Bloom Dragon

| April 3, 2012 | 779 Comments

““The bloom dragon is found roaming the Cadberry Meadows near the beginning of Spring. These dragons have been known to hide their ornate eggs in some unusual places to protect them from Spring-time showers. Unfortunately it seems to have had the opposite effect because children have made a game out of finding them!.”

Available Level 11
Habitat Plant, Cold, Lightning
Breeding Time
13 hours
Positive Plant, Cold, Lightning
Opposite Metal, Fire, Water
Buying Price

 700 Gem

Selling Price  100,000 Coins
Reward 7,000 Xp

Breeding Combination:
Bloom Dragon can be bred by using any element of dragons such as plant, cold, and lightning.

Proven Bloom Dragon combination:

Storm Dragon + Lichen Dragon = Bloom Dragon
Storm Dragon + Plant Dragon = Bloom Dragon

Storm Dragon + Plant Dragon is the easiest way to get obtain the Bloom Dragon. Happy Breeding!

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  1. Been trying to breed it since the second the update was out

  2. Anonymous says:

    Got it on my first try with storm and plant! Try that first!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Trying twice (plant left, storm right), no luck so far

  4. Nef says:

    Plant lvl11 and storm lvl10 worked for me

  5. Daniel Useche Corchuelo says:

    I breed a plant with a storm and in the first

  6. Eric says:

    i have an egg hatching right now with 13 hours on it, i used lv8 cactus left, and lv8 cold right

  7. I did storm + plant and a 48 hour breeding show up…..its a moon right

  8. Ethan says:

    Plant and storm

  9. christina says:

    How do you get it on a ipod?

  10. I got three :3 I did lvl 10 storm on the left and lvl 11 plant on the right. The first time I did it though, I got a moon lol

  11. Mgcennel Aiama says:

    Do you guys think i can get it with lichen and cactus dragon

  12. hempvisions says:

    Storm + Plant by the first time :)
    i think this dragon is way easier to get than the sandstorm..about 3-6 tries and you will get him!

  13. Josh Clay says:

    its a cool looking dragon and is a lot easier to get, storm on the left and plant on the right. l crucial l.

  14. l crucial l says:

    add me to for gem for gem . l crucial l

  15. Linda Chia says:

    Oh.. Yes..!!
    I get it for two Dragon ..

  16. Ozma says:

    I got one the first time I tried storm & cactus. I’ve tried to breed them a couple more times and haven’t gotten another though.

  17. Pikermum says:

    Trying it. Storm left plant right, gave me 30 min. It’s really my almost 4year olds game, but try to help. We can’t get rainbow, moon or sun, panlong. Using all lvl 10s, any help would be great!

    • DValer says:

      U can breed Lvl 6 storm and lvl 10 cold around 10:00 AM for sun working on finding moon and rainbow ps i have 2 sun dragons

  18. Olivia says:

    I have a great idea! I think i’ll start a thing were all dragonvale players come together and give people tips, meet there (gamecenter) friends, and gloat about there awesome park! Its an awesome idea! Who has a suggestion at where it should be held?

  19. Anonymous says:

    Storm and plant first try!

  20. omegawing says:

    Do you need epic breeding island to get it?

  21. Anonymous says:

    I used storm lvl 10 on the right, and plant lvl 10 on the left. Now i have a 7 hour wait time. Is that one?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I used storm lvl 10 on the right, and plant lvl 10 on the left. Now i have a 7 hour wait time. Is that a bloom dragon?

    • Olivia says:

      No you idiot! If you look in the eggs store, and click on bloom, scrool to the bottom of the discription, it will say INCUBATION TIME: 13 HRS!

  23. henrikandreas says:

    add me, Chaotic92 !

  24. Olivia says:

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  25. Olivia says:

    Can 20 people friend me and give me gems? I will give you gems when i can! I will write down your name on a peice of paper and give you them when i can! Only 20! I will count down! (PEOPLE THAT ARE ALREADY MY FRIEND JUST GIVE ME A GEM)
    gr8-6754 <–gamecenter username

  26. Shellyboo777 says:

    Still trying! Storm n plant over and over since the update came out. Btw add me! Shellyboo777

  27. Mgcennel Aiama says:

    Who wants to do a gem circle with me it will be three other people and me and we give eachother gems so we will all get 3 gems each day

  28. Olivia says:

    Im changimg it… 10 PEOPLE! the next ten! No, 6 PEOPLE! better hurry!

  29. Olivia says:

    Im changing it… 10 PEOPLE! the next ten! No, 6 PEOPLE! better hurry!

  30. Mw3 fan says:

    Got it 1 try using storm and plant hope this helps u guys add me on gameCenter shahriar2957 I wil send

  31. Janet Sean Shipps says:

    I tried second times got lichen twice! Grr hope next try plant + lichen?

  32. Andrea Ross says:

    Trying to get a bloom dragon.. So far no luck but the days still young! >:D add me!! ravegirl777 please send me gems! Trying to get epic breeding island! :D!!

  33. Cjp57 says:

    Janet sean….. Try out storm and plant, first try ive actually got moon. Best way to get it. Just sayn it

  34. Crzy eyz says:

    Doing Clover + Storm = 48hr breeding time. Most likely the Bloom Dragon.

  35. ranger1014 says:

    i want bloom dragon but keep getting storm. ill keep trying plant and storm. add me. ranger1014

  36. ranger1014 says:

    hey ravegirl u should to look at my park

  37. Giffy says:

    Hey! Add me! I’m Sm0rez! I’ve got all the rare dragons since march! (when I joined)!

  38. Luiz_felp says:

    I trying to get bloom dragon… No luck…
    Help me please…
    Gamecenter Luiz_felp

  39. Anonymous says:

    oniddog – add me please peeps!
    Every1 gets a gem that adds me!!

    Cooking now

  40. MilkxCookies says:

    When will this event end? D: I dont wanna miss it.

  41. Mammouth79 says:

    Add me for a gem trade. I own gem tree.


  42. Mammouth79 says:

    Add me for a gem trade. I own gem tree.

  43. Raev1n says:

    Try to use lichen dragon and lightning level tens got a forty eight hour dragon

  44. _*.MelB.*_ says:

    I have tried breeding the plant and storm dragon multiple times and just keep getting a storm dragon! :( I have a gem tree and will trade gem for gem! _*.MelB.*_

  45. ANUBMX says:


  46. Dragondude says:

    I tried storm and plant for this dragon and on my first try got a sun dragon lol

  47. Cam says:

    add me on game center I am Come At Me!!!

  48. Jr says:

    I have tried plant+storm 4 times but keep getting storm…please help!!!
    Add me: Steelers fan86, I have a gem tree

  49. Jakkx1122 says:

    Hey pleas help me I have trying to get the moon forever help me get one PLEAS thx add me user name is my name on the top thx lolz

  50. Olivia says:

    Please add me! gr8-6754
    I will give you gems! Im sorry if i dont! I have a lot of people trying to get gems! (to get a gem from me YOU have to give ME one)! I have a long list of people to give gems to! I PROMISE to TRY to get gems to you!

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  52. Anonymous says:

    how do u get da bloom?

  53. Anonymous says:

    How??? Please help!!!

