Dodo Dragon

| April 15, 2012 | 281 Comments

“Cave drawings of the dodo dragon were first discovered on Mooretoss Island long ago by the great explorer Lewis Dodoson. They depict an ancient, flightless, and rather clumsy dragon. For centuries it was thought to be extinct, but we now know that while the dodo dragon may be rare, it is certainly not extinct! I wonder what other dragons have yet to be discovered!”


Available Breeding At Level 14
Habitat Earth, Air
Hatching Time
16 hours
Positive Element None
Negative Element Earth, Air
Buying Price Unknown Gems
Selling Price 1,000,000 Gold
Reward 15,000 Xp





Breeding Combination for Dodo Dragon
The Dodo Dragon is a New Dragon that can be bred by picking an Earth Dragon to combine with an air hybrid dragon.

Example of Dodo Dragon Breeding Combination:
Earth Dragon + Snow Dragon = Dodo Dragonvale
Earth Dragon + Chrome Dragon = Dodo Dragon

Leave a Comment Below if you have a tips to Breeding Dodo Dragon! Thanks

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Category: Air Dragon, Earth Dragons

Comments (281)

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  1. Thomas says:

    It worked I did chrome dragon on the left and ground dragon on the right I have 6 of them as of right now the incubation time is 15:59:53

  2. Guru 2 says:

    How did you get one its not in my store

    • anonymous says:

      yeah i first knew about it cuz my friend told me it was a blue ground dragon with wings. i didnt beleive and he said its not in the store so i decided to go here.

  3. Thomas says:

    You have to breed a chrome dragon and a ground dragon

  4. Anonymous says:

    Add for gems-theoneballedwonder

  5. I am says:

    Its not in my store, why?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Maybe you need to update your app? There Was a recent upgrade…

  7. Bman3333 says:

    Could i do Earth (R) and Blazing (L)???

  8. TOS Blastin says:

    This dragon won’t be in your store you must breed it. So far to my knowledge the chrome dragon and earth dragon work. I’ll try earth and blaze and will update if that combination works

  9. TOS Blastin says:

    Bman3333 blazing and earth works just tried it and I got it on my 2nd try

  10. Memo says:

    Got one chrome and earth
    Ad me gem for gem

  11. pinkmilk111 says:

    help i hav tried earth and chrome but its not working ive only got a cave plz help

    plz add me GEM4GEM gamecentre name:pinkmilk111

    and plz help me

  12. Rockgurl says:

    why isn’t dis dragon in the market?

  13. TOS Blastin says:

    pinkmilk111 ive only done it on the breeding island ill try doin it in the cave and give you my results

  14. Mackenzie says:

    Someone tell me, what is the easiest combination? (I’m trying sandstorm and air right now.)

  15. Anonymous says:

    Add me for gamecenter and free gems4gems
    I’ll give you tips and any questions you ask me will be answered

    Game center name: thelizard5

  16. TOS Blastin says:

    Mackenzie chrome dragon and earth dragon is the best combo

  17. Anonymous says:

    Add for gems- eja94

  18. Anonymous says:

    Blazing (L) and Earth (R) definitely works. Got it first try

  19. Flame says:

    I have tried to breed chrome and earth 15+ times. Still not working. Any sugestion?

  20. S.P.A. 99 says:

    for those of u who say it does not work. It does believe me I know how u feel I wasted ALL of my gems 58 down to only 4 gems trying to get this dragon so it took me a LOOOONG time so don’t worry you’ll get it.
    Now I have to get all of my gems back…-_-‘
    My GC name is S.P.A. 99

  21. TOS Blastin says:

    if Chrome dragon on the left and earth dragon on the right doesnt work try the Blazing dragon on the left and Earth on the right. Trust me i have 6 of them running in my park. im pretty sure the only dragon that you cant get anymore even by breeding is the leap year dragon

  22. Eddie Chan says:

    Hey, I breed ground and snow. But the breeding time is 14 hours. Any idea?

  23. TOS Blastin says:

    i havent gotten a 14 hour one it can either be the dodo dragon or the snow dragon

  24. Flame says:

    Dodo will need 16 hours to breed and incubate… I still can’t breed one… It is very hard.

  25. Flame says:

    Snow + Earth really work… I finally get the 16 hours egg… After spending 50 gems ofcourse… Hiks….

