave and island, but didn't work till time out. T_T

  315. myk says:

    stupid I did the same all month wasting gems trying to get it all I got is 6 moon dragons game isn’t worth my time just to be disappointed I have enough of that in my life already

  316. Shaun Sick says:

    I have tried for 2 weeks now with no success

  317. natalia1994 says:

    when will emerald return?

  318. wow I got mine at the last min. Only one though. But will be trying for the new pearls all month. you can add me kellilm04.

  319. OwnerOfDragonVale says:

    hi guys. i have 9 pearl dragons and 27 rainbows 2 suns and 2 moons bye.


    it doesn’t always work!

  320. Devylzangyl says:

    Shouldn’t the Emerald dragon have been here until like next week? Since it came at the end of May you would think that they would’ve left it here still even though they put out the pearl dragon. Oh well…

  321. Very frustrating. Couldn't get the upgrade and now I can't get the emerald dragon!! Grrr

  322. flaming beast says:


  323. Vang says:

    I got 30 min. WTF?

  324. I got an emerald dragon after a few tries, now I want another but it's too late. I hope we get another chance.

  325. Wiccanangel1927 says:

    I have tryed twice with crystal & lichen and no emerald dragon yet

  326. ww1 says:

    anybody get the Peridot ?? yet ?

  327. Joeli Gettinreadytobejust Jackson says:

    Will the Emerald Dragon be coming back again next May?

  328. Kristine_landau says:

    Add kristine_landau

  329. Alvin Liu says:

    Lichen+Crystal I GOT A MOON DRAGON (p.s I'm not 47 years old I'm 11 I do ramdom things) and I need friends sadly I DON'T have gamecenter =( my family use andriod not apple I GiVE GEMS IN THE MORNING AND DALIY MY FACEBOOK NAME IS ALVIN LIU.

  330. Eric Liu says:

    I need friends too

  331. Hailey Yu says:

    I got 4 Sun Dragons.

  332. Ikuza says:

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    Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess
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