All DragonVale Visual Breeding Charts

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DragonVale Visual Breeding combination chart. This Chart below have all of the combination for the game dragonvale. It include the Sun, Moon, Rainbow Dragon and many of the Holiday Dragons such as bloom, bone, and Sakura.
DragonVale Breeding combination charts for the basic element. This chart is only for the basic dragon.

Here is the text version of the chart. Note all the crossed letter dragonvale are Speical Holiday dragon that are expire.

Elements Plant Earth Fire Cold Lightning Water Air Metal
Plant Plant Moss / Tree / Clover Flower / Poison Reindeer / Lichen Cactus Seaweed / Swamp Willow
Earth Moss / Tree / Clover Earth Lava / Bone Mountain Quake / Crystal Mud Sandstorm / Dodo Iron
Fire Poison / Flower Lava / Bone Fire Blue Fire / Frostfire Firefly / Scorch Air Blazing Brass
Cold Reindeer / Lichen Mountain Blue Fire / Frostfire Cold Storm / Sun / Moon Ice / Iceberg Snow Mine / Steel
Lightning Cactus Quake / Crystal Firefly / Scorch Storm / Sun / Moon Lightning Sonic Magnetic
Water Seaweed / Swamp Mud Air Ice / Iceberg Water Fog Rust
Air Willow Sandstorm / Dodo Blazing Snow Sonic Fog Air Chrome
Metal Iron Brass Mine / Steel Magnetic Rust Chrome Metal

Love Dragon – “Valentine’s Day” Breeding Guide Holiday Dragon
Panlong Dragon Breeding Combination Guide Chinese New Year Dragon
Frostfire Dragon Breeding Guide
Iceberg Dragon Breeding Guide

Clover Dragon breeding Guide expired

Bloom Dragon Breeding Guide expired

Sakura Dragon Breeding Guide

Sun DragonVale Cheats and Breeding Guide

Moon DragonVale Cheats and Breeding Tips

Rainbow DragonVale Cheats and Breeding Success Guide

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  1. Please add me as a friend.

  2. Justin Hollar says:

    hey people I been doin the flower and storm tryin for a rainbow dragon but I'm on the 9th try and I keep gettin crap anybody know better combos for a rainbow.

  3. Mercedes Elizabeth Marie says:

    finaly got a love dragon yzterday after the uptenth try i switch there placez & got it

  4. Jake Henderson says:

    how do u get a rainbow ive been trying for ages but I keep failing :(

  5. Slade O'rorke St John says:

    Add me gem for gem mcsladey

  6. Nathan Currie says:

    in order to make the sun dragons and reindeer dragons do we need to lvl the dragons to lvl 10 first?

  7. Add me HOODIE650, I'll give anyone free gems.(not asking for anything in return.) I have 3000+gems,3 rainbow n sun dragons.

  8. How do I give ppl gems???

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    How do I add friends to dragon vale? Can you add me?

  17. Nick K says:

    Hey guys new to the game, please add me any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Name – luminous7783

  18. Greg johnson says:

    Add me cams3755

  19. SJ Heaven says:

    Did the love dragon get repoed

  20. Vulpix2 says:

    Add pikachu! She will give you gems! She is tryin to get a panlong! So help my friend out please! She is nice and pretty! If you help her, she will help you! pikachu!

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  22. Tony Jones says:

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  23. Mollyann Marsh says:

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  26. Cristian Cioanca says:

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  28. Anonymous says:

    I cant breed cold and fire? :/

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    I'm new 2

  36. Mackenzie says:

    I have to report a problem. I signed up for the dragonvale secrets thing and it says you can buy gems with coins but it is the other way around. You buy coins with gems. The opt way I can get free gems that I know is get em from friends BUT I have an addiction to spend them so give me some when possible so add me mackcayco.

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  40. DragonValeMaster says:

    hi there. I have all dragons so that’s why I call myself DVM. Dragonvalemaster. I love rainbow the most. I also have love, reindeer and bone

  41. Caylie says:

    Hey I tried to get the bluefire dragon but it kept saying the fire and cold dragons were incompatible. How do I get the bluefire dragon without spending gems on one?

  42. Kelly says:

    Add me please

  43. Gavin says:

    Dvm how did u get the sun dragon cause I tried the said combos and they didn’t work

  44. Anonymous says:

    Spektre81 on game center on my ipod.