  26. mon4rchy says:

    Love this dragon! (earth and snow)

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    thank you!

  27. Earth left .. Fog right. 16 hr. I think I got it.

  28. just bred level 10 earth(left) and fog10(right) and got 16 hr I do not even have the Dodo dragon in my market yet so, is this possible? And the 14 hr earth/snow is mountain.

  29. Frida Karlsson says:

    Earth+ Fog 16hr!

  30. ~Ash ley~ says:

    Earth & Chrome.

  31. TheIncredibleRayzone says:

    gotta keep trying!
    add me

  32. mackenzie says:

    im trying to do earth and fog on epic breeding island and air and sandstorm in cave. does air and sandstorm work?

  33. Ebrithiel says:

    Also ich habe nun schon alles möguche probiert um den dododrachen zu bekommen… Ist es in Deutschland überhaupt schon möglich???? Wäre nett wenn mir das jemand beantworten kann… Danke…

    Add me: Ebrithiel

    • DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

      Stimmt. Ich habe den drachen auch noch nicht im market gesehen. Ich wohne zwar in österreich aber das sollte keinen unterschied machen!

      Gamecenter: DJ-Megatron123

  34. Anonymous says:

    Is the dodo dragon even breed-able yes because its not in the market yet…

  35. Rockgurl says:

    I did not get a dodo dragon In the market itself. But i got a steel dragon. What shud I do?

  36. Greg johnson says:

    Add me on gamecenter…. cams3755

  37. scoob122 says:

    Why dont they show this dragon in the market. Or do you have to bread It first and any ways I can’t becaues I just bread another sun dragon so I have one in the breaing cave and one and one In my hachery.

  38. KoolKK says:

    Chrome (left) and Earth (right) in EBI produced Dodo on first try! Both level 11 dragons. egg is brown with a swirl (similar to Fog). It is not in the market as of Apr 18, 2012 4 pm US CST.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Ich hab einen ging glaube ich beim dritten Versuch schon
    Könnt schauen memo12982

  40. Mr. Fluffybear2008 says:

    Who agrees to get backflip studios to be able to let u send EGGS to ur friends????????

    • mon4rchy says:

      jailbreakers could just get unlimited gems and send you the valuable ones… but it is a great idea. I wish they added it :P

  41. pinkmilk111 says:

    yh that would be well cool!

  42. Hello2007 says:

    I just got dodo completely by accident! I was trying to breed another Sandstorm dragon but I got 16 hours instead! Used Willow+earth is this order!

  43. Jcmiv says:

    Earth left chrome right = Dodo

    Add me. I give gems daily

  44. Brandon says:

    got it with earth + willow. One try

  45. pinkmilk111 says:

    add me pinkmilk111

    plz help me get the dodo dragon i cant get it ive only got a cave:(

  46. Anonymous says:

    Got a New sakura Dragon breeding Island tree and Fire second try

  47. Anonymous says:

    How do you get sakura dragon?

  48. mon4rchy says:

    snow left + earth right
    First try!
    got the sakura dragon!!

  49. Raperanally says:

    Add me raperanally and send me gems!! I need the tree

  50. Wanda Lucentini says:

    add me on gamecenter SphaeraMundi. I'm collecting gems to expand the hibernation cave but also to get the dragon tree in order to give away more of them. I usually give gems away every day and I do my best to give em back to all who give them to me. gl with getting your rare dragons every1!

  51. I got it after 3rd try with that combo

  52. Mackenzie says:

    There is a new cherry blossom dragon. (thats what I call it but that’s not it’s name) it is plant, ground, and fire. I am trying to get mine with tree and fire.

  53. Mary says:


  54. lollll says:

    i cant update my dragonvale i cant get the dodo dragon

  55. Moonrakersstardust says:

    i need help getting gems!!! Please please add me so I can get a gem tree!!! I go on a few times a day!!! Add me moonrakersstardust

  56. Anonymous says:

    Flower left tree right both level ten. Got two lavas first

  57. Luna says:

    Did anyone notice how we are all talking about the Sakura/cherry blossom dragon on the dodo dragon comments, But there are no comments on the sakura dragon page?

  58. Anonymous says:

    tree on left and flower on right. got it on first try

  59. ThePanHandler says:

    Gem for gem, add me to Game Center.

  60. Sammyboi1986 says:

    Add me gem for gem!!!!!

