Clover Dragon Breeding Guide

| March 4, 2012 | 683 Comments

Clover Dragon Breeding Guide
“The mischievous and reclusive clover dragon can be found roaming the meadows of Ulster during a certain time of the year. Should you be lucky enough to have a clover dragon it is sure to make other park owners green with envy! These dragons delight at playing tricks on others and have been known to, um, “hide” things. Maybe it’s best if your guests check their pockets before they leave.”

Habitat Plant, Earth
Opposite cold, Air
Incubation Time 7 hours
Buying Price 77 Gems
Selling Price 7777 Gold
Hatch 7777 XP

Breeding Guide to Cover Dragon

The Clover Dragonvale is a holiday dragon for Saint Patrick’s Day.

To bred Clover Dragon you need to be selecting any plant dragon to combine with an earth dragon at the breeding cave/island.

Breeding a plant dragon with an earth dragon can also result in a Moss Dragon or Tree Dragon.

This is How The Clover Dragon Eggs Look like.

Example of Breeding Method

Moss Dragon + Flower Dragon

Moss Dragon + Earth Dragon

Moss Dragon + Tree Dragon

Moss Dragon + Poison

Seaweed/Swamp + Moss Dragon

Willow Dragon + Moss Dragon

Reindeer Dragon + Moss Dragon

To Get Clover Dragon, you should try to include a Moss Dragon because the Moss Dragon often produce a Clover Dragon.


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  1. Billybobjoe jr. says:

    Got one!!! So excited.

  2. Darkknight567 says:

    I really want this one, I didn’t get the reindeer, leap year, or love dragon :/ I really want a season dragon
    Add me darkknight567, the gems you give me will be used for a dragon sai tree

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do you make one

  4. Jay Griffith says:

    Add me jaygriff227
    How do u make a clover dragon

  5. Lutrani says:

    I just got one. Moss of the left, Tree on the right. Both lvl 10.

  6. Bex says:

    Got one with Flower 10 and Moss 10.

  7. D says:

    Add me gem for gem
    ( dianasaur )

  8. Dan says:

    Add me on game center D8nn8

  9. Malene Jepsen says:

    How long time does it take to breeding the Clover Dragon?

  10. Robertus2005 says:

    how long time does it take to breeding the Clover Dragon ???
    Robertus2011 ( love to have more freinds ;) )

  11. how long time does it take to breeding the clover dragon?

  12. Diego says:

    Add me FIEDEREF gem for gem for sure :) I play every day :)

  13. Hannah says:

    Add me: ginger;)<3

  14. christina Delarino says:

    add me i give gems everyday,christina Delarino

  15. Anonymous says:

    Does it work with tree on left and flower on right?

  16. Thepwned1 says:

    Got one the day it came out by buying it with gems because I have like 200

  17. Bunny ;3 says:

    hey add me my gamecenter user name is [++DRAGONFRUIT++]

  18. 122ad says:

    Add me 122ad

  19. Vulpix262 says:

    Add me! Im Pikachu (and i dont like pokemon i just like pikachu and vulpix) will give out gems! I have a dragonzai gem tree so i can give out more! And an epic breeding island! I’ll give tips! Pikachu

  20. Ewie Cronje says:

    Seven hours

  21. Me says:

    I got one by breeding flower and moss. Also, feel free to add me. – DudeMister

  22. Lineeeeee says:

    looking for 1-1 gem exchange. Pls add me! (:

  23. Mr anOnymous says:

    MZulu add me I do have a dragonsai tree. Everything I own is legit no hacks :)

  24. Omygosh says:

    Can somebody help me with breeding rare dragons and trading gems? Last couple of dragon I missed but I will need help to get a couple

  25. Anonymous says:

    Add me please, thanks: woobear21

  26. Teri Ford says:

    This does not make scence

  27. Mr.fluffypants01 says:

    Wow what a pretty dragon! Want one!

  28. Mr. Fluffybear2008 says:

    Wow cool dragon! Add me

  29. Lacy4470 says:

    It can also be done with plant + mud. I tried it; it works!

  30. Luke Munro says:

    I <3 this dragon.

  31. Laura Eifert says:

    Why doesn't plant with earth work?

  32. Darxia says:

    I guess you have to keep trying @Laura. Determination is KEY to DragonVale!
    Add me on Game Center!

  33. anonymous says:

    Add me prokop23 gem for gem:)

  34. Tita Cruz says:

    When the last day of the clover dragon

  35. Greenkid77 says:

    I got 4 :) greenkid77 add me gem tree available

  36. Hu Jiyun says:

    Add me Hu Jiyun gem for gem!!! Everyday!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Tree and grass got me one

  38. I have never had success with rare dragons and it slows your progression.

  39. Please provide the egg for the clover dragon.

  40. Anonymous says:

    I would recommend flower and moss. The possible hybrids would be flower poison lava moss tree or clover. If you dont have any of these hybrids, chose those two

  41. Matthew says:

    Add me mattybos1

  42. Azr1th says:

    Add me for gem 4 gem everyday. Azr1th

  43. Doug Sod says:

    i can’t find the option to add people except by email, txt, or Facebook. Can someone add me or explain how? Thank you!

    • Robin says:

      I recently just figured out, you can’t add people from game center from the dragonvale app. You add people from the Game Center app on your ipod/ipad or iphone. This app will be on your device as long as you have created a game center i.d. Add me Robin230

    • Anonymous says:

      Da Fuq add people on game center

  44. Anonymous says:

    Add me for gems Newelie

  45. Leo says:

    Funny, it’s so hard just to get it with plant and th way it is worth getting rare dragons, it doesn’t slow your progression. Add me gem4gem. I<3leoz

  46. Anonymous says:

    Add me

  47. Ricky Vital says:

    Are there any pics on how the dragon egg looks like?
    Add me *Robick*

  48. Anonymous says:

    Looking for 5 others to trade gems with, I’ll always send you one daily if you return the favor!

    Add – jp4chun

  49. BraveTaz says:

    Got one moss on left flower on right

    Also if you need a friend, add me BraveTaz

  50. Jacob Mick says:

    I mated them two and I now I have a 24 hour egg waiting?