  54. Jr says:

    Sorry that last one was me

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t you think bloom I the same as raimbow because it has raimbow wings but a little liter add me I have dragons I and I send my friend gems but he doesn’t send me back so I’m going to stop but add me dania8 ty ккглгбдмсзىوقفزظطжжхферлоусннвабн

  55. Nick Wise says:

    Lichen+lighting and cactus+cold trying to get bloom and got 48 hr breeding for both. Crazy

  56. millennium52 says:

    Hey did anyone try the lichen and storm combination. Which combination is the best to make a bloom dragon( storm+lichen, storm+plant)?

  57. millennium52 says:

    Also does anyone know how to breed the rainbow dragon cause my best combo to make legendarys are cold and love which gave me sun and moon dragon but never a rainbow.

  58. ranger1014 says:

    everybody add me. ill switch off people everyday. i just love looking at awesome parks.

  59. metaltank says:


  60. metaltank says:

    The combination for the bloom dragon is storm+plant it works for me every time hopes this helps!!!!!

  61. Fatima Mayet says:

    I got 2 bloom dragon I did storm to plant

  62. Emilee Cowles says:

    Add me xxemileexx

  63. Olivia says:

    Add me! gr8-6754
    Gem trade, might not give you gems for a couple of days, have long list if people who gems, wanna be on it? Then freakin’ ADD ME!
    i will give you gems though, just give me one first!

  64. Justan Oilerfan says:

    I don’t really it’s weird cus I can get rainbows and suns but I’m on my 150 th plus try at getting a moon. It seems like you are only allowed 2 of the ledgends

  65. Flame says:

    I tried storm + plant first time on EBI and end up 48 hours breeding… :(

    The second time i try storm + clover and end up 13 hours breeding… Perhaps I get one… :)

  66. Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak says:

    What does the vernal fountain do????????????

  67. Jrod2k88 says:

    I breed level 10 Storm Dragon on the left and level 10 Plant Dragon on the right and got Bloom Dragon on my first try!!! My username is jrod2k88 add me ladies ;)

  68. Justin says:

    I tried plant + storm and got it 2 times, should I sell one or what? o-o

    Add me for gemz- JFile300

  69. Emily Woo says:

    Add me gem 4 gem scooterbella0211

  70. fafafail13 says:

    Ok I tried the plant on the right and storm the left and i got a 5hour dragon. b4 that I tried plant left storm on right and got and 8 hour dragon. :( add me fafafail13

  71. BFFScott123 says:

    I got bloom first time with no EBI using
    Storm lvl 10 (R)+Plant lvl 6 (L)
    Hope I helped!

  72. fafafail13 says:

    No bloom dragon w/ storm and plant I tried switching the side of where to put the dragon but the 2 hours were 5 hours and 8 hours!

    Add me fafafail13

  73. Mandy says:

    Grr…. I’ve tried like 4 or 5 times with storm and plant and still no bloom. All my dragons are at level 10 so why isn’t it working??

    • evil one says:

      Ok genius, gift of all, to officially have tried, you need to try MORE then 5 times. It took me 3 months if CONSTANT breeding to get panlong. Then I got moon, sun, and rainbow really fast, but hat was just luck. You need to try more. Not all people will get it right away like you’d like!!! Sheesh, I’m in 6th grade and I know that!

  74. Helm181 says:

    I breed Storm + Plant 3 time.. i still got lichen dragon

  75. Erin says:

    Lvl 11 storm on the left. Lvl 11 clover on the right. In 10 tries I ended up with a rainbow, moon, and a bloom. Many lichen and storms too just stick with it. I will have one of every dragon once the incubation times are up.

  76. Add me gamecenter: hobblin

  77. A human child... Or not! ;) says:

    I haven’t gotten the bloom I just heard about it like this morning… But I keep trying! I was wondering also, does it grow up to be long and wavy like the rainbow and leap year?

  78. Diego says:

    I got it already :3…add me FIEDEREF,gem for gem :)

  79. Cam says:

    Storm left and plant right got me a bloom on first go

  80. Dragon says:

    It seems Storm and Plant are a potent combo, first try: Bloom, Second try: 48 hours… Meaning either a Rainbow or a Moon. Overall a very satisfying day…. If anyone wants to check out the Bloom fully grown just leave a reply with your username. Good luck breeding!

  81. Alex says:

    Add me on dragonville I have a gem tree and need some friends to share them with :)

  82. Mouse cheese says:

    i updated today but Bloom egg didn’t show up in my market. Even though I won’t buy it, shouldn’t it be there as part of the update?

    • Mouse cheese says:

      But I did just try plant and storm and got a 48 hour breeding time…I need a moon and a rainbow, so I’m okay with that too.

  83. dragons 4 ever says:

    Add me dragons 4 ever

  84. Sophia says:

    mine is in its egg right now do HAHAHA

  85. jajasawada says:

    1st and 2nd try for bloom dragon. No for me. >_< add me up jajasawada

  86. Cecilie Bak says:

    I tried with storm and plant like 15 times, with no luck:( Them i tried with storm and clover and got it on my first try:))

    • Niki Louise Newport says:

      me to . now i just tired storm and clover and got a 30min timer :/ first hard time iv had getting the new dragons :(

  87. Kyle says:

    I got the leap year. Dragon with storm and air

  88. Lee says:

    ive got a panlong and in the process of trying to get rainbow bloom moon and sun but no luck ao far :( please add me and send me some gems :). GAMECENTER NAME: LEEROYTOUGH

  89. Rannoch Juan says:

    I used lvl 10 storm on left and lvl 11 lichen on right. Got it my first try. Radcon9768

  90. Jr says:

    I got lucky and got sun twice at level 14 but I can’t get moon, rainbow, panlong, or BLOOM!!!! Please help!

  91. JazRay741 says:

    I Hate it I never can get a bloom dragon!!!!!!!!! I tried about ten times and it never becomes a BLOOM!!!!! Awwww this is makin me sick!!!

  92. kire says:

    try breeding a linchin+ a lightning dragon it worked for me

    ADD ME: halo5349

  93. JC says:

    I’ve bred Storm(10) and Plant (10) so many times and keep getting storm or cactus ugh!

  94. Olivia says:

    This is impossible! I keep breeding lichen+electric but all i get are stupid cactus and lichen! Add me and look on the second island! I made an awesome habitat for the bloom i’m (hopefully) gonna get!
    gr8-6754 <—gamecenter

  95. David Jíra says:


  96. LozerHazeL says:

    Add me LozerHazeL

  97. Faizoolicious says:

    Got it 1st try storm 10 + plant 10

  98. David Jíra says:

    I'm sorry, I wrote it wrong XD.