  61. pinkmilk111 says:

    add me pinkmilk111

  62. Nicola says:

    I managed to hatch a Sakura 4th time using level 10 flower and level 10 tree! Add me please nicnic0282! Thanks!

  63. Peggy Monroe says:

    Add me please….katuls:) thank you

  64. Hey guys add me Gamezexpert225

  65. Karl Finkbeiner says:

    would sandstorm plus air = dodo?

  66. Rockgurl says:

    I only got the dodo dragon and the Sakura dragon today in the

  67. Brandon A. says:

    Please help me! I’ve been playing dragon ale for like a month now and I can’t get the rainbow, sun, or the moon!!!! :( the rarest I got so far is the bloom dragon ugh this is so hard bUt I need help getting the breeding island and may be that will help me get those dragons other than that idk how else to get them and I’ve been trying! Help me get gems please an ill do the same thing!!! Thanks guys name is meiko11

  68. Game enter: Starscream47 84 says:

    I made the Sakura dragon by breeding a flower left and tree right!!!!!!
    Second try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Add me on Gamecenter, my Gamecenter name is Starscream47 84. I trade gems for gems! ;) :) :]

  69. Raperanally says:

    Add me ^^^ i need gems to get the tree

  70. Nathan Chanek says:

    I got mine with earth and fog on the breeding island

  71. Nathan Chanek says:

    Use flower on left and plant on right. Worked first time

  72. Ron.spsm says:

    Sakura dragon.. Tree left, flower right..

  73. Anonymous says:

    Add me on alice0726 for gem

  74. Anonymous says:

    Add me- eja94

  75. Anonymous says:

    Plant and storm

  76. Anonymous says:

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  77. Triple box says:

    Add me triplebox send me gem and I will send gem to you everyday

  78. Anonymous says:

    Please add me poopsta, thanks heaps

  79. Uyen Lam says:

    Add me for gem Caovinh Lam

  80. Anonymous says:

    Gem for a gem add Caovinh Lam

  81. MaleneFalck says:

    I’ve Got my Dodo with Earth + Fog= 14 hour
    Add me MaleneFalck

  82. nabbzz says:

    what about Earth+Fog dragon does that work ?

  83. nabbzz says:

    add me and i’ll give you 7 gems a day

  84. Mara Payumo says:

    Nimkjhry add me i give gems

  85. I bred earth and willow and got a dodo.

  86. miggylomaniac says:

    Add me nbfernando

  87. Angel_Balthazar says:

    Add me @ Angel_Balthazar for gem

  88. john says:

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  89. Jedaille92 says:

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  90. Kristinel says:

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  91. Tiara Gordon says:

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  92. Bogard57 says:

    Add me! Bogard57

  93. Jennifernm00 says:

    I have tried earth then chrome 10 times and nothing.

  94. Jennifernm00 says:

    I also tried earth and willow twice nothing in both breeding cave.

  95. Daniel A Kronvall Pedersen says:

    Add me, Syncr0

  96. I did flower and tree, took 4 tries

  97. I bred earth and chrome and got a Dodo. The good thing about that combo is that if you don't get a dodo you get chrome or iron which you can sell for a good price :)

  98. Nicola Wyatt says:

    I just got a dodo dragon by breeding earth/willow. Took me around ten tries with different formulas. Don't give up . you will eventually get one.

    • Eric says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Add me! Shagfarbs

  99. Nicola Wyatt says:

    I got a Sakura by breeding tree/flower. Same as other new dragons, it took several attempts.

  100. Harry Nguyen says:

    Add me Hanoi pho, thanks

  101. Allen Palmer says:

    Game I'd is palmers+4

  102. I breed flower n tree took 2 attemps, if it sez 10hrs u mite have it or u got a lava good luck

  103. Nicho says:

    It’s so hard to get Sakura, dodo and specially rainbow dragon. I try breeding rainbow for 4 months. Help me pls

  104. Me says:

    Add me, gem 4 gem. I only have 1 friend… I have a pretty nice park, only needing the epic breed island :/ need this dragon, and a couple others to finish. Gamecenter is LewiEmerBran

    • kkrdavis says:

      I just learned I can get the air dragon, thougt you had to buy w/ gems. Having fun. I got the gem tree 1-2 weeks ago. Had fun with it at first. I added 15-20 people. Got one freind loyal everyday. Need daliy/loyal friends, (never been added before) if you know how to look at my island, I always have 5 -6 gems. daily but I play in evening from 5-9 pm est.time,SC. Name is kkrdavis.