  45. How do u add people I really won't to know

  46. Why am I unable to purchase another habitat? They are all dimmed out. I am at Level 15.

  47. ZombieSpankA says:

    How do I get a rainbow? I’ve tried all four combinations, each one 3 times! My brother tried Crystal – Blazing, twice. NOW HE HAS 2 RAINBOW DRAGONS!!! And he didn’t use the Epic Breeding Island (125 gems) he used the simple Breeding Cave. So what am I doing wrong? Please help!

  48. Pernille Klarpås says:

    How do i make a samdstorm?

  49. Gavin says:

    How the heck did u get the sun dragon

  50. Will Markquart says:

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  51. Ash says:

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  54. someone says:

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  62. Tucker says:

    I bred a level 6 lightning dragon and a level 8 cold dragon and got a sun dragon. I was only level 12 when i bred them and 13 when i got the egg.

  63. Avidalí Flores says:

    hey! add me
    Avii_17. ;)

  64. Spreadsome26 says:

    I’ve got a rainbow by breeding panlong w/ love dragon

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  74. Azrith says:

    Ill trade gem4gem everyday add me: Azr1th

  75. Gary Althaus says:

    According to the chart breeding a blue fire with a crystal will get you either a moon or rainbow, how can this be? Has anyone had success with this breeding chart? Do the dragons need to be at a certain level? Do you need to be at a certain level? Because the above chart indicates a redundancy! Anyone?

  76. Tanner Hassman says:

    Add me im KNARIOS

  77. Anonymous says:

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  80. Sue says:

    I can’t get a blue fire. I tried a cold and a fire…comment says these are not comparable..why not? Anyone?

  81. Nab24- says:

    Breeding rainbow right now second try. Took me 2 weeks to get Panlong and a week to get love… But only 2 try’s for rainbow and I was going for sun/moon lololol

  82. Anonymous says:

    Add _!(aydan)!_

  83. Caylie says:

    i was told that breeding a lava and cold dragon would get me a bluefire dragon. Bit I’ve tried dozens of times and it’s not working. Any other ideas besides buying with gems?

    • Kendall says:

      I used a fire dragon and a snow dragon and it worked the first time. Hope this helps

    • Anonymous says:

      I finally got my Bluefire by breeding a fire with iceberg. Took me forever to get the right combo! Now if only I can get a rainbow. The new leap year dragon would be nice too.

  84. bob says:

    anybody know how to get leapyear dragon

  85. Robert says:

    Send me dream I will return the favor with my gem tree :). cdoggy9

  86. Peilin Feng says:

    Peilin Feng ADD MEEEEEEE!!

  87. Alex says:

    I have tried dozen of times blue fire and crystal to get moon and sun and it never works why????

    • Anonymous says:

      ive only been able to get a sun but it was with sonic on the left and storm on the right? but ive had no success breeding any type of rare dragon with the blue fire and crystal combo! so frustrating!

      • Anonymous says:

        how and what i got:

        i have 2 sun: fire and storm, bluefire and storm

        i have 1 moon: flower and storm

        and 1 leapyear dragon: firefly and seaweed

        Hope this helps


  88. Ramsey Parr says:

    Add me as a friend! MDCARM3N :)

  89. Kat Easter says:

    Add me. Katt197

  90. ww says:

    I’ve tried twice with Scorch + Snow only 8 hr incubation any special lvl I should use Thanks- ww

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  92. Lenny CrZy Wells says:

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  93. Desiree says:

    Please some one add me I only have 1 friend!!! Thanks!

  94. Richard says:

    Any ways for the leap year dragon? By the way, firefly and seaweed is a poison dragon. Sun dragon: lv10fire+lv4storm. Moon: lv10firefly+lv7lightning. It might work. My friend Zachary told me and my friends. It worked for him. My friend Patrick got a sun by blue fire and crystal. Patrick wants a lot of game center friends, so add him, “the ice dragon11″

    • Anonymous says:

      kid listen

      leap year works with firefly first and seaweed second you just keep trying again and again

      and i have two sun: fire and storm, bluefire and storm

      and i have a moon: flower and storm

      trust me all of these work

      jusk keep trying


  95. Anonymous says:

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  96. Tom says:

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  97. I got a sun dragon by breeding a scorch and a cold (my friend has it 2

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  99. anonymous says:

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  104. Anyone tried to breed 10+ level dragons to get rainbow etc…?

