Bone Dragon Breeding Guide

| October 15, 2012 | 112 Comments

Bone Dragon is an limited dragon. Currently this dragon is expired (Only available during Halloween) and can no longer be bought at the market. Breeding is no longer possible exept if you breed with another Bone Dragon.

“Bone dragons can only be found for a couple weeks during the year. The rest of the year it is believed that they burrow underground near cemeteries to be around other bones. But I bet if you breed one and put it in a habitat with other bones, it would stick around. Or perhaps near a heat source to keep away the bone-chilling winter cold?”

Available Level 7
Buy 25
Sell 5,000
EXP 4,500
Breeding Times 10 Hours
8 Hours
Incubation Time 10 Hours


Right mow, the only way to obtain this dragon is to breed two already existing Bone Dragons together.

Bone Dragon could be bred by selecting a Fire Dragon to mate with an Earth Dragon at the Breeding Cave.

Breeding Combination:

Lava Dragon + Mud Dragon = Bone Dragon

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  1. Jhet Chavez says:

    i really want this dragon. is there any chance i can get it?

  2. Jessica Bol says:

    will this dragon be back next halloween?

  3. Josh Sanders says:

    I have it and didn't get it on halloween

  4. Anonymous says:

    Pie Poe ope

  5. Allison Mayer Bell says:

    my boys love this game but are frustrated because they have to go on the computer all the time plz make a app!

  6. Monchi Chicharon says:

    how can i get a sun and moon dragon..

  7. Mike Allen says:

    Bob likes soft burritos

  8. Natalie says:

    Is the love dragon hard to get

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope, if you’re lucky, you might get it on your first try. Love dragon is not hard to get. And also, make sure that you breed it from left to right, lightning + flower respectively. Try feed them both till lv7, it worked for me on the second try. You can add me : ClaireFarron13 on game centre

  9. Jayke says:

    Everyone add me blango1234

  10. Pouya Jalili says:

    Nah lightning and posian make more sense for a love dragon do the math. Sun dragon is flower and storm and add me I will give you gems if u give me gems okok654

  11. ashley jones says:

    to get a rainbow dragon u need a seaweed dragon and a firefly

  12. Timmy Dugan says:

    Right mow, the only way to obtain this dragon is to breed two already existing Bone Dragons together.


  13. hannah park says:

    parkiebaby … add me on game center :)

  14. John Smith says:

    i got a rainbow first try bye using love on the left and swamp on the right!!!!!!! So happy i have 2 for doing that :)

  15. Leo says:


  16. Bmx555 says:

    I have seven sun dragons a blue fire a frost fire a panlong two luv dragons and leap year

  17. Widad Saputra says:

    So what I have Leap Dragon

  18. Tucalia says:

    I love dragon vale and I used five bucks to get the epic breeding island

  19. Dacienalohonogoga says:

    Hi. I love dragon vale word. Also I wanted a moon dragon and I got 1. By breeding cold and mountain. Bye bye. :)

  20. sydan says:

    i got leap year dragon the night it realested

  21. sydan says:

    so ima lucky mate

  22. me says:

    i got bone dragon but is so hard

  23. me says:

    how to get moon dragon ?

  24. me says:

    but i have leap year draggon ha ha ha

  25. Anonymous says:

    Theirs no combination

  26. ([email protected]) says:

    add me ([email protected])

  27. taryn says:

    add me on game center ~jo 11 ill send you a gem if you send me one :)

  28. Harry Steward says:

    I want one grrrrrrrr why i don't want to wate

  29. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily trade
    thanks alot

    • Anonymous says:

      I want one to this makes me so mad.grrrrrrrrrrr

    • Random says:

      I wish they weren’t limited to the time frame it’s not really fair I didn’t get this game till after and now I can’t get it until a lot later this year and it might not even come back mean its just not fair

      • Marcobabi says:

        yes right, i’m totally agreed with your point! thats very unfair.i can’t get the limited time dragon as well!

  30. y-blade says:

    add me y-blade plis…

  31. Ryan says:

    I’m an ok DragonVale player and I’m level 20. Idon’t have any rare Dragons Please add me I’m Lion572737471

  32. Anonymous says:

    I knOw the the best way to get sun Storm+Flower

  33. Mackenzie says:

    Hi guys! I think I know how to get bone dragon out of season! Go to your settings and go to general and press on the time thing and change it to halloween last year and breed it and hopefully it will work!

  34. Mackenzie says:

    Oh and did you know the bone dragon is basically a scorch Dragon with just bones?

  35. I am Omar says:

    I am level 30 I almost have all the dragons.try buying the epic breeding cave

  36. Omar says:

    You can change the year in the settings and put the day whenit is Halloween .If you do that you can gat a bone dragon

  37. AuReLz91 says:

    I hav sun dragon,moon,rainbow,sandstorm,panlong,love,clover,leap year,blue fire,and bloom dragon..
    Still trying to get frostfire n ice

  38. Willywonka says:

    Add me col3617 if u give me a gem all give u a gem

  39. I is a creeper says:

    To Eric.

    You could go to access ability triple home thingy and put on black on white

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  41. the couch fungus says:

    just got the bone dragon it rocks

  42. the couch fungus says:

    bone dragon rockes just got one

  43. Angelmae1952 says:

    Anyway to get an air dragon by breeding, I really want a willow dragon

  44. Anonymous says:

    Can i buy this dragon by gems

  45. Spike0327 says:

    Is this open any time

  46. Vergleich Unfallversicherung says:

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  47. Juan says:

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  48. Kreshnik says:

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  49. Pmecca says:

    GEM TREE AND NO FRIENDS!!! Add me an ill hook you up! Gamecenter: SGT_PEPPER_ TKE

  50. Lizzy bear says:

    Add me. Proximo

  51. Lizzy bear says:

    I have all dragons except for emerald, reindeer, gold, gold Olympus, and bone, and my park is very organized.
    Tell me if you have any tips on getting these dragons.


  52. JC says:

    I have 3 bone dragons and got each of them with Flower and Earth in that order. 2 ebi and 1 in ebc.

  53. Ming says:

    I think i just breed a bone dragon. Lava + mud!!!! 10hr!!!
    I thought it is dragon already expired.

  54. Hdhcjdsjjs says:

    O got it fire and earth

  55. Krissy says:

    Mud & Lava = bone dragon first time! Add me krissy.75 gems for gem every day!

  56. Mackenzie says:

    Ok it is halloween now I prefer to buy one cuz it is only 25 gems.

  57. Lizzy bear says:

    I got the bone dragon by breeding lava level 15 (left) and mud level 15 (right) in the EBI at 12:00 am.
    Tell me if this helps!

  58. kamel816 says:

    i got bone using Lava + Rain both levle12 in EBI.

  59. Anonymous says:

    I got bone using earth and fire the first time and lava and paper

  60. Reddragon#1 says:

    Need a couple more teamie’s to trade gems with, have a gem tree !!!!

  61. CadenRex says:

    Q: why isn’t the ghost dragon listed on this site? Weird

  62. Anonymous says:

    I can’t get 1 bone I tried many ways
    :( I give up unless someone has an idea to get bone without buying 1

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