Dragonvale Infinity Gems/Gold Hack

| December 7, 2011 | 64 Comments

Coins, gems and food are considered the most basic needs of raising a dragon in the park of your own dragon and of course, is never easy to win one. Cheats Dragonvale application that is created along with the game in order to have easy access to win those needs without paying their pockets. It is more convenient to use, especially for players who do not really have enough time to make your needs grow, due to some major issues. However, one should be guided to what they teach you in this article may not be effective in all sorts of technological gadgets.

1) First, your gadget must be jail broken. Jailbreaking is a process that is used by cheats which is both intriguing and dangerous. However, beyond its danger, people are still fond of using the said process to have the access they want to have. So let’s go directly on jailbreaking your device. Simply plug in your device so it would be recognized by iTunes. Then, back it up with your iTunes library and sync it. This is to ensure that all your files are kept untouched or restorable. Then, open your spirit jailbreak tool and click the button “Jailbreak”. Allow jailbreak routine in a few minutes and restore set up. Now, your device is ready for cheat.
2)The next step you’ll do is to open your device’ new icons called Cydia and click the button which states “Make my life easier, thanks!”
3)Then, add the source “http://apt.xsellize.com/. This will allow you to have an access for iAP cracker installation. After such, install iAP cracker in your device.
4)Lastly, go to the Dragonvale device and purchase anything you wish to have. You can have additional coins, gems or have an easy access on free food for your dragon pets.


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  1. Kate says:

    Yeah, great info to post on a “guide”.
    ::face palm::

    I’m not trying to sound like a moral watchdog, but what you are promoting here is simply a detriment to us all, not just a cheat for personal advancement in the game. You see, the game itself is free, and doesn’t have annoying ads splashed all over the screen to generate income from advertising pace. They don’t even push you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, and every other social networking sites, that pays games like this to push players to connect to social networks for DATAMINING! There is the option in-game to visit parks made by friends on your Gamecenter list, but even then, they don’t even make that necessary to experience and enjoy the whole game (ie. no extra stuff unlocked with “x” number of GC friends.).

    Backflip was awesome enough to make a “freemium” game where it doesn’t feel absolutely necessary to make in-app purchases to enjoy the game. We’re not missing out on anything if we don’t buy anything, and even the extra time it takes to “get started” and get some decent amount of dragon cash rolling in isn’t horrible like in other games that follow this business model. Then, to top it off, out of many “freemium” games I’ve checked out, this game actually gives you decent value for any money you do decide to spend.

    The thing is, in-app purchases are the only way Backflip makes money off of this game. So, by encouraging this kind of hacking and cheating, you are in effect depriving Backflip from resources they need to continue to develop and expand gameplay for everyone! Hell, I spent $10 USD on in-app purchases JUST TO SUPPORT THE DEVELOPERS!!! And, with a mere $10, they gave me more than enough resources to quickly level my park. besides, what’s the sense of “playing” the game if you can buy everything all at once anyway?

    It just strikes me as kind of sick and sad to promote yourself as a “fan-based” site, and then include garbage like this. I won’t be visiting this site anymore.

    • g says:

      …….. I totally agree kate. Its hard enough already to find a game this good, let alone a free one. And by doing this destroy what backflip has built and along with it this amazing game. You dedicate a website to dragonvale, but attempt to destroy it! That game is a developers dream to build, and you are crushing it. They don’t even pressure us to buy things on this. Every part of this game is free, (though gems are nigh impossible collect in vast quantities) I for one say delete this post. I pity those who used this cheat and hope they learn otherwise. If you need me I will be playing dragonvale.WITH OUT CHEATING!!!!!!!!

      • Ryan says:

        Right, you’ve made your goddamn point. But no-one cares! If people want to jailbreak, hell let them do it, I personally wont but some people might. And the fact that you say “It just strikes me as sick and sad to promote yourself as a fan based site and posting garbage like this. I wont be visiting this site anymore.” just proves that your deluded. It IS a fan-based site and it is NOT garbage! Some people may want to jailbreak to be beat friends or to mess about. Fact is you cant do shit about it!! People think jailbreaking is bad but quite frankly there probaly dipshits. Fair enough its illegal but hacking an xbox or ps3 game is illegal but people still do it! Hacking yourself to 10th prestige does take the fun out of it but most people would. I wouldnt but thats just me. So please do everyone a favour and stop posting comments like this because it was just a suggestion by the moderators or whoever posted this.You dont have to but , again, some people might.

        • Anonymous says:

          Jailbreaking is NOT illegal dude. You miss the point there. Jailbreaking is simply self-modified your iDevice with apps, and Apple themselves have never “illegal-ize” jailbreaking.

          • Anonymous says:

            Mate your pretty much getting shit for free. You could be getting hundreds of pounds worth of stuff for free. And btw I don’t care…people can jailbreak it if they want! It sounds kinda fun in a way but I won’t do at least not yet. Because it kinda takes the fun out of games Im not gonna. But with people posting crap like this saying that ” jail breaking bad and anyone that does it should be arrested and be sued” just pisses me off. And serisously that was a comment in a post for another game. Anyway, if it’s illegal or not it’s still ripping off games designers and apple which is stealing. Never know in the future I might jailbreak my iPad or iPod but I wo t use It to spam gems and coins, I may get so,e if I think I need it but I won’t use it that often.
            But thank you for telling me it’s not illegal. I don’t care of course but still.

