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| July 26, 2012 | 110 Comments

“After observing numerous dragons racing one another in the wild, the wizards thought that it would be fun to bring races to your park. Behold the Dragon Track! Help your dragons win races to earn generous rewards. The Colosseum may be where champions are made, but the Dragon Track is sure to have visitors flocking to your park in droves!”

  • Experience: 50,000 Xp
  • Cost:250,000 Gold
  • Sells for:125,000 Gold
  • Available:Level 15
  • Build Time: 4 hours
  • Size: 6×9
  • Cost for each Race: 50,000 Gold



Track Recommended Dragons
Blast Furnace Forge Dragon, Brass Dragon
Cherry Road Sakura Dragon
Dramoria  Steel Dragon, Mine Dragon
Electric Skies Sonic Dragon, Butterfly Dragon
Marshlands Swamp Dragon, Seaweed Dragon
Rime or Reason Snow Dragon
Shimmering Faultline Crystal Dragon, Quake Dragon
Ulster Meadows
Tree Dragon, Clover Dragon, Moss Dragon
Year of the Dragon  Pan Long Dragon



After finishing a race, you can turn a wheel for a reward. There are three types of wheels, a golden wheel, the silver wheel , and bronze wheel. First place is the wheel of gold, for second place you get to spin the silver wheel, and for third place you get to spin the wheel in bronze. However, if you get a place lower than third you willnot get a reward. There are also bonuses that you can get at random.

Leave a Comment below, if you have tips/cheats to share with other users for Dragon Track.

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Comments (110)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Always got xps, coins than food. Can’t get the gems!!!

    • 4we50me says:

      same here! ive only gotten the food!!

    • Levi says:

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    • Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    Omg! Awesome!! This means u can play dragonvale whenever u want!! Instead of waiting for things to finish!! Most awesomest thing they’ve brought in!!! Awesome!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Everytime I win it makes the game crash anyone else experiencing this?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Me too, I can’t claim the prize, need to restart when it hang at the spin wheel.

  5. Piplup434 says:

    My game crashes on the loading screen when u select a dragon :(

  6. Kurtkiek says:

    You can co trol the speed of spin to win
    First spin in
    Secondly, use three finger against it
    Try it

  7. Anonymous says:

    Crashes constantly. Don’t waste your time and money until its fixed

  8. Mccauley2000 says:

    Every time I spin the wheel I have no option to do anything and have to exit the game in order to get out of the screen

  9. I never lose i am always fist place im the best dragon racer and i already get 11 gems from it

  10. Janenee says:

    It crashes every time I press RACE :-((

    • Cookie1326 says:

      It doesn’t happen to me!! I guess I’m just lucky. Sorry guys if I’m bragging. Before u open up dragonvale remember to double tap the home button and erase any recently used apps, okay, apple users!!

  11. Scarlet says:

    Yah same here. SO ANNOYING.

  12. Wolven says:

    After i spin it crashes n i dont get anything but i still lose 50 g. So not fair i tried twice! :'(

  13. Wolven says:

    After i spin it crashes n i dont get anything but i still lose 50 g. So not fair i tried twice!

  14. kev says:

    I finish the race, spin the wheel then instant crash instead of me getting my reward :L

  15. Anonymous says:

    Well I never lose because I choose the best dragons.
    57 Gems
    1860000 Dragoncash
    543500000 Experiance
    183000 Treats
    I'm level 27.
    Add me on Gamecenter=.

  16. Wborokid222 says:

    I never crash

  17. Harley Quinn 0666 says:

    Crashes everytime i spin the wheel, so effing irritating! Do another update with a bugfix people!!!

  18. Dreamingdraco says:

    Would anyone please add my friend for gem exchanges her game center user name is janea7

  19. Chrissy says:

    I keep playing a race then it freezes once the wheel stops spinning does anyone else have this prob and do u know how I can stop this

  20. KLF86 says:

    The game crashes when i try to collect my prize. I hope they get the bug fixed asap as it’s quite a good addition to the game (when it’s working properly).

  21. Jbvenezia says:

    I will add Janea7 for gem exchange.