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  246. How do you breed cold dragons with plant? says:

    How do you breed cold dragons with plant? Both lvl 7. Says that it is incompatable.

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    I’m having a hard time getting the sandstorm dragon. Any Suggestions?

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    Hey everybody I am trying to save up for those trees that let you send gems to more of your friends so if you all will please add me and send me a gem I promise I will send you one back, and if I don’t then that means that I cant send anymore for the day so please just add me and send me a gem and I will send you one back. III NEON III

  265. Vanessa Bell says:

    Hey everyone i send gems daily! I need more new friends. Gem for fems <3
    Add "Faded Soul"

    • rohan says:


  266. You can also get sun by breeding flower and storm, that was what i ended up with.

    Feel free to add me on 'gruffigummi'

  267. Nab24- says:

    Level 24 with gem tree, need 7 more people for daily gem4gem trading!
    Add me on game center : nab24-

  268. Curtis Beale says:

    How do I add ppl plz help lol

  269. MITCHANDERSON11 says:

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    Firefly and iceberg gave me a sun dragon

  275. Anonymous says:

    Can you get reindeer in march

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    Hi everyone if you add me on game center I will give you a gem every day. My name is J.Goldman. I will give you lots of gems. You may even have enough to buy a epic breeding island!!!!!!!! Add me and I will give you a gem every day!!!!!

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  283. Lisa Leblanc says:

    How do I get panlong

  284. chrisYalla says:

    Hey everybody I would like to help you help me with this whole gem situation! Because I need a breeding island pretty and a dragonsai tree badly. Add: chrisYalla

  285. MITCHANDERSON11 says:

    Gem 4 gem trying to get gem tree so if u help me out I will send you gems when I get free and when ever I can so the quicker I get gems the quicker u get them too add me on game center MGANDERSON11

  286. MITCHANDERSON11 says:

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  294. Spencer says:

    Today was my lucky day, I got the clover dragon at last minute and I started breeding a Mud and a Blazing dragon and it came up as 48 hour breeding time! Panlong is 36 hour, it must be rainbow!

  295. _^_ jj44_^_ says:

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  300. Awesome says:

    I got a rainbow with firefly+seaweed it took a MILLION tries. Sun dragon I got with storm and water TWICE! And moon, is a bit difficult. Bluefire and crystal between 1:30 and 2:00 am. Friend me: lilablue01

  301. Brittsta says:

    Got a moon dragon by Ice and Storm ( breeding at nighttime) Got a sun Dragon the same way.

    Brittsta113 GC ID

  302. SpoiledBat says:

    I believe I got my Rainbow Dragon by breeding an Earth Dragon with a Flower Dragon. I was actually trying to get a Moss Dragon. Imagine my surprise when I had a Rainbow egg show up!

  303. Eggbert bobson says:

    Add me and i will give free gems only if you give me free gems
    Its Eggbert Bobson

  304. Jongseong Ma says:

    I got a rainbow dragon after breeding blazing and mud dragon several times

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  307. sauce boss says:

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    dirty tonight i wana touch u

  308. I can't combine fire and cold dragon.
    Does anyone have same problem?

  309. Spencer says:

    OMG! I’m only lvl 17 and I already have a rainbow dragon egg in my nursery! I did a lvl 7 mud dragon with a lvl 7 blazing dragon in the normal breeding cave. The odds were probably 1-1000!

  310. anyone wish to trade gem for gem? still have 5 left

  311. sdarren7 says:

    add sdarren7 gem for gem daily.

  312. Joe says:

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  313. Enter a nickname here.. says:

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  315. Blazing + Ice with 48 hour incubation time. Any idea what it will be????

  316. Fox13 win says:


  317. Fox13 win says:

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  318. Fox13 win says:

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  328. How do you add people on dragonvale who aren't on fb?

  329. Kelly says:

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  330. Janisariot says:

    Add me. Level 14. Janisariot!

  331. ok there must be a glitch on my game? Just bred a Lightning and Cold to try get a storm but came out with a Moon dragon? Anyone else get this outcome?

  332. James says:

    How do you get a Bluefire of a Frostfire dragon?

