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“The place where Champions are made! Every day the Colosseum has an event you can sign one of your dragons up for. Will you win the Gold Trophy? You cannot speed up a Colosseum event, so choose carefully!”

The Coliseum building is available for purchase at leve 10. It is on sale in the building of the market. You can purchase a maximum of 50,000 dragon cash. After buying and placement, you will get 50,000 xp. It takes four hours to build.

Every day there is a competitive “event” in the Colosseum. The type of event is visible on the flags flying in front of the building and on the Event screen. Each event is based on one of the elements in the game.

To choose  which dragon you want to compete with, touch the Colosseum and the event screen. On top of the screen is the type of element of the event. The strategy is to decide what to give you the best dragon in your park to look at in this case you compete. For example, an earth dragon will win an Earth-base event. A higher level dragons will have a better chance to win. However, sometimes the result can be completely random, for example, a fire dragon could get a gold trophy in a Cold Element Event.

Every 24 hours, changing the type of event. After you place your dragon in the Colosseum, which you can not remove it for 24 hours or less to the event with gems. The dragon in the Colosseum will not earn an income in their living room during the event and you can not fill the available habitat sell locally with another dragon or their habitat.


Trophy Type Gems EXP Money
Gold 5 150,000-3,700,000  10,000-85,544
Silver 2 or 3 10,000-800,000 3,927-34,560
Bronze 0 or 1  0 1,800-21,176


Trophies are awarded based on your performance that can be influenced by anything from level,  excellent, elemental type, hybrid or not, parents or dragons, or it can be completely random. The inner workings of the Colosseum are not known and seem to be quite random. The designs of trophies for each element. The Air trophy is shaped like a tornado, the trophy made ​​of earth andstone cladding has on them, the fire is in flames trophy, trophy, the plant-growing plants on it, thetrophy Lightning flash and thunder crystals, the water-trophy is filled with water, and the Coldtrophy covered in icicles.


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  1. Shizzyb says:

    Very helpful- shizzyb

    • 4we50me says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  2. Ali Otto says:

    I used scorch dragon lvl 10 in fire event twice and I got a gold medal.
    I Hope that will help.

  3. Why when my lava dragon won gold did I lose the gold trophy won by my fire dragon that was won on an earlier date in a fire event?

  4. Jacob says:

    Ive taken first like 6 times with my cold dragon lvl. 10. I’m pretty sure it’s based mostly off of level.

  5. Martin says:

    Haha! I won a silver air medal with my lvl 1 lava dragon

  6. Lillie Huckelberry says:

    I have a dragonsai tree add solidsnake35 I'm still looking for a sixth person to trade gems with

  7. 20JD says:

    Getting 6 gems every 24 hours!

  8. Leslie Dodson says:

    Every time I try to finish the metal event with my metal dragon, it kicks me completely off the game. There is no update currently available to me on my iPad. Any suggestions? Until then, my dragon is stuck.

  9. White-Pegasus says:

    @ Leslie Dodson… Have you tried restarting your iPad? That may help… ;) Good Luck!

  10. 4we50me says:

    they need to add a metal trophy

  11. Varriel says:

    i have a bone dragon in dragonvale at level 16

  12. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone noticed that with the new updates, that the game isn’t given gems any more?? I placed bronze last night and got coins. ?????

  13. Osito says:

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  14. Avinash says:

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