  51. Mr. Fluffybear2008 says:

    Is it a good thing if it takes12 hrs to breed?

  52. Anonymous says:

    Add me AuReLz91 :)

  53. SteveFriday says:

    does the game inform you when some one sends you gems? I would like to trade gems with people but I want to make sure I give back fairly. My game name is

    add me for gem to gem.

  54. Elliot Waples says:

    Death to puppies

  55. IJH6775 says:

    I got the clover dragon by breeding plant and earth dragon

  56. MrMan555 says:

    Lv 10 Flower and Lv 10 Moss. First try in that order got me a clover.

  57. Ash says:

    Add me ashtowers88 trade gems everyday!i have a gem tree

  58. SJ Heaven says:

    What combos are workin for y'all? Would be a help tried the regs alrdy afew times

  59. Jay Griffith says:

    Add me jaygriff227
    Gem everyday

  60. Bobby Pinter says:

    Add me bigbp51 and anyone get moon or clover?

  61. Natalie says:

    How do I add friends

  62. Natalie says:

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  63. Diego says:

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  65. Anonymous says:

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  66. Robert Templeton says:

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  67. Anonymous says:

    Add me gems for gems! K2381 thanks!

  68. Jackie Keller says:

    Please help Iwant to add friends, not sure how

  69. Hendry Kusuma says:

    add me sesouken.
    i have breed lep year dragob but I can't breed moon sun adn clover.

    • Natalie says:

      Thanks for the help. Just to let everyone know I breeder moss and earth on epic breeding ground and I got a clover dragon. It takes 7 hrs.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Add me “Bazerd” gem for gem writing all names down.

  71. Taloe says:

    Add my Taloe need friends 4 gems and funn ;)

  72. Flame says:

    I’ve tried almost 10 times still don’t get it. Moss n tree both level 10, Flower n Tree… 100 gems for the try. Almost give up. Is there any good combinations?

  73. Mrsilisa says:

    Been trying with moss and flower. May level to 10 see if it helps but I have to wait 14 hrs for them to finish in the cave???
    You can Add me Mrsilisa

  74. John Nobleza says:

    add me guys. I have dragonasai tree.
    gem for gem everyday! :)

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  75. unlike says:

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  76. unlike says:

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  77. I m on my third try ive made a poison type with the fist and a tree wih the second no luck yet.

  78. Add me ANTOINE_KENIN

  79. Xuanmoz says:

    Level 21. Have gem tree. Want fair gem 4 gem. Add me.


  80. What combos are working for you guys to get clover been trying the ones listed with no luck yet??? Help pls

  81. Third try can't get it. Add me drlb26.

  82. ww1 says:

    I have a gem tree but I don’t get any gems from it ? am I doing things wrong ?

  83. Luberofdragonvale says:

    Thank You Anonymous!

  84. seebel95 says:

    add me seebel95

  85. Jenny says:

    Add me Tiernee13

    • Natalie says:

      I have tried to add you but it says account not there. I am putting in Tiernee13. Is that right.if you like you can try adding me. snakeyes910

  86. Yeanu Mistry says:

    ive tried and failes I got it with moss and tree add me : yeanu rules.

    all in lower case.

  87. DerekDubb says:

    First try with level 10s Tree and Moss

  88. Add me!! Gem for gem!! Please :)

  89. Chel-C says:

    Trying for this one is frustrating :/ ah well. Add me in gamecenter. putzmonster. Gem 4 gem if interested.

  90. Anonymous says:

    Lol yet your on here! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  91. Maria Wang says:

    Add me. Game center account is zw/ec. I will gift daily. I got clover: flower on left moss on right

  92. Anonymous says:

    I have a dragonsai tree but no friends, add me send me gems for 3 days and I will start gifting you, add me cdubs2341

  93. Tarrin Route says:

    Got it moss flower.
    Add me Tarrinroute

  94. Kambree says:

    How do you add friends

  95. Jcmiv says:

    Add me. I give gems daily

  96. Natalie says:

    Has anyone had any luck with a panlong dragon.

  97. Tersea says:

    Hey all if u need more friends in GC add me resa84 :-) I give gems daily :-)

  98. ww1 says:

    I don’t see how to add friends can someone help me

  99. Diego says:

    Add me FIEDEREF I need help am saving for a gem tree if u send me gems I’ll return the favor when I can :) thanks

  100. Ann says:

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  101. Detiez says:

    I try again and again not success ..

    . Add me detiez

    i’ll sent gem for you

  102. Li Jamais Vu says:

    Thus far I've bred 2 Clovers, both from Tree & Moss, breeding cave & island.

  103. Anonymous says:

    I tried moss and flower. Then I tried moss and earth and I had no success. Any ideas? Add me “TDDeMuro”

  104. Anonymous says:

    Add me “iHiking”

  105. Kiki Bussing says:

    add me on game center. I need gems and I will return the favor when i can thanks. :) kikisb7

  106. I've tried it all and I can't get it…. I couldn't get the leap year dragon either so I really want this one. Help?

    • DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

      The leap year dragon had the same combination as the rainbow (which i still dont have!)

      Clover dragon, use: tree+moss (i dont think level matters)

      Add me! Gamecenter: DJ-Megatron123

  107. christopher says:

    did you do tree and then moss or moss and then tree and waht levels were they?

  108. Mkaiboy says:

    Add mkaiboy 3. Casual player

  109. Wakaflocka! says:

    Haven’t had success yet
    add me need gems!

    GC username:

  110. DJ-MEGATRON123 says:

    Just keep on trying and use dragons with earth and plant elements!!

  111. Anonymous says:

    I havE jailbroken iPod I can get u 200+ gems if u send me 1 a day for 2 weeks
    I am harry potter fan 2012

  112. xuanmoz says:

    Everyone, moss+willow. 1st try, good!

  113. Just to let you guys know left dragon moss right dragon poison got it 1st try

  114. L33TNightstar says:

    hey add us. Mine is L33tNightstar and my bf’s is WesleyWolf

  115. I got one on the first try with a level 10 moss and flower dragon. I surrounded the breeding cave with those clover rocks, but that might of just been a coincidence.