  333. Eggbert bobson says:

    Add me on game center. Make sure you let me know its for dragonvale
    Its eggbert bobson

  334. aef123 says:

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  348. Justinn Conway says:

    Any1 know Wat u get if u breed firefly and cold together Cupar I did it says 48 hours

  349. Anonymous says:

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  350. Anonymous says:

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  352. Tanktor says:

    I Have two paulong dragons three moon and sun dragons two clover dragons and one rainbow dragoon:)) I know the secret combinations of this dragons :P my name in the game centre is: Tanktor

  353. Michael says:

    I’m looking to get rid of some gems. Add me, send me a gem, and I’ll send one back.

  354. Michael says:

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  360. Any says:

    Rainbow does not work

  361. Michelle says:

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    i breed fog with lava and got 48 hours what dragon did i get

  363. Radam says:

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  364. Crispy BartyJnr Barras says:

    Can you still get a palong dragon now?

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  373. gr8-6754 says:

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  374. The storm and fire combo can make a moon dragon as well as the sun dragon

  375. Mike says:


  376. Add me as friend ''Äragon'':)

  377. Caleb says:


  378. JDahmer2 says:

    Got the Metal Dragons, breeding for the Hybrids.

  379. connor says:

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  380. Toboe898 says:

    I need gems badly Nyone feel generous?! Please?

  381. matty says:

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  382. JOsh 1998 14 says:

    Hey please send me gems need to get moon dragon so badly my game center ID is JOsh 1998 14

  383. mike says:

    first off i want 2 say i got a sun dragon by breeding a cold (left) scorch (right) i am lvl 24 and i want 2 know how 2 get the moon dragon!! also i need of gems add me on gamecenter and we can do gem 4 gem (legit) my gamecenter is mikeyrod5118 :) peace

    • Anonymous says:

      I got it by breeding Storm and firefly

    • Anonymous says:

      Blue fire left crystal right that’s how I got all my good dragons like moon sun and rainbow wicked combination man

    • Diego says:

      I got it by breeding blue fire and crystal at exactly mid-night on the first try

    • §Cresselia§ says:

      First of all, start by breeding a bluefire and crystal. Although this won’t work for everyone, try breeding them at either 8-9 pm or at midnight. Any other time during the night is also good; those times are preferable. I breed mine at 8:02. Again, it won’t work for everyone.

      Please add me: §Cresselia§

  384. Chris says:

    Add me and get gem for gem and check out my designs at
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  385. Kacheechu says:

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  391. Alexandra Nowicki says:

    Do you have to breed a moon dragon at night?

  392. K4r2 says:

    add me plz XD


  393. Add me says:

    Add me

  394. herpherpaderp:\ says:

    I got a moon from flower (left) and storm (right) Both level 10 my park was only level 13.

  395. Add me on game center for dragonvale I love this game and I'm looking for people that love it to…….GC ID ( zakurin )

  396. Magico says:

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  402. Anonymous says:

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  404. Tony says:

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  405. What level should the seaweed and firefly be to get a rainbow?

  406. Lancers-08 says:

    Add me. Lancers-08

  407. Anonymous says:

    Add me:Milk301075

  408. Steltonpohl says:

    I have tried all those combos twice! I still don’t have a rainbow dragon. Help plz!!

  409. Hey every one I have one of those trees that has the gems on them I thought it would give them to me for free but it don't so my question is can I send them to friends for free?

  410. Joe says:

    Add me up: soul’d

    Will trade gem for gem ;)

  411. Steltonpohl says:

    Plz help!

    I need a rainbow dragon!

  412. Candy Egg says:

    Umm i just got a 24hour egg? What the?
    Is there even such a egg with that time? Please tell me id there is.

  413. Geoff says:


  414. crzy eyz says:

    Got to love it, The breeding chart shows for Blue fire Dragon to breed the cold with Fire or vice versa. Neither is an option permissable by the Epic breeding isle or standard breeding cave.

    • crzy eyz says:

      Found the answer to the problem, though I do find that the chart showing an impossible combo is not helpfull.

      Bluefire = Storm + Fire

  415. Olivia Franklin says:

    Add me ! Game center account amajesticlion ! Thanks

  416. Dylan says:

    I’ve got 18 rainbow dragons

  417. Marcobabi says:

    can’t get the rainbow dragon, anyone can show me the way?

  418. Rita Shingoose says:

    Add me J.C Hammer

  419. Evan says:

    What is the result of a flower dragon and earth dragon breeding?