  99. Teen06xx says:

    I got it for 4 dragosn… Annyine wanna gem? Add me, i have it more than 90000 gems

  100. Ruben#17 says:

    Tried it like 10 times and no luck

  101. Maddy:) says:

    Add me please? I give gems for gems. Maddyasaurus

  102. Cheekiatxd says:

    Got bloom on my 3rd try using storm left, and plant right, mainly cactus so usually just takes up 30 min, both dragon lvl9 only, btw add me in game center?(: name, cheekiatxd

  103. Sherry says:

    I did a level 10 clover with a level 10 storm and got a bloom ( first try)

  104. Ryann Sherry says:

    I can't get it keep getting them cactus thingies ? Do u need 25 of them new fountains first ? Add me for gems Dsherry99

  105. dalkay says:

    add me please:) i give gem for gem

  106. Mgcennel Aiama says:

    Ok Grandmal0ve is in we need 2 more

  107. Anonymous says:

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  108. Farhan A Rahman says:

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  109. Tozzy says:

    Rainbow dragon!!!

  110. Eric says:

    i know something weird, when i used to play pokemon i always caught a pokemon no matter what pokeball i used it in, in dragonvale i have never gotten any rare dragons with any combanations (i probably spelled that wrong) that i used, it sucks, SO TELL ME THE BEST WAY TO GET bluefire, frostfire, rainbow, panlong, clover, bloom, sun, moon, love, bone, leap year, and reindeer HELP ME PLZ. add me 4we50me

  111. Anonymous says:

    Blue fire = lichen and fire. Clover= willow and moss. Bloom = storm and lichen. Sun = ice and scorch. Rainbow = mud and direfly

    • Eric says:

      what is your gamecenter???

    • Eric says:

      YAAAAAHHH I BRED MUD AND FIREFLY AND GOT 48 HR WAITING TIME WOOHOO!!!!!! but it stinks that i have to wait 4 days to get it (2 days for breeding time, 2 days for incubation time), i hope it is a rainbow. cross your fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eric says:

        sorry for exagerating, that is the combanation that automatically gets you one of those. ha ha, lol

        • Eric says:

          that 48 hr waiting time was a moon dragon, yay!! also i have a bloom egg in the nursery and it will hatch tonight at around 8:00

          • Eric says:

            it seems that storm and lichen work better than storm and plant to get bloom, i used a storm lv10 left and a lichen lv10 right

  112. Scoob122 says:

    Eric I know how to get a blue fire dragon I bread snow with fire or it’s the other way around. It only took two try’s. Add me at game center it’s scoob122

  113. Add me for gems please have 5 gems a day on my tree going to waste, porthuronmi

  114. Eric says:

    thx for the help guys ill try those combanations (i spelled that wrong again probably)

  115. Rockgurl says:

    I got bloom dragon with level10 storm(left) and a level10 plant( right) and got it on the second try in EBI.
    Good luck!

  116. Peter says:

    i try 1 time with storm and lichen and yes. THE bloomdragon is there

  117. Dragonvale says:

    Add me gem for gem


  118. Sarah says:

    I have tried to get a blue fire dragon like 30 times but I just keep getting Ice dragons. Can someone tell me what the combo is so I can breed it and get it?????

  119. Rob says:

    How do u get the bloom Dragon????

  120. Anonymous says:

    I tried storm+plant lv 10 a bunch of times but it never worked! I’m starting to doubt these comments a little bit.

    • Peter says:

      I am trying to breed rainbow more than 50 times I startend at level 18, I am now level27 and still none rainbow or sun dragon. THE bloom dragon first time try storm and lichen booth level 10 and yes gotit THE new metaldragons all at first try, sometimes iets works goodluck

    • Anonymous says:

      Try storm and clover

  121. Milana says:

    Add me in game center !! ☺ @zakooties
    I’ve tried to get a bloom dragon over 5 times and keep gettin storm or cactus

  122. Milana says:

    Add me in game center !! @zakooties
    I’ve tried to get a bloom dragon over 5 times and keep gettin storm or cactus

  123. Tracy Pelley Applebee says:

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  124. Olivia says:

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  125. Anonymous says:

    I REALLY WANT THIS DRAGON but i have to wait a few days because I’m on vacation and my dad won’t let me have WiFi because it cost $10. bo.

  126. mackenzie says:

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  128. Ireland says:

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  130. Tove says:

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  131. Melissa says:

    I have tried breeding Storm + Plant (both lvl 10) on both the regular breeding cave and EBI more than 5 times with still no luck. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or is it just bad luck?

  132. I just got 2 <3.
    Add me:

    /I has the gem tree.

  133. Ray says:

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  134. Anonymous says:

    Dont put storm on left side, put plant. I got it when i change side, been trying storm+plant dor 3 times. Then got my bloom when i change side. Good luck

  135. Angie Brown says:

    I got Bloom on first try with level 15 storm on left and level 15 plant on right in breeding cave. Just make sure your storm and plant dragons are same level and should work

  136. Glbpab1225 says:

    Can someone please tell me when the bloom dragon ENDS? Cuz rite now I have a 48 hr breed on (WASN’T EVEN TRYING GOSH) and it lasts till Friday, I need 2 no when the bloom d ends so I can know if I should hurry up the process to get it in time. ANYBODY KNOW? Add me for gems at glbpab1225

  137. judahscooter says:

    i have 1 sun 2 moons 4 rainbows 1 raindeer 1 bloom 1 love 1 panlong 1 clover 1 frost fire 2 blue fires my game center is (judahscooter)

  138. judahscooter says:

    sorry i forgot my sandstorm

  139. Awesomerai says:

    Can u plz by me friend on game centre I’ll give you a gem every day and I’m on level 16 I have the snow and blazing dragon in my air habitat I’m still trying to get the bloom dragon give my a request -(RAI)- I have 23 dragons all together and a huge farm

  140. Ty Dailey says:

    Yesterday I breed the storm and lichen dragons and on the second time I got a 2 day breeding time. If anybody knows what I just bred plz let me know as soon as possible

  141. ? says:

    Oh yeah? I’m level 21!

  142. ? says:

    It isn’t easy. I can’t right now because my lichen dragon is breeding a fire dragon. I ‘m a getting another lichen dragon!!! I was intending on getting a mother f**king blue fire dragon.

  143. Heyho says:

    I need help how to breed the bloom dragon:(

  144. judahscooter says:

    -(RAI)- i added you

  145. Rebma says:

    I just put storm (left) lichen (right) in the breeding cave & got 13hr breeding time! Fingers crossed! They r level 7 & 8. Tried storm & plant level 10s no luck.

  146. Cutie pie says:

    Hi I did the same thing as you

  147. Andrea says:

    Add me A Gem for a Gem my Game Center name AndreaKtona

  148. Brittany says:

    I just put a storm dragon and a lichen dragon in my breeding cave and got a 48hr breeding time.

  149. Andrea says:

    I got the Bloom Dragon accidently with Willow and Storm, and again with Storm and Plant

  150. ? says:

    Had no luck with Storm and Plant (tried several times). Tried Storm (lv 10) and Lichen (lv 5) and got it on the first try.

  151. Carol Putnam says:

    I'd like to be in a gem circle please, my user name is cazzapee, thanks

  152. Quetzalcoatl Kukulkan says:

    But what does the vernal fountain do???????