  116. Emily says:

    Add me on game center: Chillmasta

  117. Richard says:

    On my DragonVale, I have every dragon except for sandstorm and rainbow. I don’t have bone, leap year, and reindeer, but I do have clover and love. Check out my DragonVale! Add me: RichardWay123
    After checking out my dragons, unfriend me.
    By the way, I am giving gems to the first 2 people who friend me. I have the Dragonsai gem tree. I know a DragonVale breeding glitch! If u want a sun, breed blue fire and crystal in the daytime. To get a moon, breed blue fire and crystal at nighttime. If you play Words with Friends, I am Richard Way

  118. Adam says:

    I got one after several attempts. Add me roscoz

  119. Fire says:

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  120. Fire says:

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  121. Put the moss dragon on the left side instead of right. Add me rocketdog313

  122. Alex Webb says:

    add me duck face man for dragonvale.

  123. Pie says:

    i tried these and im just not lucky DX

  124. Azr1th says:

    Moss and tree worked for me.. but not until like try 6 so keep at it! lol. Add me for gem 4 gem everyday! Azr1th

  125. nettsh says:

    my id is nettsh add me~ >< gem for gem~!!

  126. Amanda Gonce says:

    How long does it take to breed and hatch this egg? I have tried flower and moss a few times now and still nothing. :( *add me- MandyinJuly

  127. Anonymous says:

    I am having huge trouble because every time I breed my dragons they always come as tree dragons so I have to wait 14hrs and im dried up of gems

  128. Anonymous says:

    Never mind. TryIng flower and moss didnt work for me. Willow and moss work. I was accually going for a sand storm, but instead now have a baby clover

  129. Sinstar33 says:

    I just keep selling tree dragons trying for this one. LOL! I have ANOTHER 14hr sitting there. Ugh! Gona have to try something other than the tree/moss combo.

  130. Ken says:

    if i get the clover dragon and the moon dragon i have got them all ^^

  131. Add me glucas234.
    Did anyone get the pan long?

  132. Yay i got one with a moss tree….i tried so many times im getting furious now i got one

  133. Flame says:

    I tried like a dozen times using moss+tree, moss+flower with no success. Willow+moss works perhaps but I have to wait 7 hours to be sure.

  134. Maggi says:

    Add me maggi0102 to gamecenter. Have all the dragon except the clover..still trying!

  135. Anonymous says:

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  136. Reyne says:

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  137. erikzetterlund says:

    how can I do clever?

  138. Anonymous says:

    im trusting whoever said willow + moss but what order do they go in.

  139. I says:

    I just got a clover dragon it increases the chances of getting it if at least one of the dragon has been in the fountain of youth I got it with a level 10 moss and a level 10 flower after it was in the fountain hope this helps ADD ME: smokin lead

  140. Rahula Bond says:

    Gem for gem every day.. Add me KenjiStar81

  141. Svana says:

    For those of you asking about Moon dragon this method works 99% of the time. I’ve bred and raised three moons. Breed crystal and blue fire AT MIDNIGHT. For sun use the same combo but at 12 NOON. That, is the key. The time.

  142. COFFEE.:) says:

    Add me COFFEE.:)

  143. pawa1031 says:

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  144. Nox2.0 says:

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  145. metsmanjay007 says:

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  146. Anony says:

    Do I need level 10 miss and flower dragons to get clover dragon, or does it just make chances higher?

  147. Anonymous says:

    How do u get this I’ve tried many times but can’t get it

  148. Anonymous says:

    I used lvl 10 moss on left and lvl 10 tree on right. First try

  149. SpeDGoKu says:

    Tired so many times to get it but I can’t, I’ve been using moss and tree and moss and flower for ages :(

    • Jo says:

      Me, too! I’m getting a bit tired of selling moss babies =(
      No tricks to this, I guess, right? Just luck?

      • Justan Oilerfan says:

        You should level 10 your dragons before selling them so they count towards your shrines and then you can level to 15 and 20 for dragons

  150. ces says:

    Also use Plant and Earth dragons,because I put Plant and Earth and it turned out to be 11 hours for them to finish breeding,hope I helped: )

  151. Nick Carlson says:

    OK, I tried for like four to some days and no luck but when I bought the clover cottage and sham-rock I bred a moss and flower and got 7 hours of breeding time. That must be the clover dragon.

  152. JTbunny says:

    I got a clover dragon first try with moss on the left and poison on the right !!!! :) :)

  153. Shellyboo777 says:

    Been trying tree and moss a million times n keep getting tree and moss eggs. Really hoping I get one soon. And add me! I give gems daily! Shellyboo777.

  154. Jason Marek says:

    Looking for a few people to gift gems with. I have a dragonsai tree and want 6 people who will gift. Friend me – game enter id – Gators1119

  155. Block boy 109 says:

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  156. X05Xander says:

    Add me! Need gems! I will send gems too. X05Xander on game center

  157. Pedrobilly says:

    Do I need to breed a clover at a certain time of the day cause i’m not having much luck

  158. Jr says:

    It won’t work!
    Add me I have a gem tree.
    Steelers fan86

  159. Dragoncraz says:

    Gem for gem trade. Game centre: Quaterzzz.thx!

  160. Emma Grimmett says:

    Hi I've tried all combos and nothin.
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  161. Ken says:

    Anyone thats higher than level 23?
    Gem for gem!

    [Wayne Rooney]

  162. Suzy Jay says:

    The best way to get a clover dragon is save 77 gems and buy one! Add me for gem swaps, I have a gem tree: Suzy Jay

  163. Muchellw says:

    That is NOT the best waY ¿ Just keep breeding fools

  164. H3H3H4H4 says:

    I have the gem tree and friends but only 1 or 2 give me back gems so add me for gems.

  165. Bigbp51 says:

    I need so help with moon and clover anyone got any tips it’s getting annoying not getting it after 4 days add me BigBp51

  166. Alex says:

    I got a clover dragon with mud and flower add me on game enter my name is alex5647

  167. TurtleRun says:

    i try moss dragon and love dragon continuously and get clover dragon on my 3rd try 

  168. BFFScott123 says:

    I got a clover first try with mud (left) and flower (right) hope it helped

  169. BFFScott123 says:

    Does anyone know how to get a moon or sun dragon???