  420. Jenny says:

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  421. Marcobabi says:

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    Happy Breeding~

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  430. Fox13 win says:

    im breed two sun dragon wat can it be

  431. Fox13 win says:

    Every one breed blue fire and crystal because that how I got leap year dragon and my to sun dragons

  432. Charlsey says:

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  460. Milcah Adefuin Taino says:

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  469. Olivia says:

    Add me! gr8-6754
    There should be secret dragons!
    Basically they would look different from the regular dragon type! So there would be a:
    Secret Cold, Secret Fire, Secret Plant, Secret Metal, Secret Water, Secret Lightning, Secret Air, Secret Ground, and a Secret dragon!

  470. Cor don :) says:

    Add me on dragonvale.. Gem4gem ;)

  471. Cor don :) says:

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    Add me plz, ChesterSZE, need more gem many thx

  481. Anonymous says:

    They should renew the chart; they’re missing a lot of dragons
    For example: frostfire, metal, cactus, lichen, etc.

  482. Add me:
    Super duper isaac

  483. Nilay says:


  484. JuniiorX says:

    *** Epic Islands , Lv. 29 , A Lot Of Dragons ***
    *** Gems 4 Gems , GameCenter : JuniiorX ***

  485. Cjp57 says:

    Cant find the invisibledragon anywhere XD
    Seriously was it just out for sale yesterday?

  486. Mammouth79 says:

    Add me for a gem trade. I own gem tree. Mammouth79

  487. Leadrocker says:

    Gem 4 Gemz babyz. Add me. Leadrocker.

  488. wilsoh says:

    I bred blue fire and crystal and got sun dragon. I now have 2 sun dragons. And a leap year dragon. But I want moon. I’ve tried over 20 times. And I’ve tried a few times on my breeding island!!?? Help?

    • Anonymous says:

      Breeding at night will result in a moon dragon, breeding during the day will get you a sun dragon.i think the cut off is 7am-7pm. I have 3 moon dragons with one on the way, and only 1 sun dragon, because I mostly play at night when I get home from work. Hope this helps!

      • Anonymous says:

        are you kidding? work? are you saying youre an adult playing a game on the iPad/iPhone? im only 8, i obviously dont go to work. oh and by the way how to get bluefire i tried so many times ice and fire kept getting ice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s awesome

    • KKnme says:

      Hi, I have 4 moon dragons. I can not for the life of me get a sun or rainbow or a leap year dragon.

  489. can anyone help me with gems please? I'll gift back as well.

    – ChenZen Lee.

  490. Tippie says:

    Pls add me “nootippie”

  491. Hunter.12345 says:

    Add me please, Hunter.12345

  492. Olivia says:

    Add me! gr8-6754
    If you give me a gem ill give you one! (might take a couple of days! I have a long list of peopleto give gems to but i promise to try to get you one!) add me!

  493. Kiza says:

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  495. Make sure all capitals and space between HEAT and ;)

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    (gamecenter) add me!

  501. Olivia says:

    I have 2 Panlong, 2 Clover, 2 Bluefire, 1 Frostfire, and i have a Sun Dragon Egg in my Nursery!

  502. Beast runner says:

    How did you get a sun dragon egg I’ve been trying for days

  503. Bunnie says:

    How do I add people to gamecenter?

  504. Justin says:

    Add me to gamecenter (Requests -> Add Friends) and I’ll send you gems in return for you send me some.

    -My Gamecenter id is =LiquidIce= (yes, include the equal signs and that’s an uppercase “i” in the word ice)

  505. Phil says:

    Add me to Gamecenter, blindmonk518, gem for gem.

  506. Clover+storm equals 48 hour waiting!!!!

  507. Ali says:

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  517. Ali says:

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  518. Ali says:

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  520. Beast runner says:

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  522. Phuong Vong says:

    Do I need the epic breeding island in order to breed sun, moon and panlong?

  523. Phuong says:

    Does anyone know if we need the epic breeding island to breed/ have moon, sun and panlong dragons?

  524. Brooke says:

    You don’t; I got the moon and sun before i got the epic breeding island but i haven’t tried for the panlong yet so idk.
    I need more gems!!! Add me :) brookegarstin

  525. sydnette says:

    no cuz I got the rainbow, leap year and the clover without the cave. Oh, and also the bloom

  526. sydnette says:

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  556. Doug says:

    I got 2 bloom dragons after trying for about 30 times. Got it with Plant + Storm and Lichen + Storm. good luck to all those that are still trying. Don’t give up and you will eventually get it!