  153. carol says:

    how long does it take to breed a Bloom dragon, and what do you get for 48hrs breeding time. My game centre Id is either cazz or cazzapee add me for gem for gem

  154. Ladybug says:

    I thing I found a pattern on when u might get a rare dragon: rainbow,sun or moon. It has something to do with the colosseum. My dragons got gold medals on all events and until now they all lasted around 12hrs +/-. For my surprise the last cold event lasted 24hrs, and at the same time,I started (night) to breed one of the said rare mixes and got 48hrs breeding. The result was a moon dragon. Just now it happened again: earth event, used crystal (done that before) and got a 24hrs tournament. Bred plant level 11 + storm 10 (tried many times/ never worked) and the breeding will end in 48hrs. I wonder what will the result be. Good luck and pay attention to the colosseum

  155. Mitchel says:

    The name is Golden Mitchster, send me a gem and I will send them back. thanks

  156. Anonymous says:

    I can’t seem to get it I hate trying because everything I do I get 48 hrs I’ve gotten 3 moons with storm cactus and plant storm

  157. Melissa Thomas says:

    Storm + Love Dragons worked for me

  158. Pierluigi Gardini says:

    I want

  159. Melissa Thomas says:

    Combinations tried:
    Storm + Plant
    Lichen + Lughtning

  160. Leluminaty says:

    Storm plant works for me 1st try. Add me too pls. Gem for gem

  161. Lovely says:

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  162. Anonymous says:

    Guys, since here is famous thread. I tried to breed rainbow with firefly+seaweed and and its come out 9hours. As i know 9hours will result swamp but izzit possible i get swamp with firefly+seaweed?

  163. Anonymous says:

    Guys, since here is famous thread. I tried to breed rainbow with firefly+seaweed and and its come out 9hours. As i know 9 hours will result swamp but izzit possible i get swamp with firefly+seaweed?

  164. cuong says:

    add me please . my center id : lecuong87

  165. bucj says:

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  166. Kathy Short says:

    How long does it take for the breeding cave to be ready?!

  167. Glbpab1225 on Gamecenter says:

    Can someone please tell me when the bloom dragon ENDS? Cuz rite now I have a 48 hr breed on (WASN’T EVEN TRYING GOSH) and it lasts till Friday, I need 2 no when the bloom d ends so I can know if I should hurry up the process to get it in time. ANYBODY KNOW? Add me for gems at glbpab1225

  168. Anonymous says:

    Dont worry, for a month i bet.

  169. Treesha :) says:

    The Bloom Dragon only takes 13 hr in the breeding island and then 13 in incubation.

  170. Liz says:

    Add me! username: GroggyDaffodil

  171. I have room for one friend to exchange a gem everyday… lazyboyjack is my gamecenter tag.

  172. Jonathan c. says:

    Tried all combinations like cactus and cold, lichen and lightning, storm and lichen. None of them worked so far but I’m still trying P.S. Add me JTaco26

    • Anonymous says:

      I always get 48 breeding wait, 6 ,5, &. 30 wait

    • Anonymous says:

      I have tried 23 times and here’s what I’ve got; 3 sun, 8 storm, 10 lichen, and 2 cactus. I’ve used plant-storm, storm-plant, cactus-cold, cold-cactus, lichen-lightning, and lightning-lichen. Why does dragonvale hate me?

    • Anonymous says:

      I got 1 through lichen on left and storm on right good luck and happy Easter

  173. Caunertron says:

    I keep getting lichen and cactus with plant (dragon 1) and storm (dragon 2) can anyone help me with the EASIEST WAY to get a bloom dragon. please?

  174. bintinximuoi says:

    to bad so sad

  175. Eric Garcia-Duran says:

    I did lvl 10 plant with lvl 5 storm n now I'm waitin for 48 hours but in my cave I did lvl 10 lichen with lvl 4 storm n got bloom

  176. Im on My 10 try, no luck yet..!!! = /
    gem for gem ? -/RAINBOWMAN…

  177. Nicole says:

    Add me nicole90909 gem for gem if I can

  178. doom says:

    can som boty get me a storm dragon or 1,000 gems

    • Caunertron says:

      Storm dragons are easy to make all you need to do is put a cold dragon and a lightning dragon in your breeding cave.

  179. Someone says:

    Those looking for a bloom dragon, I am in the process of getting my 2nd bloom dragon. For both dragons I used the combo of plant (left, level 10) and storm (right, level 10) and got both blooms on my 2nd try. Trust me this works well!!

  180. Guru 2 says:

    I got 2 sun dragons this way

  181. Ashura says:

    Anyone knows what the new fountain does? It’s so suspicious that there’s a limit on how many you can buy.

  182. Emy Moreno Esparza says:

    FINALLY!!! After trying (storm,plant,lightning,clover) about 15 times, finally got two back to back. Epic breeding island using 11Storm + 11Lichen (in that order), hope this helps.

  183. Lucas Gillis says:

    I discovered how to givi 3 gems without using the gem tree

  184. Olivia says:

    I wont be able to give anyone else gems because i have a list with over twenty people to get gems to, so, yeah. I will say when i will start up the list again! Add me!

  185. Freddy says:

    I got a Bloom Dragon on the 1st try using a level 12 cactus on the left and a level 10 storm on the right, tried 3 mores times and getting storms now. Guess my bloom was by luck!

  186. rynO says:

    Storm+Plant got me a sun on d first try, im on my 3rd now…

  187. rynO says:

    i got a sun on my first try, level 10 storm + level 10 plant (exact order)…
    im on my 3rd try…

    I got a Dragonsai tree, by d way…
    I need 3 more players for my daily gem exchange…
    add me on game center…. [[:RYNO:]]

  188. Jojo says:

    It worked for me the first time I tried using the lichen and storm. Well I tried the storm and plant but it didn’t work. You should try the lichen and storm level 10

  189. CAC says:

    I bred Lv. 8 storm and Lv. 8 lichen, got 13h breeding time… Can it be a bloom??

  190. Tove says:

    Add tove1994 at game center/dragonvale plz:)

  191. Rosenvinge says:

    Add me rosenvingeass at gamecenter/dragonvale plz:)

  192. Luna says:

    Got a bloom my first try. Lvl 10 lichen on the left and Lvl 10 storm on the right. :)

  193. Anonymos says:

    I did plant and storm and now im waiting 48 hours

  194. Matt says:

    Got it first time with lvl 10 storm to left and lvl 10 plant to right try that

  195. Tove says:

    Plz add me tove1994 I just need 1 more gem so I can update my nursery so I can have 2 eggs at the same time I always give gems back when I can:)

  196. Alastairoo says:

    wow Storm+Plant and I got a 48 hour message, I hope it’s a rainbow :D

  197. seraph235 says:

    took me exactly 10 tries but I finally got a bloom with storm x plant!

  198. Luis Osorio says:

    Add me I got 2 already it's lui$99

  199. Olivia says:

    PLEASE ADD ME! gr8-6754
    I AM 2 GEMS AWAY FROM GETTING MY SUN DRAGON! PLEASE HELP ME! and you could be the FIRST to see my adorable baby sun dragon! Its only gonna stay a baby for 10 minutes after i get it!

  200. Jr says:

    Tried level 10 storm and level 10 plant like 5 times and I kept getting storm so I used a baby plant level 6 with storm level 10 and got it.
    Add me: Steelers fan86

  201. Anonymous says:

    i tried plant then storm and got a sun!!!! soo freaked out!!! and excited.