    • benjaster says:

      sonic on the right and storm on the left

    • Anonymous says:

      Try cold and scorch. Did like 5 mins earlier and got a 48 hour breeding time. Btw, does anyone know what I got?

      Add me: LeNinjaMexicano

    • Anonymous says:

      I just got a sun dragon. I breaded a regular fire with a storm first try on my new epic breading island. The moon is the same thing but from 12:00 to 1:00. That’s midnight to the people who don’t understand.

    • Bsno0kie says:

      Add me as a friend. I wil send gems if you send me a gem.

    • Justan Oilerfan says:

      I have bred 5 suns all using sonic on left and storm on right. I’m unsuccessful in breeding a moon dragon though. My son got a moon first try when he was first starting the game. He doesn’t remember what he used

  170. Josh Sanders says:

    Still can't get it any clues?

  171. Lane the main says:

    Add me on game center. Lane the main

  172. BlitzFalke says:

    Just bred Moss + Flower and got a 7 hrs incubation time egg. Hoping for the best…

  173. No luck here. Can't get a moon either only 2 I need. Think I'll try reindeer and moss. From what I hear moss is the catylist

  174. Heyoh new to the game but want some friends and don't know how add me names clf420

    • benjaster says:

      how you get friends is go to game center make a acount. next go to the reqest button then look up at the top right corner ther should be a plus click on that and you tipe in your freinds game center acount and click send

  175. I breed in Epc cave moss lv8 and flower lv5 got 2 clover dragon I hope this help.

  176. Marcobabi says:

    same bad luck here:(
    but i just got Panlong Dragon~~~ Lucky~

    add me for exchange gems~

  177. Angela DRW says:

    Hey ive been having bad luck with clover, moon, and panlong dragons

    any advice?

    add me ange-dyr

    • benjaster says:

      what i did was coverd my breeding cave with sham rock and clover coteges then i put in moss on the right and willow on left.

  178. Duckistar says:

    I got one first try Level 10 moss and Level 10 Flower in that order…

    Add Me Duckistar

  179. Alex Filan says:

    To me, This is the hardest type of dragon to breed. I can't get it until now. Add me zapdoz dragon

  180. treyrthree says:

    When I using my iPhone4, I got Swamp+ Moss= Clover Dragon.!! It’s answered 7hrs. But my friend using iPod, he got Swamp+Moss, it’s failed to get Clover Dragon, this said 12hrs. I think iPhone is different than iPod or iPod is different than iPhone.? It’s true?

    • Justan Oilerfan says:

      The iPhone doesn’t matter. My thoughts are its the luck of the draw. I’ve been trying different combos since the start nothing has worked. Friends of mine have clovers and I tried their combos and got nothing. On the other hand I can breed suns on my 3GS and my buddy with the same phone can’t using same combi

  181. ppppongggg says:

    Add me as a friend and exchange the gems….thxxxx

  182. Anonymous says:

    How you doing

  183. Matty says:

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  184. Har says:

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    If you send a gem, I’ll send you one too. :)

  185. H says:

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    If you send a gem, I’ll send you one too. :)

  186. Shaun Lim says:

    Add me: thelilprince

  187. I like clover dragon wery good and I like THE exsemple good for clover dragon

  188. Bleh i have tried all the combos but cant get sun/moon/rainbow/panlong/frostfire/clover and missed out on lyd.. Maybe im doing something wrong?
    I am level 20 with maxed out dragons (10) ..
    Just using normal cave… Not breeding island… Ne suggestions?

  189. Gboydie says:

    Cant get clover, sun or panlong, only 3 i am missing, about to pick up my 5th island. Any suggestions for sun and panlong will help, will try the above for the clover..Good luck all

    Game CEntre: GBoydie

  190. Gboydie says:

    Keep trying and dont give up, i found if you use the more exotic dragons is when i got my rainbow and leap years

  191. Fonda says:

    Yayy!! Got my second clover dragon at breeding island, lvl 7 moss on left, lvl 7 flower on right.

  192. Anonymous says:

    New to game add me I have no friends yet Whoudini13 still trying for clover dragon update when not if I get one

    • Whoudini says:

      I finally got clover Tree left moss right both Lvl 10 did it a second time and getting some thing different with 14hr incubation time. Hope it’s a good one. Tkx for adding me and the tips

    • Whoudini says:

      Tkx to all who added me and for the gems I’m saving for the gem tree so it will b returned as soon as possible tkx again

  193. Whoudini says:

    Just started playing have no friends on game center whoudini13 still workin on clover dragon will update when not if I get one tkx for all the ideas

  194. Jill.x says:

    Have tried to breed the clover, panalong and leap year dragons at least 20 times each and still no luck arrggh how is it happening so easily for others

  195. Guru 2 says:

    Plz add me i need gems zelda342

  196. Guru 2 says:

    Plz add me i really need gems i have tried over 50 times to breed clover without succes i need a plan b maybe ill have to buy one so add me zelda342

  197. Noob says:

    I got it with moss and willow

  198. Noob says:

    Everybody, if you want to add friends please go to the friends page not this thx

  199. Moss and flower both level 10 worked on first try

  200. Matt Sita says:

    Add me up! I'm WarLycan36 and need gems BADLY! xD

  201. Jill.x says:

    Have tried all those including moss and flower at least ten times

  202. TurtleRun says:

    I got it with moss and love dragon

  203. Senlovago says:

    I successfully bred the clover dragon on the 1st and 3rd attempt! Goodluck to all!


    1st attempt: Moss (11) + Flower (11) SUCCESS! @ Epic Breeding Island

    2nd attempt: Moss (11) + Flower (11) FAIL! @ Breeding Cave

    3rd attempt: Clover (11) + Moss (11) SUCCESS! @ Epic Breeding Island

  204. Xav Join'o says:

    If there is people who want some gem; I have five more on my tree..
    Add me Xavhart.
    and will see a very nice parc..