          • Ryan says:

            Btw it was Ryan. That posted that!

        • Anonymous says:

          Yeah you know what your talking about

  2. Wow u don’t want to play because people cheat that’s like saying I’m not going to ever go out with someone because someone is cheating in the world is there choice if they want to cheat or not it’s there life not urs

  3. Enes says:

    file, the file downloading e-mail me as friends dragonvale atabilirlermi hacking tool

  4. Sageanteater8 says:

    i came to this website looking for cheats but when I read your comment Kate, I was like… I am never going to cheat another game again. I have a friend who wants to become a video game designer but if I try to hack the game it becomes a complete piece of shit since I cannot beat the game the way it intended you to do it. For all you hackers out there, I can’t believe you

  5. Anon says:

    I’ve read your comment and you used to be right but the designers changed the game.

    Limited availability content.

    The second they made the seasonal dragons only available for certain time (unless you buy it) they lost the ability to dictate the terms of my game play. I have to wait 4 years for the Leap Year Dragon to come back? Not likely.
    Eff you Backflip. You learned your lessons too well from blizzard and you got people hooked. Thanks for the fun game, too bad you got greedy.

  6. Mr awesome says:

    I did now shut to do I can’t understand what you are saying like(Simply plug in your device) plug in what be more people don’t understand you and 1 is me!

  7. abishan09 says:

    I need gems

  8. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily thanks

  9. Ethan says:

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  10. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily

  11. albert says:

    do you need to type in your apple id?

  12. Dont get smart,Smart Ass says:

    Yeah hint just so you know it is supposed to be said like this Anonymous..

    This so-called awesome one needs to learn English before he/she posted.

    Just to be grammatically correct since you want to correct people , when it looks like you are not the best at typing either so yeah…..Shut your mouth…Quit acting like a child


  13. Anonymous says:


  14. jingy19 says:

    fk yea cheatsss!!!!

  15. Gghjgvhjghiv says:

    Fuuviygbgii hgbhi

  16. Ananeymowws says:

    I really want gems but I’ll not use any cheat to get any of them. THIS IS A PIECE OF SHIT.

  17. The Lurker says:

    There wouldn’t be any problem if backflip would give u the ability to trade dragons items money gems… Then: FIX ALL THE PROBLEMS!!!

    Yea… Go reddit

  18. roller coaster says:

    Heya i’m for the primary time here. I found this board and I to find It really helpful & it helped me out much. I am hoping to provide one thing again and aid others such as you helped me.

  19. Matheo says:

    quiero gemas, comida y monedas

  20. Anonymous says:

    I think perhaps we should let the cheaters cheat of they wanna cheat, it’s THEIR game they are ruining so why bother with shoving your opinions down their throats…. All I’m saying is if you don’t cheat, that’s awesome, I’m glad you are supporting the developers, and if you do cheat, then that’s pretty awesome for you, is it not?

    • Mohamed Ahmed Hassan says:

      iam trying to download it, but every time i get msg. that is no offers to complete in my country. is there any other way to get this crack . thanks in advance [:)]

  21. sharing e books says:

    I will right away clutch your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please permit me realize in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

  22. Mr m says:

    Well for me what I do is I breed lots of firefly dragons then sell them for 100,000 treasure although the breeding and the hatching I think take 2 hour correct me if I am wrong please.it does work don’t need a jail broken device just need a breeding cave, lightning dragon and fire dragon ( both avililbe at certain levels during the game).But this process takes skill for waiting or you can boost the time by using gem (gem method not ideal havn’t tried gem but I know it will work for the rich players).

  23. Bre Mchugh says:

    I cant get jailbreaking :(

    • 4we50me says:

      me neither, i really want to, my friend mozzy7 i think only has like 5 gems, i wanted to help her by giving her thousands

  24. A says:

    Funny posts. I wish I had millions of gems. :(

  25. I am so strong says:

    My problem is how to have Cydia? And, how to get infinite stuff without cheats?

  26. Olivia says:

    I like puppies and ponies and myspace.com!

  27. Olivia says:

    add me! Gamecenter: gr8-6754

  28. Olivia says:

    …i have 219 gamecenter friends… Is that a little weird?
    Add me: gr8-6754

  29. big a says:

    if i have to cheat to win it is not worth it to spend the time playing, i have to live with me and i am better than that, if you want to cheat the only one you are cheating is yourself, if you like living a lie go for it

  30. Mackenzie says:

    Any more cheats that doesent require cydia, jailbreak, or Mac download?

  31. Connor Berkery says:

    how do I get cydia?

  32. Ducx Punx says:

    can u take gem for me. my phone can't get jailbreak pls add me CHEEZZIIREE.

  33. Yuri says:

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  34. bobbymanchester says:

    give me a million gems and i will give u something worth a million gems (e.g-i’ll kill u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Ashlyn Elkin says:

    Major thankies for the article post. Fantastic.

  36. matthew says:

    how does it work

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