  202. NoReggiemayne says:

    Storm + Lichen + epic breeding island + 8 am = Bloom Dragon they are breeding rite now feel free to add me

    • conner says:

      i need like 37 more gems to see if i got a rainbow, if any1 would like to help me it would much appriciated; also i hope every1 gets a bloom dragon.( im still trying)

  203. Racine Watson says:

    Have been trying to get a bloom dragon using plant and storm but I can't get it

  204. Racine Watson says:

    How do you breed THREE dragons at a time

  205. conner says:

    and if any1 has a jail borke device plz help as i sain i need about 37 more jems so plz send me some

    • conner says:

      how do u get a reindeer dragon at this time of year? plz respond

      • Princess Knowitowl says:

        You can’t. Some dragons can only be bred for a certain amount of time/during a specific month. U’ll have to wait for next December…assuming they bring it back.

  206. Add me krys2lynn will share gems :)

  207. Deval says:

    Anyone can plz lend me ten gems so i can upgrade my nursery… My I’d phoenix1191… Thanks

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  209. nakbar23 says:

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  210. Max Rönnblom says:

    I tried storm + plant and now something with 1:23:58:40 came up. What could that be? :s

  211. Christina Gunhildrud Augestad says:


  212. Jr says:

    Probably sun, and it’s easier to get bloom with storm and plant, but plant a lower level.

  213. Caunertron says:

    HEY EVERYONE!!!! When I entered Dragonvale it popped up with a little message about the Bloom dragon, and it said you have to use level 11+ dragons to get it easily. The highest i’ve got is level 9.

  214. Dankness4420 says:

    Add me I’ll send u gems dankness4420

  215. Andrew Meyers says:

    The storm on left and plant combo has worked well for me! I've gotten 2 bloom dragons out of 4 tries!

  216. Anonymous says:

    Add me _supa_

  217. Blakusl says:

    Add me: BlakusL
    I will send a gem back instantly each day

  218. nick says:

    first try storm 10 then litchen 10! 13 hours left

  219. Anonymous says:

    If anyone gets unlimited gems it would be nice to toss some my way I’m competing with a friend to see who can have a better farm and I would love to have the upper hand my user name is nfluence, help a girl out.

    • conner says:

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  220. tisgeo says:

    ADD; tisgeo

    Okay so ive done level 8 storm (left) + level 8 plant (left)

    bout 4 times now and gotten 8 hours each time…

    any pointers people. im level 15 and getting frustrated

  221. conner says:

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just got a bloom dragon!!!!!!!! i want every1s opinion should i lv up my bloom dragom from lv 1 to lv 7??? plz respond im so exited!!!!!! ;)

  222. conner says:


  223. conner says:

    any1 need help cus im here to help

  224. Mike Whitbread says:

    I thought about using storm and plant and have ended up with a 48hr egg on its way. Wonder what it is

  225. Yee says:

    Add me up In i need gems “aiyeesviews” ill trade

  226. Winghide33 says:

    I keep trying Plant lv10 on left, Storm lv8 on right and I keep getting lichen, cactus, and one 48hr I’m still waiting on.
    How much time do we have to get the Bloom Dragon? Anyone know? Anyone have some tips for me?

    • Crzy eyz says:

      THE 48HR is either a sun or moon dragon, for me it was a sun dragon. with the same combo of dragons u used.

  227. Gabe says:

    How do u turn on the mobile version of this websote

  228. Bogard57 says:

    Add me: Bogard57
    I play daily

  229. Kambree says:

    With plant on left and storm on right I end up with six hour eggs and they end up being storm dragons or lichens so I will try lichen and storm

  230. Mackenzie says:

    Um….. I tried the bloom dragon combination with cactus and cold and I got a sun,moon,or rainbow…… ????????

  231. I need get my tree first. Can you help me?

  232. Julie Kernen says:

    Getting frustrated.. Day 3 of breeding strictly for the bloom dragon and nothing. :(

  233. gameexcel says:

    add me, gameexcel

  234. sabian says:

    14 hrs will get you a Bloom Dragon
    used storm + plant both lv 10
    3rd try

  235. jossehs says:

    hi can anyone help me? i’ve tried storm+plant & storm+litchen lvl 10 in both ways and i won’t get à Bloom, please help!!! and Also i have a dragonsai tree if Someone is interested!

  236. Nate says:

    I bred a level 10 storm and A level 10 mud to try for rainbow and its taking 24 hours. Could it still be a rainbow?

  237. Anonymous says:


    Which plant dragon did you use? The normal plant or a hybrid?
    Because I’ve been struggling a lot as well.
    I’ve got a gem tree – add me if you’d like – username is Vrakkie

  238. jossehs says:

    how do i share My gems???

  239. Adriane says:

    Gem for gem everyday
    Add me.adri.

  240. Ptx5 says:

    Add me on gamecenter please! PTX5

  241. Kit says:

    Got bloom first try on the breeding island with storm on left lichen on right, both lvl 10.

  242. Greenman284 says:

    Got bloom first try with storm of left and plant of right in normal breeding cave. Both dragons are lev. 10. Good luck everyone!

  243. Deval says:

    Hey guys.. Plz someone send me ten gems… Plz need to upgrade my nursery..

  244. almightydun says:

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  245. Anonymous says:

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  246. Helper says:

    I can help you with the breeding-time and the egg


    Help’s all :-)

  247. Storm 13 on left Clover 15 on right. worked 2 out of 3 in epic breeding cave.

    • Madgamer says:

      I got a 48 hour breeding time when i breed lv10 storm and lv10 plant. Hope its a rainbow. Sun or moon. Have all the habitats.

      • CommunicateWithFruit says:

        It’s either gonna be a sun or a moon. To get a rainbow you have to Breed together four different types of dragon.

  248. Andrea Chin says:

    I've got a gem tree.. Please add me! My username is humanlifeform

  249. Update for Dragonvale players… Storm 13 on left Clover 15 on right. I got Bloom Dragon 2 out of 3 times in epic breeding cave. Happy Easter!

  250. Matt says:

    My friend wants friends for Dragonvale
    Get her on gamecenter at purplefrog2003
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  251. Anonymous says:

    I go bloom 3 try with 10 storm right, and 10 plant left

  252. Haha, I tried breeding a storm with lichen and now have a 48 hour dragon, aaarrgggghhh

  253. Raperanally says:

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  254. just.kams says:

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  263. hihi says:

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  264. mayday.j says:

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  265. Blueeyes082 says:

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  267. I just bred a storm and flower dragon and got 13 hours incubation time. Hopefully it's bloom. First time breeding this combination. :)

  268. Mackenzie says:

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  269. dan says:

    I can’t get bloom using Lv 10 plant and Lv 9 storm. 5 times trying and keep getting lichen. any better combos?

  270. dan says:

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  271. Anonymous says:

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  274. Tove says:

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  275. Colbster says:

    I used a level 5 plant with a level 8 storm in regular breeding cave and got a bloom dragon first try! It may take you a while but it does work.

  276. Turkey says:

    Is it in gems

  277. Haha says:

    I breed storm and lichen and actually got rainbow.guys,try it out.Nice rainbow dragon

  278. Seph Tran says:

    crystal and bluefire gives you bloom too.