  205. JOsh 1998 14 says:

    Ugh I can’t get it been trying so much plz add me game centre Id JOsh 1998 14 need gems 2 get te clover can’t miss this dragon like I did with the leap year

  206. Paire says:

    I start play dragon vale is amazing … I Love dragon vale

    add me Pairej

    I’ll sent gem for you
    gem for gem : )

  207. Webdesigner says:

    Ok guys.
    I’ve tried it a several times to get this dragon.
    Now i build two of these sham-rocks nearby the regulär breeding cave an combine flower and moss dragon and it works!!!
    Try it!!!

  208. Addme! says:

    What’s with all the 7s??

    • Anonymus Suomynona says:

      7 is considered a lucky number. St pats day is a lucky holiday! I got the dragon, first try, with tree and moss. Didn’t need the rocks or anything:) Add me glbpab1225

  209. Anonymous says:

    got it with moss and flower

  210. aidaniel says:

    i got it first try lvl 7 moss and lvl 7 tree dragon

  211. Ming says:

    add me! i am ldb99ypl (not capitalized)

  212. Unlucky says:

    I’ve tried, like, 20 times and still nothing:(

  213. Moss + tree works. In that order, first pop. Helps to have decorations that have clovers on them around your islands.

  214. 8947jts says:

    I really need gems 8947jts

  215. Diego says:

    Hey guys,am saving for a breeding cave and I hope u guys can give me a hand,I just need 10 more gems…game center I’d is FIEDEREF,if u give me a gem I’ll return the favor :)

  216. Dinah Uy says:

    I used Moss Lvl 10 on the left side and Flower Lvl 10 on the right side. I think surrounding your breeding cave with Sham-Rocks helps.

  217. Anony says:

    I got it with lvl 6’s moss left tree right. Is there an easy way to breed a second once you have a first?

  218. Cc66ai says:

    Try more 20 times , none of them r success, need gem, plz add me cc96ai

  219. Canaan Yee says:

    Moss and flower worked took me a while though

  220. tdwy25 says:

    Gem for gem with dragonsai tree
    ID: tdwy25

  221. Anonymous says:

    Gamecenter Id: therealtilds

  222. Nate Moose Lesnevich says:

    Going on18 try for clover now. I still dont have it.

  223. Anonymous says:

    Add Bradacaster and send gems! I send gems back!!!

  224. Anonymous says:

    I tried it hasnt come up yet add bzlnuuhh plz I gift u gem u gift me I gift all my friends :)

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  226. Mason says:

    Gem for gem!!! Not lying ill send them back if you send them to me!! Add me [[:dallas:]]

  227. awesome4me says:

    To get gem 4 gem, I have plenty…add me:
    Go to game center and then to friends tab at bottom left. Click on plus sign at top right of screen, then type in friend’s name. Hit send and a request is sent. The other person accepts request in friends section too.

  228. Anonymous says:

    Need gems I have a tree that gives me gems. Gem for gem add me Lurnaesura

  229. Anonymous says:

    Poison and moss both level 7 gets you clover after three to five tries. Use the same combo to get ur second clover.

  230. Add me :) I send gems first:) Faded Soul

  231. Vanessa Bell says:

    Hey everyone add Faded Soul hes sending me 5 gems daily <3 thank you

  232. Chengcheng Li says:

    Adddd me!

  233. TurtleRun says:

    Add me at gamecenter; TurtleRun1707

  234. Shadow says:

    Why don’t put back LYD cos is too short time for as to breed should give as like breeding clover like that so can release again for as to get it

  235. Rigsby says:

    add me on GC for gems! Rigsby

    I’ve had the best luck with Moss lvl 10 (left, and Flower lvl 10 (right).

    second clover breeding right now with that combination. got it both on Epic and regular.

  236. Anonymous says:

    12 hours plant+earth what is it?

  237. Tri says:

    I have tried a lot and nothing. Plz help and add me too [^[TRI]^]

  238. Matt says:

    I got it the 5th time I tryed with level 10 drogons that are moss and flower

  239. Darlene Alessi says:

    Flower on the left and moss on the right works, I now have 2 clover dragons

  240. Anonymous says:

    Need gems add me Seridiea

  241. Anonymous says:

    Need gem add Lurnaesura

  242. Anonymous says:

    Seaweed and moss work!!! I got the clover dragon on my 2nd try!!!! ( plus I put 3 clover rocks right by the breeding cave)

  243. Anonymous says:

    I’ve tried moss (level 4) and tree (level 10) with my breeding cave surrounded by 7 clovers at 7:37 multiple times and I only got trees.

  244. Sloto Mania says:

    Come and visit my park, only first and second done.
    If nice, pls give me a gem. Thx u~
    Game center is tan Ke wei or sin Jin da.

  245. Sloto Mania says:

    I need 5th park. No enough place. Can open 1 more park?
    Need space to design.

  246. Marcobabi says:

    add me for more gems exchange~

  247. Peanut Squidd (Game Center ID) says:

    I bred Wiilow Dragon (left and LVL 10) and Moss Dragon (right and LVL 10) and got Clover on my first try with that combination. I tried others and kept getting Tree and Moss. That ticked me off!

  248. Dragoncraz says:

    Moss + flower

  249. Tee MinSoon says:

    trade for gems! interested? add me —–> minsoon26.

  250. Rick says:

    Please give me gems, I am trying to achieve 100gems, and it takes weeks just to get 10gems from the colloseum. PLEASE…. Facebook name: Eric Luong… Picture green and black and in black says Mr. Bored…PLEASE ADD ME!

  251. Brianne Marie Baker says:

    I can't get this dragon either *sigh*

  252. Tanktor says:

    I have a clover dragon:) mi name in the game centre is Tanktor

  253. Matt says:

    Got it with moss then flower on 5th try

  254. xChimericalx says:

    I have a gem tree. Add me: xChimericalx

  255. Bailey Weber says:

    I used moss and flower level eight. Add me Weber217

  256. BlackWidow Rayne says:

    Add me. I need friends to give gems to:
    BlackWidow Rayne

  257. Tita Cruz says:

    Got two clover sweet

  258. Tanktor says:

    I have a clover dragon, paulong dragon… If you give me a gems me i give you the secret of the this rare dragons my name in the game
    Centre is: Tanktor

  259. _^_ jj44_^_ says:

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  260. JOsh 1998 14 says:

    Add me need gems to breed one of these clover dragon because I don’t wanna spend money again on gems add me game centre id JOsh 1998 14 need gems for epic breeding island

  261. Sweetpea Daisy says:

    I got it from breeding the moss and flower dragon in the epic breeding cave, first try! I tried to breed another one but it didn't work. But still, better one than nothing !