  557. Gr says:

    Add me i give gem4gem :)
    And i’m french :p

  558. Jen945 says:

    Reindeer dragon + Thunder dragon works too ^.^

  559. Nicola Mackenzie Campbell says:

    I'm Celticwebs & will buy the tree & give gems everyday! Need to find like minded players :) Thank You xox

  560. Will trade gifts if friended in dragon vale

  561. T4m*59 says:

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  569. Tigerpanda13 says:

    Plant x Lightning = No breeding is FALSE. It breeds a cactus dragon.
    Plant x Cold = Lichen dragon, as well as reindeer.
    Cold x Water = Iceburg.

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    got the moon dragon on the first try with level 7 dragons lol, was going for the storm and instead the moon popped out, also the bloom too with level 7 as well which isn’t as rare, but add me

    • titiweezie says:

      I was trying for bloom and got Moon…go figure. Wish I could remember what I did so I could do it again. I did eventually get Bloom — plant and storm.

  577. Wizze says:

    Game center ID is flame014 add me….

  578. Anonomys :) says:

    I got a sun dragon by using scorch and storm, I heard it can also get a moon or a rainbow

  579. Wizze says:

    I got the moon with lvl 7 cold+lvl7 lightening, will try that combination to get the [email protected] and storm, trying to see if moon can breed with sun, also what order did you put them in? Scorch first then storm second? Or storm than scorch?

  580. Pat Brown says:

    Hey everybody! Yea I have this tree of gems but no one to give them to or to get from. So I sent out request for some of you. Anyone else, You can Add Me!

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    Looking for people to gift I have a gem tree. Add me adrob

  606. Rigsby says:

    I have all the dragons but panlong, bone, and reindeer. shouldn’t i have the Every Last One achievement?! ARGH! do i need the holiday dragons?

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  615. I'm looking for folks to trade gems with.

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  617. nathan_palmer says:

    the rainbow dragon breeding doesn’t work

  618. Omar Mugharbel says:

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  619. mon4rchy says:

    got the sakura!! leval 10 already. Best dragon ever

  620. Rissy Luce says:

    I had no idea you could add someone! Please add me?
    Rissy Luce

    • Rissy Luce says:

      Rissyluce please add me i have the gem tree :) I wish I new more about this game but my park its pretty cool please please add me :)

    • ttirbenna says:

      I don’t have a gem tree but am working on it buy saving up gems from the dragon competitions but it’s taking a lifetime. Please add me to help me get a gem tree and I will send you gems. I play this game ALL the time! ttirbenna

  621. ToyaJonelle says:

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  622. mon4archy says:

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    open it, then on the main page, the second option down is called “Enter Bonus Code” and says like “Insert name of person who refered you, click that and put monarchy in the box and hit enter.
    I will get an email to prove you did it. after you do the thing above, put my gamecenter id in “M0n4rchy” and the next day you will be getting 4 gems a day. Easy 5 minute thing for 28 gems a week!!!
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  626. -=$Ryand$=- says:

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  627. Pandora*69 says:

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  639. TheBeerProphet says:

    Add TheBeerProphet for legit gem swap. Just got me a Sakura :)

  640. Olivia says:

    PLEASE READ: Im gonna warn you guys right now! If some guy named Eric says “go to the zazzberry section and ill answer your questions” do the exact oppisite! I started telling people to ask me questions and then he copied me! He asked me how to breed some dragons and used it to answer a guys question! So if your REALLY looking for answers go to the Happy Tree section and pot your question!

  641. Olivia says:

    PLEASE READ: I ment post your question! And go to the happy tree section and read everything Eric said and then go to the Zazzberry section and then read all of that! Im telling the truth!

  642. Olivia says:

    If you need any of your questions answered, go to the Happy Tree section! Where questions are answered happily!

  643. Mulga1 says:

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    Me mulga1


  644. Mulga1 says:

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  645. Eric says:

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  646. Can you breed the lichen?

