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Blue Fire DragonVale Tips and Breeding Information Guide

| November 23, 2011 | 161 Comments

“We’re not exactly sure where the blue fire comes from. We didn’t think it was possible. We’re also not sure if their fire is cold or hot since nobody has been brave enough to test it.”


Cost 100 Gems
Earning Rate Level 1 – 20 Dragoncash/Min

Level 2 – 32 Dragoncash/Min

Level 3 – 44 Dragoncash/Min

Level 4 – 56 Dragoncash/Min

Level 5 – 68 Dragoncash/Min

Level 6 – 80 Dragoncash/Min

Level 7 – 92 Dragoncash/Min

Level 8 – 105 Dragoncash/Min

Level 9 – 117 Dragoncash/Min

Level 10 – 130 Dragoncash/Min

Habitat Blue Fire Dragon habitat are Fire and Cold
Evolving Level Blue Fire Dragon evolve in Level 4, 7
Info Breeding Combination: Blue Fire dragon can be bred by selecting a Fire Dragon to mate with a hybrid dragon that is, in some form, half Cold dragon like for example  Snow, Ice, Mountain, or Storm Dragon would be ideal or by mating a Cold Dragon with one that is half Fire, although this method is much harder in getting a blue fire dragon. Directly breeding a Fire Dragon with a basic Cold Dragon is not possible because they are opposites. Breeding a Fire Dragon with either an Ice Dragon or a Snow Dragon is the most efficient way, although most are not successful on their first try.

Tips: Its habitat can be either Fire or Cold. When using a Mountain Dragon to breed with the Fire Dragon, you might get another Mountain Dragon, so don’t have a Mountain Dragon as your first resort.

Notes: The most efficient method of breeding a blue fire dragon is to get a Storm Dragon first and then mate it with a fire dragon. The egg will be the result incubated for 3 hours (Scorch or Firefly), 5 hours (the storm), or 12 hours (Blue Fire dragon). This will minimize the time between failed attempts (3 hours and 5) and therefore give you more chances of getting the Blue Fire Dragon. The most effective way to get your 2nd Blue Fire Dragon is to breed a Fire Dragon with a Blue Fire Dragon that you already own. You either get a Blue Fire Dragon or a Fire Dragon so time between attempts is minimized.

Incubation Time: 12 Hours

Hatching XP: 20,000

Selling Price: 500,000

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  1. Natasha says:

    The fire and cold are not compadable help me get the blue fire dragon PLEASE 3: (

  2. Nick Ennulat says:

    storm dragon with fire dragon hopefuly with a few tries = blue fire dragon

  3. Jacob says:

    Fire dragon with ice berg dragon is howi got it . One try

  4. Danny Battin says:

    how do you get a blue dragon add me (#)Hi(#)

  5. Tyler Wiebe says:

    Fire with snow is better, blazing dragon sells for 1 million gold if you fail.

  6. Yodayo123 says:

    Add me gem 4 gem

    Also storm dragon first then fire dragon second
    You can get moon dragon sun dragon firefly dragon etc
    12 hours = blue fire

    Blue fire + storm dragon = moon dragon after a few times

  7. Martijn van den Berg says:

    I tried fire dragon with storm dragon. I have to wait 48 hours so I think it's a moon or sun dragon!!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    48 hours are only the sun and the moon dragons. 36 is only the panlong dragon, and bellow all the other.

  9. Tyler wiebe you are right. This is a good combo. Although I am trying with fire left frostfire right. If it fails it is gonna be 2 hours for fire dragon. Or 12 for frost :(

  10. Cassie says:

    So storm then fire works?

  11. Been doing fire&snow but so far

  12. Isaac Kroger says:

    Send me a gem and I'll give one right back
    Add: theelementgreen
    To gamecenter

  13. I got mine first try with level 6 fire on the left and level 4 ice on the right.

  14. Juliah Elizabeth Lorenz says:

    I've tried fire and snow six times and keep getting a scorch. Help!