  262. Anonymous says:

    Add QingBling for gems

  263. Edward L. Young Jr. says:

    Anyone know the breeding/mating time for clover drg.

  264. Heather McGhee says:

    New to this game but love it! Add me: bluestarfish713

  265. ([email protected]) says:

    add me ([email protected])

  266. Yodayo123 says:

    I tried level 10 moss level 7 tree
    First try
    Add me yodayo123
    I put 7 shamrocks around breeding cave

  267. Anonymous says:

    add me KingBoo977

  268. 1OtherAshley says:

    Used moss+flower on the EBI got a clover on the first try! Tried it again and got a flower dragon lol. Add me for gems 1OtherAshley

  269. Heyho says:

    Hey thanks I will

  270. Marcobabi says:

    i can’t get Moss dragon, so that i can’t get Clover dragon……
    anyone can teach me for this?

    btw, i got a others, come & visit.
    exchange for gem~

  271. Aloysius lee says:

    I got it on my 4th try by putting some sham-rocks or whatever it’s called near it

  272. Calypshownone says:

    Calypshownone add me gem for gem!

  273. Dethlord1 says:

    Add me I’m always on this game and I need gems I’ll seed them to you if you send them to me The user name is dethlord1

  274. Marco Rosen says:

    Ich brauche auch Edelsteine wenn du schickst ich schicke immer zurück

  275. Justin says:

    Hi I got a clover dragon with tree and moss about 7 trys be my friend on game center. My name is J.Goldman. I will give you a gem every day!!!! You will have enough to buy a epic breeding island

  276. Tomas Friman says:

    Hey i got

  277. Edson Anaya says:

    I have 5 clover dragon eggs anybody want one add me bomb12guy.

  278. Steven Hutchison says:

    I just tried moss + flower, got it first try :)

  279. Evil Marshmallows says:

    Add me ” Evil Marshmallows ” play this game all the time

  280. Eagle says:

    add me plz !! [no gem, no friend]

  281. Vulpix262 says:

    I really wan a sun dragon i’ve been trying forever and i cant get one could you please friend me so i can get a sun dragon? Please help me! I will help you get any dragon you want! PLEASE! HERES THE COMBINATION I USED TO GET THE CLOVER DRAGON: Moss & Tree. Worked first try. Friend me and i put more tips on the VISUAL BREEDING CHART SECTION! Please add: pikachu

  282. Max says:

    You can use a level 8 tree and moss dragon to get the clover

  283. Kristian Goelz says:

    ehhh I have 4 clover dragons and wat I did was a moss and willow dragon

  284. Kristian Goelz says:

    if u need any help add me on game center kristiangoelz

  285. Anonymous says:

    I frikin got it on first try in breeding cave with moss + plant in this order I put it in. I tried moss + earth and got tree or moss twice. It works- I bought 7 clover cottage and 7 sham-rock on different islands at 9:07 PM.

  286. I tried moss dragon with flower, tree,and poison alot with no luck. Just now I tried willow dragon on the left and moss dragon on the right and got a 7 hr wait time on the first try. Bothe dragons are level 10. Add me to trade gems flip-88

  287. Joe says:

    I am currently trying a moss+flower add me on gamecenter gem4gem Gears3fan123

  288. Korey Hoppmann says:

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  289. Korey Hoppmann says:


  290. Leo Poldo says:

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  292. Ørjan Jakobsen says:

    How long is breeding time ?

  293. Tamyka 22 says:

    7 Hours !!!!

  294. Krista says:

    Add me [email protected]

  295. Deedai says:

    .Still tring for a clover dragon. Add me, my game center acct is dee-dai, u give me a gem i’ll give you a gem daily,

    • Debscos says:

      Can anybody add me to do the whole gem swap thing please? still new at the game, only level 14 and struggling to get my clover dragon. I am trying for third time with Moss/Flower but as the incubation is showing as 9 hours, it is another fail :(

  296. taryn says:

    add me my game center name is ~jo 11 ill give you a gem daily if you give me one :)

  297. Glbpab1225 on Gamecenter says:

    Wow got one on first try with moss lv 10 and tree lv 10. Add me at glbpab1225 peeps =)

  298. This is my fifth try with just the tree and moss. Both of y dragons are level 10, I've put like ten shamrocks by my breeding cave. I've also put tree on right, miss on left. Should I keep trying or just give up?

  299. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get it!

  300. Anonymous says:

    Do you need to have an epic breeding island to get clover?

  301. Seth says:

    No you do not, I bought the shamrock and breeded flower and moss and got it first try. Add me sethers999 :D

  302. Hinl3y says:

    I can not get a clover dragon :(
    Even how mand times i try.

  303. sdarren7 says:

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  304. Harrow says:

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  306. Enter a nickname here.. says:

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  307. Sandy says:

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  308. Ernel Torres says:

    Moss and seaweed works as well

  309. Justin says:

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  310. Lil savage says:

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  311. dragonvaleuser says:

    I did Plant + Moss and i got 8 clovers by doing that everytime.

  312. Add me guys I sent gem everyday owningg

  313. Dvlover says:

    Add me, I’m RiverDiver#1

  314. CRAZY says:

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  315. Loke says:

    Moss and poison work. I have tried so many times and none has

  316. I too have a dragonasai tree and no one to give any gems to. Add me if you'd like to trade all you gem whores!

  317. Diego says:

    Hey guys,I would really appreciate it if u could send me some gems,I’ll return the favor add me @ FIEDEREF :)

  318. CRAZY says:

    Add me I’m crazyfun100

  319. Channah Rombouts says:

    add mee: channie100 :D thank you!