  279. Brian Cadamy says:

    Thank you I love you for that lol

    • Resa Kelly says:

      Honey was this the kids playing on ur phone again or you playing!! Lol you n the kids are addicted!!

  280. Tjahyo Utomo says:

    Finally i got my bloom dragon by using plant dragon lv 10 on the left and storm dragon lv 7 on the right.

  281. Anonymous says:

    Add me (–HORSEY1–)

  282. How to get a bloom dragon I have tried both ways that they posted and nothing

  283. Lichen + storm is the best combination, i got 2 bloom, 1 sun, and 1 moon. Add me mrvahn

  284. Anonymous says:

    Poison left + storm right = bloom add me athens07

  285. Bryan Lemmo says:

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  288. Flame says:

    I bred willow n storm and got 48 hours breeding, what is it? :( , it’s depressing since I already have 5 rainbow, 2 moons n a sun….

    • Dodo says:

      After the 9 times I got bloom dragon.
      Sandstrom + plant = bloom

    • Flame says:

      I tried every combination like 20+ times… Still no luck… I still have difficulty to gain 2nd Panlong n 2nd Bloom. :(.

    • PinoyAko says:

      I tried level 10 Plant left and level 10 Storm right. I got 48 hours. Even though I dont have Sun, moon and Rainbow, I want Bloom because it’s seasonal. Hopefully, I can still breed it. Im stock for 48 hours!!!

    • gg says:

      got mine with tree storm just tryed it all for three days got with tree storm hope you get try it

    • Flame says:

      Willow (left) + storm (right). I got bloom on my 2nd attempt. Finally. Could someone tell me the best combination to get a Panlong?

  289. Marcus Ong says:

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  290. Cecilie Bak says:

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  293. Prasad Kulkarni says:

    woohoo it worked storm and liechen worked for me in 7 th attempt…13 hr breeding in progress.

  294. Spencer says:

    Any one who has a 48 hour breeding time it means you will get a rainbow dragon egg. I happened to me awhile ago. Add me MagicCheeseBunnz

  295. PinoyAko says:

    There’s no such thing…don’t cheat people.

  296. PinoyAko says:

    Dont believe those stupid players that is saying their unit is jail break. That if you send them gems for sometime they are gonna give you a lot of gems. They are scammers…

  297. Scood122 says:

    I just bread a bloom dragon by using a lv 15 plant, and a lv 10 storm and got it on my 6 or 7 try if you want to check out my dragon vale this is my password is : scoob122 thank you.

  298. Nathandk says:

    I bred tree and storm and got bloom on first try. Normal breeding island.

  299. JTops1332 says:

    I just did storm and plant and got a sun dragon wtf

  300. Rosen says:

    Add me rosenvingeass gem4gem give me gems for 3 days and I give 1k gems back I have a jailbroken iPhone it’s not a joke I’m serious!

  301. Matt says:

    I have tried 18 times using storm + plant/lichen and still have nothing to show for it! Uuuuuuugh

  302. Lydia says:

    That gets sooo annoying

  303. Olivia says:

    Just got my beautiful bloom dragon! Her name is Blossom! I go her on my second try with a level 10 willow (left) & level 10 storm (right)!
    Add me! gr8-6754
    I have a bloom, 2panlong, 2clover, and a sun!

  304. Daniel says:

    I got the bloom dragon on my fourth try with storm and plant but wasted a lot gems.

  305. Hi says:

    Im sexy and I know it

  306. PinoyAko says:

    Can I still get Bloom next week? Is this one seasonal that I have to wait another year? =,(

  307. All I have gotten is storm, cactus, and lichen dragons with these two combinations -.-

    • Caunertron says:

      Me too. HOW DOES THIS WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      can someone send me 700 jems like. NOW!!!!!! (and no scams either)

  308. anon says:

    I’m having no luck with plant and storm dragon i’ve tried so many times now

  309. chargers55 says:

    i keep using lvl 10 storm + lvl 10 plant at least 10 times. i have gotten a moon dragon and im waiting for another 48 hour in the breeding cave. the hell is this????

  310. Katelyn Bartholomew says:

    I've done Storm + Plant literally 10 times and every time I get lichen.

  311. Oudiee says:

    Ive tried so many times to get bloom drgon that i decided to waste the gems ive been saving up for a epic breeding island so i keep puting plant then storm then at about 24 gems i said hmm switch it up and i put cold and cactus at 11pm now i probably have a moon dragon yay!!!!!but fml no bloom till nextyear

  312. Robert Kaminski says:

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  313. Anonymous says:

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  314. Anonymous says:

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  315. Anonymous says:

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  316. Matt says:

    I have 3 bloom dragons and I’m getting a fourth one with lvl 10 storm then lvl 10 plant
    And if u want to see them add me on gamecenter @ pinkfrog17

    • Ali Abshire says:

      Thanks for helping me I’m ur friend now on gamecenter and got to see your two bloom dragons breeding and one in the egg still so that’s 3 bloom dragons and 1 more in the way! I jus wanted to say shis so it’s more proof that it works..

      Gamecenter name: Ali Abshire

  317. Boysees says:

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  319. Stephanie NC says:

    What dragon egg has a Chinese symbol? Red egg blue symbol.

  320. Anonymous says:

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  322. Melissa McGibbon says:

    I have bred the storm and plant about 20 times and keep getting storm. I tried storm and lichen too, still no bloom, what's going on??

  323. Christopher Birch says:

    I bred a panlong on the right and a bloom on the left ofc. Both lvl 10 and got 48 hours… I hope its a rainbow

  324. Holly says:

    I have 18 sun dragons and 26 moon dragons. I don’t know to get a bloom dragon or panlong dragon. Add me at hh_looneynutty

  325. Mike says:

    Got 2 or 3 bloom and 4 sun. Breeding flower+storm. Mostly got flower poison and scorch though.

  326. Kealy says:

    i just did a bloom and a love and got a 48 hour egg wonder what it is!

  327. Cc66ai says:

    I got moon, but not bloom yet, Add me cc96ai,

  328. abiggail says:


  329. abiggail says:

    If u want the rainbow breed (seaweed an firefly)
    If u want the sun breed(blue fire and crystal)
    If u want the moon breed(Blue fire and crystal)or (storm and fire)


    Keep breeding over and over and you’ll have luck!!!

    Add me as a friend (abbbbbbbbbbie)

  330. abiggail says:

    bloom (storm and Catues)

  331. Olivia says:

    Lichen+electric! DO IT! it can eiher get you a bloom or a sun/moon! This is the second time its worked for me! I am getting eiher a sun moon or rainbow!

  332. Emma Kyrinis says:

    its not working!

  333. Jess says:

    Not sure if I should be frustrated or happy. 11th try plant+storm=sun. Still no bloom! Redsunglasses-8 looking for dependable gem for gem.

  334. rynO says:

    Storm + Plant got me a sun and another 48hrs.. Storm + Lichen got me a Bloom…
    Add me, need 3 more for my daily gem exchange… [[:rynO:]]

  335. Majk says:

    After 28 tries!!! I finally got it! I don’t think it has anything to do it but it was right after putting in a fountain. I just hope it doesn’t take this long to get the second one.