  15. corey says:

    i tried fire and storm twice but they both=scorch

  16. My Little Pony Ate Macoroni says:

    Fire and snow, fire and ice, fire and mountain, fire and iceberg, NOTHIN WORKS!!!!!!!

  17. My Little Pony Ate Macoroni says:

    I did fire and storm and got sun once… Fire lvl ten storm lvl seven

  18. My Little Pony Ate Macoroni says:

    Only rare onei got is a sun. No rainbow. No moon. Not even a panlong. I ned that epic breeding island and i will NOT pay for gems with real cash. I have like 70 soemthing gems so far… This might take a while

  19. My Little Pony Ate Macoroni says:

    Did i spell macoroni wrong xD

  20. My Little Pony Ate Macoroni says:

    Did you get the secret fart dragon?

  21. Luke Handoff says:

    Charlie i used ur password xD

  22. Anonymous says:

    If you have trouble do it the other way around and I got it it works!

  23. Cheon1 says:

    WOW YAY I Used Fire and Storm and i Got a Sun Dragon Instead

    • Ando says:

      yeah I got the same coz I was trying to get bluefire but after about 15 tries still no luck but I got a sun dragon and that’s a bonus

  24. Skitty27 says:

    I keep trying but never get a Blue Fire!! :(

  25. Nimrok777 says:

    Did anybody actually get the blue fire and how long did it take you

    • Anonymous says:

      To be honest I have followed the egg breeding symbols provided buy the game all dragons abouve lvl 7 the order of (R) (L) is also represented and have gotten the exact egg as indicated the few hard ones have same or similar combos also I wonder if you need a certain order I tried to repeat love dragon pluss Moutan witch gave me a rainbow however I got a sun dragon now trying for a moon or leap year also I just got air dragon and they to are hatching eggs like the game chart provides with no variations good luck aro67

    • Anonymous says:

      I got one by breeding fire and mountain level 8s

    • !mr.steakfries! says:

      I got by breeding fire and mountain. Both level 8.alsp please please please please please add me we give eachother gems.!mr.steakfries!

  26. Anonymous says:

    I used a frost fire dragon I already had and bred it with my fire dragon

  27. Nic Henrico says:

    Can someone tell me,how to get the small ball(like fireball)on top the head of dragon…..?

  28. Nuranissa says:

    My brother breed fire dragon and icebreg dragon and he got a bluefire dragon.

  29. Nuranissa says:

    I breed fire dragon and icebreg dragon FIVE TIMES!!! and I did not got a bluefire dragon and my brother did it three times and he got it!.

  30. Nuranissa says:

    Finally I breed fire dragon and storm dragon and I got a bluefire dragon and that is the 6 TIMES BREEDING A BLUEFIRE DRAGON!!!!!and add me as your friend my name is Nuranissa10 at dragonvale.

  31. Nuranissa says:

    Nuranissa10 wants to talk to you I have a bluefire dragon,fire dragon,storm dragon,cold dragon,earth dragon,frostfire dragon,quake dragon,blazing dragon,scorch dragon,firefly dragon,water dragon,icebreg dragon,mud dragon,crystal dragon,ice dragon,snow dragon,air dragon plant dragon,floonwer dragon,tree dragon,poison dragon,seaweed dragon,willow dragon,lightning dragon and I have a fog dragon and lava dragon which I delete.

  32. Nuranissa says:

    I make a miatake the floonwer dragon is flower dragon.

  33. Grimmkitty says:

    i bred a storm deagon with a fire dragon and got a moon dragon. After i hatched the moon dragon i tried again with a storm dragon and fire dragon and now i have a sun dragon egg incubating! Still havent gotten a bluefire dragon but getting a sun and moon dragon is much better than i was expecting

  34. Starette says:

    I bred a storm dragon lvl 10 and a fire dragon lvl 10 and got the blue fire dragon yay

  35. Roko97 says:

    How to Get bluefire dragon

  36. Nar says:

    I got a blue fire from breeding a fire and ice dragons first go

  37. Cold and Firefly worked on the first time.

  38. Kyle says:

    Do the storm and fire I got it on my first try! Its incubating right now though but I’m excited!!