  320. J says:

    Tried so 6 times for clover drain moss/flower or moss/tree.. Keeps on failing… Add me pls i really beed gems. Will return the favor.(:
    Add me : jgtaj

    • Dreboy410201 says:

      Try willow and tree

    • Justan Oilerfan says:

      Happy St. Paddy’s day. Well looks like I won’t get the elusive Clover. Paddy O’Mischif hates me lol. Any ways back to trying for a moon dragon. Any weird combos for getting one the usual methods aren’t working for me. Need gems as well add me Justan Oilersfan

  321. Mark says:

    Add me Stable63

  322. Kelly says:

    Please add kelsbells85

  323. gr8-6754 says:

    Please add me
    I need help getting a sun and moon!
    I have two clovers! Gonna make an army!

    • Kraklaha says:

      the clovers really arent good earners. If I were you, i would breed panlongs and create an army of those… Even at 15, They earn 411/min with boosts

    • Justan Oilerfan says:

      Try sonic on left and storm on right. I’ve gotten 5 suns with that combo. Can’t help you on a moon as I can’t get one. I’ve tried every combination I could think of. Even tried breeding 2 suns. Any one know the base elements of a moon. Army of dragons. We can’t battle them but that would be cool

  324. Anonymous says:

    I’ve tried every combination and it still doesn’t work.

  325. autumnz says:

    whats ur name and dv

  326. Kraklaha says:

    Confirm on the Moss on the left, and Seaweed on the right. Got 3 in a row with that.

    There are pages for adding friends, do it there… Too many talk about friend adding makes it hard for people to get what the need here.

    • Justan Oilerfan says:

      This is a place for people to meet so I think it is alright for people to ask to be added here. I know I like to see what people are saying and how they play before adding them. I probably wouldn’t add you

  327. Beast7312 says:

    Add me

  328. Tanktor says:

    I Have two sun dragons two paulong dragon two moon dragons and two clover dragons. My name in the game centre is: Tanktor

  329. Zac Stanton says:

    add me…
    ID: BogBird94

  330. Anna says:

    Got clover dragon with moss and plant.

  331. Harry Steward says:

    What is the breeding time plz help

  332. Anonymous says:

    Please add me

  333. Anonymous says:

    I got clover dragon 1st time with moss – poison ,,, after several failed attempts with moss – tree and moss – flower .

  334. ming says:

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  341. I have a dragonsai tree so add me! Stephied21

  342. 1OtherAshley says:

    Got another one moss lvl 10 flower lvl 7 in the breeding cave w/ 7 shamrocks around. 7hr wait yay!

  343. yongmi1 says:

    just got 7 hour wait for moss on left and poison on right!!

  344. sdarren7 says:

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  348. ??? says:

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  349. Anonymous says:

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  350. Nicole says:

    **edit to my comment***
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  354. Hinl3y says:

    Will the clover dragon disappear tomorrow?

  355. Andrew says:

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  356. Charlie says:

    Hey guys, add me at spectral7 and how do you get a sun dragon

  357. Kambree says:

    How do you add friends on dragonvale

    • rumourngossip says:

      Go into your game centre and then go to friends there is a plus sign on the top right hand corner press it and put in the username of who you are trying to add

  358. deven says:

    hey i got it with level 10 moss and seawead dragon

  359. Christian says:

    add me ChristianVic. i’m the new guy on this game ;)
    btw, how do you get swamp dragon?

  360. Nunyabness says:

    Add me. Nunyabness Gem for gem only please. I gem daily and drop non gemmers

  361. sdarren7 says:

    Add sdarren7 gem for gem daily. Thanks

  362. Finalley last nite in the tree breeding cave I put Moss then Tree.

  363. Tanktor says:

    I Have two paulong dragons three moon and sun dragons two clover dragons and one rainbow dragoon:)) I know the secret combinations of this dragons :P my name in the game centre is: Tanktor

    • Luke Handoff says:

      How….. I have a sun bc i got lucky and also LYD before i had epic breeding island, and now i have it. Can you give me some tips?

  364. Michael says:

    Mike d 03456

    Add me. A gem for a gem.

  365. Justan Oilerfan says:

    I finally got a clover. Seaweed on left moss on right. Might not have time to get another or you might not get one. It was a tough one. What’s next Easter Bunny dragon

  366. Ben Berlin says:

    Add me. I have gems to give out

  367. Luke Handoff says:

    I did poison and moss. I got epic breeding island WIThOUt PAYInG!!!!

  368. Luke Handoff says:

    I have one sun a LYD and a clover

  369. Luke Handoff says:

    For easter they will either have a bunny dragon or chick dragon or an egg dragon or a chocolate dragon

  370. Luke Handoff says:

    The funny thing is my name isnt luke handoff

  371. xChimericalx says:

    Add me: xChimericalx

  372. Did tree and moss and got it first try.

  373. Christian says:

    Moss Dragon lv 10 on left , Flower Dragon lv 10 on right and it end up with treeeee dragoooonnnnn…..

    • Candee says:

      it should be flower on left then moss on right =) got mine 2x already =)

      hope this helps =)

      • Moinonyme says:

        Hi! I put the flower dragon on left and the moss dragon on right but it only gave me other tree, moss, lava and flower dragon!
        Did I make something wrong? :'(

  374. Jeremy N Kristin Crawford says:

    Hey add me I have no idea how to add someone
    Game center is JC1518

    • Marcobabi says:

      go to game centre which shd be installed in your ipone. then hit the add new friend. then u can add whoever u want

  375. Marcobabi says:

    add me for gem exchange. i got a gem tree~

  376. Candee says:

    Got mine from breeding Flower (left) + Moss (right) have two already

    add me =) candeebewwy

    still don’t have dragon and sandstorm though =( help anyone? =) thanks =)

  377. Mark Lütz says:

    What is deadline to get Clover Dragon?

  378. Eric Brailsford-Cato says:

    Moss + Flower is the best combination to get it.

  379. philly says:

    what level does the tree and moss have to be?

  380. rumourngossip says:

    Luke how did you get it for free? I’m new to all this and could use some tips if you don’t mind?

