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Carnival Dragon Breeding Guides/Tips

  The first known Carnival dragon emerged from hibernation near the end of a particularly long and bitter winter. Spied from the ivory tower of the great wizard Orlon, its brilliant colors and high energy snapped him out of the gloom he’d been lost in, contemplating the nature of Wizardkind. In that instant, he cast […]

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Spark Dragon breeding Guide For iPhone & Android

Spark Dragon Breeding Tips Available Level 25 Buy 800 Sell 2,200,000 EXP 450,000 Breeding Times 9 H 30 M 7 H 36 M Incubation Time 9 H 30 M Habitats Lightning, Dark When dark and lightning met in the form of the spark dragon, it was electrically epic. Scattering energy in all directions, your visitors […]

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Wraith Dragonvale Breeding Guide

Wraith Dragonvale Breeding Tips for Android and iPhone 5 Available Level 25 Buy 900 Sell 3,300,000 EXP  660,000 Breeding Times 14 H 11 H 12 M Incubation Time 14 H Habitats Dark, Lightning   It has been said to never enter a staring contest with a lightning dragon. The calm and piercing eyes of the […]

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Dark Dragonvale Breeding Guide

Dark Dragonvale Breeding Tips & Guide for Android and iPhone Torn from our world long ago, Dark Dragons have returned to herald true balance to magic. Due to their lack of excellent eyesight they often get very close to… everything. Their fierce loyalty and companionship have made them quick favorites of many members of the […]

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Crypt Dragonvale Breeding Guide

Crypt Dragon Breeding Tips and Guide for Android and iPhone Available Level 25 Buy 1,100 Sell  3,750,000 EXP 825,000 Breeding Times 17 H 30 M 14 H Incubation Time 17 H 30 M Habitats Dark, Cold The crypt dragon gets its name due to often being found near mausoleums and cemeteries. They have no connection […]

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Jade Dragon Breeding Guide

The jade dragon’s varied shades of green camouflage them so well that discovering them on the lush, overgrown Isle of Ulmek came as quite a shock. Imagine the surprise at finding a thirteenth gemstone dragon! For some reason, the coalescence of magic that makes jade dragons available lasts longer than the other gemstone dragons. Jade […]

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Ouroboros Dragon Breeding Guide

Ouroboros Dragon is A New Dragon release in July 18. Scholars agree the hatching of the first Ouroboros dragon coincided with the day the Scar of the World was created. Some call them a harbinger of ill, but even more say they are a living prophecy; promising that someday the Scar will be healed. Available […]

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Liberty Dragon Breeding Guide

The Liberty Dragon is a new dragon release in July 2013. Liberty Combination Guide/Tips Below. A magnificent, but elusive beauty, the liberty dragon is a rare treasure. The liberty dragon remains a beacon to those who choose to pursue it. If you’re fortunate enough to have one, display it proudly! Available Level 17 Buy 714 […]

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Spring Dragon Breeding Guide

The wizard Akitu helped form the magical energies in the Seasonal Habitat. When he went out to study his work, he discovered another rare and lively dragon had joined the habitat. Having never seen this breed before, he decided to commemorate the first day of Spring and called it a spring dragon. Akitu is fairly […]

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Bouquet Dragon Breeding Guide

Bouquet dragons have very nurturing instincts. They make sure every dragon that shares their habitat is taken care of and bouquet dragons are the first dragon known to exhibit a behaviour of cleaning up after other dragons, especially hatchling and juvenile dragons. Available Level 14 Buy 150 Gems Sell 500,000 Gold EXP 125,000 XP Breeding […]

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