  39. Roko97 says:

    Its not woorking

  40. Kyle Mulcahy says:

    I did fire and ice and got an iceberg dragon

  41. Bruce says:

    Fire on left Storm on right both lvl eight second try

  42. Roko97 says:

    Combination isn’t working

  43. Anonymous says:

    If you want money as a secondary effect, breed fire and snow or cold and blazing. If you prefer getting a chance of having a really rare dragon, better breed fire and storm. :) XD

  44. Hillary says:

    How to Get a blue fire
    Its my favorite dragon

  45. Hillary says:

    I was try breding a fire and storm but never Get a blue fire

  46. Hillary says:

    I only having moon dragon witch is my second favorite dragon Yay but i have 6 moon dragons

  47. Hillary says:

    I have it Its my first blue fire dragon
    Combination is bliazing and iceberg dragon i love it XD

  48. Hey people add me for gem for gem I send gems daily:) share the love plaza :) I'm getting a dragonsai tree today:)

  49. Raichel says:

    I will buy a ble fire

  50. Raichel says:

    I will buy a blue fire

  51. Bluefire gifter says:

    Raichel I will send bluefire as gift Just add me Dy-Megatron

    • Bonnie Perritt says:

      How do u send friend request through the game center? How exactly do I request friends period…I don’t have a lot of friends. I triennial to request u through the game center but idk if it worked. Thanks for any help.

  52. Roko97 says:

    How to get bluefire all combination isn’t working

  53. Rachel says:

    Tnx I will add you

  54. Rachel says:

    I was going to add you but they tell my that your name isn’t exist but you add my my name is Luni 12

  55. Rachel says:

    I add you but how you will send my blue fire

  56. Bonnie says:

    Can’t get sandstorm, rainbow…I’m lvl 20 all dragons lvl 10 have epic …please help !!! Want to know how u r adding people too. Thanks much!

  57. Rachel says:

    Breed air dragon with quike dragon

  58. Bonnie Perritt says:

    Please help me find out how to add friends and exchange eggs and dragons and gems. Still can’t get sandstorm from air and quake…keep getting quake.

  59. Anonymous says:

    breed it with earth and i also have a rainbow dragon and I,m level 15.

    You breed Mud with Blazing. It might take a few goes but you will get 1 eventually

  60. Glbpab1225 on Gamecenter says:

    I cannot get this dragon! And I’ve tried with every cold hybrid. But all I need to have all the dragons are sandstorm, frostfire, bluefire, rainbow, sun, moon, reindeer, leap year and bone. I’m sooo close and I already have all the habitats set out. =( Add me at glbpab1225 I send gems daily.

  61. PoGs! says:

    Add me on game center, my name is PoGs! Thanks a lot!

  62. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily thanks

  63. Hanne003 says:

    Add me! My name is Hanne003 gives gem daily :)

  64. Anonymous says:

    I did it and got 2 days for my breeding

  65. g30dea says:

    add ppl thru the game centre… not the game :) click and follow prompts is easy :)

  66. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily

  67. Kinggundam says:

    Hey kinggundam is looking for friends add me

  68. Sarah Bui says:

    Ive been trying bluefire with fire + storm since ive started the game n no luck. Finally level 21 n i got it. Not sure if that matters.

  69. Fire and mountain. it works everytime for me :P

  70. Alison Planz says:

    Blazing and mud got rainbow? It's rainbow colored swirl not white with rainbow dots. Only need sandstorm, blue fire, and pan long

  71. jesus serrano says:

    add me mafafa73 gem for gem always

  72. Sari Nun Ya says:

    Trying Firefrost & Cold ( got 12 hrs ) Hopefully it's a Bluefire

  73. Darren Tan says:

    Darren.1982 << add me I still have 3 gems not yet send out today, FIre + mountain is work for blue fire.