  381. rumourngossip says:

    I tried all day everyday to get one and nothing! I tried all the combos and tips and nada :( can’t get the bluefire, sun, moon, rainbow ect. Anyone have any idea what in doing wrong? Also add me for gems rumourngossip

  382. rumourngossip says:

    I tried all the combos and tips and nada :( can’t get the bluefire, sun, moon, rainbow ect. Anyone have any idea what in doing wrong? Also add me for gems rumourngossip



  384. Millio1014 says:

    Please add me. Game center Id is millio1014

  385. Tanktor says:

    Hi I”m Tanktor and i have many rare dragon (moon, sun, clover, rainbow, paulong) i know de secret of old dragons if you have Facebock my name in this is: Arturo Corrales

  386. Billy Jo says:

    Please for Easter make a chocolate dragon ! It would be perfect because it would be a chocolate egg ! Please and Thankyou Ohh ya almost forgot you guys rock

  387. Carla says:

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  392. gr8-6754 says:

    We should be able to give and receive dragons! I mean lets say you REALLY want a leap year. And your friend happens to have 3. They could give you one! We could also get decor and money! That would be cool add me! gr8-6753

  393. y-blade says:

    How to add others in dragonvale?
    Still don’t know till now…
    Add me plis…
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  394. Dragoncraz says:

    Add me: Quaterzzz, gem for gem, will definitely return the favour once received. Thanks.

  395. sdarren7 says:

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    • DebsCos says:

      Hi I have a gem tree and give gems to my friends every day, would happily add you if you would like, I have two spare currently.

      Many thanks


  396. LINGO703 says:


    GC: LINGO703

  397. Shyanha says:

    Does anyone know if the clover is going to stick around until the end of March? I’ve been trying for five days and with results that take 12+ hours to incubate I’m thinking I’ll need all the time I can get!

  398. Hinl3y says:

    yes! finally a egg with 7 ours! :D

  399. Angel Chavez says:

    Add BlindAngelman I'm going try get tree to help my friends on game center like maybe u

  400. Anonymous says:

    Add me please, my Game Center ID is ~=(FrozenBlood)=~
    I really want a Clover Dragon!
    If you gift me then I’ll return the favor!

  401. Philly says:

    what worked for u guys to get a clover? I need help fast!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      well for the least amount of waiting hrs (8) try breeding willow and moss. You could also get the possible tree & moss but it’s worth a shot

  402. Tommy says:

    Gem for Gem Everyday! Gift me first and Ill make sure I gem you back. TOMMEHHLIKK

  403. Send me gems plzz n0_l0ve_l0st

  404. Jamie N Kierstyn says:

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  405. Alvin Chin says:

    Add me pls, xlalvinlx.

  406. Evmtmtmtl says:

    I have 1 clover trying for two so I can breed unlimited. It it easier breeding a second by using the first?

  407. Hannah Park says:

    gem for gem? add me: parkiebaby.

  408. Anonymous says:

    Just got a clover with a level 7 cactus and a level 10 moss. Had 8 shamrocks and 2 clover cottages around cave.

  409. philly says:

    i tried that a willow and a moss. Any other leads?

  410. Rockgurl says:

    I breeded a level 7 moss with a level 7 poison dragon and got a clover in the fourth try today!
    Moss left and poison right.
    Good luck!!!

  411. Philly says:

    Add me gem for gem Ph1llycheese54

  412. Taylor says:

    ADD tfee1! I give gems

  413. Diego says:

    i got lots of combos in my notepad. Add me. ID: fears5678

  414. Christian says:

    Dose level 10 always work?

  415. Anonymous says:

    Please add me gem for gem :)
    Game center Id: tingting26
    Thank you all!!!!

  416. Gamecenter id: andreuhanomaly gems for all! How sick are the new metal dragons? Whats your favorite breed?

  417. Aldiensonje says:

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    ID: aldiensonje

    Thanks! ;)

  418. Theng Jian says:

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  420. sean says:

    get a brain!!! where are the other holiday dragons you idiot!!! I came here looking for how to breed the panlong dragon.

  421. Strike26691 says:

    Gem for gem after trying 300 tries on the breeding cave.

  422. Anonymous says:

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  423. Anonymous says:

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  425. Guru 2 says:

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  427. paradie7 says:

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  428. Cascabelita71 says:

    Hi!! I have 2sun dragons! I’m breeding with a difrents partners! And the moon too! If whant a new friend you guys can add me my ID is cascabelita71 thanks I have the tree gems too;)

  429. sdarren7 says:

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    thanks alot :)

  430. Mincho1977 says:

    Hi! Is you need new friends add me my ID is mincho1977

  431. Hope Miner says:

    Have tree, will share gems daily.

  432. Guru 2 says:

    I dont think there will be a easter dragon, due to the dwindling amount of time left until the holiday.

  433. TheIncredibleRayzone says:

    I got clover on 1st try with poison and moss, but its too late to get another, for it is april 1st……
    but seriously, thats the ordeal….

    • Eric says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  434. Joseph Stapleton says:

    Add me gem for gem

  435. Courtney Brannen says:

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    • 4we50me says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  436. Jonathan says:

    Didn’t have time for a clover one…bred my moss dragon too late XD

  437. abdulaziz says:

    i got 2 clover dragons by breeding a lvl 10 moss with a lvl 10 tree

  438. philly says:

    how did u get a rainbow?

  439. Julia says:

    Please add me. Gamecenter ID : DedMoroz. Gem for gem

  440. Cherene Clarkson says:

    add me

  441. tina says:

    ohh, wish i began playing this before now. :-(
    add me? cherry0ntop

  442. Licker says:

    Rainbow equals bluefire then sonic first try

  443. miggylomaniac says:

    Add me nbfernando
    I will give you gems

  444. Anonymous says:

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  445. Emilylancaster061101 says:

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  446. 12 pearl drags ftw, 1 sun 2 moon 2 rainbow 3 panlong over 300 crystals willing to give away crystal for crystal, -=$drag0n614$=-

  447. Marili says:

    I work for a publishers cmuaps-based PEP faculty. This meeting is held on a business day during the last week in AprilVA:F [1.9.15_1155]please wait…VA:F [1.9.15_1155](from 0 votes)

  448. Moss and flower best combo. Got one for me and a friend within 3 tries on both!

  449. Michael Anthony Mendez says:

    Add me

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