  105. Anonymous says:

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  107. Anonymous says:

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  108. Gail Okail says:

    What else do u get with snow n earth?

  109. Jane Thomas says:

    Add me AlexQ2011 :)

  110. Nick says:

    Wat 2 dragons u have to breed to end Up with a dodo dragon every time??!?

  111. Jarrod says:

    I have two sun one rainbow and one moon ow clover and I’m still trying to get bloom, dodo and Sakura dragons plz help!

  112. Alex says:

    Got my sakura but still no dodo , anyone know some good breeding combination ? add me : mongo 46

  113. Firecracker2012 says:

    I got a Sakura by doing flower and tree on my first try I been trying earth and Crome but it never worked add me on game center longboothair

  114. Gem for gem?
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  115. Footah67 says:

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  116. mengskia says:

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  117. Leeroy says:

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  118. Conchon says:

    This dodo dragon is pissin me off!!! I can not get one and I’ve tried everything! Stupid DODO!!!

  119. Adrienne Janfield says:

    Got mine
    Add me babydtheone

  120. Anonymous says:

    I accidentally sold one… I’m an idiot

  121. Anonymous says:

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  122. Titan says:

    Got a dodo first try with earth and chrome fyeah.

    • Anonymous says:

      Got dodo on 8th try? Can’t remember. Just took pic today also panlong in same swoop :).
      Dodo – earth / chrome
      Panlong – blaze / mud

  123. Anonymous says:

    Add me Deathgodjoker

  124. Anonymous says:

    not high enough level for chrome any ideas?

  125. Anonymous says:

    not a high enough level for chrome but really want this dragon anything i can try?

  126. Virgoqueen says:

    i got the dodo dragon with earth and fog in the original breeding cave. It took a few tries, but I just hatched him! Good luck!

  127. aande243 says:

    I keep trying for Dodo and Sakura following suggestions…but no luck!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  128. Nick says:

    aande, It took me forever to get a Sakura. Tree and Flower are what I used, but I went through close to a 100 gems and about 20-25 tries. Just got it this morning! Just keep trying!

  129. Anonymous says:

    Try earth and snow

  130. Kayla Willey says:

    Would earth and air work??

  131. Rave says:

    No it won’t work. Earth and air are NOT compatible. One of them must be a hybrid.

  132. Rave says:

    You don’t need gems for rare dragons. I have all dragons and have used no gems. This includes rainbow, leap year, and all the holiday dragons since Halloween. I also have all the new ones like Sakura and panlong plus sun and moon, using NO gems. Dont waste your ,only on gems.

  133. zachscott says:

    lvl 25 looking for Gamecenter friends I have 2 unused gems per day and am half way to my Dragonsai tree. zachscott is my Gamecenter name add me if you want a daily user to trade gems with. Will trade daily so long as you do the same thing.

  134. Witty says:

    I try so many time still not get dodo yet. I give up.

  135. abiggail says:

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  136. Bill says:

    Add me , bugmebill have gems to give and need gems

  137. rosler says:

    Earth and Chrome have worked out great for dodo. As far as Sakura go with flower and tree. It took several tries then i got 3 sakuras in a row. Good Luck

  138. Lesbd says:

    I got mine with earth + willow in that order after 1 missed try in the breeding cave

  139. abiggail says:

    leap year dragon heart and panlong but too late now just keep playing for 4 more years!

  140. abiggail says:

    ADD me i need more gems! abbbbbbbbbbie

  141. abiggail says:

    people who brag, there dragon vale is worse

  142. Piá says:

    I’ve tried all the combinations, but no success.
    Today i tried earth on the left and fog on the right and it works, i think this is the best way.
    Good luck everyone.

  143. Piá says:

    Rave, dont say shit, earth and fog work very well, i got like that

  144. Anonymous says:

    sakura dragon is easy flower + tree but this dragon is not still haven’t got it =/

  145. Hallye Dionne says:

    Fog(10) and Earth(10)…Got my Dodo…First try.