  74. I need friends on daily
    Game center tag: chronic tonic
    Please add

  75. Robert Templeton says:

    When I did fire + storm i got a sun dragon twice

  76. Prodromos Koutlas says:

    Add me :narutouzumaki1998. (I have dragonsai)

  77. DesTrukt.wow says:

    Add me guyz my nick is DesTrukt.wow

  78. Deondre says:

    Add me at D-Breezii

  79. Josh says:


  80. terence says:

    Add Me: terenceteo79 79

  81. Everyday says:

    Add me: sunmob1le
    Everyday on

  82. Anonymous says:

    Add me- eja94

  83. reece says:

    hey i cannot get a blue fire dragon at all and my fire and moutain are both lvl 10 storm is lvl 7 ice and iceberg are lvl 8 and 6

    add me wolvus1234

    please any advice

  84. reece says:

    i currently have a fire and mountain dragons in the breeding cave and it says It will take 10hrs so i guess im going to get another lava dragon is there any combination that i could use to get a bluefire dragon

  85. Big Scary Ranga says:

    I bred the the blue fire with level 10 bloom and level 10 fire

  86. Jay says:

    Blue fire is easy do storm with fire,, can’t get every time,, you will get though,, 12 hours

  87. Anonymous says:

    add gx0000

  88. why should you care? says:

    funny thing happend. tried to get a bloom dragon with lichen and flower( first try at breeding) and got a sun dragon both at level 6. i was level 3. rarest. thing. EVER!

  89. Mildred r says:

    Frost fire and storm breeding right now. It indicates it’ll take 48 hours, so either sun or moon will come out of it. I was, however, trying for the nth time to get a blue fire.
    Game center name is mildredyr if interested in adding me for gems

  90. Mildred r says:

    Frost fire and storm breeding right now & it’ll take 48 hours, so either sun or moon will come out of it. I was, however, trying for the nth time to get a blue fire.
    Game center name is mildredyr if interested in adding me for gems

  91. Dessyfaith says:

    Got it first time with fire on left lvl 10 and bloom right lvl 10. I get on this website for help on the ones I don’t have but I never get help bc u guys talk about different dragons! Wtf go on their page and talk. Don’t talk about a moon dragon on the blue fire it’s annoying

  92. Fire& iceberg worked first time for me:)

  93. keir says:

    add me please…NeX Destroya

  94. Korombe says:

    In Breeding Cave Charlotte?

    • 4we50me says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  95. Cryssy says:

    If you want a bluefire dragon, try a lvl 5 fire pn left in breeding cave and lvl 4 storm on the right!!

  96. Anonymous says:

    Hey fire and water level7 get air dragon

  97. Anonymous says:

    My account is ril3y r00

  98. Anonymous says:

    Reply if true or not

  99. I used level 10 iceberg and level 10 fire dragons, it work if you do it several times.

  100. Robert Mario Atkinson says:

    try using fire and iceberg both level 10, it worked for me if you do it several times.

  101. lugia3453342 says:

    add me spacedragon2000 gem4gem give me 3 ill give 5

  102. sarang_HAE says:

    got a 48 incubation time all of a sudden using storm and fire… xD still waiting to see what it is.. probably a rainbow dragon… :D
    anyways, add me! I’ll send you a gem! :D

  103. pregnancy information says:

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  104. I'm level 21 and bluefire doesn't show up in my market with the other dragons. So does that mean I cant breed anything to get it?

  105. cfa level 3 mock questions pdf says:

    shouldn’t you may have put some thought in to this before getting your MBA?.. didn’t you must write an composition about what you wished to do with your MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTATION as part of the admissions process?.

  106. polycom says:

    I do not even understand how I stopped up right here, but I believed this publish was once great. I do not know who you might be however definitely you are going to a well-known blogger if you happen to aren’t already. Cheers!

  107. Daniel Lusdyk says:

    I tried fire and ice dragon and got wildfire my first try!

  108. Will a frostbite Dragon + fire Dragon breed a blue fire?

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