  22. Reid says:

    Find the i:

  23. Anonymous says:

    Use the dragons listed as best for each race on this sight, follow tutorial, and tap screen soon as your gold line touches the gold lines on the track. EZ

  24. Lynnie_xo says:

    Ruby dragon is a guaranteed 1st place everytime! :)

  25. Christopher John Abela says:

    mine always freezes… after I spin… and never seem to be able to claim the rewards…

  26. AgentRay says:

    so easy always win so far won 6 gems 200000+ 5000 food lv up 23 24 25

  27. Anonymous says:

    what's everyone's fav. dragon type

  28. TurtleRun says:

    I didn’t get my spin prize 

  29. Chrissy says:

    Ive noticed that mine freezes after I spin the wheel only when I’m using the 3G on my phone works fine when I’m using wifi at home if that helps anyone

  30. Cloudskyrah says:

    I dont like it anymore it always hang after i spin the wheel

  31. Anonymous says:

    Ian hhaaaaa

  32. Linda Chia says:

    Why ??? Why ??? Why ???
    After I finishing the race how
    come every time hang and I need to start again and again..
    And also can't get the gams ???

  33. Anonymouse says:

    Always freakin crashes!!!!

  34. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Solstice dragon won every time try it

  35. Anonymous says:

    I am getting the constant crashes and no prizes even if I spin!!

  36. jake says:

    I crashes Back-flip needs to fix there crap. I have been breeding for a ruby and gold all month with no luck. I know of a person with 4 ruby and a gold if you don’t spend REAL money you get short chanced on dragons!!!!!!!

  37. Aacquavella says:

    Rate dragons like sun gold moon gem and solace have won me first place

  38. Jedi277 says:

    Yes, Everytime I win and spin the wheel, it crashes

  39. Maritta Mountjoy says:

    I win the races, spin the wheel but I don't get the prize, my screen alwaysmfreezes

  40. Anonymous says:

    Keeps crashing every time !!!!!!

  41. Has anyone figured out why the game freezes after spinning the wheel. Very frustrating and seems like a scam

  42. LOL says:

    The only thing i get are gems

  43. Brenda Gant says:

    Brenda Gant
    I can win one of the three places except SHIMMERING FAULTLINE which I can never win. Using Crystal or Quake. Any ideas?

  44. Anonymous says:

    You can you rainbow dragons and any other non specific element dragon to race as well

  45. Criim says:

    How can I win Cherry roads without the right dragon? The dragon they listed as the best choice was a limited time dragon that I do not have. Any tips?

  46. beardedrabbit says:

    Out of curiosity, is anyone seeing a correlation between how many perfects you get in a race with how many gem slots are on a wheel?

  47. click here says:

    thanks for posting this, it really is informative

  48. Liasah says:

    I’m so exasperated with this game. I win 1st place over and over but what’s the use? I continuously either win my money back or food; neither of which I need! The 1st place wheel should have 1st place prizes!! The same is true of breeding over and over and over again and only get 1 rare dragon per month! They need to make this game more fun by allowing more “happy moments”. What’s the point of being dissapointed day after day? In the beginning there was smthng new every day. The odds need to improve for the people at the higher levels. Just my opinion.

  49. Miko Guillen says:

    rainbow dragon is the best choice 100% win.

  50. Pauly says:

    Brenda Gant, I always use my level 10 moon dragon for shimmering fault line

  51. Mary Thomas says:

    If I race rainbow, gold, sun for all they do well
    thanks for all ideas! sometimes!

  52. Amber says:

    Obsidian works also for year of the dragon. :)

  53. Kevin says:

    For “Year of the Dragon” I always win with Flower dragon. ;) (I have a Panlong incubating right now!)

  54. Soundwave says:

    Which dragon should I use for the track ‘Cherry Road’? I keep failing, zzzzz..

  55. dragoner says:

    can any body help me on how to get any gemstone dragons

    • Anonymous says:

      Try using the free breeding apps. I use the “Breeding Guide for Dragonvale” and the Dragon Calc. The Dragon Calc is particularly helpful. Just type in Dragonvale in the AppStore. They should pop up… Don’t waste money on the paid ones!!! ~ good luck!

    • Kirsten Bauchspies says:

      Keep getting gems from Colloseum or buy gems then buy gemstone dragons. Hope that helps! :3

  56. Anonymous says:

    What is another good dragon besides crystal and quake dragons for shimmering faultlines?

  57. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the help!!! :)

  58. Anonymous says:

    I’m at level 27 but for some reason I’ m still at tutorial level and can’t even breed my rare dragons. Pls I need help thanks…

  59. Anonymous says:

    I just can’t race past tutorial level… Hu hu …I need help

  60. I love dragon vale it's my favorite game

  61. Karen Holt Stockman says:

    If you do not have a Sakura dragon for Cherry Road a poison dragon will win every time.

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