  336. Leeroy says:

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  339. Anonymous says:

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  340. Jen945 says:

    I tried to breed it like this:
    Spling + Thunder
    But I got my self one Cactus dragon and another one Rainbow deagon… D8<

  341. Mike Whitbread says:

    it seems so hard to get a bloom, and then you got and get a 48 hours incubation time, both my dens are doing 48 hours and I'm F****ed now for getting a bloom dragon!

  342. Fhabiz says:

    fhabiz durazo add me :)

  343. Anonymous says:

    Add me- eja94

  344. PinoyAko says:

    Is it still available? I mean the bloom dragon?

  345. Teri-Lynn Hunt Heiney says:

    Just bred a moon dragon by breeding a lvl 10 bloom on the left and a lvl 10 chrome on the right :)

  346. Shelby Bosak says:

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  347. Caunertron says:

    HEY CAN SOMEONE SEND ME 700 JEMS like NOW!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!! please

  348. Ryanc says:

    Strom + lichen = 13hours……. Whats that?

  349. Anonymous says:

    13 hours is bloom

  350. Andrea says:

    I also tried to get a bloom dragon with level 10 plant and level 10 storm but got a sun instead. Your storm dragon has to be a lower level. Got mine with level 10 plant and a level 9 storm.
    Add me! I have a gem tree. Gem for gem: agemason

  351. Jp says:

    Numerous attempts at lots of combinations incl plant and storm, lichen and storm all failed. But finally storm and poison worked and bloom on its way.

  352. After breeding 3, yes 3! 48 hour eggs, I think I finally have a bloom dragon, good grief. Where we're all these 48 hour dragons when I wanted them? Btw, one was a moon, the second was a sun.

    • PinoyAko says:

      At last I got it!!! Level 10 plant left and level 10 storm right. I got 13 hours…after many tries. If it is 48, that is sun or moon

  353. Eric Farber says:

    Add me. shagfarbs

  354. Mon4rchy says:

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  355. Sam says:

    I have got cactus like 5 times, storm like 6 times and lichen like 4 times and still no f****** bloom dragon im breeding level 10 storm with level 10 plant

  356. Killerd20 says:

    What the hell I am about to give up on the bloom.

    • Killerd20 says:

      Finally got my bloom level 10 storm left and level 10 willow right in normal breeding cave. I must say I tried the plant and storm 10 times and lichen and storm Toni avail even tried te storm and willow in reverse and it did hot work so try that combo.

  357. Nihilus says:

    I’m still trying to get one… Is it to late, should i give up? Is it limited only for Ester?

    P. S. Add me – Nihilus Atreides

  358. R Gonella says:

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  360. 0FLO0 says:

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  361. Matt says:

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  362. Clyne90 says:

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  366. Jordan Tabitha Frederickson says:

    Man, I tried 13 attempts plant + storm and a couple storm + lichen and no bloom dragon! Is there a glitch? All level 10

  367. Tom says:

    it should be working, i got 2 bloom dragons from plant + storm. both are level 10 using just normal breeding cave.

  368. Tanner55 says:

    Try using epic breeding cave

  369. Anonymous says:

    add me

  370. mon4rchy says:

    Love this dragon!

    I have 4 apple devices 2 ipods/iphone/ipad (with dragonvale) and I have only two friends who play. I don’t want to give the extra gems to myself since I mainly play on my iPod. So I will give a opportunity to somebody to earn 4 gems a day! All you have to do is get the app “App trailers” (free app).

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    I will get an email to prove you did it. after you do the thing above, put my gamecenter id in “M0n4rchy” and the next day you will be getting 4 gems a day. Easy 5 minute thing for 28 gems a week!!!
    thank you! :)

    • MisSilencio says:

      I did it… If it is true, that u will give me 4 gems a day, I will try to give u one as much as I can…

  371. Anonymous says:

    add me:milk301075,jones chiu,yoga,zenkiho

  372. Caunertron says:

    Hey I can’t get this dragon with any combinatio I use can anyone help me.
    Or at least jist send me 700 jems somehow so I can just buy one

    • PinoyAko says:

      At last I got it!!! Level 10 plant left and level 10 storm right. I got 13 hours…after many tries.

      • Caunertron says:

        I keep doing that except I use level 10 plant and level 8 storm. I also used level 10 plant and level 4 storm from the storms I continuesly get but i’ll try level 10 storm. Wish me luck. P.S. Add me on Gamecenter if you want to see my sun dragon

        • Caunertron says:

          Oh yeah my username is Caunertron

          • Caunertron says:

            YES I FINALLY GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!! I used level 10 plant (left) and level 10 storm (right) and I GOT IT!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! P.S. THANK YOU EVEYONE. Yes I’m excited (VERY excited) =D

  373. Anonymous says:

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  374. Smurf*73 says:

    After a couple of tries, storm + plant. I have less than 3 hrs left out of 13 hrs. I used the epic breeding island.

  375. Walls96 says:

    Wouldn’t a cactus and a cold dragon work just as well?

  376. MisSilencio says:

    Did anyone get bloom first try?

    How HELP!!!

  377. Cool says:

    How can it take so long I mean,i got mine in the 1st try.and the 2nd try got another 1. And 3rd time just breed them together now I hav 3 in my ice habitat.

  378. Anonymous says:

    Add me: iSimplicated

  379. rosler says:

    This is one of the easiest dragons to ever brees. storm and lich do the trick. i have 9 bloom dragons and one moon from the two

  380. Everyday says:

    Add me: sunmob1le
    On everyday

  381. Anonymous says:

    I bred a flower and a plant and I got a bloom. Which is weird.
    Ps. Add me! Gt; Katsgomeow;)

  382. Krissi Hartwell says:

    I have a gem tree and no circle…. Add me please. Goo517

  383. Anonymous says:

    Add me- eja94

  384. Anthony Czerniawski III says:

    Ive tried 10 times with storm and lichen and storm and plant each time I got eithera lichen or storm dragon.

  385. Quin says:

    add me please! Qlitke

  386. Jonathan c. says:

    Good way to get A 48 hour breeding time do
    lichen (lvl 10)on left…….storm (lvl 10) on right now breed
    lichen (lvl 10) on left……..storm(lvl 10) on right again now breed
    storm(lvl 10) On left….lichen(lvl 10) on right
    and you will get a 48 hour breeding Time….. It work for me.

  387. Simon Haire says:

    I'm really annoyed bec

  388. Andrew Haire says:

    I'm really annoyed because I can't get rainbow dragon

  389. Krissi Hartwell says:

    It took me like 8 tries… BUT I GOT IT!!!