  647. Anonymous says:

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  648. Anonymous says:

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  649. Anonymous says:

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  650. Ali Duerbusch says:

    I got a sandstorm with clover and air

  651. Emily loves the rain says:

    i love rainbow

    • Ju says:

      What do you breed for a blue fire? It won’t let me breed cold and fire together and anything else put together just gives firefly or scorch or some other random breed. Getting frustrated!

  652. I'm a pee pee says:

    I love to pee pee on the potty

  653. Babe 1995 says:

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  654. This needs to be updated sooo much

  655. Rottinggod says:

    I unlock the 6th island including the breading island at lv 25 it coast 50 million :) does anyone no if there is more islands??

  656. Anonymous says:

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  663. how do u read this chart.

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  676. Yello Buffalo says:

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  677. Dragon maker says:

    I am bored. Been at level 30 for the past 10 days . Please updates to level 45 and more dragons ….. Keep it coming !

  678. Wizard says:

    When will BFS upgrades the levels ? And will they come up with new dragon for Mother’s day ?

  679. 盛炜雄 says:

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  680. Stiggyboy79 says:

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  681. Anonymous says:

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    It’s a freaking game not a slumber party…go cry somewhere else… ^^

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  683. Nah says:

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  686. Anonymous says:

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  687. Anonymous says:

    I got sun with panlong and bloom first try

  688. Trade Gem for gem. Find hrstamper

  689. Manuel Ayala says:

    <(yomama)> I just bought a Gem tree need to gives these gems away.

  690. Jo3ji says:

    Crystal, Blue fire confirmed moon and sun. Still working on rainbow

  691. Kaisha Cummens says:

    How do you breed the new Emerald Dragon???

  692. Vivi_liz says:

    Please!!! I want it!!!!

  693. Anonymous says:


  694. Jess Bradbury says:

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  695. Deez nuts says:

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  697. Dingo777 says:

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  698. Liz Phythian says:

    Cold and fire will not breed a bluefire. The two cannot be bred together.

  699. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    Did u guys no that there’s going to be a new one!!! It’s called the pearl dragon!!!

  700. Iron Dragon & Iron Man says:

    I might of spelled that wrong XD

  701. Rodney Chad Ford says:


  702. Dragonvale pro says:

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  716. BWilliams1212 says:

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  717. Leah says:

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  718. Nigel Teo Kie Teck says:

    Add me

  719. Mackenzie says:

    I’m talking about the emerald dragon. Posted it on the wrong thing.

  720. Mackenzie says:

    Wait never mind.

  721. Rodney Chad Ford says:

    Chiddy4 lvl 30. All dragons. Add me and check me out!

  722. Dragonessm says:

    How do you breed the copper dragon? Anyone have it?

    • Mackenzie says:

      Anything that involves metal and lighting.

      Metal + lightning = copper
      Metal + magnetic = copper

      Any others would work but those are the best.

  723. Daniel says:

    Add me danyuse

  724. Mackenzie says:


  725. Mackenzie says:


  726. Mackenzie says:

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  727. sweetbunz69 says:

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  729. John says:

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    I have 8 Apple devises and I’ll send you 8 gems a day for a week, if you get the app “app trailors” and enter the code daflu96

  730. Person says:

    this thing is bit hard to read isn’t it. add me:shadow122199

  731. bintinximuoi says:

    i got the emerald dragon.
    it ends at the last day of May.
    linchen lv. 15 on left and cyastal lv. 13 on right.

  732. bintinximuoi says:

    my name is bintinximuoi.
    i will give free gems .

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  738. Mackenzie says:


    If you don’t have the emerald dragon or the desired amount, read this!!!!!

    Do crystal lvl 11 and lichen lvl 15 and you should get one on the second try

    I did this twice and I worked both times!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ive tried everything and still no emerald. Crystal level 11 and lichen level 15 do not work. I just tried using gems to speed up the process and I got 2 12 hour breed times.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ive tried everything and still no emerald. Crystal level 11 and lichen level 15 do not work. I just tried using gems to speed up the process and I got 2 12 hour breed times. I’ll try for the last day, but I’m beginning to get doubtful…

  739. Rodney Chad Ford says:

    Chiddy4 lvl 30. All dragons. And decorations and islands. Add and send gems I have the gem tree!

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  741. Dragon Breeder says:

    I know how to get food, cash and gems! Just get the app “App Trailers” and enter the code daflu96 under bonus code under the videos tab. If you do that I’ll PM on how to instantly get gems, food and coins!