  146. Hallye Dionne says:

    Join me on Cavemanland too @ sveltekitty

  147. Alex says:

    GOT IT!!! About about 20-30 tries i finally got dodo :)

    • 4we50me says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

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  148. Puzzycat says:

    Hello!!! Add me friend “puzzycat3″
    I have sun,sakura,bloom dragon.

  149. Anonymous says:

    add me ninja+guy three rainbow one moon one clover one bloom and one love:}

  150. Jekyll says:

    Finally! Earth + Chrome after about 20 tries.

  151. Person says:

    Addbme i have 2 rainbows 1 leap year 2 blooms 6 suns 1 moon and 1 love and every other dragon exept dodo

  152. Anonymous says:

    I need people to trade gems with. Add me please (syd0)

  153. carolyn says:

    Got Dodo with Earth and Blazing..good luck!

  154. Anonymous says:

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  155. mon4archy says:

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  156. scoob122 says:

    I have finly go a sakura dragon it took me after 10 try’s. I bread another Sakura by using fog with sakura. I am not taking no more request thank you.

  157. Plum says:

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  158. Jessica says:

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  159. Enrico says:

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  160. scoob122 says:

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  161. Matt says:

    I can’t get it so

  162. Anonymous says:

    Add me for gems – theoneballedwonder

  163. scoob122 says:

    Its a rainbow dragon !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to hach it so I can place it in the habitat. Add me at : scoob 122

  164. Has anyone been able to breed a second dodo? I have tried endless times and failed

  165. littlebriggsy says:

    I have 6 leap years 2 suns 2 moons 1 love 1 bloom 1 sakura 6 panlongs
    my level is 27 and have 5 islands 6 counting epic breeding island

  166. Alex says:

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  167. Alex says:

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  168. Please add me. I have a gem tree and I gift daily, as many as the tree allows. … SassiBitz is my game center name

  169. Jr says:

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  170. Anonymous says:

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  171. Me says:

    I have leap year, rainbow, sun, moon, love, bloom, sakura, panlong, clover, bluefire, frostfire, butterfly, sandstorm and other dragon
    except dodo, plasma, bone, and reindeer
    still trying for dodo endless time

  172. Zhao Wenting says:

    Add me in gamecencre my I'd is Wendy zhaozhao I will send you gem

  173. Isabella says:

    I got a Sakura Dragon on my first try. Tree(right) Fire(left)

  174. billige bügeleisen says:

    I know it�s a drastic situation and you have to think on your toes, but you will surely die if you do what you�re thinking of doing.

  175. Person says:

    I have Sakura,Sun,Bloom,Moon,Emerald,getting butterfly,and other dragons as well as 4 islands not including EBI and gem plus I’m level24.Add me at shadow122199

  176. Person says:

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  177. Person says:

    haveSakura,Sun,Bloom,Moon,Emerald,gettin’ butterfly,and other dragons as well as 4 islands not including EBI and gemstone plus I’m level24.Add me at shadow122199

  178. Rockgurl says:

    Has anyone got a dodo dragon???
    I tried lyk a hundred time but am not getting one.
    Is der any other way to breed one???
    Pls help.

  179. Elyse Todd says:

    It took me 4 tries to breed the Dodo Dragon. I used Earth & chrome and FINALLY got the 16 hour breeding time!

  180. cam2cam flatrate says:

    I get pleasure from, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  181. 4we50me says:

    when i tried to get sandstorm i always get another dodo.
    add these ppl, 4we50me, XxbradbuttxX, gr8-6754

  182. I was breeding blazing and mud iwant panlong but got a dodo but i still get a panlong

  183. Gizem says:

    Your posting is absoltuley on the point!

  184. Dhona Reblora Ronald Simpao says:

    Earth and chrome = dodo dragon

  185. How did you get your dragons to level 11 mine max at 10. With shrine I have to get 50 dragons and I can't level up fast enough to get new habitats.

  186. Wiccanangel1927 says:

    Finally got one with blazing first and earth sec

  187. Wiccanangel1927 says:

    Finally got one with blazing first and earth 16 hours of breeding 16 hours to hatch

  188. Wiccanangel1927 says:

    Finally got one with blazing first and earth

  189. Wiccanangel1927 says:

    I got dodo dragon with blazing first and earth second

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  193. Help says:

    yes it would because my friend got one
    with that combination. ;-D

  194. Rave says:

    Wrong. Earth and air are not compatible. One must be a hybrid.

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