  390. Paul says:

    I think I got bloom dragon instead of rainbow dragon

  391. Paul says:

    P.s.i used storm and flower

  392. Kelly says:

    I need a blue fire dragon please I’ve tried everything

  393. Anonymous says:

    storm on left and fire dragon on right = bluefire dragon

  394. Anonymous says:

    So frustrated, I have tried storm + lichen and got 6 cactus dragons, 2 sun dragons and 1 moon dragon. I’ve tried storm + plant and got 2 storm dragons… What am I doing wrong? :(

  395. scoob122 says:

    When I was trying to breed a bloom dragon I got a 48 hrs !!!!!!!!!!!!! The date is 4/17/12 and the time is 6:26 I think it is going to be a rainbow dragon or a moon if you don’t be leave me check out my dragon vale my coad is scoob

  396. scoob122 says:

    Sorry it’s scoob122

  397. scoob122 says:

    It turned to be a sun dragon!!!!!!!!! And I got another bloom dragon after I bread a sun dragon agan if you want to visit my dragon vale it is : scoob 122

  398. IzmaYagami says:

    I breed storm + plant and I got sun dragon… how to breed bloom dragon?

  399. scoob122 says:

    I got two bloom dragon in a row I used plant lv15 and storm lv 10 so now I have three bloom dragons if you want to check my dragon vale : scood 122

  400. mon4rchy says:

    Love this dragon!

    I have 4 apple devices 2 ipods/iphone/ipad (with dragonvale) and I have only two friends who play. I don’t want to give the extra gems to myself since I mainly play on my iPod. So I will give a opportunity to somebody to earn 4 gems a day! All you have to do is get the app “App trailers” (free app).

    open it, then on the main page, the second option down is called “Enter Bonus Code” and says like “Insert name of person who refered you, click that and put monarchy in the box and hit enter.
    I will get an email to prove you did it. after you do the thing above, put my gamecenter id in “M0n4rchy” and the next day you will be getting 4 gems a day. Easy 5 minute thing for 28 gems a week!!!
    thank you!!

  401. XxMurrayManxX says:

    does anyone know how to get the cherry blossom or the Sakura dragon? It’s a combination of plant earth and fire

    • hilluhhree says:

      TREE DRAGON AND FLOWER DRAGON… do it about ten times literally… ive been trying since they released it and finally got it today!

  402. TurtleRun says:

    I try plant and lava.. Hopefully Its a Sakura Coz it breeding time is 10hrs but its also can be lava.. Let’s wait and see;)

  403. TurtleRun says:

    Anyway ways the combination for dodo dragon????

  404. Christian says:

    Same as sandstorm combo but reversed

  405. DValer says:

    Any one know how 2 get Sakura dragon

  406. TurtleRun says:

    Try plant and lava ;)

  407. Anonymous says:

    Add meeeeiieee for gems

  408. I'm tired of dead beat friends I give gems everyday and no one gives back. Have a bloom and rainbow ready to hatch, willing to trade gem for gem everyday

  409. loystm says:

    Add me, I have one of those cool trees that give you gems! loystm

    • Eric says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  410. Christian says:

    Me either

  411. Anonymous says:

    Also with lichen and lightning . Add me anthony7272

  412. Mhico says:

    Add me Miks Mauricio

  413. Emy says:

    Add me at emy3456

  414. Anonymous says:

    i tried plant + storm, i got a rainbow instead :D

  415. Gem for gem
    Game center: sinolighter

  416. Anonymous says:

    I got mine with storm and swamp

  417. IzmaYagami says:

    how to get sakura dragon?? i try plant and lava but get lava… tree and fire = lava… tree and flower = lava and tree… how breeding for sakura?? :(

    • Person says:

      got mine with flower and tree tried about ten times.

      • hilluhhree says:

        i agree with the person above me, tree and flower will give you sakura it will take about ten times, i just got mine into the nursery right now! and ive been trying since they released it this week

      • varo says:

        i got sakura at my 4th try, first i try plant and lava = lava . second and third my tree lvl 10 then flower lvl 9. i obtained tree then flower , fourth i got sakura :D i got bloom at second try :D

  418. scoob122 says:

    I can’t stop getting a bloom I have like 10 I’m probity going to sell them. Add me: scoob122

  419. scoob122 says:

    I sold 6 bloom dragons now I have 4 bloom dragons

  420. scoob122 says:

    I get bloom dragons by breeding ( plant and storm ) in this order. I got a sun dragon using( plant and storm ) you breed a bloom dragon In the morning around 6:00 am. An the sun dragon at 6:25 pm during the day. That’s how you get sun and bloom. Add me : scoob122

  421. TaylurrTastik says:

    Add me


  422. Doglover$$ says:

    How did you do it

  423. Gina Barkley says:

    We bred a ton of the combinations mentioned with no success! TRY LICHEN to a CACTUS, fourth breeding this combo we got it. add me I always have gems left at night and no more friends to give them to… Post your email so I can send request on Game Center, fb friend list is full…or send me a note that says dragonvale in it…

  424. Gina Barkley says:


  425. Michael Yau 007 says:

    Add me Michael Yau 007

  426. Ali Duerbusch says:

    OMG just gone the bloom dragon with clover+storm.

  427. Ali Duerbusch says:

    I meant got it

  428. everyone add me, you send me a gem, I send you one. mikeyboooo123

  429. Lesbd says:

    I got my bloom with plant + storm in that order after 1missed try in the breeding cave

  430. Anonymous says:

    I got bloom with willow and storm

  431. Rockdude says:

    I got bloom with willow and storm :) thumbs up

  432. scoob122 says:

    I used a breeding cave because I don’t have a breeding island. I tryed to breed a bloom dragon but I got a sun. But their is a weard pattern between plant and electric cold you have to breed It under certain cercomstaces.

  433. Guitarsurfer says:

    I’ve been trying everything I can think of and still haven’t gotten it! Help!

  434. Yoshi Master says:

    I have been trying to get the bloom dragon but right now i have two being bred and they are takinhg 48 hours! What dragons take so long?

    Used love+cold and Storm + Plant

  435. Anonymous says:

    How does it’s egg look like?? I just might have one incubating right now!

    Feel free to add me: Nockanpockan, I got a gemtree and hope that you’ll have one too!

  436. I bred storm and plant dragon and got 48 hours, I hope it's rainbow.

    • Missy Karama says:

      Could be sun or moon

    • 4we50me says:

      Everyone who needs their questions answered about dragonvale just go to the Zazzberries section on this website, post a comment and I will answer it within 1-5 days. and please make the questions reasonable. thank you!

  437. tina says:

    add me for gems!
    id; cherry0ntop

  438. CarolAnn Redwine says:

    YES FINALLY!! After about 15 attempts in different combos, a level 8 Storm with a level 7 Lichen and I have a Bloom egg!

  439. GertieB says:

    Level 8 Storm with a Level 7 Willow and finally a Bloom!

  440. Shiyorii says:

    Storm + Plant in that order worked for me on 2nd try ^^

    add me : Shiyorii

  441. Anonymous says:

    Add me eja94

  442. Anonymous says:

    This stuff is so easy I got sun and bloom on da first try

  443. Epic Yoshi 9 says:

    It can be Sun Moon and a Rainbow I got sun and moon with it (but I had 4 Suns and 1 Moon that time :P)

  444. I'd like to be part of ur gem circle…I have a gem tree…username blazeone2

  445. Paul Chee says:

    Cool! I think that is grea. Great idea of helping each other. Please include me in your Gem Circle.☺

  446. George Yazbeck says:

    add me p4too.

  447. Anisha Balakrishnan says:

    Plant left & storm right lv10

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  451. mon4archy says:

    did you try it?

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